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Back To Basics Smoothie Freeze Works Well

Oat And Berry Smoothie: Back To Basics 2

My husband and I were given the **Back to Basics Smoothie Freeze for Christmas a couple of years ago. Truthfully, I believe it was a re-gift. We rarely ever make and drink smoothies at home. We mainly use our **Back to Basics Smoothie Freeze to make milkshakes. It makes the ice cream just the right consistency in a quick amount of time. We have also used the **Back to Basics Smoothie Freeze on New Years Eve to make mixed drinks. It worked very well for that purpose too. I have no idea what these cost, but I will say that if you are an avid smoothie drinker and maker, then the **Back to Basics Smoothie Freeze is the product for you!!! However, if you are NOT an avid smoothie maker and drinker, dont waste your money!!!! Ours rarely comes out of the cabinet, in fact, most of the time, we dont even remember that we have it. ********


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Popular Back To Basics Blenders For Smoothies

Thinking about getting a new blender but don’t know where to start looking? We have gathered, researched, and analyzed information on more than a thousand various types of blenders in order to suggest our highest ranked blenders on the market. We then further divided them and looked more specifically at 3 Back to Basics blenders for smoothies. For our research, we took into consideration a large range of different main features from the total 40,182 data specifications and combined it with customer reviews to inform you of the leading ones available. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the benefits and disadvantages of some of the main specs below.

We’ve outlined the key things we think you’ll want to know about the brand before buying Back to Basics blenders for smoothies. Back to Basics is a well-known brand from China. Aside from manufacturing blenders, Back to Basics makes ice cream makers and ice shakers. It does not have its own manufacturing site but sells its products through various e-commerce sites, like Amazon. These blenders for smoothies are typically designed to crush ice, making sure that your frozen drinks have the perfect consistency. However, they are not the most durable, so if you blend frequently you may want to consider getting a sturdier device.

Our Top Ranking Blenders:

Back To Basics Smoothie Elite Blender

The Back To Basics Smoothie Elite Blender is the perfect smoothie maker and has been designed specifically to blend delicious and nutritious smoothies fast. It has been so popular that it is consistently a best seller and I have found it online at a great price right now.

New features have been incorporated for even greater convenience and ease of use and these include an easy-pour handle and a blender cap which replaces the dispenser valve if you are using the smoothie elite maker for chopping and blending dry ingredients.

The Smoothie Elite Blender is equipped with a large size 56 ounce jar which has easy to read measuring marks for adding your ingredients such as liquid, fruit, yogurt and so on. This makes it so easy to get your recipes just right every time and there are measuring lines for either two servings or four servings so you can make smaller quantities if required.

The powerful 500 watt motor has three speeds, mix, smooth and pulse so you are always in control of the consistency of your smoothie.

The blender jar is cleverly shaped ensuring that the ingredients spiral downwards onto the center blade which ensures even mixing of all ingredients whatever their size or consistency.

The clever dispenser valve on the front of the machine is designed to allow you to continue mixing whilst you serve and this valve eliminates spills and mess.

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Container & Base Info

The single container holds approximately 26 Oz of your favorite smoothie and is made of plastic. Once youre done blending your favorite smoothie in the jar, remove the blending cap, screw on the travel top and its ready to drop in your cup holder for the ride to work . The nice sized handle is easy to hold with its rubberized grip.

The jar tapers from its 3.75 opening at the top to 2.75 at the bottom, allowing it to fit most cup holders found in todays cars. The travel top has a waterproof seal that works well to prevent anything from spilling if tipped.

It also features a sip hole with watertight cover however, the hole is a tad small if you have anything but a thin smoothie. Using the opening to insert a straw seems to work well a la your favorite milkshake.

Oh, and as a side note, this is a right-handed container only if using the travel lid and taking with you in the car.

Youll notice in the picture above, the relationship between sip-hole and handle. This wont be a problem for the driver using this setup but I wasnt able to find a way to re-orientate the hole for lefties. Sorry.

The base has a nice weight and doesnt dance or jump around on the counter top when blending ice or frozen fruit. Since this smoothie maker can be used by the traveler, I wish the base had some type of cord wrap to make it a bit more tidy when carried in a bag or luggage but is not a huge deal.

The speed dial is large and easy to move through all positions, even with wet hands.

The Smoothie Elite Not For Everyone

Back to Basics Smoothie Plus 600 Smoothie Maker

The Smoothie Elite, in my opinion, has a specific function. She’s a girl made to hang around the bar. If you’re looking for a powerful, no-nonsense, mix-a-lot, blender/smoothie maker, then the Smoothie Elite isn’t the girl for the job. You’d be better off with someone else.But, if you’re having a few girlfriends over, mixing up some fruity, slushy drinks, and you need a girl who’ll do the job and get the drinks mixed, the Smoothie Elite is for you! She might not have the power to make something magnificent, but she can mix a beautiful daiquiri. The spout on the front sometimes gets a little bogged down, and slow to pour, but hey, at some point in the night, you just may be drinking right from the container, right?!In all seriousness, my kids have tried to make various conconctions with the smoothie maker. It is not a blender, and despite me telling them not to try to use it as such, they do, and the smoothie maker is just not up to the job. It can handle mixing liquids with ice, and even makes a decent regulare smoothie, as long as you aren’t trying to put too many chunky things in it but if you are considering this to be a daily “blender”, you may be disappointed. It is more of a summer drink mixer, in my opinion.


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Great For Smoothies Or Just Plain Blending

My husband and I bought this Back to Basics Smoothie Blender when we first got married because it was a great price. It has also turned out to be a pretty decent blender for the price. It has pulse, off, low/dispense, and high buttons, and it also has lines on the side of the blender cup that tell you how much liquid vs. fruit to add for the smoothies. This is really helpful because you dont have to measure the liquid and fruit as you are addingyou just fill to the lines. The blender also has a plastic wand that goes through the top so that you can move it around and break up any ice that gets stuck as you are blending. This is a great feature that would be helpful in any blender. This blender cup is made of plastic, which is one of the best features because it isnt too heavy. One thing that I was concerned about when I purchased this was that the spout out the side of the blender cup would leak, but it keeps in liquid well. I would recommend this based on the cheaper priceit cant do everything that other blenders can do, but its does enough!


A Good Smoothie Maker

My husband and I were given the Back to Basics Smoothie Elite Blender as a wedding gift over 4 years ago. We use it all the time especially in the summer. It makes really nice smoothies and blends very evenly. I love that it has markings on the sides to let you know how high to fill it with frozen ingredients and then with liquids. It has those marking for “serves two” and “serves four”. We have found just using frozen fruit and milk makes for very creamy yummy smoothies. However, I do not like the smoothie pour function on the front. If your smoothie has any real consistency it won’t pour out of the spout anyways, and since it is about an inch from the bottom of the blender you’d have to tip it to pour out the last of the smoothie anyways. It does have a little cap that you can switch out, which is what we did. All in all, I have been very happy with our smoothie blender and will continue to use it for a long time.


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Back To Basics Smoothie Express Smoothie Maker: The Single Serving Blender

The Back to Basics Smoothie Express Smoothie Maker is a decent, portable, single serving blender. In fact, this smoothie maker has been my go-to blender every morning for the past 4 months. I have made over 150 smoothies with it and am very impressed.

The 26 Oz container is a nice size for those wanting to make a quick grab-n-go green smoothie that contains a decent serving size of refreshment.

It does take a little getting used to loading the jar properly prior to blending because you put the ingredients you want on top when blending, in first so when the jar is turned upside down and placed on the blender base, everything is orientated correctly.

Once your brain get a hold of reversing the order, , this blender blends up a surprisingly decent smoothie that is a very generous serving size. Not silky creamy mind you but a very good consistency. that youll enjoy drinking.

The 400 Watt motor, for the size of the smoothie maker, is powerful enough that frozen fruits or ice cubes dont present a problem PROVIDED you have enough of a liquid base about 12 Oz. But thats true of all lower and even mid-priced smoothie makers the motor in these blenders simply dont have the power and torque to overcome thick smoothies.

Great Innovative Blender But Made Of Cheap Materials

My Oster Dual-Action Blender–Green Smoothie Demo

I LOVED this unit, if you are getting a smoothie maker, getting one with a spout is important. No blender is perfect so there will always be little chunks of ice, but the spout does not let them fall in the glass so what you end up drinking is a nice smooth smoothie with no chunks. The stir stick is also really useful for getting the ice to actually get chopped up. In normal blenders the ice often rises to the top and sorta floats above the part getting blended, but with the stick you can shove it around until it gets blended. I also found the markings on the side of the blender to be useful, they tell you how much ice to liquid you should add for a perfect ratio for a good smoothie. All of these features made this item much neater than my old blender. So all in all I was a huge fan of this product. Then it broke. I had it for about 3 months, I maybe used it once a week when the plastic gears that make the blade spin snapped right off and now it is useless. All of the cute innovative things make no difference if it is made of cheap materials. I have since then bought the Montel Williams Living Well Blender and I am extremely happy with that.


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Reviewing Back To Basics Blenders

Are you on the hunt for a new blender but don’t know where to begin your search? Our team of professionals has gathered, researched, and analyzed data on over a 1,000 different types of blenders in order to suggest our highest ranked blenders available on the market. We then further divided them and looked more specifically at 5 Back to Basics blenders. In our research, we took into consideration a variety of different key features from the total 40,182 data points and combined it with customer reviews to inform you of the leading ones available. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the advantages and disadvantages of some of the main specs here.

When buying a Back to Basics blender, you should know more about the brand. Back to Basics is a popular brand from China. The company makes ice cream makers and ice shakers, so you can choose from tons of home and kitchen products. It does not have its own manufacturing site but sells its products through various e-commerce sites, like Amazon.

Our Top Ranking Blenders:

Great For Fruit Smoothies

We bought this smoothie maker about a year ago. We haven’t had any problems with it. The motor is strong and durable. The dispenser is a nice added feature, that makes for easy ‘no mess’ dispensing. Price wise, it couldn’t be beat! The part that spins the blade is made of rubber, which is an added bonus, because if the pourer isn’t secure it doesn’t strip the gear that turns the blade. I had a problem with this on my last smoothie maker from a different maker. It doesn’t seem to have any problems crushing ice, or frozen fruits. I have found however, that you need to use a lot of liquid when blending frozen fruit and ice. This unit is very easy to clean, which is a big deal to me. The blade and gasket can be removed easily and cleaned by hand. It doesn’t take up much counter space and it’s aesthetically pleasing and goes well with most of my other appliances. I would highly recommend this item.


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Good Blender For Your Money

First off I love making smoothies with frozen fruit as it lasts longer and easier to prepare. With that in mind I needed a blender that could chop up giant frozen strawberries which might as well be rocks. I also make a smoothie everyday, so my review is based on a very used blender Pros:The motor on this blender is powerful. It can chop through just about anything with little clogging. I like that there are multiple speeds and that I can adjust to make the perfect smoothie. The spout in the front is also an excellent perk . Cons:Like I said above, there are points when the blender seems to not be chopping up anything at all . I think it has to do with the shape . Cleaning is very difficult and you have to be thorough to ensure that you do not get any mold build up.Overall:Its a cost effective blender that will last. there are minor headaches, but overall a great blender.


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Back to Basics 7

Kitchen appliances make fun and practical Christmas gifts. Whether youre shopping for a busy chef, a foodie, or a new homeowner, an appliance that turns meal prep into a cinch is a thoughtful gift theyre sure to use. Check out this list of popular kitchen appliances to find the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list.

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A Back To Basics Blender is reader-supported. If you buy via the links here we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you, learn more.

The Back to Basics blender comes in one of two styles. First, theres the Blender Solution that comes with a food processing attachment.

This small blending appliance not only fulfills the traditional roles that you would expect from a blender, but also functions as a food processor and a smoothie maker.

The more common model is the Blender Express, which features different attachments that allow the blender to be used quickly and easily to fulfill a lot of different roles.

With these attachments, it can be a coffee grinder, food processor, smoothie maker and more. Previous customers have used it to make salsas, batters, soups and more.

Best Back To Basics Blender Sale

The Back To Basics blender is a top-of-the-line tool for blender users who desiderate To get their blending done right, Back To Basics smoothie juicer pro 600 blender comes with a few features that make it a top-rated alternative for basic blender users. First, the blender renders a cubes that make it basic To create a blending, second, the blender presents a pitcher that makes it straightforward To create a good blender. Finally, the blender provides a filter that makes it straightforward To create a good blender blending.

This is a freezer friendly smoothie blender that does an excellent job of preserving food, it works valuable as a pre-frozen smoothie or as a regular smoothie. This Back To Basics blender comes with a dispenser valve that eliminates spills, making it a sterling tool for people who covet To make their home more clean and organized, this blender is Back To basics. It and chills your food better than a blender.

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