How Do You Make A Peach Smoothie

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How To Make A Healthy Peach Smoothie

How To Make A Healthy Peach Smoothie | Simple Recipe

Step 1: add the frozen peach slices, a fresh peach , greek yogurt, milk, cinnamon, rolled oats, and maple syrup to a high speed blender.

Step 2: Blend the peach smoothie until thick and creamy. Pour into glasses and enjoy immediately.

This smoothie recipe is very thick, so you will need a high powered blender to get it smooth.

If you want a thinner smoothie, just add more milk as necessary.

So creamy, tangy, and sweet.

I used both frozen peaches for thickness and a fresh peach for a deeper peach flavor.

I had this for a mid afternoon snack and wasnt hungry for hours.

This recipe makes two large servings.

If you loved the texture of my strawberry banana smoothie recipe, this one is similar.

Its so thick that its practically ice cream texture.

This peach smoothie will be a favorite all around!

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Peach Green Smoothie Recipe

This creamy peach green smoothie is a great start way to kick-start your day because it is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Enjoy!

I am back from New York and so excited to cook in my kitchen again. One of the things I love about traveling is that you come back refreshed and ready to take on life again.

I dont know if it happens to you but I always come back home with a desire to do things in my daily routine or do the same things you are used to doing but in different ways.

For example, I arrived home wishing to cook different recipes, read different books, go out more, make more friends, and so on. For me, travel is a way you have to feed your soul with good energy, excitement, hopes, and dreams.

Of course, we also get very tired from a vacation. We do so many things and dont relax, especially in a city like New York where everything is happening fast 24/7.

In New York, my childhood friend and I did a lot. We visited museums, parks , excellent restaurants , and the cute and fun West Village which looks like a small European town in the middle of the huge city.

We also visited the imposing Empire State building, the craziest, and the busiest square in the planet Times Square, the sophisticated Madison and Park avenues and so on. I was very excited to do a lot of things and not waste a minute.

Feed your body with a fiber-filled drink that only takes a few minutes to make and clean up.

Easy Peach Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Blend up this easy Peach Fruit Smoothie in no time to enjoy as a delightful breakfast or snack. Give it a whirl!

In the South were known for our peaches, heck theyre the state fruit here in South Carolina! Theyre certainly a delicious treat in the summer. Juicy and sweet, peaches add so much flavor to homemade desserts and snacks, like this easy Peach Fruit Smoothie Recipe. We enjoy smoothies all year in our home. A great blender makes it easy to whip up a variety of smoothie combinations. This Peach Fruit Smoothie Recipe is a new favorite of mine. Its simple too.

Use fresh or frozen peaches to quickly make this refreshing smoothie that is great for an on-the-go breakfast or snack by the pool. Made with greek yogurt and coconut milk, along with a bit of cinnamon, this smoothie is much lighter than a milkshake but just as cool and satisfying.

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Calories And Nutritional Info

This peach banana smoothie contains 163 calories, 36 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fat, and 3 grams protein.

Peaches and bananas have numerous nutrients and vitamins, as well as antioxidants. Both have high amounts of potassium and vitamin C. Theyre also a great source of fiber, which is great for digestive health!

Other vitamins and minerals found in peaches include vitamins A, E, and K, copper, and manganese.

Bananas also offer Vitamin B6, magnesium, and copper.

How To Freeze Fresh Peaches

Peach Smoothie

The starring role in this nutritious drink belongs to peaches, so use the best you can find. Frozen peaches are available year-round and are packaged when the fruit is at its peak. Theyre a convenient and affordable option and make excellent smoothies.

That being said, high-quality, in-season peaches are hard to beat in the flavor department. If you end up with a big haul of peaches come summertime, one way to extend their shelf life is to freeze them.

Here is the best way to freeze and store peaches:

  • Bring a big pot of water to boil and prepare a big bowl of ice water.
  • On the opposite end of the peach from the stem, score using a knife, making a shallow X. This will make the fruit easier to peel.
  • Add the peaches to the boiling water and boil for 30 to 45 seconds and transfer to the ice bath to cool.
  • The peaches should peel easily, starting with the X you made. Discard the peels.
  • Cut into wedges and place in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  • Freeze for an hour or two, until completely frozen. Transfer to a zip-top freezer bag and store for up to six months.

If your peaches are especially ripe and peel easily, you may not need to boil them at all. Peeling the fruit is technically optional, however it will impact the texture of your smoothie. If you dont mind some flecks of peel, skip the boiling, and simply slice the peaches and freeze, skin-on.

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Can I Make This Smoothie With Fresh Fruit Frozen Fruit Or Canned Fruit

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that each type of fruit will yield slightly different results and I use each type of fruit for slightly different purposes.

Frozen fruit is always a favorite because it is easy to keep on hand, picked and frozen at peak ripeness, and usually fairly cost-effective too. I also don’t need to add ice to my smoothies when I use frozen fruit. I love that I can typically find all sorts of fruit all year long, no matter what fruit is in season.

Fresh fruit is delicious and always tastes super fresh. I love using fresh fruit, but you will want to add ice to your smoothie to make it thick and cold. It can be hard to find certain fruits during certain times of the year though, so I like to use fresh fruit when it is that fruit’s peak season.

Canned fruit is a great shelf-stable option. It is easy to keep on hand all the time, very cost-effective and you can use the juice in the can as your liquid. I would caution to get canned fruit that is in juice, not in heavy syrup. If you don’t want to use the juice at all, you can drain and rinse your canned fruit and use another liquid. You will also need to use ice in your smoothie when you choose to use canned fruit.

And yes, you can also use a combination of canned, fresh and frozen fruit if you’d like!

How To Make This Peach Breakfast Smoothie

To make this peach smoothie you literally just toss all the ingredients, minus the chia seeds, together in a blender. Blend until smooth and creamy, then divide the smoothie between two mason jars or the Le Parfait jars I use , add a tablespoon of chia seeds and shake, shake, shake.

Could you add the chia seeds to the blender? Absolutely. I just like to add them after for more texture. Its also easier to clean the Vitamix container without the chia seeds as they can sometimes stick to the sides.

As a side note, when I was traveling Lisbon, I had my own apartment. So Id buy several jars of peach yogurt from the organic supermarket and add one travel-sized packet of chia seeds and stir it all together for a complete breakfast. So this peach smoothie recipe was actually inspired by that. One more reason to love travel.

You can drink the smoothie right away or chill it for 5-10 minutes and let the seeds thicken it up a bit. Either way, its delicious. And the perfect healthy, seasonal, smoothie breakfast.

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Are Fruit Smoothies Unhealthy

Fruit smoothies without added sugar are absolutely healthy!

Its a common misconception that the sugar in fruits is bad for you.

Natural fruit sugar is not the same thing as artificial white sugar.

Fruits have so many health benefits, and a fruit smoothie is a great way to help get some of your daily fruit in!

Try this nutrient packed blueberry banana smoothie!

What Liquid Should I Put In My Smoothie

  • water
  • whole or 2% milk
  • non dairy milks such as soy, almond, or coconut

I usually gravitate towards unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla soy milk, or whole milk for my smoothies.

However, if you want to use water in a smoothie it is totally possible!

If you do not like milk based drinks, read here for How to Make a Smoothie Without Milk.

This Ginger Peach Detox Smoothie is a delicious drink made without any milk!

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What To Serve With A Peach Smoothie:

Pair this smoothie with other satisfying breakfast options such as:

You can also make it a peach smoothie bowl by pouring the thick, creamy smoothie in a large bowl and topping the bowl with slices of fresh banana, fresh berries, additional sliced peaches, granola, nuts and seeds. Eat it with a spoon, rather than sipping it through a straw! If you have a very high powered blender , you can reduce the milk to ¼ cup and have an ultra-thick smoothie bowl that’s perfect for a spoon.

Health Benefits:

This recipe yields enough for two substantial servings. Each serving of peach smoothie includes 168 calories, 2 grams of fat, 33 grams of carbohydrates and 7.9 grams of protein. You get the vitamins and minerals from the two different kinds of fruit, the fiber from the fruit, and the protein and calcium from the yogurt and milk.

How To Make A Peach Smoothie

This peach smoothie with yogurt is a breeze for beginners trying to get in the habit of frequent smoothie making.

Its only a few ingredients to throw in a blender. Satisfying fruit servings couldnt be any easier!

This smoothie reminds me of the fruit slushes my friends and I used to get at the mall during middle school, except 10,000x better tasting .

Its guaranteed to be a hit with kids as well. How wonderful that we can all think of enjoying fruit as a special treat.

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A Few Peach Fruit Smoothie Recipe Notes:

  • A great blendermakes all the difference when making smoothies. If youre planning on being a regular smoothie maker, the investment in one will be worth it in the long run. Weve been through some pretty cruddy blenders that have left us frustrated resulting in the blender not seeing the light of day. I have found that a more reliable blender will be used more often. Theyre also handy for making soups, sauces, and even cake batters!
  • Fresh or frozen fruit can be used for this smoothie. We use frozen all throughout the year to enjoy healthy fruity breakfast, snacks, or even a light lunch. Another favorite smoothie I make year-round using frozen blueberries is this Blueberry Coconut Smoothie.
  • This recipe calls for coconut milk, but any milk of choice may be substituted. Also, the coconut milk called for here in this recipe is the refrigerated coconut milk. NOT canned coconut milk that separates into fat and liquid.

What Is The Best Liquid To Put In A Smoothie

Easy Peach Raspberry Smoothie

We love changing up our smoothie liquid bases. You can read more about our favorites in this blog post. We are using a combo of water and half an orange as our liquid base for our peach smoothie. Feel free to switch things up and use coconut water or milk, almond milk, oat milk, or any other liquid non-dairy milk of choice.

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Best Blender For Smoothies

The key to making the absolute most creamy smoothies is power.

You need a blender capable of completely blending up all of the ingredients until all the chunks are gone.

Here is a list of the best blenders for making fruit smoothies:

  • Nutribullet Great for personal-sized smoothies. Use the large cup in order to fit all of the ingredients. Make sure to not go over the max fill line.
  • Ninja Blender is also another great option!
  • Vitamix Its like a traditional blender but WAY more powerful. You get a perfect silky smooth drink every time! It is a bit more expensive though, so only go this route if you make smoothies, soups, or sauces pretty often.
  • Food Processor This is sort of a last resort, but it will work in a pinch if you dont have a blender.
  • Whats In A Peach Smoothie

    This peach smoothie has ingredients that you will probably already have in your fridge at home! Mix them up and you will see how delicious it really is. See the recipe card below for a list of exact ingredient measurements!

    • Ice: This keeps everything cols and creates a great base texture.
    • Frozen peaches: Using frozen peaches is what makes this smooothie so great! These frozen peaches are easy and delicious!
    • Banana: Try and use a frozen banana because that will add to the delicious texture. If you dont, you can use one from the counter! Your smoothie will just be a little bit more runny.
    • Peach juice or apple juice: Depending on how stong you want the peach flavor, you can use peach juice or apple juice to mix everything up in!
    • Greek yogurt: Get plain greek yogurt, dont use flavors unless you want a different taste.
    • Honey: This will sweeten up the entire smoothie without adding in any extra sugar!

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    What Blender Is Best For Smoothies And Milkshakes

    There are many blenders you can use for making smoothies, milkshakes and frozen drinks, but I personally own the Vitamix 780 and think it is simply the best. I get smooth, consistent results every single time which is exactly what I want for all my drinks! You can buy your own Vitamix 780 HERE. It is my favorite and I know you will love it too!

    Ready for this amazing recipe? Ok. Let’s go!

    Ingredients For This Peach Smoothie

    How to Make a Peach Crisp Smoothie Bowl

    No specialty peach ingredients in this smoothie: its all good, healthy ingredients! Heres what youll need for this recipe:

    • Frozen peaches: Its easy to find frozen peaches at the store, and you dont have to worry about timing your smoothie when theyre perfectly ripe. That said: you can also make this smoothie with fresh peaches! Its just not quite as icy: still delicious!
    • Fresh banana: Banana helps with natural sweetness and creamy texture.
    • Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt gives this recipe a protein boost and helpful probiotics.
    • Ice: Adding ice gives just the right frothy texture to this smoothie.
    • Milk: Milk brings creaminess to make it a sort of peaches and cream smoothie! You can also use non-dairy milk of your choosing.
    • Maple syrup or honey: Just a touch of sweetener amps the flavor. Use your favorite natural sweetener!
    • Vanilla & cinnamon: These flavors are key to bringing in the milkshake flavor! Theyre key in peach pie, and take this peach smoothie over the top.

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    Are Mango Peach Smoothies Healthy

    Generally speaking, smoothies that you make at home can be incredibly healthy! As you are making it in your home, you can control the ingredients and know exactly what it doing in it.

    Fruits like peaches and mangos are very healthy and nutritious, full of lots of vitamins, minerals, and even fiber.

    You can modify this recipe to leave out the juice and use milk, or a dairy-free milk-alternative instead to make this a little more healthy.

    Smoothies that you purchase out at smoothie shops are often filled with sherbert, ice cream, and other not-so-healthy ingredients. So that is why I love making healthy smoothies at home.

    Making Ahead And Storing

    Prep ingredients ahead of time. Wash, slice, and divide the fruit into individual sized portions and keep them in Ziploc bags in the freezer. The yogurt can be frozen in an ice cube tray. The ice and juice are best added to the smoothie right before mixing. With the ingredients prepped like this, you can take the ingredients straight from the freezer to the blender!

    To STORE leftovers, add a little bit of lemon juice or Sure Fresh so the smoothie doesnt brown. If theres a little room at the top of the container, cut a piece of plastic wrap and place it directly onto the top of the smoothie. Store in the fridge for 12 hours or in the freezer for up to 3 months.

    I know youre going to LOVE this peach banana smoothie!

    For more smoothie recipes, check out:

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    Tips For Making The Best Smoothie

    Smoothies are quick and easy but there is a trick to getting just the right consistency and taste! Here are a few tips and variations that will help you make it just right!

    • To make a thicker smoothie: If you want your smoothie to be thicker, make sure that you are adding in frozen fruit. This helps it gain that thick texture!
    • To make your smoothie thinner: You can add water or juice to your smoothie to make your smoothie a bit more thin.
    • Add in some spinach: It may change the color of the smoothie but it wont affect the taste too much! Besides, this way you can get your fruits and your vegetables in with one easy recipe!
    • Extra sweetness: Pineapple can add in some additional sweet flavor to your smoothie!

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