What Is In Smoothie King Immune Builder

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With Food Retailers Facing New Restrictions How Did Smoothie King Pivot Operations To Use New Delivery Service Methods

This Is Hands Down The Best Smoothie King Menu Item

We rolled out online ordering shortly before the pandemic started. Because of the pandemic, the growth of our digital sales exceeded our expectations. Our smoothies are already a convenient meal on the go, so growing our delivery and order-ahead business worked as a natural extension of our current business and did not require a large pivot when restaurant dining rooms were closed in many areas.

As A Health And Wellness Leader What New Product Innovations Helped Lead To The Company’s Success During Covid

Many people turned to fast food as a safe, convenient dining option during COVID-19, but there are not many healthy options made with good clean ingredients plus the fruits and veggies we all need to stay well.

We worked hard over the last five years to remove all artificial color, flavors and preservatives from our smoothies. This meant working with every protein and vitamin supplier to make sure they followed the strict standards from our no-no list for every ingredient that goes into our smoothies. Many of our smoothies also have zero grams of added sugar. These changes, plus our commitment to use whole fruits, organic veggies and no syrups, really made Smoothie King unique in the quick-service restaurant space.

We also introduced new Immune Builder smoothies: The Immune Builder Veggie Super Food and Mixed Berry smoothies are both rich in antioxidants, blended with more than 800 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements, plus zinc, iron and calcium to support a healthier immune system.

Overall, we feel Smoothie Kings commitment to blending more nutritious smoothies really helped our success during COVID-19.

What Type Of Guidelines And Best Practices Have Been Developed To Support Franchisees Through This Crisis How Did This Business Model Impact Corporate Decision

With every decision we make, we always have our franchise partners best interest in mind. When COVID-19 restrictions went into place, we held weekly franchisee webinars covering topics like applying for PPP loans and marketing promotions to encourage online ordering and drive sales. We also deferred royalty payments and waived national advertising and technology fees during the months they were hardest hit by the pandemic, so our Smoothie King franchisees were able to retain 100 percent of their cashflow to operate their businesses.

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Actually Delicious Green Smoothie

Im happy to share that Im partnering with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze to share healthful recipes made with almond milk, like this immune booster solution thatll keep everyone in tip top form.

Because every year, like clockwork, its the same dang thing. The weather warms up. The trees send out their leafy starts and flowering buds. We shed our coats too quickly because, hey! Its sunny out. Summer is practically here .

And every year, as the seasons change, thats when the whole family comes down with one ailment or another. Whhhhhyyy now? We made it through the whole winter with nary a chill.

Now we have sneezing. Aches. And pains. And heads that just might explode if one were to lift their gaze just a little too quickly. Just let me lay in bed and bring me another blanket please?

This year Im sick and tired of everyone else being sick and tired. So this sheriff is enforcing some new rules in this here neck of the woods.

It starts with nourishing and protecting from the inside out. It starts with this immune boosting green smoothie made with shelf-stable almond milk for some good old fashioned preventive medicine.

Green smoothies are far from anything new, but just like my beloved chocolate chip cookie, they are definitely one classic you need in your recipe rolodex.

Your grandma said it. Your mom said it. And if youre at all aware of todays culinary landscape, youre saying it too. Eat your greens.

Smoothie King Introduces Their New Limited Edition Immune Builder Orange Smoothie

Best Carrot Orange Smoothie Recipe

Want to try this new smoothie without feeling like you are committing to anything? Then maybe you want to try it for free!

From November 2 until November 4, Healthy Rewards app members will be able to get their hands on a free 12 ounce cup of this new smoothie. This also means that you are getting to try this new smoothie early, which is a win-win, because if you find yourself falling in love with the flavor of this orange juice inspired smoothie, then you can enjoy it all season long .

And dont forget, there is one more way to enjoy this smoothie brought straight to you! Thats right, thanks to their new delivery partners, you can head to the Smoothie King website and place an order for the Immune Builder Orange Smoothie for delivery.

All things considered, we are pretty excited by this news and launch. And we cant wait to get our hands on one for ourselves so we can give it a sip. We love orange juice and being able to get this flavor in a smoothie that touts its ability to boost our immune system sounds like a win to us.

But what do you think? Is this a smoothie for you? Will you be giving this new Smoothie King drink a try for yourself? We want to hear your thoughts.

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About Smoothie King Franchises Inc

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc., the original U.S. smoothie franchise, is a privately held,Dallas-based franchise company with more than 1300 units worldwide. It was founded in 1973 with the mission to help others achieve better health in a delicious way through smoothies. Today, it continues its mission to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle through its Clean Blends initiative, which focuses on great-tasting smoothies with more whole fruits and vegetables while removing artificial flavors, colors and preservatives and added sugars in many of its blends. Smoothie King extends its vision to be an integral part of every health and fitness journey through partnerships with the Challenged Athletes Foundation®, the Smoothie King Center and the Dallas Cowboys as The Official Smoothie of the Dallas Cowboys. The franchise is ranked No. 1 by Entrepreneur magazine in the juice bar category for the 27 years, ranked No.19 overall on the “2021 Franchise 500” list and debuted on the “Inc. 5000” list in 2018. The company also offers retail products that include sports beverages, energy bars, vitamins, supplements and more.

How To Meal Prep Smoothies

To make this smoothie extra easy to prepare on a day to day basis, a little meal prep goes a long way.

I chop up all of my fruit at one sitting then portion it out to small freezer bags. Before loading up the bags, I use a Sharpie to write the recipe directions out directly on the bag so theres no questions of what or how much to add, so my daughter or husband can make this blend for themselves.

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In November Smoothie King Reported Store Sales Increased By 202 Percent Compared With 2019 What Type Of Digital Strategies Were Implemented To Assist In Sales

During COVID-19 weve been focused on making sure our guests and team members are safe not only by strictly following safety protocols, but also by building digital sales to increase our speed of service and ease of contactless service. Our advertising shifted to emphasize the quick and healthy convenient meal solutions Smoothie King offers that can be ordered ahead for pickup or delivery to grow that segment of our business.

Smoothie King Adds Immune Builder Veggie Superfood Option

Vitality Immune Booster Smoothie Bowl | Quickie Wellness with Free People

Given the heightened focus on immune health around the world, Smoothie King is launching a new flavor to its Immune Builder Smoothie lineup in a continued effort to help support its guests immune wellness. The Immune Builder Veggie Superfood Smoothie will debut on Tuesday, April 14 joining Smoothie Kings original Immune Builder Smoothie, Mixed Berry.

Made up of non-GMO fruits and vegetables like organic spinach, kale, carrots, bananas and dates, the Immune Builder Veggie Superfood Smoothie also features an electrolyte blend and apple pineapple juice.

Additionally, the Immune Builder Veggie Superfood and Mixed Berry Smoothies have Immune Support Enhancer, containing 800 percent of guests daily vitamin C plus zinc, iron and calcium to support a healthier immune system.

Guests who use their Healthy Rewards App between April 14-16 will also receive $2 off any Immune BuilderSmoothie 20 oz. or larger.

Supplementing your diet with healthy, vitamin-rich foods is more important than ever, and the Immune Builder Veggie Superfood Smoothie is purposefully crafted to fulfill that need, says Smoothie King CMO Rebecca Miller. Our mission is to inspire healthy & active lifestyles, and by introducing the Veggie Superfood, were supporting our guests wellness with a nutritious and great-tasting immune-supporting smoothie.


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Smoothie King Serving New Immune Builder Smoothie

DALLAS Amid consumers heightened focus on immune health during the coronavirus pandemic, Smoothie King is launching a new variety of its Immune Builder Smoothie.

Made with organic spinach, kale, carrots, bananas and dates, the Immune Builder Veggie Superfood Smoothie features an electrolyte blend and apple pineapple juice. The new smoothie joins the mixed berry variety in Smoothie Kings Immune Builder Smoothie lineup.

Both the Veggie Superfood and mixed berry smoothie contain Smoothie Kings Immune Support Enhancer, which provides 800% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C plus zinc, iron and calcium, according to the company.

“Supplementing your diet with healthy, vitamin-rich foods is more important than ever, and the Immune Builder Veggie Superfood Smoothie is purposefully crafted to fulfill that need,” said Rebecca Miller, chief marketing officer for Smoothie King. “Our mission is to inspire healthy and active lifestyles, and by introducing the Veggie Superfood, we’re supporting our guests’ wellness with a nutritious and great-tasting immune-supporting smoothie.”

Smoothie King Adds New Immune Builder Orange Smoothie

As temperatures drop, Smoothie King offers fans immune support in the form of the new Immune Builder Orange Smoothie.

Made without added sugar or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, the new Immune Builder Orange Smoothie combines Florida Valencia Orange juice blend, an apple pineapple juice blend, bananas, mangoes and the brands signature Immune Support Enhancer, which is a proprietary blend of ingredients that support the immune system with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

According to Smoothie King, the Immune Builder Orange Smoothie is packed with more than 1,000% of daily vitamin C plus other immune-supporting antioxidants like selenium, zinc and vitamins A and E.

You can find the new Immune Builder Orange Smoothie at participating locations nationwide through the 2021 holiday season.

Image via Smoothie King

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Smoothie King Poised For Pandemic Survival

COPPELL, TEXAS While many restaurants are scrambling to adjust their service models and edit their menus to cope with the effects of coronavirus, Smoothie King is taking the pandemic in stride.

Coronavirus has certainly been devastating and unfortunate, and like almost every other business in the food and beverage space, our sales have been impacted, said Rebecca Miller, chief marketing officer of Smoothie King. However, Smoothie Kings core business has always been grab-and-go, so the industry-wide transition to carryout and drive-thru hasnt been as drastic for us. We do have designated seating areas, but weve closed those off because of the current conditions, which underlines our carryout and drive-thru ordering options even more. Our guests also have the added convenience of being able to order online or on our Healthy Rewards app, so the impact on how we get the product to them hasnt changed all too much.

Coronavirus also has increased consumer interest in health, which Ms. Miller said is a need Smoothie King is ready to meet.

This new reality has created a greater emphasis on health and wellness.” Rebecca Miller, Smoothie King

Ms. Miller recently spoke to Food Business News about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting Smoothie King, particularly its innovation strategy and plans for the future.

Food Business News:How has coronavirus affected Smoothie Kings innovation and rollout process?

Good Choice Bad Choice: Smoothie King Smoothies

Immune Builder® Mixed Berry

Smoothie King has the ultimate leg up on all other fast food restaurantsthe menu is just blended combinations of fruit. All though the idea of a smoothie trumps the Big Mac indefinitely, be wary of the extra calories and fat hidden in some of the recipes.

Good choice: Immune Builder

Bad choice: Peanut Power Plus

Calories and Fat: The Immune Builder, without turbinado, has 280 calories and 1 gram of fat, compared to the Peanut Power Plus 700 calories and 22g of fat.

Difference: A 20-ounce cup of Peanut Power Plus, made with peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, milk and sugar, holds 320 more calories and 21g more fat than the Immune Builder. The Peanut Power Plus also has 112g of carbohydrates and 94g of sugar, compared to the Immune Builders 66g and 54g. The Immune Builder is made with bananas, strawberries, and an herbal nutrient blend, a powder that is packed with Vitamin C, Green Tea, Zinc, Echinacea, Selenium and Beta Carotene to help your body prepare its defenses against illness.

If youre eating at Smoothie King, youre already making a good decision toward improving your health. Just be cautious to order a smoothie that is also a good choice. If you cant resist the urge to indulge, ask for your smoothie to be made skinny, which will leave out Turbinado, the sugar cane extract they use to sweeten the smoothies. This can cut the calorie, carb and sugar counts in half while leaving you with enough natural sweetness from the fruit ingredients.

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Tips For Making The Best Green Smoothie

I used the unsweetened original Almond Breeze almondmilk flavor in this immune boosting smoothie recipe, but you could easily swap it with the coconut or vanilla flavor too.

The key to a well blended green smoothie is blending the liquid with the greens really well before adding the rest of the ingredients. Its the best way to avoid green chunks in your slurping straw and later in your toothy smile.

A lot of smoothies add banana for creaminess, but here simply freezing the fruit before blending does the job. If youre making this smoothie with fresh instead of frozen fruit, simply add 3-4 ice cubes when blending the liquid and greens and blend well.

Nrf Member Spotlight: Smoothie King

Smoothie King is one of NRFs newest members. The Dallas-based franchise company has more than 1,000 units worldwide and experienced strong growth in 2020 despite the global pandemic. We connected with Rebecca Miller, chief marketing officer for Smoothie King, to discuss how it shifted digital advertising strategies to emphasize new delivery service methods, growing a key business segment during the pandemic, and launched new products designed to help boost consumers’ immune systems during the pandemic.

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Smoothie King Whips Up New Immune Builder Orange Smoothie

Smoothie King offers a new way to boost up your immune system with the introduction of the new Immune Builder Orange Smoothie starting November 4, 2021.

The new smoothie is rich in immune-supporting antioxidants such as vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and vitamins A and E, so you can easily and deliciously get the nutrients you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

The Immune Builder Orange Smoothie features a combination of Florida Valencia Orange juice blend, apple pineapple juice blend, bananas, mangoes, and a proprietary Immune Support Enhancer.

To celebrate the launch, Smoothie King will be offering a free 12-ounce Immune Builder Orange blend from Tuesday, November 2 through Thursday, November 4, 2021 via the Healthy Rewards app.

The Immune Builder Orange Smoothie will be available at participating Smoothie King locations nationwide for a limited time only through the holiday season.

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Smoothie King Adds Immune Builder Orange Smoothie To Menu

Immune Booster Green Smothie

Temperatures are dropping and Smoothie King is giving fans immune support they need to Rule The Day with its new Immune Builder Orange smoothie, specifically blended to support your body’s natural defenses and available through the holiday season in stores nationwide.

Packed with more than 1,000 percent of daily vitamin C plus other immune-supporting antioxidants like selenium, zinc and vitamins A and E, this purpose-driven smoothie arrives at the perfect time and is made with clean ingredients including a Florida Valencia Orange juice blend, an apple pineapple juice blend, bananas, mangoes and Smoothie King’s Immune Support Enhancer, a proprietary blend of ingredients that support your immune system with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

“As partners in our guests’ overall fitness and wellness journeys, we knew they would need immune support as the seasons change and calendars fill up with active holiday plans,” says Rebecca Miller, Chief Marketing Officer of Smoothie King. “Our new Immune Builder Orange smoothie is a convenient, delicious way to load up on nutrients that will help you stay at the top of your game and keep up with whatever those holiday plans bring, from early morning workouts and daily meditation routines to reuniting with family and friends.”

For more nutrition and ingredient information or to find a nearby location, visit or download the Healthy Rewards App, available on the App Store and Google Play.


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Whats In This Green Smoothie

Lets run down our smoothie benefits. This green smoothie is a far cry from tasting anything like the mega doses of greens and vitamins in it because of the natural sweetness of the fruit weve added to our blend.

I used both kale and spinach in this recipe for a mega doses of vitamin C. They provide a powerful antioxidant punch, plus calcium, folate and fiber to help boost immunity and sometimes even fight off infection.

Next up: the sweet stuff. Vitamin C-packed mango, pineapple and kiwi give this smoothie its sweet slurp. Mango has even been shown to protect against cancer and may help lower cholesterol. An extra squeeze of purifying lemon juice adds a fresh, bright squeeze, too.

To help ward against cold bugs even more, I added fresh ginger to the mix. Ginger has been proven to help with nausea, pain and inflammation. All the extras that come with a cold and general malaise.

Every smoothie needs a liquid and Almond Breeze Original Almondmilkdoes the best job here. I always have a box or two of the shelf stable Almondmilk in my pantry so that smoothie making is always an easy option.

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