How To Make Frozen Smoothies

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How Do You Make A Frozen Fruit Smoothie

How to Make a Smoothie With Frozen Strawberries, Blueberries & Bananas : Making Smoothies

I personally have a blender meant just for smoothies but its not necessary any blending machine will work. Toss your blend of frozen fruit, juice, and Greek yogurt into the blender and mix until smooth. I chose to use blueberries, cherries, raspberries, and mango for a tart, yet sweet, blend of fruits.

This recipe makes two servings but can easily be adjusted to make only one serving, or more servings, whatever you desire. Simply cut the recipe in half for one serving. If you double the amount of ingredients called for, remember that it will bump it to four servings since this is enough to make two servings. Each serving is around 16 ounces each.

There are a lot of great juices out there that would work well in your fruit smoothie. I typically use apple juice because its readily available and a neutral flavor base, but other great options are

  • White grape juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Cranberry juice

You can even use milk, almond milk or coconut milk instead of juice for your smoothie.

I typically use whatever odds and ends of fruit I happen to have in my freezer. You can really mix and match however you like here, just use the same quantity of the fruits listed in the recipe. Some other great fruit options to use are

  • Banana
  • Strawberries

Improved Digestion And Gut Health:

All that fiber is great for clearing out your digestive tract. This alone has wonderful health benefits as your health starts in your gut. A clear and healthy digestive tract brings less bloating, reduced weight, improved toxin elimination, stronger immune system, increased mental clarity, and more energy.

One Of The Best Fruit Smoothie Recipes

We love this frozen fruit smoothie because its delicious, but there are so many things to love about it!

  • High Protein This recipe has nonfat greek yogurt and protein powder, giving it 20g+ of protein per smoothie!
  • Easy to Make You only need 4 simple ingredients to make this smoothie recipe, and its as easy as adding to a blender and turning it on!
  • Easy to Customize There are tons of ways you can make this recipe your own with whatever fruit you have in your fridge or freezer

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What Do I Use To Sweeten A Smoothie

All of these smoothies here use frozen fruit as a base, which adds a nice baseline of sweetness that you can build on if your tastebuds would like. My recommendation is to blend up your smoothie without any added sweetener, then taste. Add in honey or maple syrup to taste. Many times, I dont need to add anything! Another great natural option for sweetening: pitted Medjool dates. Throw in one or two of those bad boys and let the blender do its thing. Youd be amazed at how sweet your smoothie will be!

How To Make Frozen Smoothie Packs For Easy Mornings

How to Make a Smoothie at Home?

A couple of Sundays ago, I chronicled how to quickly put together frozen smoothie packs for the workweek in my and got a number of questions about them. I’ve been making frozen smoothie packs like these for a while now and am wondering why I haven’t properly shared the method here on the blog before. Well, today is the day so go ahead and get ready to have your mornings made oh so easy and breezy with this meal prepping hack. Are you sitting down, sis? Because here’s the exciting part: You can spend about just 10 minutes putting these together on a Sunday evening then have fresh, nutrient-dense smoothies on any given morning in just two minutes. My morning routine is pretty time compressed but I have two minutes to spare for this. Do you? Let’s get into the details then.

The most common complaint I get about meal prepping is that people don’t want to eat the same thing every day. I am a creature of habit and can prep one or two options and be good for the whole week but I’m also not against changing things up. And you can totally have options with these smoothies. Put together a few different combinations of fruits & veggies, switch up your liquids, and you are set for a different groove every morning of the week. Use a permanent marker to label each frozen smoothie pack with the kind of liquid you want to add and you can basically complete this process on autopilot before heading out the door to take on your day.

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Evaluate Your Powder Usage

If protein powder or a pre-made smoothie mix with stabilizers is what youre adding to your morning blend for the express purpose of contributing extra flavor, its time to submit your usual routine to some experimentation.

Try 100% cocoa powder, or a dash of vanilla extract or paste. A pinch of salt adding to anything sweet recipes includes takes its natural flavor to a different place. And all of these will blend more smoothly.

Remember that a little bit of any of these options will go a long way, and it will serve to completely remove the filler ingredients from your smoothies that are thickened and made gritty through artificial, or just unnecessary, means.

If your smoothie or shake is still not sweet enough, add a natural sweetener. This can be anything from honey or agave syrup to maple syrup or sweet coconut milk.

How To Make Freezer Smoothies

While blending a smoothie really doesnt take that long, sometimes you want a quick, cold snack to hand to the kids before you send them outside to play. Freezer Smoothies are just the ticket!

If youve got favorite smoothie recipes already, then this process should be quick and easy.

1. Blend up a big batch of your favorite smoothie or follow the recipe below.

2. Divide it into freezer-safe, serving-size containers, cups or bowls.

3. Freeze immediately.

To serve: simply allow the smoothie to thaw on the counter for 15 to 20 minutes. Stir and serve. If serving as a smoothie bowl, add desired toppings.

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How To Freeze Bananas For Smoothies

If you’ve never frozen bananas for smoothies, there are a few simple steps you will want to follow. Following these steps will not only help you create smoothies that taste great, but also help extend the life of you blender.

  • For maximum flavor, select bananas that are ripe or even overripe. Ripe and overripe are much sweeter and more flavorful than their unripe counterparts, plus they are easier to digest.
  • Peel and slice the bananas, and arrange the slices in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking pan, leaving a little space between each slice. If you toss the unfrozen slices directly into freezer-safe bags, they’ll freeze into a brick of frozen banana slices that even a high-powered blender will have trouble breaking down.
  • Next, place the baking pan in the freezer, making sure that it’s secure and level so it won’t fall even if the freezer door is opened.
  • Once the slices are thoroughly frozen , remove the baking pan from the freezer and transfer the frozen banana slices to freezer-safe ziploc bags or containers. If you are using ziploc bags, make sure you press out all the air before sealing the bags.
  • Put the closed bags or containers immediately back in the freezer. Now, as long as you don’t let the contents of those bags or container thaw at all, each piece of fruit will stay as an individual piece.
  • How To Make A Smoothie Less Bitter:

    How to Make Frozen Yogurt Smoothie
    • Pineapple and oranges both add lots of fruity sweetness. Banana, in addition to being sweet, seems to neutralize bitter flavors. Strawberries are also good choices for green smoothies. Also try adding a bit of vanilla bean or vanilla extract, agave, cacao, or unsweetened cocoa powder. Flavored protein powders will also mask the taste of bitter greens. After adding these ingredients, work your machine back up to its highest speed, and process for 10-20 seconds.
    • Tip: Baby greens are generally milder than mature greens. Tastes do change and adapt to new eating habits. Try working up to bitter greens by combining small amounts of them with the spinach in your smoothie. Then gradually adjust the ratio as your taste buds adapt. Chalky taste: Add more fruit and/or other ingredients in the recipe. Work your machine back up to its highest speed, and process for 10-20 seconds. Adding more protein powder can give you too much of a good thing use amounts recommended on the label.

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    Can You Use Frozen Fruit In A Smoothie

    You can easily use frozen fruit or vegetables in place of fresh ones. Recipes like Spinach-Avocado Smoothies and Strawberry-Pineapple Smoothie are nutritious, tasty and can help you achieve your health goals. This easy fruit smoothie with yogurt recipe calls for just three ingredientsyogurt, fruit juice and whatever frozen fruit you have on hand.

    Consider These Factors When Buying A Blender For Preparing Smoothies With Frozen Fruit

    There are certain features of a blender you need to consider if you are getting it to prepare a smoothie. A high-grade blender must have an extraordinary built and best technology to give you the kind of smoothie you want.


    The blenders which are available now are much more fast and quick than the past blenders. Manufactures indicate the blenders power mostly in watts or sometimes horsepower. Watts can range anywhere from 300 to 1500.

    High wattage blenders tend to cost more than low wattage blender for obvious reasons. So its likely that a more expensive blender equals to a better one. A suitable blender for a smoothie would consist of a wattage anywhere near 800-1000.


    A blender for a smoothie should be equipped with sharp and large blades. Nowadays, the blenders come with two varieties of the blade to make it more multipurpose. Look for effective extraction blades that can cut through frozen fruits effortlessly.


    Various sizes of jar will help you if you want to make a smoothie in smaller or larger quantities. If you want to prepare a serving for one, get a blender with a jar with a capacity 25oz. If your requirements call for large quantities, be sure to buy no less than 45oz.

    Several accessories that come along with the blenders are a different kind of lids. These lids allow you to switch the blending jar to a sipper. So not only can you pop the smoothie in the jar, but you can consume the smoothie in it too.


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    How To Make Frozen Smoothie Packs Plus 4 Easy And Delicious Smoothie Pack Recipes

    Learn how to make ahead frozen smoothie packs & 4 easy, healthy, and delicious smoothie pack recipes to stock your freezer with!

    I dont usually have time to make smoothies in the morning, but if I do, its because of smoothie packs. Prepping all of the ingredients ahead of time, throwing them in a bag, and blending the next morning has made #smoothielife a heckuva lot easier.

    How To Make Frozen Fruit Smoothies

    Frozen Mixed Fruit Smoothie

    This basic recipe will teach you How to Make ANY Fruit Smoothie using fresh and frozen ingredients! Once you learn this simple formula youll be able to mix it up with tropical fruits and berries, add in greens such as spinach or kale, and even make them vegan and dairy-free. And the best part? Only a few simple ingredients and less than 5 minutes are needed to make the best homemade smoothie!

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    How To Freeze Dairy

    This is definitely one of the questions I get asked often. Whether you just want to stock up on your favorite dairy product when its on sale or make sure it doesnt go bad when youll be off for a few days, its good to know that you can easily freeze dairy products, and especially greek yogurt.

    Frozen milk and cream are best used within 2 months, while cheese can last up to 3 months without losing its taste and consistency.

    When freezing greek yogurt, make sure to use them within 2 months. Yogurt may get a little grainy when frozen, but once you whisk it well or incorporate it into your smoothie, you wont be able to taste the difference.

    For freezing the greek yogurt for these smoothie packs, I find it helpful to freeze using a simple ice cub tray. Each slot is about 2 tbsp. so I use that as a basis for how much to grab and put into my freezer pack. You could also plop greek yogurt out onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, then freeze individually before adding to the smoothie packs if you dont have an ice cube tray.

    And Check Out Some Of Our Favorite Smoothie Hacks Too:

    • How to Freeze Strawberries. There are lots of ways to use frozen strawberries, but smoothies are definitely one of my favorites!
    • Smoothie Booster Packs. Never let spinach go bad again! Drop these frozen smoothie packs into your smoothies to boost the nutrition.
    • 3 Ways to Meal Prep Smoothies. Yes, you can make ahead smoothies! And we have three ways to show you how.

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    Make Sure You Have A Good Blender To Make This Frozen Fruit Smoothie

    You want to make sure you have a good blender. I have been thru some cheap ones and they barely last a week. Dont waste your time like I did with these cheaper models, and just get something nice from the get go. It will save you time and money!

    I have a Vitamix now and it was worth the money. We have had it for many years and its still working to make smoothies and more! Its paid for itself time and time again with all the money I have saved making smoothies and milkshakes at home.

    Purchasing a Vitamix is pricey, but it is worth it. You wont have to keep replacing it like with the cheaper blenders. Amazon has several of them on sale right now for a great price.

    If you just cant make it work in the budget, I recommend a Waring professional blender. I think it is the next best thing and it will get the job done. Now, it is not as good as the Vitamix but its a close second for a more reasonable price. Amazon has several Waring blenders on sale right now.

    How Do I Make Smoothies If I Dont Like Bananas


    Lucky for you, we have an entire post of recipes to make a smoothie without banana. Try those recipes, or tweak any of the recipes below by:

    • Subbing in 1/2 cup additional plain Greek yogurt , plus 1 tablespoon additional sweetener and a handful of ice cubes in place of the frozen banana in these recipes.
    • Other options: canned pineapple, sweetened yogurt, canned pears. Adding half a ripe avocado can really help make up for the creaminess that bananas usually add, too.

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    Why You Should Make This Banana Smoothie

    Ive made a version of this easy banana smoothie recipe more times than I can count. Its perfect on its own and is the best base recipe for adding more ingredients like fruit, nut butter, and veggies.

    Here are a few more reasons we love it:

    • You need less than 5 minutes to make it.
    • You can use fresh or frozen bananas.
    • Its easy to adapt to what you have in the kitchen.
    • This smoothie is perfect for breakfast or a snack.
    • Kids love it!
    • You can even make the smoothie ahead of time, freeze it, and save it for later.

    How To Make A Smoothie Bowl

    If you like to eat your smoothie with a spoon instead of a straw, put it in a bowl and keep it thick.

    The key to any smoothie bowl is a little amount of water, and either avocado or a clean protein powder in there to thicken it up, says Adler. Ice is great, but keep the water or liquid to ¼ cup at most! Youll need a powerful blender to make this happen.

    Many people add whole berries or cut fruit on top of their smoothie bowls and then sprinkle them with chia seeds or chopped nuts. Adler recommends her recipe for a Green Smoothie Bowl, a hearty smoothie that can stand-in as a meal.

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    Make Sure Your Containers Are Freezer

    As cute as glass canning jars are, they are sometimes finicky when placed in the freezer. For quick, fool-proof assembly of freezer smoothies.

    Ball freezer jars are 8- and 16-ounce plastic cups with snap-on lids. They are specially designed for freezing, yet are also dishwasher and microwave safe. Plus theyve got cute green lids.

    What Other Healthy Ingredients Can You Add In

    How To Make A Smoothie To Replace A Meal

    The great thing with smoothies is that its easy to slip in an extra healthy ingredient or two without it being easily noticeable which is especially wonderful when you have kids.

    A few of my favorites are fresh spinach, kale, chia seeds and ground flax seeds. My kids love their smoothies and think they are a treat. They have no idea that they are enjoying something super nutritious or drinking spinach. I love being sneaky like that!

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    How Do You Make Smoothies With Frozen Berries

    The recipe calls for a cup of liquid. You can use water but I like it with ½ cup juice and ½ cup water. You can also mix milk and yogurt together.

    Try orange juice, apple juice and even pineapple juice. Any of these ideas will make for a delicious smoothie. Sometimes, I just use what I have in the fridge. This healthy smoothie is a hit no matter what juice I use.

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