Cancer Fighting Juices And Smoothies

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What Others Think About Carrot/beet Juice

Cancer Fighting Juices and Smoothies

There are some natural health advocates out there that do not recommend carrot or beet juice.

They think it contains too much sugar and sugar feeds cancer.

While it is true that cancer cells feed on glucose, every cell in your body feeds on glucose.

The sugars in plant food also deliver anti-cancer nutrients straight to the cancer cells.

In the case of juicing, Im talking about nutrients that can turn off cancer genes, interfere with cancer cell reproduction, and cause apoptosis .

So, I never worried about the sugar content in beets and carrots.

I Juiced To Beat Cancer And Turned Orange

Yep. Its true.

In 2004, I juiced to beat cancer and turned orange in the process.

In this post, Im going to explain why juicing is so important for cancer patients and why it may turn your skin orange.

Im also going to take you through my daily anti-cancer juicing routine.

The Centers for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institute recommend you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies, per day.

But 9+ servings per day is essential, if you want to transform your health.

Our modern processed food diet has left our bodies starving for nutrients at the cellular level.

Kale Cucumber Green Juice

There is nothing healthier for the body than the mix of kale and cucumber that tastes like green lemonade.


200ml of coconut milk


  • Bring together all the contents listed above in your blender. Turn it on at low speed first, then increase it to medium after a few seconds. Blend the juice for a minute until it becomes smooth.

  • You can add more coconut milk to this if you want to achieve a thinner consistency. But smoothies are supposed to be thick, right? So you dont need to do that. Simply pour the juice into a serving glass and enjoy it chilled.

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    Healthy Juice Recipes To Fight Cancer

    Making smoothies and juices is always a good idea. But its even better when you want them to fight serious health conditions like cancer. And the best part about it is that juices provide your body with all the nutrients present in that particular fruit or vegetable. Unlike cooked meals, which tend to reduce the nutritional value of such foods. Its like a direct, healthy deposit into all the cells found in our body.

    Also, when dealing with a major health issue like cancer, what you consume is of utmost importance. So the juice and smoothie recipes listed below have excellent cancer fighting characteristics. And thats because they all contain plenty antioxidants that get into the system to reduce or eliminate cancer cells.

    So lets learn how to drink better!

    Best Cancer Fighting Juices & Smoothies Recipes: 10 Juices For Cancer Treatment & Prevention


    VIDEO CONTENTS.Advantages of using juices and smoothies for fighting cancer.List of juices for curing cancer.How to prepare Carrot Juice For Cancer Prevention.Cranberry Apple juice recipesHow to prepare Spinach Juice.Fight Cancer With Blueberry smoothie.Another Juice for Fighting Cancer is Celery juice.How to prepare Celery Juice.Cucumber, ginger, and beet juice recipe.Fighting Cancer With Cilantro, cucumber, carrot, and dandelion juiceOrange Crush Smoothie recipeHow to prepare orange crush smoothie.How to prepare pomegranate juice How To Make Strawberry juice .

    Studies have shown that the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables can aid in the prevention of different types of cancers. Fruits and vegetables like carrots, berries, celery, apples, and avocados are rich in antioxidants which are the main cancer-fighting agents.

    While some people find it easy to consume their fruits and vegetables in their raw form, it is not so with others. For this latter group, it is recommended that they process their fruits into juices or smoothies.

    Advantages of using juices and smoothies for fighting cancer.

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    What To Keep In Mind When Helping A Cancer Patient

    Its important to remind any person going through immune-suppressing treatment or have high inflammation levels in their body to decrease their risk of food contamination. This risk can be minimized by making sure the vegetables and fruits are thoroughly cleansed.

    You should also make it clear to your customer that there is such a thing as overuse of juicing. It can result in diarrhea, something they will also be prone to if they are on chemotherapy.

    As with all dietary changes, its essential to have your customer inform their doctor before making any significant changes. Juicing for cancer should also not be used in place of professional medical care. Even if a patient chooses not to undergo conventional treatment, they should be regularly monitored by a health care provider of their choosing. If they are concerned about the over-medicalization of their treatment, suggest seeking out an integrative health professional that comes from a place of client-centered care.

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  • MissAngee 13 Sep 2010

    What about V8 splash? Its got Antioxident Plus in it. Please say yes!!!! LOL

  • chrisbeatcancer13 Sep 2010

    Hah! Yeah, V8 Splash is a fail. Tastes good, but its pasteurized and full of sugar. I used to drink it and think it was healthy before I got cancer.

  • Nelia 9 Nov 2010

    Dear Chris:

    Thank you for your the valuable information on your website. I had surgery for lung cancer two years ago . The cancer is back and I want to fight it without chemo, etc.

    I am juicing and eating the salad and have eliminated all meats, dairy and bad white stuff. I am exercising and praying.

    What kind of tests do you use to know that you remain cancer-free? I would like to avoid radiation as much as I can. The drs. love their CT scans!

    I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you and your family. Thank you for all your help.


  • Chris Wark1 Dec 2013

    Hi Morgan, George Malkmus healed colon cancer without any medical intervention 30 years ago. Get his book Gods Way to Ultimate Health.:)

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    Morgan, get Netflix and watch the Gerson miracle. Dr. Gerson was the first to prove cancer can be cured naturally!

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    For Colon Cancer, I heard a lot about Grape seed extract.Take a look at this itens. There are lots of material on web about It. God be with you all. Wishing you all the best. Leandro

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    Thank you for sharing the video link concerning cows milk, Leo. Very informative!

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    How To Make Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

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    Top breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk shares her daily smoothie recipe, an antioxidant-packed blend of berries, spinach, matcha, flaxseeds, aloe + spices.

    “To make this nutrient-rich bomb, you will need a high-quality blender to mash through the frozen antioxidants and mix all the flavors, ideally one with at least 500 watts and a 64-ounce pitcher like a Vitamix,” Dr. Funk says. “Especially when using whole flaxseeds, make sure they grind up and disappear. Alternatively, use a coffee grinder first, or buy ground flaxseeds. Your body cant digest the outer hull, which contains most of the fiber and all the lignans.”

    Pro Tip: Swap 1 cup berries for other fruits like apple, orange, mango, pear, peach, etc. To mix things up, add vanilla, fresh mint or basil leaves, lime or lemon juice, fresh ginger root, cayenne pepper, or 1 to 2 drops of the powerful antioxidant clove oil.

    Dr. Funk likes Amla Boss for her gooseberry powder, Aloe Tonic for her aloe vera juice, and Ancient Matcha for her matcha which are all from her women’s health organization, Pink Lotus but any brand should work well.

    Cucumber Ginger And Beet Juice

    Best Cancer Fighting Juices & Smoothies Recipes: 10 Juices For Cancer Treatment & Prevention

    This juice mix is a great blend of wonderful herbs and fruits. For one, ginger is a powerful herbal root with strong cancer-fighting properties. Introducing cucumber and beet increases the potency of the juice. Moreover, beets have detoxifying properties, while cucumber can also help in reducing acidity in the body.

    What you need

    One medium-sized beet, one cucumber, one-quarter size ginger

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    What Does Juicing Do For Cancer Patients

    Vegetable juice helps a cancer patient in the following ways

    • Body detoxification
    • Production and circulation of oxygenated blood
    • The killing of cancer cells in the body
    • Protect your body from free radicals

    Bottom line

    Juicing is not only made for cancer patients, but it is also for everyone who wants to be fit and healthy. Adding vegetable juice to your diet will keep you fit and free from all forms of diseases.

    Throw In Some Healthy Fats

    Did you know healthy fats help absorb nutrients as well as keep you feeling fuller, longer?

    • Chia or flax seeds. Spoon in 1 teaspoon of chia or flax seeds, which aid in lowering blood pressure and are loaded with antioxidants, protein, iron and calcium.
    • Avocado. Slice up 1 ripe avocado, which is high in oleic acid, an anti-inflammatory, as well as high in fiber.
    • Coconut oil. Scoop 1 tablespoon of coconut oil into your smoothie, which is known to raise good cholesterol and aid in heart health.

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    How Do Cancer Fighting Juices Assist With Beating Cancer

    Cancer patients struggle with excess weight loss due to the treatment options offered. Digestive problems are common which deprives the patients body of nutrients.

    Juicing, therefore, is an excellent option for getting valuable much needed nutrients and vitamins. Juicing recipes for cancer patients make it a whole lot easier for the body to absorb any nutritional components it may be deprived of on account of the illness.

    The most effective way to make use of fruit and vegetable juices would be as part of a juice cleanse which means the cancer patient consumes nothing but water, fruit and vegetable juice during the treatment period. Sometimes, the patient may indulge in the juice treatment for days at a time.

    Flavor Enhancers For Juice

    Smoothie vert.
    • Lemons and limes are great additions to your juice blends as they add fresh and tangy flavor and enhance the flavor of green vegetables, especially for those who do not find them palatable.
    • Hot peppers can be juiced if you like spicy flavor.
    • Fresh mint is a wonderful flavor for most any juice blend.
    • You can stir in any spice you like once your juice is ready.
    • Many herbs, like basil, and oregano can be juiced to get the flavor and their respective health benefits.
    • Add ice to make a more cool and refreshing drink.
    • Some juicers allow you to make frozen drinks, a great idea for summer.
    • Look up recipes online or in books to add variety to your juicing habit.
    • Experiment with different fruits and vegetables to find your favorite blends. This is key is sticking with this healthy new habit!

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    Beverage Kid Friendly Breakfast

    This recipe was specially crafted to support cancer prevention and survival. It adheres to . Learn more about our .

    Smoothies have many benefits beyond good taste they can help you eat more fruits and vegetables, the foundation of a cancer-protective diet. Frozen blueberries are the secret to the milkshake-like consistency of this smoothie. Rich in fiber, anthocyanins and ellagic acid, these little fruits are being studied for their ability to inhibit the formation of carcinogens.

    Why Should Cancer Patients Juice

    There are going to be days when the person experiencing cancer doesnt feel like eating anything. Whether its from chemotherapy-induced nausea, stress, ulcerations in the mouth, or reactive depression food is just not high on the agenda. Treatment can also change the way food tastes often for the worst.

    Most cancer treatments are more effective when the body has enough nutrients to support health. Juicing will help them rebuild healthy cells and tissues. It can give them strength and boost their immune system to help fight infection through the power of antioxidants that are packed into the juices.

    Juicing for cancer offers numerous life-enhancing benefits and is a more efficient way to absorb nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes needed for holistic health and wellbeing. Juicing doesnt require a large amount of energy to digest, reserving the bodys energy for healing.

    Juicing helps the body become more alkaline, which research shows are beneficial in decreasing cancer cells proliferation. It also helps in hydration and lowering inflammation, which is present in all cancer patients.

    Various vegetables and fruits have the added bonus of having a cleansing action on the liver and releasing bile. Others are potent detoxifiers helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

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    Grapefruit Watermelon Detox Mix

    For a healthy kick, you will find nothing more refreshing as well as tasty than the blend of grapefruit with watermelon.


    4 watermelon slices, seeds removed


  • Place grapefruit in your blender to extract its juice.

  • Once you get the grapefruit juice, add watermelon into the juicer. Let both the ingredients mix for 30 seconds.

  • At this point, there will be a lot of foam over the surface of the liquid. So please feel free to discard all of it.

  • You can also add some water to this if you want a thinner consistency.

  • Add honey before stirring the refreshing blend thoroughly. Now pour it into serving glasses to savor the reddish-pink treat.

  • How To Prepare Carrot Juice

    Cancer Fighting Smoothie For Cancer Patients (smoothie recipes for cancer patients)

    You will need about 4 or 5 carrots and a blender or juicer for this.

    To make carrot juice for cancer prevention or treatment, follow the steps below:

  • Get rid of the green tops from the carrots
  • Wash the carrots . DO NOT PEEL THE CARROTS.
  • Cut the carrots into small chunks.
  • Put the cut carrots into the blender or juicer.
  • Add water to the carrots if you are using a blender skip this step if you are using a juicer.
  • Use a cup to collect the juice after blending/juicing.
  • Serve and drink.
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    Juicing Benefits For Cancer Patients

    Cancer fighting juices provide a patient with a multiplicity of nutritional benefits. From concentrated phytonutrients and vitamins which may include electrolyte-rich water, enzymes, anti-inflammatory agents, carotenoids, and antioxidants among other factors.

    These ingredients cleanse the kidneys and the liver, neutralize free radicals, enhance the bodys immune function. Also countering acidosis which allows the cancer cells to thrive by creating an alkaline milieu in the patients body. A combination of these factors is essential for complete cancer recovery.

    This Smoothie Features Cancer

    FOX 2s Katie Fehr was diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago. Today, shes in remission. She credits her doctors and local hospitals but she learned a lot of tips for taking better care of herself along the way. This piece is written by Katie in her own words to share what she learned about incorporating healthier foods into her diet.

    FOX 2 friends can I get real with you for a minute? Im a Junk. Food. Junkie. I have always loved my soda and chocolate plus some red wine at night to unwind. I was in a bad habit of daily trips to the vending machine and putting foods in my body that didnt help my health. Were all smart enough to know that good food means better health, but as a working mom of three, I just didnt have the time/motivation to do anything about it.

    Until I was diagnosed with cancer.

    Cancer it turns out is one HECK of a motivator.

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer there wasnt much I could control but I COULD control what I was eating. I went vegan I also cut out all soda and alcohol. Some studies have shown a link between breast cancer and alcohol so why give cancer a helping hand?

    Instead of starting my day with a soda I started doing a juice. I had read that carrot juice was a cancer fighter as well as apples so I started every day with a big glass of juice I made myself. My juice recipe:

    One apple Makes 20 ounces of juice. I use a Breville juicer called the Juice Fountain Plus

    Katies Cancer Fighting Smoothie:

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    Does Juice From Organic Produce Matter

    Yes! Make sure youre buying organic produce.

    The last thing you need is chemical pesticides in your juice.

    You may not like the taste of the juice you make, but it doesnt matter. Youre not juicing vegetables for the taste.

    Just down it.

    I also like to mix in an alkalizing green powder, like Perfect Food Raw.

    Its made with 35 Nutrient-Dense Raw Organic Greens, Sprouts, and Veggies and its rich in Chlorophyll, Trace Minerals, Antioxidants, Enzymes, and Probiotics.

    Feel free to add as many vegetables to it as you want: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, peppers, cucumber, etc.

    Juicing When You Already Have Cancer

    Pin on Great ideas, good to know

    As part of your cancer-fighting juicing diet, you should not eat any poultry, fish, meat, or dairy products. Cooked foods such as these prevent the immune system from maximally fighting off cancer cells. Instead, the immune system must spend its time dealing with the effects of cooked foods, pesticides, chemical supplements, fungicides, herbicides, toxins, and the hormones found in meat and dairy products. This prevents the immune system from fighting off cancer cells. Of course, you should consult with your doctor before making any dietary changes.

    Dont eat a lot of fruits or vegetables that contain a lot of sugar unless they are one of the cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables listed above. Carrot juice, for example, has a lot of sugar in it that is easily taken up by cancer cells. Along with the sugar, the cancer cells take up the cancer-fighting nutrients from the carrots and are killed by the nutrients.

    Juicing can be beneficial as a way to combat cancer when you already have the disease. When you are being treated for cancer, things like digestive issues, chewing, and swallowing are already problems you may be dealing with.

    Besides juicing, you should be eating at least five servings of whole colorful fruits and vegetables daily. You can eat these fruits and vegetables whole or juice some of them if you are having problems with digestion or swallowing.

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