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Best Blenders For Crushing Ice And Frozen Fruit

Oster Pre Programmed Blender Ice Crush Review

Its for sure that the best blender for ice can truly make delicate, smooth frozen drinks for you, either crushing ice into snow or grinding frozen fruits. And homemade drinks are healthier and fresher.

So why not get an ice blender to crush ice and create delicious smoothies? Want it! But do you know how to choose a suitable countertop machine? You must check:

Device size: it should be able to fit in the space where you use it and store it

Power: at least 500 watts. Unlike slicing vegetables to make soup or cutting ingredients into salsa, handling ice requires a strong motor

Blades: the material should be stainless steel

Jar: suitable size, sturdy, BPA-free,

Dont want to spend hours on research? Here this guide will show you the best 10 ice crushing blenders! Let s see.

Ninja Professional Blender Budget

Ice-crushing blenders are expensive, and you may feel locked out from the best available deals just because of the price but, that shouldnt be the case. Even though you get what you pay, there are affordable and high-performance blenders that can crush ice on the market. One blender you might want to consider is this Ninja Professional Blender . It is a powerful blender for its prices, and it hardly disappoints



The motor of a blender determines if the blender can actually crush ice or not. The Ninja Professional Blender has a 1000watt motor. Even though this power is less than the power you get from other blenders reviewed above, youll be relieved to learn that the blender is powerful enough to crush ice and frozen fruits.

Boosting the power of the motor is the blenders Total Crushing Technology which delivers an unbeatable professional power. You also have the powerful stainless steel blades. By combining all these features, you find that you have one of the most powerful blenders that blast through ice, while foods and frozen fruits in seconds. The total crushing power gives the blender the power for blending, ice crushing, and pureeing.



Settings and controls

For a high blending efficiency, the blender has the high, medium and the low-speed settings. The high-speed setting is all you need to crush ice and frozen fruit into your blend.


Safety feature

Things We Liked

Things We Didnt Like


Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Ice Crusher Blender

Browse the top-ranked list of Ice Crusher Blender below along with associated reviews and opinions.

Browse the top-ranked list of Ice Crusher Blender below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 918 reviews

    Top comment

    Nut Crusher…Despite Consumer Reports dismal review which was based on the fact that they rated it as an icecrusher which it is not designed to do.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Blend together ingredients efficiently and quickly with this NutriBullet Pro nine-piece blender. The powerful 900W motor coupled with a stainless steel blade and cyclonic action ensures fruits and vegetables are perfectly pulverized for a tasty smoothie or shake. This NutriBullet Pro nine-piece blender comes with a recipe book, giving you access to hundreds of recipes.See all Blenders & JuicersTop comment

    Nut Crusher…Despite Consumer Reports dismal review which was based on the fact that they rated it as an icecrusher which it is not designed to do.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Blend together ingredients efficiently and quickly with this NutriBullet Pro nine-piece blender. The powerful 900W motor coupled with a stainless steel blade and cyclonic action ensures fruits and vegetables are perfectly pulverized for a tasty smoothie or shake. This NutriBullet Pro nine-piece blender comes with a recipe book, giving you access to hundreds of recipes.$89.99Your price for this item is $89.99Add to Cart

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    Reviews Of The Best Blenders For Crushing Ice & Frozen Fruits

    If you live in ice cold smoothies or entertain a lot during the warmer months, you will want to get the best blender that can crush ice and frozen fruits. Since there are many blenders capable of processing ice, and that the blenders will process the ice to different degrees, we sought to find you the best from the lot.

    Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional

    7 Best Blender for Crushing Ice Products from 7 Brands

    Why We Like It: The self-cleaning feature, unlike the Vitamix 750, this blender is incredibly easy to clean. All you have to do is add a drop of dish soap and some warm water. The Vitamix 5200 will clean itself in 30-60 seconds!

    Vitamix is one of the leading brands of blender for a reason. Its blenders are built to last, and the Vitamix 5200 is no exception. This blender is made with aircraft-grade stainless steel blades and a 64 oz copolyester jar that can withstand almost anything.

    The blades in the Vitamix 5200 can reach speeds fast enough to create heat from friction. This allows you to make cold ingredients hot in about six minutes, perfect for making soups. It also comes with a getting started guide and DVD to help you learn more about using it.

    The Vitamix 5200 stands tall at the height of 20.5 inches, but its lower weight of 10.5 lbs makes it easy to move if need be. It comes with a motor power of 1,490 watts with a radial cooling fan and thermal protection to prevent overheating.

    It also comes with a set of ten different speeds, although there is no pulse feature. The self-cleaning feature alone makes this worth the relatively high price. It also has a 7-year full warranty. The full warranty is excellent, as it covers any breaks or malfunctions of the blender.

    Key Features

    • Somewhat pricey
    Bottom Line:

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    Crushing Ice Without A Blender

    If you dont have a blender, fear not! You can still make crushed ice with a little bit of elbow grease.

    Its best if you can cheat a little bit by starting out with chipped ice or store-bought pelleted ice, but you can also start the following steps with whole ice cubes:

  • Remove ice from freezer and place in a plastic bag. Thicker, durable bags designed for food storage work best.
  • Place bag on a wooden cutting board or other surface that wont be damaged. If starting with whole cubes, strike each cube swiftly with a wooden mallet to break up cubes.
  • Once smaller fragments have been generated, use slower, grinding motions to crush fragments into smaller pieces.
  • Remove from bag and enjoy!
  • Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender Professional

    This extremely powerful blender turns ice into snow in a matter of seconds- look for consumer reports. It is pricey but you can experience the professional feel from the first use. The engine is powerful enough to chop an apple core and all, turns the leaves fast and generates enough heat to make hot soup. Use it to grind grains into flour, coffee beans, and cheese fondues with no worries. This mixer is extremely durable and has a long, 10-year warranty. 17 programs and 500+ recipes with the iOS + Android app take this model a step further into the future.

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    Magic Bullet Pro 900 Blender For Green Smoothies

    Lets continue our reviews with the Magic Bullet Pro 900 Blender For Green Smoothies. This device comes with complete accessories, including two bowls of different sizes to suit all your needs, two sets of flip-top to-go lids to transport the bowls to anywhere.

    The powerful 900-Watts motor mixes your ingredients in just seconds. With this machine, you can get a cup of healthy green smoothies that is rich in vitamins and essential nutrients. Besides, cleaning the device is not a big deal at all.

    Moreover, you can also have four stainless steel straws when purchasing this set. I highly appreciate this feature as the company has made a small contribution to protecting the environment. Furthermore, this Magic Bullet device provides you with a cleaning brush specialized for their straws.

    Since it appears in the lightweight construction and small size design, it can be carried out and arranged easily as desired.

    Key Features:

    Warranty One year

    Need a clue on how to make green smoothies with the Magic Bullet Pro 900 Blender? Lets watch this video, and dont forget to add it to the cart!

    The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

    5 Best Smoothie Blender – The Best Blender For Smoothies And Crushing Ice

    This is not a top of the line blender, but if you are on a budget and dont have the money to spend on a personal blender from a brand such as Vitamix,NutriMix,or Ninjathen you could do worse than the Hamilton Beach personal travel blender

    It has a 175 Watt motor. While that is not strong enough to handle leafy greens and make green smoothies, in my opinion, it is certainly good enough to handle crushing ice cubes.

    In fact, the images used in the promotional heavily feature ice and fruit, which suggests that these blenders are in fact designed to handle crushing ice and fruit.

    This is not a battery operated blender, so be warned. Its a great travel blender in that its small and you can pack it up with you, but you will need to plug it in.

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    What Is The Best Blender For Crushing Ice

    Finest Blenders For Crushing Ice Frozen Fruits: Blenders are imagined to deal with frozen stable components but it surelys not all the time the case. For those whove all the time been pissed off with low-powered choices, listed here are some nice selections for the perfect blender for ice and frozen fruit.

    Selecting a blender for crushing ice could be a difficult leap for somebody not accustomed to the world of blenders and the components to think about. Because of this weve got the perfect blender for crushing ice and frozen fruits youll be able to think about on this web page.

    In case you are on the lookout for a blender thats excellent for crushing ice, its best to think about getting Vitamix Skilled Sequence 750. This blender can crush a number of cups of ice at a time.

    Try Newest Deal on Prime 3 Blenders Hurry Up

    Except for crushed ice, it additionally provides a clean mix, particularly for fruit drinks and iced espresso. It could actually even deal with chunky soup and frozen fruits in addition to small stable components with no drawback. Nonetheless, extra blenders can carry out on the similar commonplace.

    How do you discover the perfect blender for crushing ice & frozen drinks thats really able to dealing with frozen components? Let this fast information enable you to.

    Best Blender For Ice And Frozen Drinks Reviews And Comparison

    If you dont want to end up ruining your blender, as happened to one of our followers Karen, be sure to read this guide.

    As soon as Karen got her new shiny blender shipped from Amazon, she eagerly placed some veggies and fruits into the jar and added ice to chill things up.

    Great idea?

    Not at all.

    After a minute or so, a strange smell came out of her new appliance, and she shut it off.

    But it was too late. The motor has gone.

    A closer inspection of the owners manual revealed that blending ice and frozen ingredients is not recommended.

    Turns out crushing ice is one of the most challenging tasks for a blender.

    It can also be difficult to tell whether a model will actually get the job done, even if the product specs say that it will.

    To help you select the best ice crushing blender, Ive prepared this quick guide on what to look for, and which popular models are recommended.

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    Ninja Bl610 Ice Crushing Blender Best Value

    Are you looking to save money? You may be interested in the Ninja Professional BL610 Countertop Blender, which we recommend as the best blender for crushing ice and frozen drinks for the money.

    This seven-pound model is low-cost and lightweight but still has a strong 1,000-watt motor that can quickly crush ice and frozen fruit. It has a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe pitcher with a large 64-ounce blending capacity and a sturdy six-blade assembly, plus a simple interface with pulse, low, medium, and high options.

    The BL610 has a reasonably appealing design and works well with ice but is also quite loud and requires tamping for smooth blends. The pitcher isnt as durable as wed like, cracking and leaking with heavy use, and the sharp blades can be difficult to clean and become dull when blending ice. Ninja offers a basic one-year warranty that doesnt cover the pitcher.

    To conclude, we think this is the best blender for ice for the money.

    If youve got extra room in your budget, you may want to give the Vitamix 7500 Blender a look. This high-end model has a powerful all-metal drive and plenty of useful features but is also heavy and has less durable components.

    In testing, we found that the gears and blades arent very durable and may break down over time. In the end, this model is more expensive than its features can fully compensate for. Vitamix offers a good seven-year warranty.

    • Less durable blades and gears

    How To Crush Ice With A Blender

    Health Kick 1200w Ice Crushing Smoothie Blender

    Once you have a powerful blender to make your smoothie, you should check the instructions on the blender to see if there are precautions or tips you should follow. Make sure you have an ice-crushing blender.


    • Remove the ice from the freezer
    • Fill 1/3 of the blender jar with ice cubes
    • Add your liquid base and some water
    • Place the lid on the jar the press the pulse button for about seven times in 2-second intervals.
    • Blend at high speeds for about 30 seconds. You can shake or use a tamper to churn the ice
    • Remove the ice once you have the desired consistency.

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    Homgeek Ice Crushing Blender

    Homgeeks offering, the H22259US Blender Smoothie Maker, is reasonably-priced and offers a range of good features but doesnt work especially well with ice and has a complicated interface.

    The 1,450-watt motor is strong but seizes easily and cant cut through full-size ice cubes. This 9.9-pound machine offers eight speeds and four presets, including dedicated ice crush and smoothie buttons, through a complicated but attractive interface. The large 68-ounce pitcher is made of extra-thick BPA-free Tritan plastic and can blend hot liquids up to 228° F.

    The motor cant be used for more than 10 minutes at a time, so you may have to spend extra time if youre blending large quantities. Homgeek offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year quality guarantee.

    COSORIs C700-PRO Blender is attractively-priced and comes with an effective blender but has a cheaper feel and isnt very durable.

    This heavy 13-pound model has a powerful 1,500-watt motor and a six-tip stainless steel blade assembly. Its not aesthetically pleasing, but the switch and dial interface is fairly easy to use, and the large 70-ounce BPA-free pitcher feels very durable. The package includes a recipe book, a 27-ounce travel bottle with a lid, and a cleaning brush. The built-in tamper works through the lid, so you can easily use it while blending.

    • Heavy, with a cheaper feel
    • Less durable motor and blades

    How To Make Crushed Ice In A Blender

    Here is the best way to crush ice in a blender

    1. The first step in this process is to take the ice out of the fridge and place it on your kitchen counter for between three to five minutes.

    2. Its important to read your blenders user manual before attempting to crush ice. If it isnt capable of crushing ice, then you wont be able to use it for its intended purpose and will only end up burning the motor by spinning the ice around in circles instead.

    Youre looking for a blender that is capable of grabbing large amounts of ice and then turning it into small pieces.

    Some blenders can even make the ice itself really coarse or fine, which is helpful if you want to put crushed ice in your drinks.

    The following models are all worth considering: they have fewer blades than others so that theres less chopping going on they also have a specific button for crushing ice.

    The cheaper ones are made from plastic or glass, while the more expensive ones use stainless steel because it lasts much longer than glass does and is more resistant to breaking as well.

    For a higher quality blender, its hard for the motor to not have ice-crushing abilities.

    However, if youre unsure and would like more information about your specific blender, there are two ways to find out.

    The first is by checking what power the motor has which should be 400W or higher in order to successfully blend ice.

    Secondly, you can check reviews of that specific model online or at stores near you!

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    Can A 400 Watt Blender Crush Ice

    400 watts is not enough power to crush ice. You need something between 500-700 watts for that.

    A 400-watt blender has a lot of weak points within the blade construction, which can compromise its durability and longevity over time.

    A less powerful blender will save you money on your electric bill, but saving up for a more powerful one will be worth it in the quality and dependability of the product.

    Vitamix 7500 Blender Professional Grade

    Top 7 Best Personal Blenders In 2021 For Smoothies, Protein Shakes & Crushing Ice

    The Vitamix 7500 blender is not only powerful but is also durable and will be your kitchen partner for years to come. Famous brands like Starbucks and Tropical Smoothie endorse Vitamix. Its simple functions and sharp blade make it ideal to crush ice and making frozen drinks.

    Laser-Cut Blades

    Vitamix 7500 uses premium quality, aircraft-grade stainless steel blades. The blades are laser cut and therefore are incredibly sharp. Therefore, they are capable of handling the hardest of the ingredients and can turn ice into snow in a blink of an eye.

    Variable Speed Control and Pulse

    The blender offers ten-speed options so that you can adjust the speed to get the perfect texture you desire. Furthermore, the pulse option allows you to get a flare of power like a cherry on the top.

    Innovative Tamper

    The tamper is designed so that it aids in achieving the required results. In addition, it also deals with thick blends without having the need to scrape the sides of the container.

    Heat Protection System

    The blender also ensures safety as it automatically shuts itself down if it is overheated.

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