How To Make A Fruit Smoothie Bowl

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How to Make a Smoothie Bowl | Thick & Healthy Smoothie Bowls

Once you have gathered your ingredients, the rest is easy. Super easy. Basically combine the smoothie ingredients into a blender and pour out into a bowl.

Next, for my favourite part, add the toppings and decorate the smoothie bowl. I topped my bowl with slices of strawberry and banana, toasted pumpkin seeds, and, last but not least, my favourite topping of all, granola. I use homemade granola because it just tastes so much better. My favourites are:

Pineapple Banana And Peach Smoothie Bowl

Serves 1

1 Tbsp. honey, plus additional for serving

¼ peach, thinly sliced

¼ cup puffed rice cereal, such as Rice Krispies


Blend the pineapple, banana, coconut water, and 1 tablespoon of the honey until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and top with the peach, blackberries, sunflower seeds, rice cereal, and a drizzle of honey.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

This thick and creamy dragon fruit smoothie bowl has a beautiful, bright pink color and tastes just like a smoothie bowl youd get from a smoothie shop.

Move over acai bowls, theres a new super fruit in town that makes bright and beautiful smoothie bowls with a lovely pink hue. The fruit Im referring to is dragon fruit and despite its name it has quite a mild and sweet flavor.

For some reason acai bowls have taken the world by storm. Dont get me wrong theyre delicious but there are so many different berries you can use to create similar bowls and those seem to be left in the dust! When I first stumbled across these dragon fruit puree smoothie packets, I wasnt sure theyd live up to the acai hype but turns out I was wrong. Very wrong.

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How To Thicken A Smoothie Bowl

Accidentally make your smoothie base too thin? No fear! Here were sharing our top 3 tips on how to thicken a smoothie bowl.

  • Add more frozen fruit simply add more frozen fruit in 1/4 cup increments until thick.
  • Add protein powder protein powder will definitely help you thicken your smoothie, and add protein too! We recommend around 2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup.
  • Ice > last resort.
  • Variations To This Recipe

    Berry Smoothie Bowl

    The key to any recipe is being able to change the tastes to fit your needs or even just because you dont have an ingredient on hand. When changing this smoothie bowl recipe consider:

    • Different Fruit. While this is a great fruit combination, you can change the fruit to whatever fruit you like or have on hand.
    • Different toppings. These are my favorite toppings, but you can change up and add whatever toppings you enjoy most.
    • Vanilla Milk. When creating this smoothie bowl recipe, try changing the milk to vanilla-flavored milk. It will add more flavor to your smoothie bowl.

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    What Can I Mix Into A Smoothie Bowl

    There are plenty of options when it comes to smoothie bowl mix-ins.

    Here are a few ideas to get your started peanut butter, cocoa powder, fresh chopped fruit, dragonfruit or butterfly pea powder, and instant espresso powder. Bustelo is a personal favorite for instant espresso, if youre looking for a rec.

    What Fruit To Add

    There are so many options here when it comes to what fruit to use. We went for a berry mix and banana. Use a frozen banana if you want a super cold smoothie, or you could just add some ice cubes if your banana isn’t frozen. A frozen banana will help to thicken it too.

    Any kind of berries work in this, and we also like to add cherries and blackberries. Bear in mind that the fruit you use can effect the colour of the smoothie. Berries will make it a bright pink/purple colour.

    If you want more of a tropical flavour to this smoothie, then use pineapple and mango. Try to make sure these are frozen too, and you will have yourself a super refreshing smoothie. Using these fruits will make it a nice vibrant yellow colour.

    Using frozen fruit means that you can make this smoothie bowl all year round and use fruits that might not be in season.

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    How To Make A Smoothie Thicker

    There are a couple secrets to perfecting that soft-serve texture. Instead of using fresh fruit, opt for frozen, it helps the texture stay thick. This is one reason I like to buy fresh berries in bulk and freeze them for quick and healthy recipes like this one.

    Another trick to creating thicker smoothies is to use less liquid. It can be tempting to douse the ingredients to make everything blend smoothly, this is also where a Blendtec or high-speed blender comes in super handy.

    How Do You Thicken A Smoothie Bowl

    How To Make A Smoothie Fruit Bowl | Smoothie Fruit Bowl DIY|

    If you are new to the world of smoothie bowls, you may be wondering how others create that super thick, ultra creamy consistency. In my opinion, smoothie bowls should always have a texture thats similar to soft serve ice cream. If you are adding toppings, this is an important part of the experience. When a smoothie is thick and creamy, you can add all sorts of delicious ingredients on top and they wont fall through.

    • Use frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is essential for achieving a thick consistency. Frozen bananas and frozen mango are the best options for this. I recommend using all frozen fruit, so if your recipe calls for berries, buy a frozen variety.
    • Use a small amount of liquid. Use just enough liquid to get the blades moving. I recommend using cup or less. This is easiest if you own a high-speed blender with a tamper, like a Vitamix blender. If you have a regular blender, be patient while blending. You may have to blend, stop blending and push the ingredients down toward the blades, blend again, and repeat until it is smooth.
    • Blend the greens first. If you are including add-ins that need to be broken down, like leafy greens, blend them with the liquid first . This reduces the amount of time needed for blending later, which helps your fruit remain frozen and cold. Additionally, if the greens are already broken down, you wont need to add extra liquid while blending.

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    Summer Smoothie Bowl Recipes

    Hopefully weve answered all of your burning questions about making the perfect smoothie bowl, but feel free to comment below with any additional questions!

    We consider ourselves smoothie experts at this point weve developed well over 50 smoothie recipes for various clients. Plus, I truly make them on a daily basis at home!

    Lets briefly chat about these three summer smoothie bowls. First up: Cherry Berry. Its made with frozen raspberries, strawberries, cherries and a surprise ingredient: beet powder! Its tart, sweet, and makes the most of delicious summer berries.

    Next up: Blueberry Coconut Pitaya. Frozen blueberries, banana and pink pitaya powder team up to make the most gorgeous, rich purple. Pitaya is optional, but a fun addition if you happen to have some.

    We also add in a splash of hydrating coconut water to this smoothie bowl.

    Lastly, Carrot Mango Peach Turmeric! Hows that for a name? Frozen peaches are one of our favorite smoothie ingredients, and theyre perfect for summer.

    If you have a high-power blender, you can add a fresh carrot to your blender. If not, we suggest carrot juice instead. Turmeric adds an extra nutritional boost + a gorgeous deep yellow hue.

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    What Can You Use Instead Of Banana

    I think bananas are kind of essential in this smoothie. Not only to they add lots of sweetness, but they thicken it too. If bananas aren’t your thing, then you could use avocado instead. Fruits like mango would help to thicken it also.

    Nut butter will also give the smoothie some creaminess if you aren’t using banana.

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    Three Types Of Healthy Smoothie Bowls

    Ive made three delicious and nutritious smoothie bowls for you to enjoy. which one will be your favorite?!

    Mango Banana Smoothie Bowl

    Mango and banana blended with coconut water, ginger and turmeric.

    Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

    Frozen strawberries and raspberries blended with coconut milk and topped with hemp seeds.

    Blueberry Blackberry Smoothie Bowl

    Blueberries and blackberries blended with coconut milk and water and topped with chia seeds.

    What Toppings To Use

    How To Make a Healthy Smoothie Bowl (3 Recipes)

    A smoothie bowl is all about the toppings. Whilst the smoothie itself is important, the toppings are where you can get really creative and add lots of texture and extra nutrients.

    Extra fruit on top is a must. It adds lots of colour and gives it more of a berry boost. You then want to give it lots of crunch, so some oats, nuts and some coconut are the way to go.

    Give the smoothie bowl a protein boost with a sprinkle of chia seeds. You could also add a drizzle of nut butter to finish it off.

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    Making Smoothie Bowls Ahead Of Time

    Preparing your favorite smoothie bowl recipes can take some time. Can you prepare and freeze them in advance?

    Its safe to store smoothies in the freezer, as long as you use airtight containers. To thaw the blend, put it in the fridge overnight, but dont add toppings to your smoothie until before you intend to eat it.

    You can slice up fruits for the topping and store it separately in your fridge. Remember that sliced fruits shouldnt be left outside of the fridge for more than two hours.

    Preparing A Smoothie Bowl

    1. Freeze bananas.

    Start with frozen bananas as a base.

    If you have a lot of freezer space, its best to go to the store when bananas are on sale and buy several bunches. Then, break them up into gallon zip-closure bags and freeze them. This works best when theyve been frozen at least overnight.

    2. Blend frozen bananas and liquid.

    Toss frozen banana pieces and at least 1/8 cup of liquid into the food processor and start pulsing to break the banana up a bit, then pulse and hold or set to on and let the processor do its thing. This may take a while, but be patient!

    With a small flexible silicone spatula or just an ordinary spoon, feel free to pause the food processor and scrape the bottom of the mixer, and stir whats in there, and keep blending. Thatll help push the contents around so everything eventually gets to the blades and gets pureed.

    If your mixture turns into a huge ball and rolls around in your food processor, you need more liquid! Just keep adding little by little through the spout of the food processor until it gets to the desired consistency.

    When the mixture is done, it should be as creamy and perfect as the most amazing soft serve or frozen custard youve had. You can test it by dragging the bottom of a spoon around in the mixture. Does it look and feel lovely? Then its ready!

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    Toppings For You Dragon Fruit Smoothie

    As far as the toppings go: sliced almonds, coconut shavings, mulberries, goji berries, and homemade granola are my go-tos for smoothie/breakfast bowls !

    In this case, I got all crazy and adventurous by adding star fruit, kiwi, blueberries, cotton candy grapes , coconut shavings, and granola. I know! Living wild over here! Codys always like.Wow.and Im likeYOURE WELCOME. For 2 reasons:

  • Because of the fact that its visually appealing. When you live in a world of constant food photos, a dreamy, colorful bowl like this is GOLD!
  • Because adding a ton of nutrient-packed ingredients in small amounts versus adding a large amount of one ingredient offers way more nutrition to our bodies! More on this later.
  • Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl

    30 Second Mixed Berry Frozen Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    Sometimes basic is best, and this banana smoothie bowl wont disappoint! This simple smoothie bowl uses only 4 ingredients:

    • Frozen bananas
    • Chocolate SunButter
    • Coconut Milk

    Step 1: Add the frozen fruit, chocolate SunButter, cocoa, and coconut milk into a food processor bowl. This can also be done in a high speed blender with a tamper stick, but I find it quicker in a food processor.

    Step 2: Process until all the fruit is broken down into a soft serve ice cream consistency.

    Step 3: Top with your favorite smoothie bowl toppings.

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    S To The Perfect Smoothie Bowl

    ·Post may contain affiliate links.

    Youve definitely heard of smoothies by now, but what about smoothie bowls? These filling and nutritious breakfasts are just like smoothies but are made a bit thicker so they can be spooned up and topped with extras.

    Theyre perfect for those who like to sit and eat their breakfast versus sipping it from a straw , and these are a super-easy way to pack in tons of superfoods, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

    Whereas the ingredients are all mixed in a smoothie, smoothie bowls are usually topped with somethinglike nuts, seeds, granola, fruit, or shredded coconutto add nutrition, flavor, and textural variety.

    What Is A Fruit Smoothie

    A fruit smoothie is a drink made from blended fruits with a liquid base of fruit juice, yogurt, milk, ice cream, or other dairy product. Once you blend all your fruity ingredients into a smooth mixture, you have your perfect smoothie.

    You can use various fruits to make a fruit smoothie, including bananas, oranges, apples, kiwis, peaches, and more. First, well look at some fruit smoothie recipes that you can try. However, before we dive in, lets look at the steps to make a basic smoothie.

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    How To Make Thick Smoothie Bowls

    Try these easy recipes for thick smoothie bowls. If you get as annoyed as I do when served a runny smoothie bowl at a restaurant, youll choose to make your own at home. Learn how to make 3 delicious smoothie bowl recipes with your favorite fruit and toppings!

    *This post is sponsored by SunButter, a sunflower seed spread perfect for allergy-safe baking and cooking! Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Sunkissed Kitchen running.


  • 6.5 Nutrition
  • Easy Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    Smoothie Bowl With Berries &  Bananas {Healthy}

    Prep time: 10 minutes or under.

    This recipe is a bit unusual. Basically, you can put ANYTHING in a smoothie bowl as long as you would also put it in or on a normal smoothie. If you like flavors ranging from banana and strawberry to cucumber and peanut butter, you can make a smoothie bowl base with them, so a lot of this recipe is open-ended.


    • Multiple varieties of fresh or frozen fruit and/or vegetables, 1 cup each
    • ½ cup of almond milk
    • Your chosen toppings

    A really vague list, I know, but basically, pretend youre making a regular smoothie and adding toppings to it.

    Suggestions for smoothie ingredient combos :

    • Strawberries + a whole banana
    • Peaches + mangos + a whole banana
    • Strawberries + mango + coconut
    • Blackberries + blueberries + a whole banana
    • Baby spinach + mangos + a whole banana
    • Blueberries + strawberries + kale + a whole banana

    Suggestions for toppings:

    • Chia, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, or flax seeds
    • Peanut butter or nut butter
    • Sliced fruit
    • Granola
    • Chopped walnuts, almonds, or pecans
    • Shredded coconut
    • Agave or honey
    • Cocoa nibs or chocolate chips
    • Cinnamon
    • A bowl


  • Blend your base fruit/vegetables with your milk until it reaches a consistency you enjoy. I like my smoothie bowls extra-thick so its easy to eat with a spoon. You can also add some of your seeds in at that point, if you prefer that they are blended in. Sometimes that can be a great way to sneak in those healthy chia or hemp seeds.
  • Pour into a bowl.
  • Add your toppings!
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    Are Smoothie Bowls Actually Healthy

    You betcha. Smoothie bowls are every bit as healthy as regular smoothies. Theyre loaded with fruit, and as long as you keep the toppings healthy, too, theyre maybe even more healthy than old-fashioned, through-a-straw smoothies because theyre delivering even more fiber and good fat and protein. Smoothie bowls satisfy us better than their drinkable counterparts, too, because you can eat them with a spoon. They feel more like a legit meal, particularly when covered with our favorite smoothie toppings.

    More Smoothies To Try

    The fun part about smoothie bowls is how customizable they can be. Make them simple or complex in their flavors and toppings. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to these smoothies. Add in your perfect toppings and extras to fit your healthy needs. Here are some favorite tried and true.


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    Are Acai Bowls Healthy

    We know that acai is good for you, but what about acai bowls?

    This depends on a number of factors with the three most important being: topping choices, topping amounts, and overall serving size.

    With no toppings, one serving will contain approximately 250 calories, 10 grams of fat, 30 grams carbohydrates, 7 grams fiber, 20 grams sugar, and 7 grams protein. Normally I would question anything with that much sugar, but knowing that it either comes from fruit or milk, Im ok . Calories aside, the vitamins and minerals in this single bowl pack a huge punch.

    But the toppingswhat about those toppings?

    • If you plan to add granola, check the nutrition label. What you find may surprise you. Or, make your own homemade granola!
    • Add less stuff when comparing your acai bowl against us food bloggers and Instagrammers. I cant speak for all of us, but some of our bowls that claim to be healthy most definitely are not.
    • Start with a smaller bowl to reduce the serving size.

    Easy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    How to make smoothie bowls | 3 ways | Easy & Healthy Breakfast (Vegan)

    Smoothies: you know them and love them. We have them on the daily around here! No matter how you make smoothies, theyre a great way to get all those vitamins packed into a wonderful little drink, you can use them to slip veggies into the kids diets, and, well, theyre delicious as all get out! Nothing like a snack that tastes good, looks good, AND makes you feel good, too. But today were talking about smoothie bowls, which are just thatsmoothies in a bowl. Im sharing my easy and healthy strawberry smoothie bowl recipe.

    If youre asking Why put your smoothie in a bowl instead of just drinking it?, let me gush for a second.

    #1 You can turn the smoothie bowl into a meal.

    Regular smoothies, to me, are snacks or even drinks alongside a main dish, but smoothie bowls stand by themselves. Theyre satisfying, and they actually fill you upno feeling hungry later, and no complaints from the kids about needing more. I find that smoothie bowls are best for breakfast, but I think theyd make good brunch or lunch options, too! Many people Ive talked to use them to recharge after a few hours at the gym, as well.

    #2 Smoothie bowls provide more topping options.

    Since you have more of an area to garnish your smoothie, you can add more whole fruit, nuts, etc to the top. Theres tons of choices! And those toppings add to the full feeling youll get eating a smoothie bowl. Its why they make the one of the best healthy meals.

    #3 Theyre EASY and quick to put together.

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