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Alternative: Oster Versa 1400w Low

Daily Harvest – Smoothie Review – Chocolate & Blueberry :: My experience and Review! ::

Oster is one of the brands that offer affordable blenders with Hamilton Beach. However the company does make some premium systems, and the Versa model is a perfect example. Some of the best features of the blender include:

  • A high-speed motor, with 28,000RPMs
  • Ten variable speeds & a pulse function
  • Includes a removable lid cap and a tamper
  • A sturdy metal drive system for longevity
  • Three programmed settings & manual blending
  • It handles ice well & also can make hot soups


  • Its extremely loud when blending
  • The blending jar has a flimsy design
  • Tends to develop leaking issues after some years

Daily Harvest Chia Bowl Review

The Daily Harvest Chia Bowls are a lot like the smoothies in my mind: I initially thought, oh, I can just make that at home for a lot cheaper. And then I tried the Daily Harvest version, and I was blown away! For starters, each bowl is packed with a lot of ingredients that I will never actually source and use at home So these bowls are full of more nutrients and flavor than Ill make in a typical boring chia bowl recipe of chia + liquid + banana

How to prepare a Daily Harvest Chia Bowl:

This requires thinking ahead, because you need to add liquid the night before: just add ½ cup of a milk of your choice , leave it to soak in the fridge overnight , and then stir and eat.

Best Daily Harvest Chia Bowls:

There are only three of them at the time that Im writing this, and theyre all so tasty! The Blackberry + Majik is my favorite because its a little tangy from the cherries, and I love the fun blue color!

Daily Harvest Scoops Review

GET THE DAILY HARVEST SCOOPS! Please, add at least one of these to your first box. Theyre the yummiest, most decadent treats made with real, healthy ingredients.

How to prepare Daily Harvest Scoops:

Let it sit out for 10-20 minutes before you dive in. I knoooow its hard to wait, but because theyre made without any gums or preservatives, they really will taste best if you let them soften on the counter.

The best Daily Harvest Scoops:

Daily Harvest Bites Review

How to prepare Daily Harvest Bites:

Best Daily Harvest Bites:

Daily Harvest Smoothie Reviews

Daily Harvests smoothies are very nutrient-dense, and almost free of filler ingredients. A few of their smoothies, like their top-selling Strawberry + Peach smoothie, contain citric acid.

While this flavoring agent can be sourced from citrus fruits, 99% of the worlds citric acid is manufactured from an allergenic fungus called Aspergillus niger, as detailed in this medical review of the ingredient published in the Toxicology Reports journal.

The above-linked review highlighted how manufactured citric acid sourced from the fungus can cause whole-body inflammatory reactions in some patients, and thus we recommend avoiding it as a precaution because it has no nutritive value and some risk.

If Daily Harvest can clarify their citric acid sourcing, and if they do source from citrus fruits exclusively, well change our stance on this and recommend all of their smoothies.

Plenty of their smoothies are free of citric acid, and we would recommend these. For example, their Chocolate + Blueberry smoothie contains many whole fruits and nuts such as organic blueberries and organic dates, and even the flavorings are whole foods .

In several of their smoothies, like their Watermelon + Dragon Fruit smoothie, Daily Harvest uses organic psyllium husk powder as a thickener, which is a great choice from a health context as this ingredient is very high in fiber.

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Daily Harvest Smoothies: A Vegetarians Review Part 2

Smoothies are popular with me, ranking as one of my most favorite breakfast options. Smoothies are also popular with you, apparently, as my first review of delivery smoothie company Daily Harvest is one of my top posts ever. That was way back in 2016. Theyve since updated their packaging and their menu so I figured it was time to revisit these frosty breakfast beverages.

If youre not familiar with services like these, they send cups of frozen fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and other tasty stuff that are self-contained breakfasts in a cup. You just dump the contents into a blender, add liquid, whiz it up, and pour it all back in the cup for sipping and transporting. Preparing a healthy breakfast takes just minutes since someone else prepped the produce and took care of the assembling and measuring for you.

Ill follow the same format as my original post. Ill list them in order from least to most favorite, including an ingredients list and nutrition facts . Some I enjoyed as smoothies through a straw as intended and for variety I ate some as smoothie bowls by adding some of my favorite toppings and dishing them up with a spoon.

Each delivery comes with 6 smoothies. Why are there only 11 rated here? Apparently I also received a Pineapple + Matcha but I didnt take pictures of it or make notes on it. So, lets assume it was forgettable. Or Im getting too old to keep track of any more than 11 smoothies at a time.

11. Apple + Greens

10. Banana + Greens

9. Strawberry + Peach

How Does Daily Harvest Compare To Other Subscription Companies

Chocolate + Blueberry Smoothie

From our understanding, Daily Harvest is striving to compete against two separate industries: premade smoothies and meal subscription services. How does it stack up?

Pricewise, Daily Harvest smoothies come in on the expensive side. The smoothies cost between $7 $8 each, compared to about $5.00 for premade Evolution smoothies at Starbucks. While this seems expensive at first glance, you might still save money because you wont waste ingredients at home. Many Daily Harvest smoothies include ingredients that could be difficult to track down in grocery stores, especially at the quantity they contain.

Regarding other smoothie subscription services, we found that Daily Harvest Smoothies seems to have three primary competitors: GreenBlender, HungryRoot, and Splendid Spoon. Lets see how these three compare to each other.

GreenBlender smoothies werent taking new subscriptions at the time of writing, but this subscription smoothie company costs approximately $4.90 per 12-ounce serving. Their weekly plan costs $49 per box, which provides ten smoothie servings. This company offers fresh or powdered ingredients , meaning that youll need to add ice to make them chilled.

HungryRoot meals are similar to the non-smoothie options at Daily Harvest, and they offer opportunities for plant-based, nutrient-dense dishes that can be made quickly. Some assembly is required for these foods, but you wont have to do much, if any, cooking.

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Taste: Delicious Smoothies Decent Frozen Food

For the most part, I enjoy the taste of Daily Harvests concoctions. Overall, Id give their food items a B+ for taste. Their flatbreads are hearty and healthy, and the Harvest Bowls are fine. Some of them have a sun-dried tomato-y taste I didnt care for, but overall the tastes arent disenchanting.

I will also add that, because of the from-frozen technique Daily Harvest employs, the Harvest Bowls, Harvest Bakes and flatbreads can have a bit of a mushy texture depending on preparation, and so they arent always as crisp as something you could make from scratch at home. Its not off-putting, but notable for sure.

Overall, I would rate Daily Harvests smoothies and bowls the highest, but its all worth trying.

Daily Harvest Mylk Review

One of the categories where Daily Harvest really stands out in comparison to the competition is their plant-based milk alternative called Mylk.

Their marketing materials suggest that most commercial nut milks are full of questionable filler ingredients and theyre right. Almond Breezes original almond milk contains the following ingredients: almondmilk , cane sugar, calcium carbonate, sea salt, potassium citrate, sunflower lecithin, gellan gum, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin D2, D-Alpha-Tocopherol .

So one of the most popular almond milk products contains a relatively large amount of added sugar , which we know from medical research to be harmful in excess.

It contains emulsifiers and fillers like gellan gum and sunflower lecithin, which while not actively harmful provide no nutritive value. It also contains a ton of synthetic vitamins included to make the Nutrition Facts label look more impressive and make uneducated consumers believe its the almonds providing all of those nutrients.

Daily Harvests Mylk only contains ground almonds, water and himalayan sea salt. Their Almond + Vanilla Mylk contains ground almonds, water, himalayan sea salt and vanilla bean powder.

Both options are significantly healthier than most commercial alternative milk products, and Daily Harvest Mylk is the only milk alternative product we have recommended to date. Its also affordable in comparison with their other offerings, costing less than $1 per serving.

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Best For Getting Your Greens: The Frozen Garden

The Frozen Garden

  • Price : $35 minimum order, orders over $150 get free shipping
  • Est. Shipping Days: 1 to 3 days, orders ship Monday through Wednesday
  • Availability: Nationwide

This company prioritizes sourcing its smoothie ingredients from small local farms and packs many of its flavors with leafy greens.

  • Many flavors to choose from

  • Shipping not free on all orders

  • Minimum purchase required

  • Bananas and avocados are conventionally grown

If you want to eat more greens and support small farmers but dont want to buy and prep a bunch of fruits and vegetables for your smoothies, The Frozen Garden is the way to go. The Midwest-based company prioritizes sourcing its produce from small farmers local to its area, often getting their goods within a day of harvest and flash-freezing to retain all the nutrients. Most ingredients are certified organic or grown without pesticides, although the companys bananas and avocados are conventionally grown.

The Frozen Garden offers 17 flavors, with choices like Detox or Berry-nana-rama, and each comes in single-serving, BPA-free pouches. Dump in a blender, add liquid and blend for a 16-ounce smoothie. Pouches come with a fill line for extra ease, so you know how much liquid to add.

Almost all of the flavors incorporate leafy greens. Seeds and beans like hemp and chickpeas offer healthy fats and a protein boost.

Protein Powder + Nut Butter Discount Codes

Daily Harvest Smoothie, See whats on the Inside, I show you start to finish! Full Review

If you are looking for some specific products to try, use my affiliate codes to save some money in the process!

My discount code is WELLNESSFORTHEWIN to save on Clean Simple Eats protein powder. I love their Simply Vanilla protein in this smoothie Other flavors I love are Maple Donut, Snickerdoodle and Cake Batter, but you truly cant go wrong!

Allll flavors of OffBeat Butters would also be delicious in this smoothie! Especially Salted Caramel or Cinnamon Bun, or even Sweet Classic Peanut Butter, or Gingerbread Cookie! Again, cant go wrong with their flavors. Theyre all BOMB. My affiliate code is WELLNESSFORTHEWIN for these as well.

Note: you can totally just use a regular almond butter for this recipe! Or peanut butter, or whatever you like / have on hand!

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Smoothie Box Review: Is Smoothie Box Worth It

A full Smoothie Box Review! Everything you need to know from what it is, how it works, the cost, is it worth it, how I like it, and a promo code to try them out!

This post is not sponsored by Smoothie Box. We have been using the service for a year and this is my honest review of it.

Ive been enjoying Smoothie Box for over a year now and get a lot of questions about it. So I figured it would be easiest to write a whole review post on it answering all your questions!

For those of you wondering what Smoothie Box is, its a healthy smoothie delivery service that delivers ready to blend smoothies right to your door! I love a good smoothie and make them regularly in our house. Smoothie Box makes it convenient to have healthy options when we are crunched for time or run out of ingredients to make our own.

What I love about smoothies is that they are easy to make, you can pack in the nutrients, and with so many different things you can add, the flavors are endless! While they are a great way to get in lots of veggies, fruit, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals, its easy to go overboard and make them not so healthy, especially when ordering when out at juice shops.

That is why I love Smoothie Box so much! They take the guesswork out of it and their smoothies have a great balance of protein, fat, and carbs. Lets get into what it is and how it works.

Daily Harvest Chocolate + Blueberry Smoothie

Information About Latest Daily Harvest TV Ad Making It Easy Picky Kids Daily Harvest Making It Easy Picky Kids commercial is the newest 2021 TV commercial ad of Daily Harvest. Also known as Making It Easy Picky Kids advert. Daily Harvest commercial Making It Easy Picky Kids. Daily Harvest try to promote products Daily Harvest More Details

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Whole30 Compliant Daily Harvest Smoothies + A Coupon Code

Daily Harvest Smoothies have become a staple in my house! Rather than a the strawberry-banana smoothie rut I know a lot of us can get into, Daily Harvest PACKS its smoothies with SO many creative, nutritious ingredients! Most of their smoothies have Whole30 compliant ingredients , so I want to share with you the Whole30 Daily Harvest Smoothies!

Wait, PAUSE. Are smoothies Whole30 compliant? GREAT question. This is one I get a LOT. Ive covered way more than youd ever want to know about Whole30 smoothies in this blog post here: Whole30 Smoothie Rules.

*Please be sure you fall under one of the demographics of people where smoothies could be an appropriate part of your Whole30 before moving forward!

Reminder here that we want to mimic the Whole30 Meal Template as much as possible, even with a smoothie. So when youre deciding which Whole30 Compliant Daily Harvest Smoothies are right for you, try to choose ones that are lower in fruit and higher in veggies and healthy fats like nuts and coconut.

None of these Whole30 Compliant Daily Harvest Smoothies are going to have added protein . What I do is use my Whole30 Daily Harvest Smoothies as a really good BASE, then I always add a good source of fat PLUS Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides . This ensures youre getting adequate protein in fat.

Before I get into which smoothies are good to go for Whole30 I wanted to touch on the ones that arent Whole30 compliant and why so you can be sure to avoid them.

Fresh Food: Sakara Or Thistle

Chocolate + Blueberry Smoothie

Daily Harvest is proud of its farm-to-frozen meals, which it says retain maximum nutrients since the produce is frozen shortly after its picked. Still, certain disheslike baked goods and leafy saladsare just better fresh. You can get these from vegan- and gluten-free-friendly meal-delivery services Sakara and Thistle.

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Daily Harvest Review Verdict: Should You Buy It

If youre looking to eat healthy but dont want to put in all the effort, because lets be honest, it requires quite a lift after all the shopping, washing, prepping, cooking and cleaning, then Daily Harvest is a great option. If you already make delicious healthy food at home, then you probably dont need it and are better off shopping for yourself and preparing exactly what you want.

The Bottom Line: When you think about the health food delivery market as a whole, Daily Harvest is the very best. Theyre by far the top smoothie delivery service available online. But if youre a motivated organic chef anyways, it might be hard to justify the cost. For everyone else, Daily Harvest is a convenient subscription, albeit one that takes up quite a bit of freezer space. We should also note that some of the items we ordered broke open during delivery, which is disappointing.

Chocolate Blueberry Superfood Smoothie

This weekends lovely weather motivated me to get outside, soak up some sun, and to be as active as possible! I stayed in my running shoes all day yesterday, and it felt fantastic. Its amazing what a little sunshine can do to a girl.

This time of year always sneaks up on me. I go from the depressing aftermath of the holidays to the hopeful but never trustworthy month of March, all without really recognizing that spring really is just around the corner. April surprises me every year. Its a wonderful surprise, too.

On Sunday, we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to the local park for the morning. We walked, we watched soccer games, we ran around on the playground, swung on swings, and then walked some more. It was gloriously wonderful. Such a simple way to spend a weekend morning, but it was just what we all needed. Kieran was tuckered out and Dan and I were invigorated and motivated to keep the good vibes going all week long.

Which brings me to todays smoothie. This smoothie is a great example of the dont judge a book by its cover rule. It may not look too exciting or even appetizing with that brownish-bluish chocolate color, but I promise you, its delicious. Like, really delicious.

I dont order them every week because it can get a little pricey, and also because I have figured out some of the recipes at home, but nothing beats a quick and easy smoothie that is ready to go! I highly recommend you check out their services .

Easy peasy!

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Best Of Deal: Ninja Bl770 Multi

The Ninja is currently the most talked-about blender in the market. If its this Mega Kitchen System, its not only budget-friendly but also comes with multiple accessories to help in your culinary adventure. That includes a food processor attachment, single-serve cups, and now the regular blending pitcher.

The pitcher has a large 72-ounce capacity and the proprietary Total Crushing blade system with razor-sharp edges. Then, the motor has up to 1500-watt power output, which spins the blades very fast to ensure a complete pulverization.

In addition to that, the motor has three different speeds, plus a pulse button so you can blend various textures with precision. Theres also a dedicated button for the single-serve blending option.

Sadly, however, Ninja crafted this blender with a plastic drive system, which isnt ideal for longevity. Thus, the main reason it didnt make it as my number one.


  • Its a friendly budget
  • Includes a lot of accessories
  • Can make even single smoothies
  • Handles ice & frozen foods well
  • It has a suction grip for stable blending


  • It has a plastic drive gear system
  • The lowest speed is still pretty fast
  • Also, the pitcher plastic wall is a bit flimsy

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