Best Homemade Smoothies For Weight Loss

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Pear Matcha Protein Smoothie


Anything green must be good for you, right? Well, it certainly makes you feel like youre doing something healthy for yourself. We love the detox-power that comes from the whole ingredients. From the pear, youll get vitamins and fibernecessary for losing weight. Matcha green tea is a great alternative to coffee for adding some caffeinated pep to your step. Rounded out with spinach and protein, this is one smoothie that hits all the healthy marks.

To make, blend the following:

  • 2 scoops of your fave veggie-based protein powder
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • one whole pear
  • 1/2 tsp. of matcha tea powder.


Green Mulberry Banana Smoothie

Image and recipe by

Whether you are looking to add some more fresh fruit into your diet or want a delicious and quick breakfast, this green mulberry banana smoothie is the perfect recipe.

It is packed with nutrients and natural sugars from fruits that will give you energy for hours!

This smoothie is packed with antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and protein.

So, who is gonna miss this?

Ingredient: Milk, low-fat yogurt, banana, frozen mulberries, spinach, flaxseed, honey, vanilla extract.

The recipe measurement is here.

Green Smoothie 10 Day Cleanse

The green smoothie 10 day cleanse is so simple, anyone can do it!

All you do is replace one meal a day, with one of the above detox smoothies! Simple right?!

If you are looking to do this at breakfast, check out my Breakfast Smoothie Recipes here:

The above green smoothie cleanse plans are all free, and easy to work with!

Below you will find a way to make it even easier with a FREE Smoothie Diet Meal Planner!

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Green Smoothies For Weight Loss And Fat Burning

The following green smoothie recipes for weight loss are rich in plant-based nutrients, include natural sugar only , and are balanced with healthy fats.

Replace one or two meals per day with one of these green smoothies, and youll feel and look fantastic. Research for my book The Green Smoothies Diet showed that the top 5 results from a daily green smoothie habit are: more energy, weight loss, better digestion, brighter skin, and decreased cravings.

Green smoothies are also super simple and inexpensive to make. Take advantage of the frozen produce section, and buy fresh produce thats in season to make the most of your smoothie dollar. Feel free to amp up the protein content with clean, no-additive protein powder.

Recipes For Homemade Weight Loss Smoothies

Pin on Smoothie For Weight Loss

Homemade smoothies are easy to prepare, and usually, you would find all the ingredients at home itself. Smoothies are usually a combination of various fruits and some liquid as a base. However, veggies and dietary powders such as whey protein can also be added. Given below are 5 homemade weight loss smoothie recipes, with easy procedures. If you want to add a sweet taste to any of the following smoothies, use only maple syrup or nectar.

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Peanut Butter And Banana Smoothie

There can be nothing better than a smoothie to replenish your body after a strenuous workout and this seems so true with this delicious blend of peanut butter and banana. The high in protein hunger curbing smoothie makes for an excellent breakfast, lunch or your post workout freshener.

Ingredients Method
3/4 Cup plain or vanilla yogurt 2 Tbs Peanut Butter 1 Banana 1/8 Cup milk 3/4 Cup ice Put milk, yogurt and banana in a blender and make smooth consistency paste. Add crunchy or smooth peanut butter to it and blend further. You can add desired amount of ice as per your preference.

Skinny Pumpkin Banana Smoothie

Pumpkin lovers, this one is for you!

Combining both pumpkin and banana is a great way to get your pumpkin fix without the extra sugary calories.

Pumpkin is known to be a good source of fiber, which helps to curb your appetite. Plus, its low in calories!

On the other hand, bananas are packed with fiber and vital nutrients. They are considered to be fruits that are filling and makes you feel full longer.

Give this Skinny Pumpkin Banana Smoothie a go, especially during the fall. We promise its going to be magical!

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Healthy Weight Gain Smoothie

Weight gain shakes or smoothies are the newest thing in the weight gain segment that are not only packed with natural nutrients and essential fats but also extremely delectable in taste. This fruity and nutty flavored weight gain smoothie is your extra meal replacement option.

Ingredients Method
2 Cups of coconut milk from a can 2 Bananas or Seasonal Mangoes 4 Tablespoons Peanut butter 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds 1/4 cup raisins 4 cups of spinach 1 avocado 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Put all the ingredients together in a mixer and blend until they become a smooth paste. Add ice to it as per your requirement to cool it down else you can make it and keep in fridge for later consumption.

Spring Of Parsley Smoothie

Best Green Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss 50lbs in 1 Month

Surprisingly, parsley has a better nutritional value than kale, lettuce, dandelions, and even celery.

It is full of vital nutrients and antioxidants to keep you protected. You can add chia or watercress to make one of the best smoothies for weight loss.


  • Protein powder: 1 scoop
  • Water or Almond Milk: According to your preference


  • Put strawberries and bananas in a blender and add freshly chopped parsley and watercress.
  • Add the chia seeds and protein powder and blend well.
  • Serve in a tall glass and garnish with a bit of chopped parsley.
  • Nutrition Facts: 22g carbs, 28.5g protein, 2g fat, 4g fiber, 10g sugar

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    What Ingredients Should You Avoid Adding To Your Weight Loss Smoothies

    Unfortunately not all smoothies and be considered healthy especially for that person who is trying to lose weight and stay healthy.

    If you take smoothies as a measure to help you shed off all those extra pounds, there are some ingredients that you should exclude from your smoothies.

    Such ingredients include:

    Too much sugar

    Also if you want to sweeten your smoothies, opt for organic sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, berries, and fruits. Be keen to include the right amount of organic sweeteners and keep yourself from adding too much.

    Prepackaged foods and vegetables

    It is advisable to get your fruits and vegetables fresh from the fresh produce markets. Canned fruits, for instance, contain added preservatives to keep them fresh for longer.

    These preservatives contain harmful elements that may put your health at risk and are full of calories which can jeopardize the success of your weight loss journey.

    Fruit juice

    Buying fruit juice from the shops does nothing to help you lose weight.

    Why, you ask?

    Well, fruit juice contains added sugars which means more calories.

    Even worse, ready-made fruit juice has had all the fiber sieved off.

    It is better for example to make your homemade fruit juice, this way you are sure you are not taking calorie filled sweeteners.

    Orange Coconut Protein Smoothie

    This orange coconut smoothie is another great alternative to the traditional fruit smoothie. Its slightly sweet and tart with a nutty flavor as well.

    Use fresh-squeezed orange juice, if you can. It will have the best flavor.

    Plus, if youre squeezing fresh juice, your orange will be handy for the orange zest. That extra ingredient will really boost the flavor and tartness of the smoothie.

    Keep in mind that this smoothie really packs in the calories. In fact, it has 770 calories per serving!

    Therefore, it would be a great smoothie to have at the beginning of the day to boost your energy.


    • Sugar: 53g

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    Foods To Boost Metabolism

    Our bodies needs proper fuel to keep up with the demands of daily activities. It’s important that the calories we consume, especially if we’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just improve our performance, are quality calories.

    A protein bar may be high in calories and full of nutrition, yet it won’t fill you up in the same way a plate of salmon, brown rice, and steamed veggies will. But a high-quality vegan protein bar can give you the energy you need to power through a workout or recover from one.

    What does that mean? It means that recipes need to tick off several boxes: healthy fats, protein, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals, and/or a combination of all of the above. The above fat burning smoothies have all that and more!

    Want to skip a step and add protein + healthy fats to your smoothie in one step?Check out my Protein Smoothie Boost! Clean protein? Check. Healthy fat? Check. Helpful fiber? Check. No sweetness or artificial nonsense? Check! Protein Smoothie Boost is a great partner in your fight to burn fat with this smoothie!

    Is It Easy To Follow A Whole Food Diet


    Once youve got your head around having ingredients rather than ready-to-eat things in your kitchen cupboards, its actually very easy. The only issue is the lifestyle and habit changes that come along with it.

    It is very likely that for many people, following a totally, religiously whole food diet may be unattainable at least some of the time. For example, there are days where you dont get time to make your lunch or if you want to enjoy social eating. Similarly, people who have young children or who are working more than one job are unlikely to be able to follow a whole food diet all of the time.

    Sometimes, we put ourselves under pressure to be as perfect as we can with diets like this, which can lead to an eating disorder called Orthorexia, which is a preoccupation with healthy eating.

    This means that following a whole food diet, in principle, can be healthy and accessible for some people but not for everyone. It also means that those with previous disordered eating, as always, need to avoid any form of dietary restriction or rules around their diet.

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    Can You Drink Smoothies On An Empty Stomach

    Yes, you can. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    Before an exercise, you should definitely drink a smoothie thats easy to digest. Thus, dont add too many ingredients.

    Its best to keep your pre-workout smoothie basic. Only a couple of items are needed. In addition, a pre-workout smoothie should be fruit-based.

    What are the advantages of fruit smoothies?

    Sugar is abundant in fruits. Drinking a high-sugar smoothie before an exercise is beneficial for athletic performance.

    Fruits are the best source of sugar. Fruits have a lot more than sugar in them. Plus, there are also antioxidants and vitamins in there.

    Fruits not only provide our muscles energy but they also help the human body function properly. Thats why, before a workout, fruit smoothies can truly help you perform better.

    Apart from pre-workout smoothies for weight loss, there are other pre-workout meals as well which you can try. Lets have a look at them.

    Best Smoothies For Weight Loss And Burning Fat

    • Pin

    Most people associate a weight-loss diet with bad tasting food, dont they?

    And who doesnt know about the legendary stories of Hollywood actors living on just cucumbers and juices to maintain their weight?

    It seems almost impossible to satisfy your tongue if you want to control your weight.

    But now, it is even possible to have a better-tasting diet with some of the best smoothies for weight loss.

    According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 49.1% of the adult population in the United States tried to lose weight in the course of the last 12 months.

    Another 2019 study on obesity revealed that around 35% of people in 9 states of the USA are obese. Alarming fact, isnt it? But yes, there are still ways for you to become fit again if you have weight-related issues.

    There are several things that we can incorporate into our eating habits to lose weight. From spinach to pineapple, there are many things that can accelerate our weight-loss program.

    But most of us are reluctant to include those in our diet as they are not very good to taste.

    However, you can use those healthy things to make some of the best smoothies for weight loss.

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    Almond & Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

    This is definitely a smoothie for chocolate lovers, yet is only 300 calories and provides 9 grams of fiber, says Gans.


    • ¾ cup frozen strawberries or mixed berries, if you prefer
    • 3-6 ice cubes I use 5, depending on how thick you like your shakes

    Steps:Starting with the almond milk, place all the ingredients into a blender. Depending on your blenders settings, first start by chopping up the ice and frozen strawberries, followed by pureeing the mixture to create a smooth, even consistency. In order to get your preferred consistency, you can also start by not adding any ice, following the other steps above. Once all other ingredients are mixed together, slowly add the ice, mix and then test. Continue to add more ice cubes until the desired consistency is met. If too thick, you can add some more almond milk, little by little. If not sweet enough, add a little more honey.

    Our Favorite Smoothie Essentials:

    Best Weight Loss Smoothie To Make At Home

    For your convenience, Ive included shop-able ad links to products we love and use read our full disclosure policy here.

    Be sure to bookmark this list of our favorite smoothies for weight loss to try them all!

    What are your favorite smoothie ingredients or smoothie making tools? Share your tips in the comments below!

    *Disclaimer: This post is based on my own experience I am not a medical professional. While we love these recipes and incorporate them into our own healthy lifestyle, we cannot guarantee weight loss results for anyone else.

    Be sure to try our healthy Fruit Infused Water too:

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    Plant Based Diet To Burn Fat

    I fell in love with a plant-based diet when I lost the weight and gained tons of energy without really even trying. Just drinking smoothies and eating meals that were rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds did the trick! I began seeing meat, eggs and dairy as more of a condiment that goes with my plant-powered meal.

    To help with the results, I started focusing on blending ingredients that are scientifically proven to burn fat and boost the metabolism, which lead to weight loss. Let’s dive into these fat burning smoothies so you can see just how tasty and simple weight loss can be. But first…

    The 10 Best Green Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss:

    In this section you will find 10 weight loss smoothies. If you are looking to start a green smoothie diet, keep scrolling for 2 green smoothie diet options.

    Here are some of the best green smoothie recipes I have found. I encourage you to try different ingredients and find the ones you especially like, because the goal is to drink these green smoothies as often as you can.

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    Need A Quick Diet Plan For Fast Weight Loss

    My 7 Day Green smoothie Detox contains a complete meal plan showing you exactly what to eat every day you are on the detox.

    The 7 Day Green Thickies Detox has helped THOUSANDS of women drop a significant amount of weight in just one week. A lot of ladies manage to drop a whole dress size in one week by following this easy plan.

    Best of all, youll barely spend any time in the kitchen, and you can even eat on the go if you need to. This detox only contains natural ingredients you can buy locally. These meals are very simple and quick to make, and they still taste delicious.

    Avocado And Spinach Smoothie

    Pin on Low Calorie Cooking

    This smoothie has a secret ingredientpeanut butter! With this recipe, youll be satisfied and full, all while going green. Let us just say, avocados are a true friend. Did you know they help boost the nutrient absorption of everything else you eat? Plus, we know theyre loaded with the good kind fat. Potassium-filled and fiber-rich, they also help to improve lipids and melt fat! We know youll love this one!

    To make this avocado spinach smoothie recipe:

    • 1 small avocado
    • 1 cup almond milk
    • 1 small banana

    Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

    Youre done!

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    Beet Detox Smoothie Delight

    I wasnt a big fan of beets until I tried it with this smoothie!

    This beet smoothie consists of mixing beets and fruits together. The potassium, folate, and fiber present in beets make it excellent for maintaining good health.

    Its also high in vitamin C so it helps in boosting your immune system and fights off sickness.

    If youre looking for a weight loss smoothie for breastfeeding, give this option a try!

    The Apple Banana Smoothie

    Image and recipe by

    Bananas are a great source of potassium, which is an essential mineral for the body.

    Bananas also have lots of fiber and vitamin B6, which helps with nerve function in your brain!

    If you make a banana smoothie, its quick and easy to get all these health benefits.

    This smoothie is also said to be beneficial for weight loss. This is more of a meal replacement.

    Ingredients: Banana, orange, apple, fresh lemon juice.

    Check out the procedure here.

    Image and recipe by

    This blueberry muffin smoothie will revitalize you and get your day going.

    Its quick, easy to make, and tastes amazing!

    This gonna be a perfectly sweet and ultra-thick smoothie as if you are enjoying a blueberry muffin.

    Ingredients: Milk, Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, banana, gluten-free oats, lemon, and ice cubes.

    The delicious recipe is here.

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