What Is The Best Smoothie Maker To Buy

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Q: Do You Need A Special Blender To Make Smoothies

âBest Blender : Best Smoothie Maker Blenders [Buying Guide]

A: While strictly speaking you dont need a specific smoothie bender, there are certainly some advantages to investing in one that has been specifically designed to handle the ingredients youd commonly want to include in a delicious and highly nutritious smoothie or shake. The most important things are speed, power and pulverizing efficiency. To create that rich non-grainy smoothie-like texture you need your ingredients to be perfectly blended together. The more powerful the motor and efficient the blades, the better the results. If you are wanting to include highly fibrous and healthy leafy green vegetables or frozen fruits and seeds into your smoothies, then you need power and superior blending action. Its also a great idea to invest in a smoothie blender which also features at least one travel cup with a sip and seal lid so that you can enjoy a breakfast smoothie or post workout shake conveniently on the go.

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo Best Rated Smoothie Blender

Nutribullet started the compact blender revolution. If you must know, the Nutribullet Go is the brands latest and smallest entry in their line of personal blenders. IMHO, its the best cordless smoothie maker despite being relatively new to the market.

Think about it it weighs 60% less than your average personal blender. Simply put, it will be effortless to bring with you on camping trips, beaches, gym, and even at work. It is one of the best travel blenders you can have.

Sadly, its battery-operated 70-watt motor is pretty limited. Dont expect it to work like the Magic Bullet or the NutriBullet Pro. The issue with rechargeable blenders like the NutriBullet Go is power. Its only suitable for basic smoothie recipes and protein shakes.

Personal Blender Redmond Powerful Smoothie Blender

Smoothies are a fantastic way to get an added punch of nutrition into your diet. Single Serve blender can save space for your countertop, and its more affordable. With an travel bottle blender, you can enjoy your smoothie wherever you are!

300 W motor, 20000 RPM, power enough to handle frozen fruit and most hard ingredients. 2 speeds to serve different tastes Pulse Function gives you more control over the blending or chopping process. 2* 20 oz travel bottles with handle and spout, meet the needs of parent-child travel.

Very easy to clean by rinsing, or you can clean in a way of juicing. Bottles dishwasher safe. Compact design for those who have limited storage space, and want to quickly whip up morning smoothies, shakes, and dips.

Highlighted Features:

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What Is The Best Blender For Smoothies

The best smoothie maker of 2021 is Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo. Its a powerful personal blender capable of making traditional smoothies and thicker blends like acai bowls. Its the only small-sized blender that can handle that level of consistency.

Speaking of the best blender for smoothies, lets take a closer look at the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo and some other options you might be interested in.

What To Consider When Buying A Blender

KUMAKA SH Smoothie Maker 300 Watt Centrifugal Juicer Price ...

When it comes to selecting the best blender for you, start by identifying the type of blender you need.

Jug blenders feature a blade inside the plastic or glass receptacle, which spins when connected to the motor in the base units. They can blend large quantities but are usually bulky.

Meanwhile, smoothie blenders, also known as personal blenders, come with a small plastic cup rather than a jug. Fill the cup with your ingredients then attach the blade, flip the cup upside down and attach to the base. When the ingredients are blended to your liking, remove from the base, unscrew the blade and screw on a to-go lid, then take your drink with you.

Finally, theres also immersion blenders to consider. Often referred to as hand blenders or stick blenders, they are designed to be inserted into a saucepan or container of ingredients you want to puree. These compact appliances should be swirled around in the liquid while the blade spins to ensure its blended uniformly. The blade can be detached from the main unit, containing the motor for easy cleaning too.

Also consider the number of speed and power settings the blender offers. If youre looking to crush ice and grind coffee beans, its worth considering a blender that has more control over how quickly it spins, to ensure you can chop the food to the consistency you want.

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How To Clean A Blender

Staying on top of cleaning your blender is key if you want it to last as long as possible and if you want to avoid any nasty odors building up. Many blending jugs can be placed inside the dishwasher but you can also clean them by adding warm water and dish soap to the blending jug, placing the lid on, and blending up the soapy solution.

If youre struggling to get rid of any stubborn stains, create your own cleaning paste using 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. You can add this solution to the stains by using a clean scrubbing brush or a clean toothbrush.

Best Value: Black + Decker 10

For some, spending hundreds of dollars on a blender for smoothies isn’t an option, and thankfully, the 48-ounce Black + Decker blender will get the job done for just $25. The affordable appliance makes smoothies and costs a fraction of the price of most blenders, and it even comes with a two-year warranty. With this powerhouse machine you can choose from 10 speeds to make fruit smoothies, protein shakes, and malts at home instead of spending extra cash at a drive-thru.

“Bought this blender to replace an exact model that I had for 15 years. The best part is that I can use the jars from my old blender with this new one. Love Black + Decker they last forever,” one shopper says.

Buy It: $25

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Best Multipurpose: Cuisinart Kitchen Central 3

This 3-in-1 kitchen appliance from Cuisinart is a handy tool for anyone who’s looking to downsize and save space in their cabinets. The 500-watt base comes with three interchangeable parts that can turn the machine into a blender, food processor, and juicer. Not only does it blend ingredients to a smooth consistency, but the blender unit has a 40-ounce capacity, so it can handle family-size batches as well. Plus, each removable element is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Multiple reviewers mention that the blender is great for making smoothies, among other things. One writes, “The blender is great it’s high speed and powerful, and makes perfect smoothies and purees for our little one! I love the no-spill spout it has, so you don’t have to worry about spilling anything . The juicer is perfectit makes amazing fruit and veggie juice, and I end up now leaving it on my counter.”

Stick Or Immersion Blenders

Best Blenders in 2019 | Make Great Smoothies, Soups & More!

Stick blenders are made up of a blade at the end of a long shaft that houses the motor. These blenders can work in just about any container they fit into, and are perfect for blending soups and sauces right in the pot. Many cooks love them for their ability to make a small amount of mayonnaise in a jar. Their small size means theyre easy to store, and most even fit in a drawer. Some come with accessories, like a whisk, extra blades, or chopping jars that could be beneficial.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Even though we like the tight-fitting travel lid, the spout for drinking is very small, measuring 1 inch by ¾ inch. Its very difficult to drink a thick smoothie without using a straw. But we prefer straws to smoothie sipping, so this doesnt bother us one bit.

The NutriBullet Pro isnt the sleekest machine we tested. The branding is splashed all over the front, and if youre logo averse, this can be troubling. If aesthetics are that important to you, consider getting the Breville Boss To Go.

In 2014, Consumer Reports declared the NutriBullet Pro a safety hazard after a piece of the blade broke off due to a stress test where they blended 7 large ice cubes 45 times. Later that year, after an initial investigation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that there was no reason for a recall. In September of 2016, Consumer Reports restored the NutriBullet Pro to their product rankings, giving it an overall score of good. We think a stress test of that magnitude is unrealistic. Personal blenders arent meant to crush large cubes of ice over and over again. CNET conducted stress tests on the NutriBullet Pro and found no problems of breakage or malfunction.

Best Cheap Blenderbreville Active Smoothie Maker

This Breville smoothie maker ticks all the boxes and is exceptionally good value for money. It doesnt come with loads of accessories to clutter up your cupboards nor does it have a big motor, but its easy to use & most importantly, it makes great smoothies.

The Breville is great at home or on the go. Pop your favourite ingredients into the bottle, attach the blade cap & twist to lock. Press the button until your smoothie is perfectly blended & then screw on the lid youre good to go. Also worth noting is that the two bottles are a standard 600ml size. Theyll fit in most car cup holders & bike cages etc. Plus, theyre comfortable to hold.

Thousands of owners love this cheap smoothie blender. And whats important is that its not just good out of the box, it keeps going & continues to work well. The cups, tops & blades are dishwasher safe, although a quick rinse for the blades will do the job. Rinsing the blades means the seals will avoid dishwasher temperatures and will, therefore, last longer.

The Breville smoothie blender is available in a number of colours. While the verdict price below is an average over recent months, specific colours are occasionally discounted at Amazon. Theres a lot to like about the Breville. Its easy to use, the bottles are a good size and its very affordable.


Breville Active | Verdict price £30

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Why Buy A Smoothie Maker

Shop-bought smoothies may taste good but theyre often expensive and packed with added sugar.

Making your own smoothies means you can hone the ingredients for running. Try adding protein for muscle repair, oats for energy and turmeric for post-run inflammation, or make one of our 20 healthy smoothie recipes.

The difference between a smoothie maker and a blender is that smoothie makers make one drink at a time to minimise waste. Once your smoothie is ready, the jug turns into a cup that you can grab and go.

Blenders tend to be bigger and more powerful because you can use them for lots of different things, but they lack the portability of smoothie makers and usually cost more.

Most smoothie makers are incredibly simple to use – click the jug in place, whizz the fruit up and that’s it. Fancy features tend to be thin on the ground, but look out for vacuum blending technology that helps lock in nutrients for an additional healthy boost.

Best Overall: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Nutri Ninja Blender &  Smoothie Maker with Auto

If you’re willing to spend a little more on a professional-grade blender like a Vitamix, then you’re in for a treat. The E310 Explorian Blender has a 48-ounce container that’s great for prepping smoothies for the entire week or for the whole family. The blender features 10 speeds, plus a pulse function that allows you to get the right consistency for smoothies, soups, and more. Instead of putting all the parts in the dishwasher, utilize the self-cleaning feature that thoroughly cleans the blender in just 30 seconds. All you’ll need is a drop of dish soap and warm water, then run the blender until it’s clean.

Despite the high price point, the Vitamix blender has a dedicated following of loyal fans who love its versatility and power. “So far, I’ve used it for grinding coffee beans, making bulletproof coffee every morning, a smoothie every afternoon, and yesterday I made cauliflower rice in it for a recipe,” says one customer. “It comes with a tamper to push things down if needed and that has worked great. I’m looking forward to donating my previous cheap blender, my coffee grinder, and hand blender. I’ve already gotten rid of my food processor. This appliance may cost more, but it can do SO many things, I believe it’s totally worth it.”

Buy It: $273

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Buying Guide For Best Milkshake Makers

When a healthy smoothie isnt what you crave, opt for a thick, indulgent, homemade milkshake. Tired of drinking runny shakes made in your high-powered blender? A milkshake maker is designed to create rich, decadent shakes just like those straight out of a soda shop. Forget dragging everyone out to grab sub-par shakes at a franchise. Instead, enjoy yummy treats in the comfort of your own home with a machine thats easy to use and clean.

Make your next movie night a real treat for the whole family with some delicious, homemade milkshakes.

Jusseion 1200w Smoothie Blender

Meet this Jusseion Smoothie Blender equipped with a 1200W powerful motor that comes with 6 unique blades to crush almost any fruits and veggies. It doesnt matter the ingredients frozen at all.

All this you can do with a single touch of the smart button featured by this powerful Jusseion Blender. The cups are larger enough to make you a smooth beverage every morning or so.

Well, there is a built-in lock with an external button for safety issues. If you are thinking about the cleaning solution, it is the best smoothie maker for you then.

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Bosch Vitamaxx Vacuum Blender

Best smoothie-maker for finished results

This is one of the best smoothie-makers on the market, with excellent blending power and high-quality components. It has a deoxygenisation function a vacuum which removes oxygen to give the most vibrant finished smoothie plus a range of useful accessories like storage bowls. We found it blended even pesky small ingredients like raspberry seeds, a rarity in the smoothie blender world. You will need a decent amount of space to store it though, plus it’s not cheap. Read our full review of the Bosch VitaMaxx blender.

Available from:

Best cheap smoothie-maker

If you’re after a smoothie-maker with few bells and whistles that does the job well for a good price, this slimline appliance from IKOHS ticks all the right boxes. It’s operated using a large button on the front and there is very little else to familiarise yourself with. Thanks to the tall stacking design, it’s particularly easy to pack away, helped by the fact the power cable can be tucked into the base. Read our full review of the IKOHS OSIT personal blender.

Available from:

Best smoothie-maker for healthy eaters

Available from:

Best For Smoothies: Cuisinart Smartpower Compact Portable Blending/chopping System

BEST Green Smoothie Recipe | 5 SIMPLE Ingredients
  • Easy to use and clean

  • Sleek, compact design

This affordable and versatile personal blender, which also works well as a chopper, boasts a powerful 350-watt motor, a variety of controls that include pulsing, low-speed blending, and high-speed blending, and an electronic touchpad with LED indicator lights.

This set has two bladesone for blending and one for choppingand 15 attachments, including a 32-ounce blender jar, an 8-ounce chopping cup, and a set of four 16-ounce BPA-free travel cups with drinking lidsperfect for multiple people in your household to enjoy smoothies on the go. The two blades also make this blender ideal for smoothies, in our tester’s opinion: “I made banana, apple, and kale smoothies in my blender every day for a week, first using the chopping blade to cut through the ice, and then switching to the blending blade to blend the drink,” she says. Plus, you can choose to blend your smoothies directly in the travel cups.

The Spruce Eats / Tierney McAfee

“Everything about the Cuisinart is intuitive, from the blade assemblies to the touch-button controls to the lids.” Tierney McAfee, Product Tester

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Kickstart A Healthy New Lifestyle Or Simply Make Some Fabulous Sauces With Our Pick Of The Best Blenders

A blender makes a great addition to every home and the best blenders will serve you as well on day 1,000 as they did on day one. While they’re fab at making fresh smoothies, that’s not their only talent. They can also be used to throw together healthy soups and sauces all year round, making it twice as easy to get all the vitamins your body craves and also making it twice as easy to justify the worktop space your new blender will use.

If you’re not so worried about space but are concerned about extra washing up, there are lots of clever blenders that have been designed with your struggles in mind. Many models now blend directly into a cup or bottle, usually with an attached lid, so you can sip it straight away or even store it for later without having to deal with any added washing up. Some even come with special cleaning cycles and dishwasher-safe parts to make clean-up even easier.

Not sure which features you need to look out for? Below we’ve put together a handy guide focussing on the features you need and the ones you dont. If you’re already clued up or just want to browse before diving into details, you’ll find our regularly updated list of the best blenders and smoothie makers below.

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