Smoothies To Heal The Gut

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Whats The Deal With Gluten

A GUT HEALING Smoothie — promote gut health for Ulcerative Colitis

The integrity of the gut lining is maintained by tight junctions between the epithelial cells, called desmosomes. When the gut becomes more permeable , these junctions loosen up, which allows larger molecules to pass through, like undigested food, foreign particles, microbes, etc.

One of the most powerful triggers that opens up these tight junctions is the ingestion of gluten, even in those who dont have celiac disease. So gluten and gliadin not only run down the villi in the small intestine with repeated exposure, which can lead to malabsorption, nutrient deficiencies, and indigestion, but they also trigger the opening of these tight junctions, allowing foreign particles to pass through and creating a continuing inflammatory response in the body. As time goes on and the gut lining is continually exposed to gluten and gliadin, and other substances are allowed to pass through the intestinal lining, the more food sensitivities one will develop. Even if someone did not previously have sensitivities to those undigested foods, once they pass through the gut wall and enter the bloodstream, the body makes antibodies to them. Just like with gliadin exposure, the next time you eat that food, the body already has antibodies against it, which triggers the immune system and mounts an inflammatory response.

Super Green Smoothie Recipe For Healthy Gut

The delicious gut-healing green smoothie has all the wholesome ingredients needed to help soothe the gut and improve digestion.

This recipe is perfect for those experiencing gut problems such as IBS, bloating, stomach cramps, and other digestive issues.

Not only does this green smoothie have all the right ingredients to help combat leaky gut problems but it is also satisfying for the taste buds!

This recipe was inspired by Dr. Josh Axes gut healing smoothie. We made a few changes to his original recipe to suit the taste buds more.



Blend all the ingredients in a high-speed blender for a couple of minutes or until it has a completely smooth consistency.

Serve in a glass and enjoy!

Pear Cardamom Oats Smoothie

Many studies have linked a higher intake of dietary fiber with improved digestion and better overall health, so you should be aiming to eat more high-fiber foods if you’re looking to better your digestive health. Oats are a great option. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition suggests that eating whole grain oats can increase the number of “good” bacteria in your gut. We use oats in this recipe to create a creamy and sweet smoothie base that pairs perfectly with pears!

Get our recipe for Plant-Based Pear Cardamom Oats Smoothie.

Get our recipe for Chocolate-Coconut-Banana Smoothie.

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Jumpstart Your Morning Simply

When we think of ways to get our daily dose of probiotics, it may not be your first instinct to reach for probiotic drinks or foods with probioticsbut there’s actually a lot of delicious ways to get a dose of those good-for-you bacteria into your morning routine.

One of our favorite ways to pack in benefits to our dietwhether we’re looking for extra immune support or maybe just a little help managing stressis a green smoothie. Starting your day with a vibrant smoothie is a great way to introduce some vitamins and nutrients to your day in a tasty, tidy little package.

This green smoothie is meant to add that boost of probiotics by using a base of kefir, though if you don’t have that on hand you can reach for a few spoonfuls of yogurt, diluted by your milk of choice. The other ingredients are chosen to impart prebiotics to the mix, while also making it taste delicious.

Prebiotics are nondigestible fibers that provide nourishment for probioticsand they’re an important part of any gut health routine for that reason. They’re available in whole foods or greens powders. For the recipe below, it’s mindbodygreen’s organic veggies+ that offers the support. The powder features a USDA certified organic whole foods blend with 31 powerhouse ingredients, including dark leafy greens, berries, herbal botanicals, digestive enzymes, and of course prebiotic fiber.*

What Makes It An Anti

Green Smoothie Recipe for Healthy Gut in 2020

The key to an anti-inflammatory smoothie is turmeric and ginger, both of which do amazing things for your digestion.

So always add organic turmeric to smoothies and add a pinch of black pepper to maximise absorption.

Turmeric is vital to anti-inflammation and I always recommend trying to supplement turmeric with black pepper in addition to putting it in smoothies.

Youre looking to find a mix of turmeric and black pepper and also have some kind of fat in the mix as this helps with absorption too.

Ginger is another great anti-inflammatory. I always recommend buying it fresh- top tip if peeling only peel very thinly as most of the goodness is located in the top layer.

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Macronutrient & Food Sensitivity Concerns

Were all familiar with the 3 macronutrients carbs, protein, and fat. Every diet attempts to address, in one way or another, the balance of these 3 macros. And were all familiar with micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. And then we get into things like probiotics and prebiotics. Still with me? Thought so -).

How about this one: post-biotics? Heard of those? Id wager many of you have not.

At the risk of allowing my chemistry-geek self run away on wildly fascinating tangents, Ill share our Ultimate Brain Boosting, Gut Health Smoothie Recipe first and then will take the time to explain what these postbiotics are, where they come from, and WHY you NEED them.

The bulk of this smoothie consists of vegetables, because vegetable diversity translates directly to microbial diversity in the gut. Typical and familiar smoothie ingredients, such as fruit, milk, ice cream, dairy yogurt, and honey, all appease our taste buds but do us no favors in terms of health benefits. In fact, they can even contribute to gut dysbiosis, inflammation, and a river of symptoms flowing downstream of that.

Sorry Mehmet, but we can do better

Gut Healing Green Smoothie

HADTONsoooGut Healing Meal PlanGut Healing Meal Plan

  • 2 1/2 cups spring water
  • 2 cups kale leaves or spinach
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 banana or 2 medjool dates
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 tbsps ground flax seed
  • 4 tbsps hemp seeds
  • 1 tbsp collagen powder
  • Add all ingredients to high speed blend and blend until well combined and smooth.
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    These 7 Gut Health Disruptors Weaken Your Immune System

    Gut dysbiosis damages your immune system and the way it responds to infections. Thats why its crucial to get your gut microbiome in healthy balance and keep it there.

    But many features of everyday life work against a healthy gut microbiome and immune system, leaving you extra vulnerable to infections. Some of the worst culprits include:

  • Antibiotics and other medications including proton pump inhibitors , beta-blockers, and antidepressants can cause dysbiosis, sometimes after a single dose.
  • Any of these factors can interfere with a healthy gut microbiome, but its even more likely that youre experiencing several at once. And when your gut becomes unbalanced, it has an enormous effect on your immune system.

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    Choosing A Bone Broth Powder

    How To Make a Smoothie for a Healthy Gut

    While bone broth itself is amazing for you, it can be time-consuming to make. On the other hand, bone broth powder is a quick fix with all the benefits of bone broth but none of the time commitment.

    Bone broth powder can be used any way the broth can as well as in this chocolate smoothie!

    However, when choosing a powder, you really want to focus on quality. Since you are consuming the nutrients from the bones of the animal, the health of that animal matters.

    This is why I opt for Perfect Supplements Bone Broth Powder. Not only is Perfect Supplements a brand Ive trusted for other items but theyre powder:

    • Is 100% USDA Organic

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    Keto Diet With Dr Josh Axe


    Following his very successful first program, Dr. Josh Axe returns to public television in an entertaining new presentation to share cutting-edge health and nutrition advice based on his new book The Keto Diet. In his familiar upbeat style, Dr. Axe puts his own fresh spin on the widely successful and well-researched keto diet. Unlike many fad diets that come and go with very limited rates of long-term success, the ketogenic diet has been practiced for more than nine decades and is based upon a solid understanding of physiology and nutrition science. The program showcases delicious food and recipe options. It includes a demonstration of how to make Dr. Axeâs preferred keto-friendly, gut-healing smoothie recipe. Dr. Axe clearly outlines the great benefits of the keto diet beyond fasting and weight loss: reduced risk for type 2 diabetes, reduced risk of heart disease, resistance to brain and neurological disorders, and more. The keto diet works for a high percentage of people and it targets several key, underlying causes of weight gain, including hormonal imbalances. This is especially true of insulin resistance coupled with high blood sugar levels. The keto diet also ends the cycle of restricting and binging on empty calories that so many dieters struggle with. That cycle is often a result of hunger, which is not a factor on the keto diet, as the list of approved, satiating foods is long.

    Essential Tips From Wellness Phenomenon Dr Axe

    Drink bone broth. Eat real food. Make the most of powerful essential oils like frankincense. These and other essential wellness tips from our , Dr. Axe, show you exactly why we picked this wellness phenomenon to kick off the year with!

    The truth is that little changes like the below can have a huge impact on our health some of our favorite health tips are so simple, they almost seems too good to be true. Get real with a couple of these accessible health ideas we can actually commit to from viral wellness sensation, Dr. Josh Axe

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    Whole Veggie Healthy Smoothie

    Vegetables could be the healthiest food we can consume in every meal. The good news is, you can turn veggies into a smoothie good for your gut. Just invest for a quality blender and you are ready to make one.

    Whole Veggie Smoothie is rich in collagen that works best in repairing the gut. It is so nutritious packed with vegetables and fruits, like cucumbers, green apple, lemon, kale, and ginger root. You can also add up herbs of your choice to make the smoothie more flavorful.

    Doctors recommend the use of collagen protein and probiotic powder to end up with a healthier drink. With these great supplements, the gut would be happier.

    It is best served during breakfast and snack time, and also a good beverage for everyday consumption.

    So What Even Is Leaky Gut In The First Place

    Gut Healing Smoothie

    In healthy people with well-functioning gastrointestinal tracts, the small intestine functions as the main digestion, absorption, and immune-modulating organ in the body. The gut barrier serves as the gatekeeper that decides what get into our body and what stays out. . The enzymes on the brush border allow for the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients, allows friendly compounds like properly digested fats, proteins, and starches to pass through, and the epithelial wall keeps foreign invaders like pathogens, bacteria, and larger food particles out. With leaky gut, the villi on the brush border of your small intestine begin to break down, along with the structure of the epithelial wall. This allows unwanted particles to pass through into the bloodstream, and causing widespread inflammation, and also causes foods that area already digested to be malabsorbed, leading to micronutrient deficiencies. Normally, the microvilli release lactase and cholecystokinin , which signals to the pancreas to secrete various digestive enzymes and helps you break your food down, as it should. With leaky gut and the breakdown of the brush border, all these functions are seriously diminished.

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    Cinnamon Berry Healthy Smoothie

    Cinnamon seems always present in every healthy smoothie recipe for gut health. Well, cinnamon has the power to ease digestion, helps break down glucose, and intestinal gas. These are enough reasons to consider adding cinnamon to your smoothie in taking care of the digestive system.

    It is combined with other healthy ingredients, such as avocado, berries, and kale. They end up creamy because of the added non-dairy milk for safer consumption. Dairy-free milk is better for digestion than the other options.

    If you want a tastier smoothie, add five drops of vanilla extract on the mixture. Vanilla is a perfect complement for cinnamon and berries to produce up to two servings of creamy smoothie for your gut health.

    Blackberry Turmeric Smoothie Bowl

    Smoothie bowls are a fun twist on smoothies. But you can easily add these ingredients into your favorite blender and enjoy on the go! Turmeric is a strong fighter of inflammation, and blackberries are a powerful fruit full of antioxidants. With these two ingredients and multiple sources of protein, this Blackberry Turmeric Smoothie should work to alleviate symptoms of chronic symptoms while helping restore your gut biology. Feel free to swap out the blackberries for strawberries or blueberries.

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    More About The Gut Healing Part Of This Gut

    G.I. Fortify supports the function microflora balance, integrity, tone, comfort, cellular health, and detoxification of the gastrointestinal tract. Its a blend of high-impact fiber, herbs, and nutrients, providing far-reaching support for gastrointestinal function and occasional constipation.

    This product is designed to promote larger and softer stools and healthy bowel movement frequency support short-chain fatty acid production, providing an energy source for the colon and maintaining healthy colon cell function provide prebiotic support, promoting beneficial microflora such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria maintain healthy gut integrity minimize the time of exposure of the gastrointestinal tract to toxins, and soothe the gastrointestinal tract by enhancing the gastric mucosa.

    I love it! I dont use it all the time, but if I ever have a bout of bloating or poor digestion due to stress or something I ate, adding this supplement into my diet always helps. Get it here.

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    Other Gut Healing Smoothie Ingredients

    Papaya & Aloe Gut Healing Smoothie – Ulcerative Colitis

    The rest of the ingredient list for the smoothie looks like this:

    • frozen riced cauliflower
    • ice

    I call flax, chia and hemp my breakfast trifecta.

    Seriously, I put this combo in everything I eat for breakfast whether its a gut healing smoothie like this, a bowl of oatmeal, millet porridge or even as a topping for pancakes and waffles.

    The three seeds combined bring excellent healthy fats, protein and fiber to the table and I swear by them for satiety!

    Psyllium husk fiber is another fiber source that I often use but feel free to omit that if you dont have it on hand.

    Lets also talk about the banana in this smoothie. I prefer to use green bananas these days. Why? Because the greener the banana, the better source of prebiotics.

    Earlier we talked about yogurt being a source of probiotics which are the bacteria themselves. Prebiotics are the food those good bacteria eat!

    Green bananas are excellent sources of prebiotics and therefore good for the gut as well.

    So while they bring a little bit of banana flavor to this smoothie, it wont be as intense as youre used to with a normal yellow or brown spotted banana. Save those for baking and use the green ones for this smoothie!

    The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric should be old news by now. I talked about it at length in this Instant Pot coconut pork with turmeric rice in regards to the arthritis that runs in my family.

    All the other ingredients are pretty self-explanatory or optional .

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    This Doctors Daily Gut

    Breakfast Smoothies Meal Type: Breakfast , Brunch , Drinks Diet Type: Dairy free , Egg free , Gluten free , Grain free , Phase 1 Semi Restricted , Phase 2 Reduce and Repair , Vegetarian

    Leaky gut syndrome works slowly, so you could happily live your life until a chronic condition comes along and stays for good. Instead of waiting for that to happen, paying attention to early symptoms that are tell-tale of leaky gut syndrome is a great way to prevent damage from going any further. 10 Leaky Gut Symptoms and Signs

    Slippery elm or marshmallow root can be added to gentle, grain-free porridges. Stir in 1 tablespoon per serving, or more, to taste. 2 teaspoons to 2 tablespoons may be used in teas or other settings, such as porridges and smoothies.

    My usual rotation was the good gut smoothie, a cucumber and aloe smoothie, a key lime pie avocado smoothie, and a carrot juice smoothie. Aloe Vera is to help with leaky gut and carrots help with gastritis . Phew, I know, so much to think about.

    While both juices and smoothies are beverages you consume, the difference lies in the way they are prepared. A juice uses a juicer a smoothie a blender. When fruits and vegetables are placed through a juicer, the water and nutrients are kept, but the indigestible fiber is removed.

    Our Ultimate Gut & Brain Smoothie Recipe

    While the selection of included items in this recipe is an exact science, which specific ingredients and amounts you choose are suggestions that can be modified to taste and consistency. As with many of our other recipes, we offer a variety of choices and encourage our clients and readers to build the recipe that works for them.

    The essential macronutrient balance of this smoothie maintains a 4-to-1 ratio of vegetables to fruit, low overall sugar content, and sufficient quantities of protein and fat. If you’re working with time/budget constraints, the more crucial items are listed in bold.

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