Mango Smoothie With Oat Milk

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How To Make A Mango Smoothie:

Pink Pineapple Protein Smoothie | Pitaya | Dragonfruit | Mango | Oat Milk
  • Add all the ingredients to high speed blender starting with the frozen fruit and ice. Blend on medium speed. Then increase to high speed and blend until smooth. If too thick add a splash of juice or plant milk.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy! For full recipe ingredients and instructions see recipe card below
  • Mango Banana Smoothie With Oats

    Mango Banana Smoothie with Oats – Juicy mango chunks blended with two over-ripe bananas, some quick oats, vanilla essence, and some milk to make a creamy, juicy, fruity smoothie.

    Bananas are an excellent addition to any smoothie. They make it thicker and so nutritious. Having Bananas in the morning after a workout will give you a healthy boost of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, when we have some juicy mangoes in the game, you can imagine the blast of flavors you are gonna get when you have this smoothie.

    Going through a regular day which is filled with a busy schedule, workouts and so much work, smoothies like this are like a sauna for the soul. The calm you down and puts you in a relaxing mood at least for a while.


    A Note On Thickening Smoothies

    Im of the general smoothie philosophy that a thick smoothie is a happy, satisfying smoothie if its not thick, instead of feeling like Im enjoying a substantial breakfast or snack, I feel like Im drinking juice. Its not the same.

    This is why all of my healthy smoothie recipes involve some kind of thickening agent. If youd like to make a smoothie thicker, here are a few tricks:

    If you try a few of these tricks and your smoothie is ULTRA thick at the endtoo thick to sip with a strawpour it into a bowl, top it with some granola and fresh fruit, and enjoy it as a strawberry mango smoothie bowl.

    For a strawberry mango protein smoothie, add a scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder. This will thicken the smoothie a tiny bit too.

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    Vegan Blueberry Mango & Oat Smoothie

    Published on by Vikkie Lee Last Updated on October 22, 2020

    Here’s a super quick recipe for a busy person like myself. I popped in to Asda the other day for a wander to see what they had on offer and came out with two of their biggest punnets of blueberries at a crazy 74p each.

    I would have bought them all if they had kept, but had to control myself. This is why there are so many blueberries in this recipe for one person if you don’t want to use so much for one, add a banana and maybe more oat milk to thin it a little. It was yummy, thick and filling too – it would be perfect for breakfast with the oats. I had this in place of lunch as I had to dash on a carpet mission as we’re renovating . Not so secret now, eh?

    Note this is a semi sweet smoothie as the blueberries balance it out but if you want it sweeter, just add more agave and taste as you go along.

    Also, we went back to my hometown last weekend for a friend’s wedding and stayed at my brother’s who has recently been getting in to healthy eating and oh my god was I jealous to see a Nutribullet staring me in the face on his kitchen worktop. Part of me wanted one for a while because I’m a it’s expensive, sounds cool and I’m a child but to be honest, I’d much rather save up for a fancy DSLR, and keep using my bargain £6 Tesco Basics blender that I got with a voucher. I have something that blends and quite frankly, what I’ve got is all I need.

    So here’s a recipe:

    Choosing The Best Mango

    Mango Smoothie with Oat Milk

    My number one choice will always be the Indian Alphonso mangoes. Nothing can compare in terms of sweetness. But Kesar mango and Mexican Kent mangoes come close. Since alphonso is not available in North America, Kent mangoes are close alternative.

    Step 2: Add natural sweetness

    I do this using ripe banana, preferably frozen. I often freeze bananas at their peak ripeness to add to smoothies. If you choose the right mango, the banana will not overpower the smoothie. Try not to add overripe banana as the smell will overpower the smoothe.

    Step 3: Add Creaminess!

    I added Chobani Plain Extra Creamy Oat milk. It is so creamy and rich. You may use any non-dairy milk alternative of your choice.

    Step 4: Optional Acid

    Depending on the mango you use, the result may be a tad sweeter than you would prefer. If this happens, adding just a squirt of lime to the smoothie helps balance the sweetness and enhance the flavor. I add the juice of about 1/4 lime.

    The best way to enjoy this smoothie is chilled, in a nice glass, or I often like to add a few extra chunks of mango on top and some chia seeds and slurp it up with a spoon! This is one everyone is sure to love!

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    What Is A Mango Smoothie Made Of

    This mango smoothie is made with banana, coconut yogurt, coconut milk, maple syrup, and vanilla extract. Read the full list below for details on each ingredient.

    • Mango: Mangoes provide several health benefits and they are loaded with nutrients. In particular, this tropical fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and beta-carotenes.
    • Banana: Be sure to use frozen bananas for an ice cold smoothie. Dont forget to remove the peels before freezing them. Bananas are a great source of various essential nutrients, including vitamin B6, potassium, and magnesium.
    • Coconut yogurt: This dairy-free yogurt provides a thick and creamy consistency. If you dont want to use all fruit for your smoothies, yogurt is a low-sugar way to bulk up any recipe. Other options include almond milk yogurt, soy milk yogurt, and oat milk yogurt. If you can consume dairy, regular yogurt will work too.
    • Coconut milk: I recommend using coconut milk, but other plant-based milk alternatives will work just as well. Again, if you arent dairy-free, feel free to use regular milk.
    • Maple syrup: Real maple syrup is an easy way to sweeten the smoothie without adding refined sugar. Most people will find the beverage plenty sweet without this ingredient, so it is entirely optional.
    • Vanilla extract: Add a dash for a subtle vanilla flavor. Alternatively, reduce the number of ingredients by using a vanilla-flavored yogurt.

    Oat Milk Mango Smoothie

    This oat milk mango smoothie is made using frozen mango, oat milk, bananas, almond butter and lemon juice. It’s a perfect healthy breakfast or quick filling snack that’s kid-friendly and easy to prepare.

    I wanted to share with you guys a super simple smoothie recipe that I’m really in love with. Simple enough that it takes less than 5 minutes between the time I grab a bag of frozen mango and pour myself a fresh tropical glass of smoothie.

    And somehow, this smoothie has an amazing effect to get me in a healthy eating mindset. I mean, starting the day with a sunny nourishing smoothie seems to help resist the frosted brownies later. Usually. Unless you run into these black bean brownies, then you are good.

    This recipe is also a good one if you are just starting out making smoothies. It only uses a few simple ingredients, the flavors are super smooth and the oat-banana-mango combo makes it naturally sweet.

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    How To Make This Mango Cucumber Mint Smoothie

    Step 1: Peel the cucumber

    Remove the skin from the cucumbers. Keeping them on will not only make your smoothie take on a green hue, cucumber skin tends to have a bitter taste.

    Step 2: Add all ingredients to a blender.

    You wont need to add ice to this cucumber smoothie since the mango is already frozen.

    Can you freeze cucumbers for smoothies?

    Just like frozen zucchini pieces, diced cucumber cubes can be frozen for smoothies. Think of them as tiny ice cubes

    This low calorie smoothie is completely sugar free sweetened only by frozen mango. You can make a big smoothie all for yourself, sit back and be as cool as a cucumber!

    It is also one of very few smoothie recipes without bananas which makes it extra light and refreshing.

    So whip out your Vitamix and dont forget the cucumber this summer. Its high in vitamin C + other anti-oxidants and, at 95% water, its super hydrating! This cucumber agua fresca recipe is also a great summer cooler!

    Is Fresh Or Frozen Mango Best

    Oats Mango Smoothie Recipe | Weight Loss Diet | No Sugar – No Milk | Healthy Oats Smoothie Recipe

    I would recommend using a combination of frozen and fresh fruit for best consistency. I wrote the recipe to use frozen mango and fresh banana. But! You could also do the reverse. If you use fresh mango, use frozen banana. I do not like using ice in smoothies because it tends to water down the taste.

    I would not recommend using all frozen fruit, especially if you are not using a high powered blender. The blender will have a hard time, and you would likely have to add a lot more liquid to even get it to blend, which will water down the taste.

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    Which Oat Milk To Use To Make This Mango Smoothie

    As much as I love to make my own vegan milks , I will most of the time grab a container at the store. It’s simply more convenient and I haven’t had any luck at making a homemade oat milk that I love so far . Check out this homemade oat milk recipe from Love and Lemon if you want to try making it yourself.

    The oat milk I use is from Oatly. I love its super smooth and non-viscous texture and the fact that it is fortified with vitamin B12 .

    Spinach Oat Milk Green Smoothie

    Published: by Sonila · This post may contain affiliate links ·

    • 55

    This Spinach Oat Milk Smoothie is the best green smoothie for a breakfast on the go or mid-morning snack. Its also easily customizable for different nutritious needs of my family members!

    Green Smoothie with Spinach and Oat Milk

    Some links in my posts may be affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you purchase items by clicking on these links. I will always disclose when a product in a post has been gifted by a company as well as when a post or product is sponsored.

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    Blend Until 100% Smooth

    The clue is in the name. For best results, smoothies should be completely smooth with no bits floating about. When you pour the smoothie into your cup, it should have no clumps of fruit hiding between the liquid.

    To ensure its as smooth as possible, all you need to do is blend it for long enough. Some newer blenders will even have a smoothie setting.

    I find that 2 or 3 minutes of blending is usually enough to get rid of any bits. This might depend on how powerful your blender is.After blending, always run a spoon or a small spatula through the smoothie and see if you run into any bits. If yes, make sure to blend for longer until no bits remain.

    Ingredients For Golden Milk Mango Smoothie

    Tangy Mango Oatmeal Thursday

    This 9-ingredient smoothie is easy to make, and absolutely beautiful to look at! The bright colors of the mango and turmeric make this an extra tasty, eye-catching breakfast.

    • Frozen Mango: gives this recipe its delicious tangy flavor and adds a bit of natural sweetness. I like to go with frozen mango because its pre-cut and frozen at peak ripeness .
    • Coconut Yogurt: adds some creaminess and healthy fat to the smoothie. The thicker the better for this recipe!
    • Fresh Ginger: a quintessential ingredient in golden milk, a bit of fresh ginger brings a peppery kick and adds to the coziness factor of this smoothie.
    • Turmeric: it wouldnt be a golden milk smoothie without turmeric! It adds a warm, earthy flavor and gives the smoothie an extra pop of bright yellow color.
    • Cinnamon, Cardamom, & Black Pepper: aka the ultimate cozy flavor combo! These spices bring just the right amount of flavor and sweetness to this recipe.
    • Sweetener: we need just a bit of extra sweetness to balance out the warm spices and the tangy mango. Any sweetener you like will do here I love maple syrup in mine!
    • Non-Dairy Milk: to help blend everything together and bring some extra creaminess. Coconut, cashew, or oat milk work best for this recipe, as they are all extra creamy and mild in flavor.

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    Why Use Oat Milk When Making Smoothies

    Why is everyone going bananas about oat milk? Isn’t just the same as all the other dairy-free milks? Not quite.

    I have expressed my deep love for oat milk before when sharing my review of The Oat Milk Cookbook. Since then, I’ve been using it more and more, especially when making smoothies. But, why?

    On top of being nut-free , gluten-free and soy-free, oat milk creates a thick and super creamy texture to smoothies. Oat milk also has great flavor of its own, slightly nutty and naturally sweet, which is perfect when making fruit smoothies.

    But what also makes oat milk valuable in the smoothie department is the fact that it is jam packed with fibers and contains lots of vitamins and minerals . This article “Oat Milk: Nutrition, Benefits, and How to Make It” will give you more detailed information about the health benefits of oat milk.

    Details On The Ingredients For This Dairy

    Mango: I use frozen mango in this recipe, so I just buy the bag of pre-chopped frozen mango at the grocery store. If youd prefer to use fresh, just make sure you chop it into around 1-inch chunks and freeze it before adding it to the smoothie.

    Avocado: I also use pre-packaged frozen avocado chunks in this recipe. Its super convenient since finding a perfectly ripe avocado isnt always an easy task. If you prefer to add fresh avocado to your smoothie, youll need about half a medium-sized avocado .

    Oats: I used rolled oats in this recipe that were soaked in almond milk overnight. If youre pressed for time, you can soak them for 20-30 minutes. The oats wont be as creamy, but they will absorb most of the milk. I havent tried this recipe with steel-cut oats, but if you decide to use them, you should definitely let them soak in the milk overnight to soften them up.

    Nut milk: While I used unsweetened almond milk, you can use another type of unsweetened nut, coconut or seed milk. If you dont need this recipe to be dairy-free, you can even use cows milk.

    Maple syrup: Two tablespoons of maple syrup are added to the smoothie to naturally sweeten it along with the mango. You can also use agave syrup or honey .

    Hemp seeds: Just a tablespoon of hemp seeds/hearts is added for some extra protein and healthy fats.

    Coconut chips: This is optional but I like to add a few on top of my smoothie to enhance the tropical vibes.

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    Can You Taste The Avocado In This Smoothie

    This smoothie recipe only uses half a cup of avocado, so a quarter cup in each smoothie. I find the taste of avocado can be a bit overpowering in some smoothies, so thats why I add just enough to enhance the texture. While you get a hint of avocado flavour, the mango still shines through as the main ingredient.

    Why You Will Love This Recipe

    Oats Smoothie for Weight Loss Without Milk & Sugar (Hindi) | Oats Mango Smoothie | Vibrant Varsha

    Mango is easily one of my favorite fruits, and this simple mango smoothie recipe celebrates it in all of its sweet-tart glory. Mango is the only fruit in this drinkable snack, which is supported by a cast of milk, yogurt, oats and honey. This is simplicity at it’s finest!

    I love how simple and adaptable this recipe is. While I opted to use fresh mango since they’re in season where I live, you can easily swap in frozen cubes that are readily available all year long.

    You can also swap out the dairy products for vegan alternatives and swap the honey for agave or maple if you prefer. Oh, and as long as you opt for certified gluten free oats, my healthy mango yogurt smoothie is suitable for just about any diet.

    Made with just a handful of simple ingredients – most of which I’d bet you already have on hand – this creamy mango oat smoothie comes together in just a few minutes and will keep you full till lunchtime.

    Mango is low in calories and packed with immune boosting vitamin C and antioxidants. Plain yogurt is a great source of probiotics, protein and nutrients. Heart healthy rolled oats add fiber, while milk adds an extra dose of protein and nutrients.

    This mango smoothie has all the healthy hallmarks of being the perfect quick breakfast, snack or light meal. What’s better than something that tastes like a treat but is packed with good-for-you ingredients?!?

    I can almost guarantee you’re going to obsess over this refreshing summertime beverage. I know I do!

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    Mango Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BringYourBestBowl #Target#CollectiveBias

    Whatll it be, a refreshing smoothie or a scrumptious bowl full of oatmeal? Sometimes I just cant choose- I love both so much!! When you cant decide between the fabulousness, make it a creamy dreamy Mango Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl!

    Creating a better breakfast bowl with Quaker® Oats is so easy and only takes about 5 minutes of your time. Simply blend 4 ingredients until smooth. Ive had this bowl of deliciousness for lunch, two days in a row and I promise it just does not get old. Nope- nothing boring about these oats!

    Inspiration for my irresistible, super satisfying mango oatmeal smoothie bowl comes from sticking with my new years goals to eat plenty of superfoods. Im pretty sure you could say I succeeded with this recipe!

    Only 4 ingredients, 1 blender and 5 minutes what are you waiting for? Youre on your way to an oat smoothie bowl that is:


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