Best Smoothie Blender Under 100

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Magic Bullet Kitchen Express

Top 5 Best Blenders Under $100 for Smoothies, Juice, Milkshake and Many More (2020)

Best blender food processor combo

Type: PlasticDimensions:30.8 x 29.2 x 19.2 cmPower: 250 watts

Get a blender and food processor in one Budget-friendly

Reasons to avoid:

Single serve only

Affordably priced and multi-functional, the Magic Bullet Kitchen Express is the perfect choice for students or small households who want something that can blend as well as chop and slice. It has two drink pitchers, one of who has a to-go lid that stays very securely in place, and despite only being 250 watts this blender is very powerful. It was particularly effective at making smoothie bowls out of frozen bananas and berries, with little intervention.

While its not large enough to blend things like soups, the Magic Bullet Kitchen Express is perfect for smoothies and shakes, and it makes a top iced drink. The controls are simple, with an On, Off, and Pulse, but its by no means as multi-faceted as some of the options from Ninja and Vitamix, which offer a variety of blending modes for different drinks.

Ideal Homes rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Reasons to avoid:

Speed settings are unnumbered

Most of us could probably do with eating more fruit and veg. Proven to motivate you into upping your five-a-day is the 1,400W Avance blender, which will turn unpalatable vegetables into smoothies and soups with ease. Its makers claim it produces 50% finer blending than a previous model which is great news for the fruit and veg-phobic. For its price, it brings a lot to the table.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is one of the most popular miniature blenders around. It has a startling amount of quality reviews online. Im talking over 6,000 reviews from satisfied customers who absolutely love this product. You can purchase it in several different colors, including raspberry and red. It works amazingly. And it costs less than $30!

Ace 60 Cooking Blender

Price: $79

Capacity: 60 ounces

If you’re a multi-purpose appliance hunter, then look no further! Insta Pot’s Ace 60 Cooking Blender can get your smoothies and soups done! Not all of us are blessed with a big kitchen counter, so if you’re looking for a blender that can process more than your fruits and veggies, this bargain machine is such a steal!

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Dual Direction Blade Technology

You may have seen the Oster Pro 1200 often feature as one of the best blenders for crushing ice. This itself tells you what this beast of a blender is capable of. Any blender that can take on ice well is a formidable contender and in no way ranks inferior to more premium blenders.

A menace to ice, the Oster Pro 1200 blends using dual direction blade technology which blends in two directions and eliminates the chance of missing any ingredients during blending. This gives you superior, smoother, chunk-free blends, and the satisfaction of knowing how well this machine works.

Chulux Smoothie Bullet Blender Maker With Recipe Book

Best Blenders Under $100 In 2018

Leading a healthy life with a planned diet is what everyone would want to achieve. If you have gone through lifestyle magazines, you would have understood that a liquid diet is far better than a solid one because it is absorbed easily by the body. The Chulux smoothie bullet blender allows you to blend the best fruits, grind them into a tasty smoothie and enjoy it. When hitting the gym, just make a protein shake and you are good to go.

In terms of specifications, the blender can deliver an impressive 1000 watts of total power and you can blend fruits/vegetables or cashew nuts in less than 30 seconds. The quick blending and juicing option are delivered with the help of the powerful blades, efficient motor, and the firm design of the base. It lets you crush that stubborn block of ice which is an essential ingredient in any juice recipe.

The blades are made using 304 stainless steel material and they are extra sharp, designed to withstand demanding conditions. Another unique aspect of this product is the inclusion of two different cup sizes, the 32oz, and the 15oz cups. You can either choose to share the drink with a friend or split it up for breakfast and lunch. Either way, the inclusion of multiple cups are useful. It supports a quick one-touch button and uses a non-slip suction cup in the bottom for maximum grip.

What Makes the Chulux Smoothie Bullet Blender a Versatile Product?

Who Should Buy This?

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Hamilton Beach 58148a Blender Best Value

If youre looking for a model thats easier on your wallet, the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Blender could be your pick. This lightweight model is less powerful and a little more difficult to operate but offers plenty of functionality at an impressive price.

Weighing only 5.62 pounds, the Power Elite has a small but sturdy 40-ounce glass container and features a patented Wave Action design that forces ingredients down onto its blades. The five-button interface offers 12 functions, so you may need to spend a little time with the manual. The jar, blades, and lid are all conveniently dishwasher-safe, though we found that food often gets stuck beneath the blades, making cleaning trickier.

The 700-watt motor is not as powerful as some models, but will work fine for most uses. Our least favorite feature was the plastic collar on the base, which isnt very durable and may crack easily. Hamilton Beach offers a generous three-year warranty, though youll have to pay shipping fees.

  • Must pay shipping fees under warranty

What Is The Best Blender For Smoothies

The best blender for smoothies depends on several factors that include budget, durability and ease of use. A good quality blender under 100 that is durable enough to last for years will be an investment rather than a cost so it is important to pick one with the greatest amount of longevity possible.

Blenders are used for many reasons including making thick drinks such as smoothies so it is necessary to pick one with great power yet easy to control when blending since nobody wants to battle with an out-of-control appliance while trying to make their morning smoothie.

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Instant Ace Cooking Blender

The best unique features blenders under $100

Brand: Instance Ace | Power: 1000 Watts | Size: 56 oz Cup | Dishwasher Safe Parts: Self Cleaning with Handheld Brush | Price:

Blenders can come with an array of accessories. You might want one that is solely the blender itself, or you might want one that comes with a few additional pieces to enhance your blending experience. If you fall into the latter category, this Instant Ace blender is one for you. It comes with a strainer bag for making nut milk, a food tamper, a measuring cup that also doubles as a food tamper, and a cleaning brush for the blenders blades. With ten speeds and these additional features, this blender is a great choice for blending a variety of things. It excels in everyday uses.

Reviewers Like

  • Blades are heavy and can blend just about everything
  • The ability to cook what youre blending with it makes soups a breeze
  • Cleaning brush is an enormous help when trying to clean the blades

Reviewers Dislike

  • Motor gets very hot after a lot of use
  • Plastic around motor can melt if used for too long

Best Blender Under $100 For Smoothies 2021 Perfect For Soups Protein Shakes And More Guide

Best Value Smoothie Blender Under $100 in 2020 – Cleanblend vs Vitamix

November 5, 2019 By Sajid

The blender is a consequence of modern kitchen technology, it gets the hung amount of uses in our daily meals and easy to contribute. Setting up your kitchen means making sure that it is equipped with all the necessary gadgets so that you are well prepared and cooking does not take too much time.

One such gadget is the blender using one has many advantages like reducing cooking time, helping prepare baby food or other food purees, making healthy drinks, etc.

However, choosing a blender can be a hard task as there are so many brands available in the market, it can be intimidating.

To ensure that you end up with that product you need to do a little research, get some customer reviews and also check whether it has all the important features you need.

To help you with choosing a blender, we have put together a buying guide, followed by the five best blenders.

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Best Glass Option: Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Numerous shoppers on Amazon call this $30 glass blender “the best ever.” The sturdy glass material is complemented by 700 watts of power and 12 blending functions, all of which make this 40-ounce blender an incredible value for the money. Customers especially like the jar’s spout that makes it easy to pour your smoothie or other concoction into a glass, mess-free, once it’s blended. One person called it a “smoothie master,” while another said, “this blender is really great! It works great, sturdy, strong and easy to clean!”

Which Blender Is Best For Crushing Ice

Not all of the blenders are suitable for crushing ice. In order to perform this task, you should choose a high-quality blender with powerful and high torque motor together with durable blades. Ninja professional or Hamiltion Beach are the blenders to be consider for this task. Thanks to their high-power rating motor with durable blades and pitcher, they can ensure the ice or even frozen fruits crushing will be done effortlessly.

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Ninja Nutri Pro Blender

Ninja BL455_30 is yet another cheap smoothie blender that is known for its fantastic performance and convenient design.

The blender comes with several cups making it a perfect smoothie blender for those who are always on the go. It is among the best small blender Ninja has ever produced.

Motor and Extraction Blades

For its compact size, this blender has a 1000 watts power that makes it extremely powerful. Moreover, the stainless-steel blades, along with the high RPM, can tear through any ingredient extracting maximum nutrients from it. As a result, you get a tasteful, fresh, and full of nutrients smoothie.

Simple Operation

With Ninja personal blenders, you dont have to invest your time selecting the right blending speed. In fact, to start blending, you just have to connect the Nutri cup with the base and press downwards. With a simple push, you get a perfectly blended smoothie within seconds.

Nutri Ninja Cups

This blender comes with three Nutri cups of different sizes, i.e., a 24-ounce cup, an 18-ounce cup, and a 12-ounce cup. It also comes with two to-go lids, a blade, and a recipe book. Furthermore, all the components are BPA free and made from high-quality Tritan.

Best Smoothie Makers Under $100 Of 2022

Best Smoothie Blender Under $100  Finding Value!

People love smoothies especially when its summer and the scorching sun makes them as thirsty as ever. Sipping a healthy smoothie, relaxing in the warm evening

People love smoothies especially when its summer and the scorching sun makes them as thirsty as ever. Sipping a healthy smoothie, relaxing in the warm evening sun, and reading a book or listening to music is what people refer to as nirvana. The best smoothie makers under $100 allow you to enjoy making these delicious drinks from the comfort of your home.

The time taken to drive long to that Thick Shake Factory or drop into a restaurant to taste your favorite smoothie can be totally eradicated. Just keep vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator and make delicious drinks in minutes, whenever you need it, with the help of these compact and efficient products.

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Cuisinart Smart Stick 300 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender

The Cuisinart Smart Stick has a 30-watt motor, ergonomically designed grip, and a two-speed slide control. The blending shaft is made of stainless steel and measures eight inches to help you reach into large bowls or pitchers.

One parent and reviewer said its also a great tool for making baby food: I read the glowing reviews about the Cuisinart Smart Stick on Amazon and YouTube and decided to give it a try. I have to say, it didnt disappoint. Ive used it to purée just about every fruit and vegetable, and the texture has always been smooth and creamy.

Ive always liked Cuisinart products and this model in particular is very well built. It feels nice and sturdy. Not heavy or too light. It has two speeds, which is convenient. Its fairly loud, but not much louder than any other blender. It also comes with a very sturdy plastic cup that can be used to blend your food. Ive had this product for two years now and I still use it for lots of food dishes. Ill also be using it for my second baby wholl be starting solids soon. Overall this was a great buy and worth every penny.

Why Are Blenders Under 100 Better Than Blenders Over 100

The difference in price depends on the number of functions each blender has. Blenders that have more functions can cost up to three times as much as a regular blender, but these features are not necessary when making drinks in most cases. Most blenders under 100 have enough power to crush ice and mix thick drinks with ease which eliminates the need for an electric version over 100.

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What Are Some Useful Tips For Using A Blender

All modern blenders come with dishwasher-safe parts which make cleaning them much easier, but if this is not the case, then its important to know how to clean each specific blender type. Lastly, consider how often it will be necessary to use your blender for fruit and vegetable smoothies as well as other types of blended drinks such as frappuccinos and icees. There are several ways to get an immersion blender for your home.

When reading product details online pay attention to the wattage since the higher it is, the better chance there is of getting a more powerful blender. Most modern blenders come with dishwasher-safe parts which make cleaning them much easier, but if this is not the case, then its important to know how to clean each specific blender type. Make sure that your immersion blender has been designed for easy cleaning before purchasing it.

Consider which parts need cleaning the most often, such as the blades or jar so that you can choose a specific part to clean in your dishwasher with other items. Make sure that your immersion blender has been designed for easy cleaning before purchasing it. All modern blenders come with dishwasher-safe parts which make cleaning them much easier, but if this is not the case, then its important to know how to clean each specific blender type.

The Advantages Of A Quality Blender Under $100

Top 5 best smoothie blender Under $100 – Best Budget Blender 2021

Many people associate blenders with juices. While it is true that this is the most effective way to make a smoothie alone quickly and easily, it is also a tool that can help you in many different areas of cooking. While the best products on the market can cost up to a few hundred dollars, there are suitable options under $100. If you only need a small machine from time to time, efficient mixers are available for just under $100. choose the right one, and you can make soups, sauces, purees, and more.

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Oster Classic Series 5

For the price, this Oster blender is pretty mighty. For reference, a personal Vitamix has 750 watts, and this one is at 700, so its power is comparable. This has five speed settings and its Crush Pro 4 Blade is made of stainless steel. Many reviewers find that, for twenty bucks, theyre able to use this blender to blend and chop seamlessly even ice or frozen fruit. A reviewers added that it definitely helped to add more liquid for a smoother process.

Ninja Bl610 Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender With 1000

  • PROFESSIONAL POWER: 1000 watts of professional power can crush ice and breakdown any tough ingredient.
  • XL CAPACITY: The 72 oz professional blender pitcher is excellent for making frozen drinks and creamy smoothies for the entire family.
  • INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY: Total Crushing Technology delivers unbeatable power with blades that pulverize and crush through ice, whole fruits and vegetables in seconds.
  • ICE CRUSHING: Blast ice into snow in seconds and blend your favorite ingredients into delicious resort-style frozen drinks.
  • RECIPE INSPIRATION: The included recipe guide provides drink and dish making inspiration.
  • EASY CLEANUP: Pitcher is BPA free and dishwasher safe, making cleanup just as simple and easy as using the blender.
  • WHATS INCLUDED: 1000 Watt Motor Base Professional Blender & 72 oz Total Crushing Pitcher with Lid.

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Braun Mq505 Multiquick Hand Blender

If you are in need of the best blender under 100, then Braun MQ505 is the perfect one for you. Currently, Braun is one of the most reliable and leading kitchen appliance brands in the marketplace. This kitchen appliance comes with the best features like PowerBell Technology.

It is a bell-shaped blending shaft which contains stainless steel blades to blend the hard ingredients. On the other hand, it is designed with the dual-speed power – one is standard and the other one is turbocharged which are used to mix or grind the ingredients rapidly.Aside from these, the mixer comes with attachments like a 20-ounce beaker. These can be detached from the motor and can be cleaned easily with just a rinse. Also, it comes with the sophisticated design that comes with the soft ergonomic design to protect the device from slipping.

Like other blenders, this blender also has a powerful motor that boasts about 350-Watt. This is more than enough to blend the frozen fruits or to crush the ice cubes. Eventually, it is one of the eye-catching designs that are light in weight and easy to carry from one place to another.


  • Turbo button is pretty hard to handle.

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