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Ss351 Ninja Foodi Blender

Best Blender for Smoothies 2020 – Vitamix vs Ninja

The SS351 is one of Ninjas most powerful blenders and, while it is more than capable of making rich, creamy smoothies, its food processing capability is where it really stands out. The 1400 watt motor is designed to employ smartTORQUE technology, meaning it can crush, blend, and process heavier than average loads without stalling or requiring the user to stop the blender and stir its contents.

The SS351 is one of Ninjas most powerful blenders and, while it is more than capable of making rich, creamy smoothies, its food processing capability is where it really stands out.

The 1400 watt motor is designed to employ smartTORQUE technology, meaning it can crush, blend, and process heavier than average loads without stalling or requiring the user to stop the blender and stir its contents.

Moreover, the SS351 comes with 11 manual speed options and six useful Auto IQ pre-settings that make the blender extremely easy to use, especially when performing energy-intensive tasks like processing dough or cake batter.

As far as accessories go, the SS351 does not disappoint and comes equipped with a 14 oz. smoothie bowl, a dough blade, and two 24 oz. extraction pitchers, both of which can be capped with to go lids.

Needless to say, as far as food processors go, this unit by Ninja is no doubt one of the better options around. The only downsides to the SS351 is that its not cheap and because of the smartTORQUE enhanced motor, the blender can be quite loud.

Best Blender/processor Combo: Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System With Auto

  • Easy to use and clean

  • No slicing or shredding capabilities

A true kitchen multi-tasker, this kitchen system combines a traditional countertop blender, a personal blender for individual drinks, and a food processor all in one. It can handle classic blending tasks like crushing ice and making milkshakes and cocktails, but it also has two 24-ounce cups that screw on to make individual smoothies for busy mornings.

On top of that, it also comes with a 64-ounce processor bowl, which can be used for chopping vegetables for salsa, making purees, and even for kneading up to 2 pounds of bread dough using the included dough blade.

The system has five different Auto-iQ preset programs for making smoothies, crushing ice, making juices, chopping, and kneading dough. Manual controls include settings for low, medium, and high speed, as well as pulsing.

Power Rating: 1,400 watts | Automatic Programs: 5 | Manual Programs: 4 | What’s Included: 72-ounce blender pitcher, 64-ounce processor bowl, 24-ounce cups, plus lids

  • No manual speed controls

  • No slicing or shredding capabilities

If you want all the multi-tasking functionality of a blender-processor combo system but dont have a lot of kitchen storage space to spare, this compact hybrid system could be the perfect solution.

The streamlined controls include three preset programs for making smoothies, blending frozen drinks, and mixing batters or dough, plus a manual pulse button.

Additional Parts And Warranty

Blender with a warranty is a great relief for the consumer. Most of the great mixer comes with long years of warranty support.

Also, some blender balds offer spare parts in case of emergency replacement to add more pots for making drinks.

Ninja sells refurbished blender also with warranty. That is a big deal. The band is very confident about their products and service that is why they offer all the possible facility to serve their customers.

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What Do You Want To Make With Ninja Blenders

Ask yourself about requirement such as what you need to make with it. There are types of blender used for preparing soups or smoothie.

Another example is used for preparing protein shake, milkshake, or maybe soft ingredients. And there is also the type of blender exist that is used for making harsh ingredients such as nut butter or nut milk.

If you love to have a healthy smoothie, then you shouldnt have a choice that one that works with soft ingredients.

  • Size Of Blenders:

You have to consider is it suitable to make large batches of food or not. All blenders are not capable of preparing food for your family and friends. Some meet the individual requirements only.

Sizes of the cup are also significant. Some super ninja blenders come with cups of different size. So before buying it, think whether you should use it for preparing personal drinks or family drinks.

  • Best Budget Ninja Blenders:

Many good & most robust ninja blenders are popularized. But the fact is, are you capable of buying it with your budget? Budget is also a fact of consideration. You need to choose one that you can afford and also fulfill your requirements.

Most of us think that a higher price means the product is of better quality, but thats not true. Price and quality arent always correlated.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Bl770

Ninja Professional 1000W Performance Power Smoothie ...

While the BL770 and the BN801 are fairly similar, there are two areas of note in which they differ. For starters, the BL770 has a 1500 watt motor that gives it a slight edge in power, making it one of the best countertop blenders for performing intensive tasks like ice crushing and food processing.

Coming in at a very close second place is the BL770 Mega Kitchen System, which, along with auto IQ technology and stainless steel construction, also comes equipped with a BPA-free 64 oz. blender pitcher.

While the BL770 and the BN801 are fairly similar, there are two areas of note in which they differ. For starters, the BL770 has a 1500 watt motor that gives it a slight edge in power, making it one of the best countertop blenders for performing intensive tasks like ice crushing and food processing.

Secondly, instead of two 24 oz. to-go cups, the BL770 mega kitchen system comes with two 16 oz. Nutri ninja cups. Although this is a 33% reduction in overall volume compared to what the BN801 offers, many users find the smaller size much more convenient to transport, especially when commuting or going to the gym.

On top of all this, the BL770 also comes with an eight-cup food processor bowl capable of mixing up to two pounds of dough or cake batter in roughly 30 seconds.

  • Comes with two 16. nutri ninja cups
  • Great for blending ice and frozen fruit
  • Dishwasher safe

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Factors Of Buying The Highest Quality Ninja Blender

Purchasing the perfect value ninja blender requires research and data. As you want to buy an item ideally that offers numerous features you should get the mixer perfect for you. If you purchase any item which one doesnt accompany various features yet is reasonable can likewise be better for you.

  • Price
  • Blending Cup
  • Ease of Use

What is the purpose of buying it? If its for making smoothies as well as the best ninja blender for protein shakes, then choose the one that is of higher quality. And high-quality blender for smoothies will be expensive, though.

Do you need to process food with it? For food processing, you must need a multifunction blender that you can use for various purposes.

Design and Style There are blenders with various styles you may find out. Choose the best-suited one for you.

Such as high quality blenders have heating functionality some have a speed limit, read reviews about how those perform actually before making a buying decision.

Huge Variety And Selection

The online platforms around the world are growing exponentially in size, and that applies to the selection of products as well. As they get more popular, more and more brands sign up to sell their products on online platforms.

They have a wide range of products across many categories, divided and organized well. This helps you find exactly what you are looking for easily. You may even get software-generated recommendations for products you may need. This includes ninja blender for smoothies and many more.

Having a huge variety means that you can assess your preferences and choices. You can choose from a range of alternatives before purchasing. This is often not the case in most physical stores, where there is a limitation to the number of brands.

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Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System With Auto

This complete Ninja blender system features a brand-new modern-day design and more functionality than the original Professional Kitchen System. This blending system has a 1400-watt motor base unit that perfectly crushes ice for frozen drinks and your smoothies.

It has five pre-set Auto-iQ programs that help you create the dough, smoothies, frozen drinks, and you can extract nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables with the touch of a button.

Included with this blending system is a whopping 72 oz. The pitcher is excellent for making large batches for the family, and it has a 64 oz max liquid capacity.

Also, a 64 oz. Precision Processor Bowl enables you to chop, smooth out purees, and mix up to 2lbs of dough. You also get the 1400-watt power motor base, total crushing blades, a 24 oz. Ninja Blending cup, pro extractor blades assembly, a Ninja Spout Lid, chopping blade, and the dough blade.

Lastly, you will get a recipe inspiration guide. It comes in black, and stainless steel is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

This blending system is a great family blender, can be used for many things, and is an excellent purchase for those mothers and wives who love to make smoothies for the family, prep food and ingredients, and perhaps those who love to bake. This model will run you approximately $200 and is part of Ninjas high-end blender range.

Check out this blender on !

Ninja Blender Cooking Systems

Smoothie Recipes – Best Blender for Smoothies – Blendtec vs Vitamix – Nutribullet vs Ninja. Smoothie

Ninja blenders cooking system introduces professional cooking technology to your kitchen. Cooking becomes up to 50% faster and easier. One single vessel is capable of doing all your, and hence you dont have to clean up various vessels after cooking.

The new system uses triple heat technology, which harnesses direct heat from the bottom, heat from the sides, and the steam heat from the top.

Delicious and healthier meals are cooked faster, using less fat and energy. The system is programmable. You can program and leave your home. When you come back home, delicious meals will be ready waiting for you.

Euro-pro prides itself in offering todays busy consumer, better and more efficient products. Their brand of home appliances is an asset of any kitchen, and customers value it as among the best in the sector. You will find a tool for every job in the kitchen.

You must make the right decision when you are considering purchasing a kitchen appliance. Ninja Blender reviews are designed to help make your choice easier by listing out the pros and cons of each of the best-selling ninja blenders and kitchen appliances in 2019.

Many models are available, each aimed at a specific need. The product description and features listed on the review page here will guide you in deciding if the particular model will suit your needs.

Ninja blenders are backed up by excellent customer support. Should you ever need service, service technicians are only a phone call away.

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Types Of Best Ninja Blender

There are various types of blenders available in the market. If there is a competition between different types of products, there is compatibility with the price. It is the best thing about a variety of products.

  • Professional Blenders: Most of the professional ninja blenders have a minimum power of 1000 watts, and button controls are made of the touchpad. With removable blade assembly, those blenders have a jar of plastic, and most of the blenders of professional series come with a 1-year warranty.

If you want to do robust functions such as crushing ice, then those blenders are perfect for their high power and potent blend.

  • Compact Blenders: The best thing about compact types of blenders is their performance can be done within a smaller space. Those are also affordable at a reasonable price that offers decent power for tasks. But those are used for specific tasks such as easy blending for smoothies, shakes, or food prep.
  • Mega Kitchen Blenders: If you are looking for blenders that are efficient in frozen blending or vitamin extraction, then you should choose mixers of the mega kitchen system.

It has a capacity of blending and crushing within seconds thus, you can do so many things. The only downside is the cleaning because it takes time. You can use those for making smoothies or mixing cakes as well as making the dough.

It has more power, works faster as well as performs many more tasks.

It has a removable blade that is why it is so much quicker and easier to clean.

What Can I Use My Ninja Blender For

Ninja blenders are amazingly versatile and can prepare a lot more than just smoothies from frozen fruits. You can make dips, salad dressings, chop hard ingredients, and so on. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ingredients. That’s the best way to get to know your Ninja blender as well.

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Why Should We Pick Ninja Blender Brand

Certainly, before buying, it isnt only me that has believed: Can I actually need a Ninja blender?

That is why the very first thing that I would like you to do this, in order to place your worries to break, is realize all of the benefits provided by the fantastic countertop blender.

It is lasting over time: These components need virtually no maintenance to remain efficiently functional for a lifetime.

It is tremendously convenient: If you believe that these blenders are just utilized to create smoothies, then you are mistaken. They are made to serve more than 1 function and appeal to more than 1 kind of customer. With only one smart little apparatus, different cooking tasks, from mixing to whisking, can be undertaken within a couple of minutes.

It is reasonably priced: Despite being constructed with high quality substances, most Ninja goods are fairly priced in comparison with their counterparts, supplying the choices which make possessing an wonderful blender simpler for people with tighter incomes.

It Produces a well-balanced lifestyle: Would you need to live more but do not wish to devote a lot of time creating your diet fitter to accomplish this objective? Considering all the advantages this grinder provides, it will surely be a worthy investment for experimentation with more greens in your everyday meals.

The Benefits Of A Ninja Blender

Best Cheap Blender 2021

If youre not familiar with Ninja blender products, you may be wondering why a consumer might prefer a Ninja blender over another type of blender. Here are some of the benefits.

  • A Ninja blender can perform the functions of a host of other kitchen appliances, including a food processor, juicer, grater, spiralizer, stand mixer, and traditional blender.

  • With a Ninja blender, you get such high power that the blades slice through food in a matter of minutes or even seconds, making it much faster than other blender brands.

  • Ninja blenders feature four-blade and six-blade patented technologies that allow them to easily cut through food pieces throughout the container. Because of this, cleaning the container is much easier.

  • A Ninja blender offers consistent blending. Chunks and lumps of unblended food are virtually eliminated.

  • Ninja blenders are equipped with a variety of containers in different sizes, so you always have the perfect option for the recipe youre working on.

  • Ninja blender parts are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

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Q Can Be Ninja Blender A Fantastic Brand

They constitute the center of this consumer-grade selection, now. Therefore, they do not cost a lot of. But they give amazing features, such as built-in apps and technical blade collections.

Most versions also come packed with one additional jar. Thus, you have a tendency to find a good deal of value for your buck when purchasing from Ninja.

Best Ninja Blender For Making Smoothies In March 2022

Here, well review the top 10 Best Ninja Blender For Making Smoothies on the market today. Well provide an overview of what is good and not-so-good about each case, and weve provided a range of economic and excellent Best Ninja Blender For Making Smoothies.

We spent 67 hours to find a best option for you is a Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with 14 Oz Travel Cup and Lid, Black , which comes with amazing features youve never heard before.It is the Best Ninja Blender For Making Smoothies available in the market today. However, if you dont want to spend big on Ninja Blender For Making Smoothies, then you should absolutely go for Ninja BL610 Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base and Total Crushing Technology which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Ninja Blender For Making Smoothies.

To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best Ninja Blender For Making Smoothies.


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Blend Chop And Puree Your Foods With These All

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Spruce Eats / Photo Illustration by Chloe Jeong / Retailers below

Ninja became popular with its line of mid-priced blenders that were powerful enough to compete with some of the high-end brands. The kitchen appliance brand then introduced personal blenders, designed to make convenient single-serving portions and drinks you can take on the go. The Ninja product line now includes an extensive line of blenders designed to handle everything from smoothies to soups to sauces and more.

To find the best Ninja blender for your kitchen, determine your priorities when it comes to power rating, features, and included accessories. From simple personal blenders and food prep choppers to multi-tasking blender-processor combo systems, theres sure to be a fit for your needs, counter space, and budget.

Read on for the best Ninja blenders in each category.

  • Makes both large batches and single servings

  • Plastic pitcher may be less durable

This blender, a cross between a traditional pitcher blender and a personal blender, features a 1,100-watt motor and six blades that can crush ice and blend frozen cocktails, smoothies, and sauces. Simple to operate, it has three manual speed settings and a pulse button.

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