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How To Open A Juice Bar

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Juice or Smoothie Bar?

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The juice bar business started to boom in the mid-90’s thanks to an increasing demand for easy, tasty yet nutritious beverages and snacks for health-conscious consumers. Whether you’re selling your own unique blends of fruit juices, adding vegetables and vitamins to the mix, or even selling solely organic juices, there are a number of different approaches to run a juice bar. Opening a juice bar requires good planning and strategic marketing to outshine the competition, so read the following steps to learn how to open a juice bar.

Find The Right Location For Your Smoothie Shop

Whether you are heading out on the location hunt on your own or getting help from a commercial real estate agent, the first step toward finding the right spot for your smoothie shop is to determine where your target customer spends their time. It wont be enough to operate out of a solid, functioning building. Youll also need to choose a location centrally located to your prospective customers in order to effectively reach them once youre open for business.

To start writing comprehensive buyer personas for your target customers, check out How to Entice Your Restaurants Target Customer.

The Inspiration For Getting Started

Andrew was introduced to juicing while working as an actor. Andrew observed one of the cast mates was in insanely good shape. Not only did was the actor extraordinarily fit, but was a lighting rod of energy to boot.

Andrew had to know what this guy was doing. So he asked. The actor informed Andrew that he was a raw vegan. Being a vegan or having another specialty diet is not uncommon today, but in the early 2000s these diets were not well known.

This conversation led Andrew down a path to understanding more about his own diet and overall health. Shortly thereafter, Andrew discovered juicing and transformed his eating habits. Andrew was hooked.

Ultimately, Andrew decided to turn his passion for this healthy diet and lifestyle into a full-time business. We dig into Andrews back story and tips for getting started in this interview.

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Juice Bar Startup Cost And Profit

Your startup cost will depend on how much you are spending on equipment , rent, advertising, and getting the necessary license and permit. You can start the business at $10,000. Your profit will depend on your total sales minus the cost of your ingredients and overhead. It could be several times your capital after a while when youve mastered the operation. Adding other items such as sandwiches to your menu can help boost profit.

For tips and advice on starting a juice bar, has an eGuide that could help a prospective juice bar owner find resources in starting this business. The eGuide, which one can download instantly, costs $68.95.

How To Open A Juice Bar In 12 Steps

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Opening a juice bar is an extremely rewarding experience that can be very lucrative and improve the health around your community. Your juice bar will need creative marketing, a good location, and great equipment. Startup costs can be as low as $15k or as high as $350k, depending on your area. However, youll bring in $200k $750k in annual revenue once your juice bar is set up and running. Weve helped hundreds of juice bars craft their business plans, get the right equipment for sustainable operations, and expand into additional offerings. Lets jump right in and discover how to open your juice bar.

Here are the 12 most important steps to open your juice bar:

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What Required Knowledge Or Skills Are Necessary

Food service experience is helpful but not a necessity in running a juice bar and smoothie café. There is no need for you to have an education in nutrition, as most people understand that fruits and vegetables are a healthy part of their regular diet. However, being able to calculate caloric content and some basic vitamin and mineral details to add to your menu and product labels would encourage your customers to buy. The work requires that the worker be able to be on their feet for extended periods of time, a good people person, and be able to lift up to 25 pounds.

How To Open A Smoothie Shop

Wondering how to open a smoothie shop? Here is everything you need to open a smoothie shop, from your restaurant business plan to layout to menu design.

Although blended fruit drinks have been around for nearly a century now, smoothies as we know them didnt take off running until the early 2000s, after a near-unanimous emphasis on personal wellness in the United States began to emerge. And while they initially gained popularity as a nutritious meal supplement, the smoothie shop has evolved over the years into the comprehensive healthy living establishments that we know them as today.

There are more than 5,000 juice and smoothie shops operating in the United States as of 2021, and the industry is growing with new stores opening by the month. Smoothies have evolved to include vegan options, protein-packed pre or post-workout drinks, pre-packaged juices and smoothies to-go, and other unique flavors, styles, and themes.

Jamba Juice is known as one of the most popular smoothie chains, and has helped to bring the love of fresh blended fruit drinks outside of its original home in San Luis Obispo, CA. From a small fruit stand in California to an international smoothie restaurant chain, the growth of Jamba Juice to almost 1,000 locations around the world shows the popularity and staying power of the drink.

If you have always dreamed of turning your hobby as an expert smoothie maker into a business and opening a smoothie food truck or store, here are the steps to get started.

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Find The Right Location For A Juice Bar

For juice bar cart sales, location means everything! As mentioned previously, a juice bar fits two location types: permanent and mobile. In the first case, there is no need to purchase a cart and deal with unexpected rain. And with a business at a permanent location, you can build development strategies and predict how many ingredients youll need on a day-to-day basis.

Owning a mobile cart, you are not usually bothered with utilities and the monthly rent, and you can always move to another place tomorrow if sales arent good today. There are pros and cons for both location types, so the decision depends on your preferences and expectations.

Together with every restaurant, bar, and cafe, a juice bar needs to be located in a crowded place with high foot traffic. First, you need to start by defining your target audience. Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are quite pricey, so dont target people who cant afford your product.

You can lease a 48 square meter kiosk in a shopping mall, maybe in an airport or a massive health club. People would love a glass of fresh juice during a shopping session or after a workout, so starting your own juice bar in a gym is a pretty good idea.

To develop your brand and recognition you could take part in local exhibitions, food and music festivals, sports events, and fairs. This way youll get a stable income, and payback will depend solely on the quality of the service you provide and the initial investments.

Set Up Restaurant Tax Information Including Dba And Ein For Your Smoothie Shop

Juice Or Smoothie Bar Business Plan

Keeping the paperwork train chugging along, youll also want to begin the process of collecting all the necessary tax, DBA, and EIN information needed to operate a smoothie shop through your in-house or a third-party tax professional. Heads up, these too may come with different specifications depending on the location of your shop.

To get started with restaurant tax needs:

  • Familiarize yourself with all relevant restaurant tax requirements for your shop.

  • Choose a business structure and establish your restaurant as a business.

  • File for your DBA .

  • Apply for your EIN if you plan to hire employees at any time.

Again, working with a professional on this step can help prevent future headaches.

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Benefits Of Starting A Juice In Kenya

High profits While the only investment that you may have to put into this business is the money to buy equipment & the premise rent, profits guarantee in the end is very high. Always double or triple the amount you use on fruits & vegetables. So you can easily make Ksh. 5,000 daily if you make juice worth Ksh. 5,000 of fruits & sell everything daily.

There is a constant demand for juice in Kenya and it helps if you can make the best natural juice & retain a huge share of the market.

It takes a shorter time to get all your invested amount back & start earning pure profits.

You can easily blend the juice bar business with other small businesses like cake sales, bottled water sales & other bakery products.

Buy Equipment For A Juice Bar Business

Probably the largest share of your startup expenses will account for basic equipment. Lets see just exactly what you need:

  • Multifunctional juicer
  • Automatic fruit and vegetable peeler
  • Refrigerators
  • Ice machine
  • Closet to store inventory

As for the juice bar POS solution, you might prefer to have something compact and not requiring heavy investments from the start. From the operations point of view, juice bars have a lot in common with small coffee shops or food trucks. Solutions popular among those types of businesses most probably will provide all the required features at a good price.

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Write A Juice Bar Business Plan

Writing a business plan is the next step in the process of opening your juice bar. Dont skip the business plan, even if you think you have all the details of your business memorized. Its a professional way to gather all your important info in one place and present the idea to potential investors. Your juice bar business plan should contain the following sections:

  • Executive Summary – Write this section last and use it to summarize the business plan as a whole.
  • Company Overview and Description – Include a detailed overview of your juice bar business.
  • Concept and Menu – In this section, describe all the details of your juice bar concept and menu.
  • Management and Ownership Structure – This section should explain the hierarchy of your management structure.
  • Employees and Staffing Needs – List out all staff positions and the number of employees needed for operation.
  • – Perform research on local competitors and provide an analysis of your findings in this section.
  • Advertising and Marketing Strategies – Outline the types of advertising and marketing strategies youll use for your juice bar.
  • Financial Projection and Summary – Use this section to provide a sales forecast and break-even analysis.
  • If you want to learn more about writing business plans, check out our comprehensive restaurant business plan guide.

    Products Of Juice Bar

    How to Start Your Own Juice Bar Business

    Before you open a juice bar, you must decide which services and products you will be offering so that you can invest in just relevant arrangements. In this starting a juice bar business plan were enlisting the products and services Fructose Bar will provide.

    • Fruit Juice & Nectar: Our main service will be providing fresh and pure juices of fruits like cranberry, apples, green apples, pomegranate, strawberry, plum, apricots, peach, pineapple, orange, red grapes, beet, blackberry, sugarcane, etc.
    • Smoothies: Well offer delicious smoothies made by blending fruits with creamy milk in several combinations like banana, strawberry-banana, blackberry-raspberry mix, peach-mango, and almond-dates.
    • Salads: Our third main service will be providing two to three types of salads made by fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Scoops: Well offer scoops of vanilla, strawberry, mango, chocolate, butter brickle, butter pecan, and moon mist ice creams.
    • Snacks & Refreshments: Well also offer packaged snack foods, doughnuts, and pastries. Because teens and kids are usually interested in eating these types of foods.

    The company will offer home delivery, dine-in as well as takeaway services.

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    Outfit Your Juice Bar Checkout

    Once your counter is placed, youll need a point-of-sale system installed to manage your orders, sales, and inventory. Using a POS saves time and provides deeper insights into your sales, inventory, customers, and employee data. Many POS systems also offer built-in payment processing, which means you only have to deal with one solution provider.

    There are many factors to consider when selecting a POS. Before you start seriously considering different options, its important to write down a wish list of what features you want. Some of the criteria we typically use to evaluate POS systems include:

    • Price: Most POS software programs charge a monthly fee, and some also charge extra for certain features.
    • Ease of use: Take advantage of free trials to test out different systems and to make sure the interface is easy to navigate also read user reviews to be aware of any glitches or common problems.
    • Inventory management: Make sure the solution you use has features for ingredient-level tracking so your stock counts stay accurate after each customer order is fulfilled.
    • Customer management tools: Almost all POS systems have a customer directory feature, but otherwise they vary greatly in what loyalty, marketing, and customer feedback features are included.
    • Ecommerce functions: Some POS solutions have features for creating a website or setting up online orders.

    Write A Marketing Plan Packed With Ideas & Strategies

    Running a business requires that you should be proactive when it comes to marketing your goods or services.

    People and organizations will purchase fresh juice from your bar if they know that they are going to get the best and of course value for their money. As a matter of fact, your marketing strategy will center on quality, efficiency and pricing, and above all excellent customer service. The truth is that if you are able to put the above stated in place, you wont struggle to retain your old customers and at the same time win over new customers.

    Businesses these days are aware of the power of the internet which is why they will do all they can to maximize the internet to market their services or products. In other words, a larger percentage of your marketing effort will be directed to internet users and your website will become your number one marketing tool.

    Here are some of the marketing ideas and strategies that you can adopt for your fresh fruit juice bar business

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    Juice Bar Equipment: Key Points To Consider

    As I said earlier, your equipment is a huge determinant of your success in this business. So you might want to pay close attention to this angle.

    When starting up a juice bar or smoothie bar business, you dont just walk into any store and purchase whichever equipment you find, youre going to have to select the necessary ones or youll end up buying junk.

    Lucky for you, Ive prepared a list of the major factors you should consider before choosing your juice bar equipment.

    Start A Smoothie Business By Following These 10 Steps:

    Is The Juice Or Smoothie Bar Business Right For You?

    You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next step. There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the state. We have put together this simple guide to starting your smoothie business. These steps will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered properly and legally compliant.

    Check out our How to Start a Business page.

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    Write Your Business Plan

    After coming up with the idea, the next step in starting your juice bar should be to write a business plan. The business plan will make you focus on some important aspects of the business, such as who your customers are, how you plan to reach them, projecting sales and expenses, competitors, and more. Youll also need to do some research to calculate exactly what your startup expenses will be and what your ongoing expenses will be.

    Not only will a bank require you to have a business plan and financial projections if you need financing, but multiple studies have shown that having a good business plan increases the odds of starting a successful business. Writing the plan helps you to think through all the aspects of the business and then serves as a guide as you begin.

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    Juice & Smoothie Menu Ideas

    Creating the juice and smoothie menu is the fun part for me. There are almost endless combinations so you will never get stuck for juice and smoothie ideas.

    Keep the menu simple and easy to edit as over time you will work out what sells and what doesnt and adapt accordingly. In my experience Green juices and mango, strawberry and banana smoothies sell well.

    Have around 10 options if you are a fixed juice bar, and 4-8 if you are selling from a juice truck or stall. Too much choice can lead to customer paralysis. You want to make it easy for people to make a decision and place an order.

    Having a smaller menu also helps with stock control. Otherwise, you end up buying a lot of different ingredients which can be a nightmare and lead to waste.

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