Pre Packaged Frozen Fruit For Smoothies

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Can I Freeze Fresh Produce That Ive Bought

Everbowl (10) Ready to Blend Frozen Fruit Smoothie Packs on QVC

Yes! But be sure to wash them thoroughly first. You could even blanch them if youre really worried about germs you wont be heating them up to cook them, remember, so they need to be really clean before you eat them.

Cut into the right size for your juicer or blender the smaller they are, the faster and better theyre going to be blended up later. Then put them into air-tight freezer containers or bags and stick them in the freezer. You might want to separate them into single serving sizes before freezing, for even more convenience.

You can also take your fresh produce, blend it, and then pour it into ice trays to freeze. Just remember to take them out of the tray once theyre frozen, and put them in an airtight freezer bag or container, so they are covered and wont touch other stuff in the freezer.

What about pre-mixed frozen produce in smoothies and juices?

Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus Strawberry

“Make sure you always read the back where the label and ingredient list are located. For example, Bolthouse Farms’ ‘Protein Plus’ line, a well-known smoothie brand in the smoothie section of the pharmacy or grocery store, may seem like a smart choice,” says Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN, CEO of NY Nutrition Group. “Before you grab-and-go, stop and flip it over to the back. Your jaw will hit the floor. There may be strawberries and the word ‘protein’ on the front, but there are a whopping 39 grams of sugar per bottle. And 26 grams of which are purely added.” For reference, that’s basically the amount of sugar you’ll find in a 10-ounce chocolate milkshake. No thanks! In this case, it’s probably best to make your own high-protein smoothie recipe at home.

A Final Smoothie Suggestion:

“Another in-store option besides bottled brands is from the store itselfsome retailers like Whole Foods and Bristol Farms have in-store smoothie bars where they’ll let you build your own smoothie,” says Moon.

There, you can craft more nutrient-dense delights. This way, you’ll know exactly what goes into the blend and can ask the employee to swap out or remove certain ingredients that should never be in your smoothie .

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Committed To The Middle East

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, were working on sending Fruit Bowls®, canned fruit, and canned juices to the health care workers working to keep us safe. Were also working on sending Fruit Bowls® and canned juices to undernourished children, and are working on partnering with local non-profits to expand our efforts.

How To Freeze Dairy


This is definitely one of the questions I get asked often. Whether you just want to stock up on your favorite dairy product when its on sale or make sure it doesnt go bad when youll be off for a few days, its good to know that you can easily freeze dairy products, and especially greek yogurt.

Frozen milk and cream are best used within 2 months, while cheese can last up to 3 months without losing its taste and consistency.

When freezing greek yogurt, make sure to use them within 2 months. Yogurt may get a little grainy when frozen, but once you whisk it well or incorporate it into your smoothie, you wont be able to taste the difference.

For freezing the greek yogurt for these smoothie packs, I find it helpful to freeze using a simple ice cub tray. Each slot is about 2 tbsp. so I use that as a basis for how much to grab and put into my freezer pack. You could also plop greek yogurt out onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, then freeze individually before adding to the smoothie packs if you dont have an ice cube tray.

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How Long Can You Freeze Smoothies In The Freezer

If stored properly in a freezer-safe ziploc bag, these freezer packs will last up to 3 months in the freezer. When ready to enjoy, you can either thaw the night before or blend straight from the freezer. If blending straight from the freezer, you might need to add a little more liquid to help balance out for the frozen produce.

Giving Back To Asias Grocery And Delivery Staff

Healthcare isnt the only industry fighting on the front lines with their own health at risk. Grocery staff and delivery personnel interact keep our economy going. Between the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand we are donating various products to check-out staff of our partner markets to show our gratitude for their essential labour.

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Do Smoothie Delivery Service Ingredients Arrive Fresh Frozen Or Powdered

Most services deliver single-cup servings of frozen fruits, vegetables, and superfood powders to blend at home. SmartFruit isnt frozen but is a shelf-stable fruit puree concentratejust add your preferred liquid and blend. If you dont have a blender, BrightGreens is a great choice their frozen smoothie cubes include all the ingredients. All you do is add a splash of water and shake.

Best For Busy People: Daily Harvest

Everbowl (10) Ready to Blend Frozen Fruit Smoothie Packs on QVC

Daily Harvest

  • Price : Starts at $67 with free shipping
  • Est. Shipping Days: 1 to 3 days
  • Availability: Nationwide

You can customize your order size with any combination of smoothie flavors, then leave it to ship the same each month or change up your picks for each delivery.

  • Pause your subscription at any time

  • Cups make it convenient to blend and serve

  • Customizable for flavors, number and frequency

  • Same shipment arrives for next delivery if you forget to customize

  • Customer service defaults to credits on next order versus refunds for errors

  • Not all ingredients are organic

For those who struggle to find a quick-and-healthy solution for lunch as well as breakfast, Daily Harvest’s subscription plans are a lifesaver. The plans include one-serving, nutrient-packed, plant-based smoothies, bowls, soups, lattes, and parfaits for every meal and snack. Just want smoothies? No problem. You can customize your shipment as you see fit.

There are dozens of items to choose from, like a Mango + Turmeric Chia Bowl or an Acai + Cherry Smoothie. The smoothies are made from whole frozen ingredients, almost all of which are organic.

Each serving arrives frozen in a portioned cup all you need to do is add the liquid of your choice and blend. The cup’s label even offers advice for which liquids taste best with that particular smoothie to make things even simpler.

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Tips To Make And Use Smoothie Packs

  • Where should I shop? We recommend purchasing the fruit at a large box store that offers organic frozen fruits, like Costco or BJs, or a place like Traders Joes . Amazon Fresh also has some great options for bulk fruit.
  • How Do I Make Smoothie Freezer Packs? Simply place all the specified ingredients, except the milk, inside a plastic bag and freeze until ready to use, up to one month.
  • Can You Freeze a Smoothie for Later? We do not recommend blending the smoothie too far in advance. Smoothies are best consumed immediately.
  • Have Some Leftover Smoothie? We pour any leftover smoothie into a popsicle mold and enjoy later as a frozen treat. Kids love this! Though frozen smoothie pops are best consumed within a few days of making.
  • Items we love for smoothie packs:

Itll Give You The Ability To Eat Better On

When youre out and about, what are you most likely to do when it comes time to grab something to eat? Will you already be prepared with healthy snacks stashed in your bag? Or will you resort to the fast food drive-thru or takeout from local restaurants?

If its the latter, you definitely arent alone. Were a busy culture. And in terms of food, we typically go for something thats fast and easytakeout, drive through dinners, sugar-loaded snacks. Ultimately, all of those junk foods can be sabotaging any wellness goals youve set for yourself.

The main reason I included freeze-dried smoothie options in this list is to give people super simple smoothie options that they can make in an instant or even take with them on the go . Regardless of whether you have a portable blender or not, there are smoothie options out there that are super easy to take with you on the go.

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Odwalla’s Original Superfood Fruit Smoothie

Think twice before you pick up this tempting bottle. “One that I find particularly misleading is Odwalla’s Original Superfood Fruit Smoothie, which is green and covered in imagery of whole fruits and vegetables,” says Moon. “The first ingredient is a filler juice filler juices refer to juices like clarified apple and grape juice. They dilute the more expensive ingredients, and they don’t offer much positive nutrition. Plus, anything that makes it green, when all combined, makes up less than 1% of the smoothie. It’s fat-free, and has minimal protein or fiberso it’s not going to be very satisfying. For all these reasons, I’d avoid this smoothie brand’s bottle, even though it’s high in potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C .”

Tips For How To Make Smoothie Freezer Packs

  • Use a 1 quart freezer ziplock bag to make individual portions
  • Cut all produce including the banana into smaller pieces to make it easier to blend when frozen
  • Label the freezer bag so you know exactly what smoothie recipe youve prepared
  • Use either fresh or frozen fruit to make your freezer packs
  • Add protein powder into the freezer packs or when blending to add more protein
  • For these smoothie packs, you can just take the contents of the packs and add them into a blender, along with the milk of your choice and any other liquids, like greek yogurt, peanut butter, or raw honey. Then, just blend them together and youre all set with your easy smoothie

These 14 smoothie freezer packs will give you an entire weeks worth of variety, flavor, nutrition, and fruit smoothie satisfaction.

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Helping Seniors Stay Healthy

“By working with local food banks and charities, were bringing Dole Fruit Bowls® to seniors in underserved communities of France and the U.K. along with words of encouragement and support. In the U.S., were partnering with Lyft to bring our products to nursing homes and assisted-living homes in Seattle, and soon to New York and New Jersey as well.Were stronger together, so help us lift the spirits of our senior communities by writing words of encouragement and support.”

Frozen Fries Tots And Hash Browns

Potatoes might be the perfect food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Potatoes are especially prized as a delicious treat that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. But how are you to know if a forgotten bag of tots found in the back of the freezer is safe to serve? Rest assured, the root vegetable possesses a surprisingly long shelf life. Forkly reports that potatoes as diverse as British chips and American fries are all edible for up to 12 months in the freezer. After a year, however, potatoes might lose the flavor and texture that makes the side dish so beloved.

Still Tasty recommends checking frozen potatoes for dry spots or discoloration, which is a sign of freezer burn. Checking the package for damage will also reduce the likelihood that your fries or any other potato delicacy will get ruined by the harsh environment of your freezer. How long can you safely leave frozen potatoes at room temperature? The food outlet also recommends frozen potatoes to be thrown out after more than six hours at room temperature. The Minnesota Department of Health warns that bacteria will spread in food sitting between 40°F and 140°F. Even the best barbeque will be a downer if guests flirt with food poisoning via the potato salad.

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Serving Size And Packaging Format

For GST/HST purposes, most single servings of a beverage are servings that are less than 600 mL in volume.

The beverage categories listed below are non-carbonated forms of particular beverages. Non-carbonated beverages that are otherwise zero-rated may be taxable when sold in single servings. This does not include unflavoured milk.

Such beverages would continue to be zero-rated when sold in multiples of single servings pre-packaged by the manufacturer or producer, or when the container in which the beverage is sold contains a quantity exceeding a single serving.

Beverages that are prepared and pre-packaged specially for consumption by babies are zero-rated, regardless of serving size and packaging format. However, as discussed under the heading “Beverages sold under certain conditions” such beverages may be taxable.

Other Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Prep

Dole Frozen Fruit – Smoothie Starters

Since my family loves smoothies so much, Ive made a lot of fruit and vegetable smoothies over the years. You an use any of these smoothie recipes and make them into your own smoothie freezer pack.

When it comes time to blend your smoothie, I like to blend my greens with my liquid base first.

I then add the rest of the fruit and blend until smooth. If you have a high-powered blender, you might not have to add that extra step.

For my liquid base, I like to use 1 cup of coconut water and 1 cup of water. I always label my freezer packs with how much liquid I need to add, as a reminder in case Im not the one making the smoothie.

What kind of freezer smoothie pack will you make first?

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Protecting Healthcare Workers In The Philippines

In the Philippines were donating fresh and dried fruit to 7,000 healthcare workers in 17 hospitals. Also, 300 Healthcare workers at the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine will receive 30 days supply of Dole juice that is high in Vitamin C. RITM is at the frontline of doing COVID-19 testing for the Philippines population, and we remain committed to their health.

Can You Use Frozen Vegetables In Smoothies

I probably dont have to tell you how healthy vegetables are. Many studies have shown that regular consumption of veggies can have great effects on your health, since veggies carry nutrients that out bodies need to function. For some though, even when they know the nutritional value of vegetables, they have trouble hitting their daily intake. But what if I told you there may be a way to combine the delicious flavor of smoothies with the health benefits of vegetables? Is it even possible to work such magic?

Can you use frozen vegetables in smoothies? Yes, you can use frozen vegetables in smoothies. Adding vegetables to your smoothies can help you reach your daily intake of vegetables easier and add a great texture and consistency to the smoothie.

Not only can you make some downright tasty veggie smoothies, but there are some great combinations to try, along with more information on this question down below.

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Naked Boosted Smoothie Blue Machine

We’ll pass on this sugar bomb. “In a fairly small 15.2 fluid ounce bottle, there are nearly as many calories that many people should get in a meal. Unfortunately, it won’t keep you feeling satisfied since there are only two grams of protein to slow down digestion,” note The Nutrition Twins. “The kicker is that there are 55 grams of sugar, which is almost 14 teaspoons of sugar. This is more than double the six grams maximum of added sugar that women should get in an entire day and five teaspoons more than the maximum nine teaspoons of sugar men should get daily. Although the sugar is mainly from fruit, it’s just too much in a concentrated formthree-and-a-third apples, one banana, 27 blueberries and three blackberries.”

Perfect Smoothies Packs Made In Under 30 Seconds


At Lifès Smöothè, we take all the hard work out of eating well with our super handy pre packed frozen sachets. Our healthy smoothies come with no prep time and no waste all you need is a blender and 200mls of your chosen liquid. It takes less than 30 seconds to prepare yourself a delicious açai smoothie bowl or breakfast smoothie, perfect for those busy mornings getting the family ready or hectic days at the office. Pick your favourite flavours today and get your first order delivered straight to your front door.

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Keeping Londons Homeless Healthy

In support of homeless charity St Mungos temporary accommodation initiative, Dole is distributing 14,500 Fruit Bowls® to over 1,000 homeless Londonders currently housed in hotels. This gives people in desperate need of shelter access to the space and nutrition they need to self-isolate in safety and stay well during the health crisis.

The 4 Worst Bottled Smoothies

What bottled smoothies to avoid? “Everything else. Just kidding. It’s hard to pick just one to avoid because so many bottled smoothies are full of filler juices,” concedes Moon. Below, smoothies that may seem misleadingly healthy but are actually loaded with sugar, empty calories, and more non-nutritious fillers.

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How To Freeze Avocado

When you freeze an avocado, the texture does change slightly when its thawed. However, the good news is that this doesnt make one bit of difference in your smoothie if you freeze avocados in your smoothie freezer packs. Personally, I cant stand any brown spots on my avocado, even if Im adding it to a smoothie, so freezing perfect avocados in my freezer packs so theyre ready to blend later is a great option.

In order to freeze an avocado for your smoothie freezer pack, just dice it into small cubes so it breaks down easily in the blender once frozen. A little lemon juice helps keep it from browning as well. Then, add it to the freezer pack and freeze.

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