How To Make A Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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how to make THICK SMOOTHIE BOWLS + 3 recipes

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Blue Mermaid Smoothie Bowl With E3live Blue Majik

This recipe is absolutely incredible due to its color, healthy ingredients, filling consistency and it is also very easy to whip out for an absolutely Instagram-worthy breakfast that will take everybodys breath away. Whether you decide to use the recommended potent algae E3Live Blue Majik or blue spirulina, you will get tons of health benefits out of this beautiful smoothie bowl!

Chocolaty Peanut Butter And Banana Smoothie Bowl

Serves 1

1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

¼ tsp pure vanilla extract

1 Tbsp. maple syrup

2 Tbsp. chopped peanuts


Blend the almond milk, ½ the banana, ice, peanut butter, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and maple syrup until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and top with the cocoa nibs, granola, chopped peanuts, and remaining ½ banana.

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How To Make A Smoothie Bowl In 3 Easy Steps

  • Blend the oats in a blender, until they make a finely ground powder. Add in the milk and the chia seeds. Purée the mixture for about 20 seconds.
  • Add in the yogurt and fruit. Carefully blend everything together and make a smooth mixture, scraping down the sides as needed.
  • Pour the mixture into a bowl and top with your favorite toppings!
  • Making the perfect smoothie bowl couldnt be any easier. Just blend the ingredients together and add your favorite toppings! How simple is that? Your family will request this for breakfast all the time!

    Easy Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    Prep time: 10 minutes or under.

    This recipe is a bit unusual. Basically, you can put ANYTHING in a smoothie bowl as long as you would also put it in or on a normal smoothie. If you like flavors ranging from banana and strawberry to cucumber and peanut butter, you can make a smoothie bowl base with them, so a lot of this recipe is open-ended.


    • Multiple varieties of fresh or frozen fruit and/or vegetables, 1 cup each
    • ½ cup of almond milk
    • Your chosen toppings

    A really vague list, I know, but basically, pretend youre making a regular smoothie and adding toppings to it.

    Suggestions for smoothie ingredient combos :

    • Strawberries + a whole banana
    • Peaches + mangos + a whole banana
    • Strawberries + mango + coconut
    • Blackberries + blueberries + a whole banana
    • Baby spinach + mangos + a whole banana
    • Blueberries + strawberries + kale + a whole banana

    Suggestions for toppings:

    • Chia, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, or flax seeds
    • Peanut butter or nut butter
    • Sliced fruit
    • Granola
    • Chopped walnuts, almonds, or pecans
    • Shredded coconut
    • Agave or honey
    • Cocoa nibs or chocolate chips
    • Cinnamon
    • A bowl


  • Blend your base fruit/vegetables with your milk until it reaches a consistency you enjoy. I like my smoothie bowls extra-thick so its easy to eat with a spoon. You can also add some of your seeds in at that point, if you prefer that they are blended in. Sometimes that can be a great way to sneak in those healthy chia or hemp seeds.
  • Pour into a bowl.
  • Add your toppings!
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    Easiest Ever Rainbow Smoothie Bowl

    Create a beautiful rainbow in your bowl by whizzing up this super-easy smoothie. Start with a creamy blend of tropical fruits and yogurts, then get creative with your choice of toppings. Pomegranate seeds, oats, nuts and seeds add some satisfying texture, whilst pineapples and kiwis give a finishing burst of freshness.

    How Do You Store Frozen Bananas

    As we just discussed, frozen bananas are a key ingredient for smoothie bowl recipes. How do you freeze them? Follow the simple steps below:

  • Use ripe bananas. Ripe bananas have a yellow peel with brown spots all over them. They are sweet, making them perfect for smoothies. Do not use starchy unripe bananas that are still green or solid yellow.
  • Peel bananas. Remove the peels from your bananas and discard them.
  • Transfer to a sealed bag. Transfer the peeled bananas to a sealed ziplock bag or container.
  • Store in the freezer. Store bananas in the freezer where they will keep for 2-3 months. If you make smoothies often, it is helpful to keep a bag full of bananas in the freezer at all times. That way, they are ready to go whenever you want to make a bowl.
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    What Can You Use Instead Of Banana

    I think bananas are kind of essential in this smoothie. Not only to they add lots of sweetness, but they thicken it too. If bananas aren’t your thing, then you could use avocado instead. Fruits like mango would help to thicken it also.

    Nut butter will also give the smoothie some creaminess if you aren’t using banana.

    Why Do People Eat Smoothie Bowls

    How to Make a Smoothie Bowl | Thick & Healthy Smoothie Bowls

    The quickest answer is that theyre relatively healthy AND delicious. Smoothie bowls are somewhere between a smoothie and the creaminess of soft serve ice cream, but with only natural sugars and packed with fiber and potassium.

    And you can additional toppings to your smoothie bowl when its done to really pack on the yum.

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    Oatmeal Berry Smoothie Bowl

    This mixed berry smoothie bowl with oats is the perfect combination for a sweet and hearty breakfast. The cooked oatmeal makes it extra creamy and adds extra fiber. I used frozen strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, but you can use any combination of berries that you like. If you want to try some more breakfast smoothie bowl recipes, check out this Protein PB & J Smoothie Bowl and Strawberry Peanut Butter Swirl Smoothie Bowls.

    Ingredients All Smoothie Bowl

  • Needed 1 cup : fresh strawberries.

  • Prepare 3 tbsp : greek yogurt.

  • Prepare 1/2 cup : dragon fruit.

  • Prepare 3 tsp : chia seeds.

  • Needed 3 tbsp : granola.

  • If all components Smoothie Bowl its prepares, We are remain to include and establish. Beginning from cuisine healthy very easy, tasty, and also nourishing to food fatty, hard, spicy, sweet, salted acid is on our page. Thanks for reviewing the supreme dish Smoothie Bowl.

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    Best Smoothie Bowl Toppings:

    • Granola is a must for me. The textural contrast is much-needed! I love using our homemade classic granola or this banana bread granola.
    • Nut butter is another essential on my list. Any nut butter will do peanut, cashew, almond, sunflower seed, even tahini!
    • Fresh fruit is optional, but I usually add a handful of fresh blueberries to my smoothie bowls. Other fruits that work well include bananas, raspberries, blackberries and diced strawberries.
    • Coconut flakes
    • Nuts & seeds: not a huge fan of nut butter on your smoothie bowl? Toss on a handful of cashews, almond, sunflower seeds, pepitas, etc instead.

    How To Make Your Bowl Thicker

    Easy Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    Nothing is worse than a melty smoothie bowl thats hard to eat with a spoon. If you blend up your smoothie and are wishing it was thicker, here are some things to try:

    • Add frozen fruit or veggies yep, adding more frozen fruit or veggies will help thicken your smoothie. I like adding frozen zucchini or frozen cauliflower rice! They add any flavor but thicken the smoothie right up!
    • Add protein powder adding a scoop of protein powder will not only add protein but will help make your smoothie thicker.
    • Add avocado add a quarter or half of an avocado when blending for an instant thickener!
    • Add chia seeds chia seeds absorb liquid and will make your smoothie thick like this blended chocolate chia pudding.
    • Use less liquid this wont necessary fix a liquidy smoothie, but its something to remember next time you make a smoothie bowl!
    • Add xanthan gum I dont use this ingredient often, but if youre looking to instantly thicken up a smoothie bowl xantham gum works. Just know that a little goes a long way so start with 1/2-1 teaspoon.

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    How To Make A Perfectly Thick Smoothie Bowl

    July 28, 2021 | Rowena

    One of the main struggles when making breakfast smoothie bowls is when they come out too thin to pick up with a spoon. So, the million-dollar question is: how do you thicken a smoothie bowl? The most frequent cause of this is either you added too much liquid or adding a lot of ice to your mixture.

    A smoothie bowl saves us a lot of time from preparing a full breakfast spread just to get all our needed nutrients for the day. The whole process should only take you about 10 minutes, often less if you already have your fruits prepared. Then you blend it into a froyo-like consistency and decorate with your favorite toppings.

    Its a fun way to start your mornings! My kids love picking their own fruits and toppings. They enjoy decorating their own bowls which make breakfasts, tantrum-free. Theres also a sense of pride that they are eating a lot of fruits! I find that they also tend to ask for fewer snacks since we started smoothie/smoothie bowls. Its really a win-win situation! If you have toddlers or just started the weaning journey, please buy a blender that would be the best blender for pureeing to ensure you make the best smoothie bowls and perfect baby food in town.

    Heres A Quick Recipe On How To Make Acai Bowls From Your Own Home:

    • Freeze the fruits. Get your choice of fruits and freeze them overnight. Make sure to peel and chop the fruits into smaller blender-friendly pieces before freezing them.

    Coconut Aai Smoothie Bowl

    To make the smoothie, blend açai, banana, coconut water, chia seeds, and agave syrup. The toppings are dried mulberries, blackberries, apple, and a drizzle of agave.

    You can find single-serving packs of 100% açai in the freezer aisle. If you can’t find it, just substitute about 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries. Get the recipe at the bottom of the post.

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    My Go To Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

    These smoothie bowls are packed with strawberry flavor and nutritious ingredients. Theyre an easy way to fit fruit, dairy and protein into your diet and taste more like a dessert than a healthy breakfast!

    You can easily customize your bowl to be paleo, vegan, keto, or whatever your dietary needs are. I like to use oats to thicken mine up, but there are many different options to try to meet different dietary restrictions. I promise to give you all my best tips and tricks!

    Recipe Tips & Substitutions

    Blender | How to Make a Smoothie Bowl (Ninja® Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor*)
    • Look for frozen mango chunks in the freezer section of your local grocery store.
    • To freeze your bananas, let them get ripe and spotted. Break them or slice them into chunks and freeze flat on a baking sheet. Then, transfer the frozen banana chunks to a ziptop bag for storage or use them right away.
    • Feel free to get creative with your creamy smoothie bowl toppings! Some suggestions include: two tablespoons shredded coconut or coconut flakes, one tablespoon cacao nibs, two tablespoons granola, and/or half of a sliced ripe banana.
    • You can cut this recipe in half to make one serving. Or, you can double it to make 4 servings.
    • If you want to serve this smoothie bowl as a meal replacement, feel free to add 1-2 scoops of your favorite unsweetened protein powder to help increase the protein content. See my list of the best clean protein powders. Or, if you can tolerate soy, blend in a some soft or silken tofu to add more protein.
    • If you want this to be a dessert smoothie bowl, feel free to add 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Top it with a tablespoon of dairy-free chocolate chips!
    • To make a green smoothie bowl, feel free to add 1-3 handfuls of baby spinach or baby kale.
    • Smoothie bowls are best served right after they are made. Otherwise, they tend to melt and become more of a traditional smoothie texture.

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    Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes To Start Your Day Off Right

    • Pin3

    This collection of smoothie bowl recipes is sure to keep you inspired with lots of healthy and delicious breakfast ideas. The combination of thick smoothie and delicious toppings make a nutritious, beautiful meal that will keep you full.

    Smoothies are a great snack, you can find lots of them on the blog and theyre delicious! But smoothie bowls are a meal, satisfying both to your stomach and to your eyes. Theyre so pretty, fill you up, and are still really healthy.

    My recent discovery of how much I love them inspired me to create this collection of healthy smoothie bowl recipes. Youll find colorful and tasty options that highlight fruit combinations , and celebrate the toppings that make them perfect.

    Smoothie Bowl Recipes You Can Make At Home

    • Nicole Wells

    Whipping up a fruit smoothie, pouring it into a bowl, and topping it with your favorite flavors and textures is a great way to feed your body and your soul. With smoothie bowls, you have the opportunity to try new combinations from your blended ingredients to what you decide to toss on top as an eye pleasing garnish. We understand that creativity is not everyones strong suit and we sometimes get stuck using the same ingredients and end up with the same smoothie day after day. To this, we offer up smoothie bowl recipes that we have encountered, tried, and fell in love with! Whether you are looking for new ingredients to incorporate into your existing bowls, or are interested in a fresh outlook, these 15 recipes are sure to spark new inspiration.

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    How To Make Your Smoothie Bowls Healthier

    If you insist on starting your day with a smoothie bowl, there are things you can do to make them better for you. The key is to avoid any added sugar. “I recommend healthful, sugar-free toppings like unsweetened shredded coconut, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, and chia seeds, as opposed to sugary granolas, honey, or dried fruit with added sugar,” registered dietician Andy Bellatti told HuffPost. Additionally, choose unsweetened plant-based milk over fruit juices for your smoothie’s base to reduce overall sugar.

    The best bowls contain protein and healthy fats to keep you full and humming through your morning. Adding a scoop of protein powder is easy enough. You can get your healthy fats by sprinkling chia seeds and hemp seeds in your bowl just make sure not to go overboard as these ingredients are also high in calories .

    Beachbody On Demand suggests other ways to ensure you get the most nutrition out of your smoothie bowl without overdoing calories and sugar. For starters, don’t peel the skin of fruits and vegetables, as it’s a great source of nutrients and fiber. Also, eat your smoothie bowl slowly, aiming for at least 20 to 30 minutes to finish it, to ensure your brain has time to receive the message that your stomach is full. This will prevent you from overeating or feeling the urge to eat again soon.

    What Is A Smoothie Bowl

    Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    A smoothie bowl is a smoothie eaten from a bowl instead of consumed from a cup. The biggest difference between a smoothie and a smoothie bowl is that smoothie bowls have toppings such as granola, seeds, and dried fruit, whereas normal smoothies dont.

    Did you know, that ANY smoothie recipe can be turned into a smoothie bowl? Check out our favorite green smoothie recipes and ALL of our smoothies HERE.

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    Invest In A Quality Blender

    Making a smoothie bowl involves a lot of crushing frozen fruits, crunchy greens, ice, and sometimes even nuts. Thus, you need a sturdy blender that can properly process these into a creamy smoothie. Check out my article about the Best Blender for Smoothies to find out our trusted blenders that can whip you up a silky smoothie in no time!

    Best Toppings For Smoothie Bowls

    • Fruit: when it doubt, top your bowl with more fresh fruit. Berries, banana, mango, pineapple, and peaches are tasty choices.
    • Granola: granola is a must-have topping. It adds a crispy, crunchy texture that pairs perfectly with the creamy smoothie.
    • Coconut flakes: coconut flakes add a crunchy texture, tropical flavor, and important nutrients, like potassium and iron.
    • Nut butter: drizzle or dollop a spoonful of nut butter on top for healthy fats. Choose almond butter, peanut butter, or cashew butter. For a nut-free option, sunflower seed butter and tahini are great choices.
    • Nuts and seeds: sprinkle crushed nuts and seeds on top, including sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and cashews.
    • Cereal: cereal is a more affordable alternative to granola. I recommend choosing a low-sugar variety.
    • Cacao nibs: this crunchy superfood provides chocolate flavor and is a healthier alternative to chocolate chips.
    • Dried fruit: dried cranberries, raisins, dried blueberries, and goji berries bring a tart flavor and chewy texture.
    • Sweetener: naturally sweeten your smoothie with a drizzle of agave nectar, maple syrup, or honey on top.

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    Smoothie Bowl Recipes With Native Box

    If youre beginners or maybe still reluctant about smoothies and what a healthy, delicious breakfast or even snack option they are, these recipes should give you the inspiration you need. You can find a smoothie for every taste here, whether you prefer chocolate, vanilla or fruity flavors! Check out these vegan smoothie bowls!

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