How To Make A Strawberry Banana Smoothie With Frozen Fruit

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How to Make a Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie -Recipe

Bananas are a great after workout snack due to the high amount of magnesium they contain. They help to build the lean muscle youre trying to accomplish by working out. Bananas also contain plenty of vitamins.

I sometimes like to mix up my strawberry banana smoothie by adding an extra boost of nutrition. A few things I use are protein powder, flax seed, chia seeds, greens, or more berries such as raspberries. No matter how you customize it, youll love this smoothie. I know I sure did!

How Do You Make A Smoothie Thicker

The key to a thick smoothie is to use frozen fruit and a high powered blender . Were already using frozen strawberries, but feel free to also pre-freeze your banana and use that.

If your smoothie still isnt thick enough try adding in more frozen fruit, a scoop of Greek yogurt, protein powder, and/or rolled oats.

Tips From The Betty Crocker Kitchens

  • tip 1 Spoon the yogurt and milk into the blender container first, so that the blades will start rotating quickly rather than getting hung up on the hard, frozen fruit.
  • tip 2 Strawberry-banana is one of the most popular fruit combos for smoothies, but if you find yourself with an overload of other ripe fresh fruit, get to work creating your own freezer pantry. To freeze fruits, sort, wash, and drain completely on a clean kitchen towel. Prep fruits as you would for serving by removing stems, coring, peeling, and slicing. Small whole fruits such as berries and cherries can be frozen individually, then placed in ridged covered containers or freezer bags. Freeze ripe bananas, in halves, so theyre ready and waiting too.
  • tip 3 Almond, coconut, rice, flax, and hemp milk are all terrific lactose-free milk substitutions that make delicious smoothies.
  • tip 4 Any flavor of yogurt can be spooned into the blenderthere are no rules.

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients

So you ask, how to make a strawberry banana smoothie? Its as simple as blending all the ingredients until smooth, then adding a little more milk as needed to reach a texture to your liking. Its that easy! Youll need:

  • Strawberries: Fresh of frozen work here. You can also substitute blueberries or blackberries!
  • Banana: Again, use fresh or frozen. I like to pre-chop and freeze soon-to-go-bad bananas and store them in my freezer for smoothies. It ensures I never throw away rotten bananas and makes smoothies instantly frostier!
  • Milk: You can use cows or dairy-free milk . Alternatively, you can make these Strawberry Banana Smoothies without milk and use apple or orange juice instead.

For the best possible smoothie, make sure at least one of your fruits is frozen!

Sneak In Some Veggies

How to make a healthy strawberry banana smoothie with just ...

This is my go-to smoothie bowl. Its easy, healthy, and keeps me full. For extra health benefits, sometimes I blend in half an avocado or 1 cup of cauliflower florets. Spinach, kale, and raw beets also make a great addition to this smoothie bowl. You wont notice the difference in flavor, but you will be eating these superfoods. Win-win!

I hope you enjoy this simple Strawberry Banana Smoothie bowl, friends! Whether you eat it for breakfast, or as a dessert, itll satisfy your sugar cravings for the day and keep you healthy and fit!

More Blended Goodness:

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Tips For The Best Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

Dont add any sugar. You don not need to add any sugar to a full fruit smoothie. For sweetness, rely on whole fruit and sugar-free plant-based milk. And if you still need to sweeten your smoothie, choose maple syrup, agave syrup or fresh dates like Ive done for this recipe.

Froze your own fruit. Banana adds sweet, flavor and creaminess to your blend. So you cant go wrong with bananas in your smoothie base. And freezing them is just a matter of minutes. Peel them, cut in quarters and store in a sealed container in your freezer.

For other fruits you will have to core them or remove the pits, and chop them into small bite-sized pieces. Berries and other small fruits can be left whole.

Ice cubes. I do not tend to put ice in my smoothies unless its terribly hot and Im looking for a lighter and less creamy smoothie. Using a frozen banana in the recipe keeps the drink cold, but it doesnt water it down.

Liquid ingredients. Milk and yogurt are those I use the most. As you may have noticed, if you have spent some time in my blog, I love plant-based milks, specially oat, coconut and almond milk. Coconut and soya yogurt are great alternatives too. You can also use regular milk for a vegetarian option.

Only Have Fresh Fruit

If you only have fresh fruit, then you have a couple of options.

  • Freeze your fruit: strawberries and bananas can easily be frozen. This process will take around 2 hours, but you can follow our frozen banana tutorial. It works the same with strawberries!
  • Use ice: this would be our last resort suggestion only because ice dilutes your smoothie, however, it is a good option if you only have fresh fruit.
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    Top 3 Tips For A Perfect Frozen Fruit Smoothie

  • Use Frozen Fruit: this might be an obvious tip, but make sure to use frozen fruit for your frozen fruit smoothie! The more frozen the better, too.
  • Start with Less Milk: you can always add more milk. So, if the recipe calls for 1 cup, start with 3/4 cup and add from there. Some people like thicker smoothies and other people like them thinner.
  • Your Blender Matters: there is nothing worst than a chunky fruit smoothie. So? Make sure to use a high-speed blender that can puree everything together nice and smooth.
  • Check it out!

    Strawberry Banana Smoothies For Breakfast

    Strawberry Pineapple Banana Smoothie

    One of the more simple smoothie recipes for beginners and pros alike, is the infamous strawberry smoothie recipe.

    A good homemade smoothie recipe has fresh fruits that complement each other , add a splash of milk, yogurt and a dash of honey if youd like and youve got a sweet snack that will nourish and fuel your body for hours!

    If you are looking for a quick pick-me-up after a workout or are recovering from a cold and have had enough Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, youll love sipping on a vitamin packed strawberry banana smoothie!

    Chock full of gut comforting calcium, vitamin C, and fiber, this such a great smoothie recipe! What we eat can truly transform our bodies, and with a solid supply of easy smoothie recipes on deck, its easy to get creative while getting healthy! Even kids love a good banana smoothie!

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    What To Put In A Smoothie

    Any number of great things can be put into a smoothie! Thats why they are so popular! The trick is creating the right ratio of vegetables & fruit so your creation is not only good for you, but tasty too !

    The best thing about a smoothie is that its really easy to make your own!

    • Milk: Cows milk, almond, rice, hemp, coconut the skys the limit!
    • Juice: Lots of juices like apple, orange or grape can add a little sweetness and change up the flavor of this strawberry banana smoothie recipe.
    • Yogurt: Greek yogurt or regular work. If youre using unsweetened yogurt, you might like to add a squeeze of honey to sweeten it.
    • Just for Fun: Add in your favorites like chocolate syrup, almonds or peanut butter!
    • Ice: If you use fruit that is not frozen, youll want to add some ice to give it a frosty chill.

    Strawberry Banana Smoothie Tips

    Frozen strawberries to avoid ending up with a very thick texture, dont use all frozen fruit. But in case you only have frozen strawberries, then I would advise you to let them thaw before making this smoothie.

    Fresh bananas while I use frozen bananas in this recipe, you can still use fresh bananas and add ice to achieve a creamy, smooth consistency. But it would be great if you opt for frozen bananas so you can get a tastier smoothie!

    Ice since we are already using frozen fruit, there is no point in adding ice. This way, youll avoid ending up with a super thick texture. However, if your smoothie is too thin, you can add some ice to achieve your desired consistency.

    Sugar please dont add sugar! We already have strawberries and bananas in this smoothie, thats already sweet! One of the points of having this smoothie is to enjoy the benefits of a healthy treat made with all fresh, natural ingredients!

    Milk while I made my smoothie with dairy milk, any type of milk will work for this recipe. So you can use almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, or oat milk to mention just but a few!

    Vanilla you can add in ½ a teaspoon of vanilla for an extra flavor.

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    More Favorite Smoothies Recipes

    You all know how I love smoothies. For me, smoothies are a way of packing in a huge dose of fruits and veggies that I might not otherwise have eaten. Case in point, these Tropikale Smoothies or these Watercress Smoothies. Here are several more ideas:

    • Blend all ingredients until smooth.
    • Add a touch more milk as needed to reach a texture to your liking.
    • Pour into glasses and enjoy.

    My Strawberry Banana Smoothie Tips

    Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe
    • Dont use all frozen fruit. If you were to use both frozen strawberries and a frozen banana, youre likely to end up with a super thick texture more similar to my Strawberry Frozen Yogurt recipe. So instead, use fresh strawberries and a frozen banana. If you only have frozen strawberries, let them thaw before using.
    • Dont add any sugar. Its crazy that some recipes call for a sweetener with a full fruit smoothie. Mother nature has given us plenty of sweetness in the strawberries and banana so theres no need to add extra sugar.
    • Make it with dairy or dairy-free. You can make this strawberry banana smoothie with dairy or dairy-free/vegan. Ive got recipes for both homemade yogurt and a dairy-free coconut yogurt. You can also use regular milk or my cashew milk or any healthy store-bought dairy-free milk or yogurt options as well.
    • Dont add ice. Using a frozen banana in the recipe keeps the drink cold, but it doesnt water it down. Adding ice to smoothies makes them watery pretty quickly.

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    How To Make A Strawberry Banana Smoothie With Frozen Fruit

    How to make a strawberry banana smoothie with frozen fruit. Easy step-by-step recipe. Learn how to prepare this creamy smoothie. Very refreshing and very healthy. Delicious!

    Hello, cooks! Were kicking off the seasons refreshing drinks section with this Strawberry Banana Smoothie . It is done in a jiffy and it is great. The secret to obtaining better results, that is, a much creamier and fresher shake, consists of freezing the strawberries beforehand and adding a little touch of vanilla, which greatly improves the flavor. Try it and you will tell me. Ah! And this recipe can be consumed without any regrets, since sugar is optional. It is all fruit and milk.

    Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

    This Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl is super easy to make and it tastes better than ice cream! Made with just 3 ingredients, you’ll want to eat it all summer long.

    Wake up to this refreshing Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl. Its thick, creamy, and refreshing. Add any toppings your heart desires and start your morning with this sweet treat.

    This Smoothie Bowl also makes a great healthy ice cream alternative. Thanks to this sweet goodness, I was able to ditch ice cream for good. Dont skip this recipe. Try it, and I bet youll love it as much as my family does.

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    Can I Use Any Blender To Make A Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    I am using my high powered Vitamix professional series 750 blender in copper. I saved up for years to buy this thing, yall.

    The Vitamix is a dream come true. It is beautiful, powerful, and it works great!

    I will say that I have made this same recipe in many other blenders and it has worked out great. There may be a rogue strawberry chunk here and there, but it works great in most cases.

    Are Strawberries Healthy

    How to make smoothies: Frozen fruit smoothies: Dole Strawberries peaches and bananas: Easy smoothie

    You bet they are! Strawberries are low in calories. One medium sized strawberry has four calories. This tasty berry is filled with fiber, Vitamin C, antioxidants, manganese and potassium. They are fat free, sodium free, cholesterol free and above all super scrumptious. When available purchase organic strawberries. They are grown with far fewer chemicals and in my opinion taste better.

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    What Is A Fruit Smoothie

    A fruit smoothie is a drink made from blended fruits with a liquid base of fruit juice, yogurt, milk, ice cream, or other dairy product. Once you blend all your fruity ingredients into a smooth mixture, you have your perfect smoothie.

    You can use various fruits to make a fruit smoothie, including bananas, oranges, apples, kiwis, peaches, and more. First, we’ll look at some fruit smoothie recipes that you can try. However, before we dive in, let’s look at the steps to make a basic smoothie.

    Is This Smoothie Bowl Healthy

    Yes! Dont be intimidated by the amount of sugar in it. The sugars you should be wary of are refined sugars in packaged goods, including packaged sugars. Although fruits do contain sugar, it is a natural sugar, and they also contain vitamins, antioxidants, and trace elements the body needs, unlike refined sugar.

    Also, this Smoothie Bowl has probiotics , which promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

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    Favorite Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    If youre a smoothie lover like us, then our strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt is a must! Its naturally sweetened, packed with nutrients, and so delicious.

    Real Food Ingredients all ingredients in this fruit smoothie are real. No sugary purees or additives.

    Naturally Sweetened this recipe is naturally sweetened with real fruit. No added sugar of any kind!

    Gluten-Free it is naturally gluten-free without even trying!

    Kid-Friendly when your meal tastes like dessert, I say thats kid-friendly for sure.

    How To Freeze Strawberries

    Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    If you have a lot of fresh strawberries you can always freeze your own. Then use them to add to your smoothie later!

    In order to prevent the strawberries from sticking together when frozen, you can follow these steps for freezing fresh strawberries:

    How to Freeze Strawberries

  • Rinseand dry fresh strawberries. You dont want extra moisture, it will cause them to stick!
  • Prepare the fruit. Remove the stems and if you want, cut into 1-inch pieces for recipes. You can also leave them whole once the stems are taken off.
  • Placefresh strawberries on a wax or parchment paper-lined baking sheet in a single layer. Freeze for at least 3-4 hours or up to overnight.
  • Store strawberries in a gallon-sized ziplock bag. These can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months.
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    How To Freeze Fresh Fruit For Smoothies

    For the coldest, creamiest smoothie possible, use quality frozen fruit. Store-bought frozen fruit is a convenient option and is especially handy when berry season is long gone. Keep bags tightly closed and consistently frozen to avoid icy, dull-tasting fruit.

    Its also easy to freeze fresh ripe fruit, and its a great option when strawberries are dirt cheap at the supermarket or you bought a few too many bananas.

    To freeze strawberries: Give them a good wash, drain, and let them completely dry. Cap the berries and slice them in half, placing on a parchment-lined baking sheet in a single layer. Theyll keep for two months.

    To freeze bananas: Simply peel and slice into chunks. Stick the baking sheet full of fruit in the freezer for at least an hour, or until the fruit is frozen solid. Scoop into a zip-top freezer bag, squeeze out the air, and seal. Frozen bananas will keep for a month.

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Strawberries

    If you didnt know it already, strawberries are a cholesterol free, fat free, sodium free, low calorie fruit. Strawberries also contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and a ton of other vitamins and minerals. Strawberries are loaded with potassium so if you ever get a leg cramp, try eating some strawberries!

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    Additional Smoothie Making Tips

    ADD PROTEIN TO KEEP YOU FULL: When I dont have time to make breakfast, I add my favorite protein powder to this smoothie. I love that I cant taste the protein powder but I know its there because it keeps me full until lunchtime.

    REDUCING ADDED SUGAR: By swapping sugar with Monk Fruit In The Raw, you can save up to 700 calories per cup. The Monk Fruit In The Raw Bakers Bag measures cup for cup just like sugar making it convenient for adding to smoothies but also great for any baked good.

    USE FROZEN FRUIT: I like to use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes in my smoothies. Unless its the summertime when I love using all the fresh fruit!

    FILL UP YOUR BLENDER: You always want to layer your ingredients softest to hardest . First, add the milk, yogurt, Monk Fruit In The Raw®, strawberries, and banana.

    EXTRA SMOOTHIE LEFTOVER? If you have some leftover smoothie, you can put it in the fridge for later. Once youre ready to drink it, I like to add a little extra yogurt to the smoothie to thicken it up again.

    Homemade Strawberry Banana Smoothie


    I love a good smoothie! Theyre refreshing and a great snack or breakfast on the go. But hitting up your favorite smoothie shop each week can get expensive. Thats why I love making my smoothies at home. Theyre so simple, and with a little planning can be an easy addition to your daily routine.

    Homemade smoothies are also a great way to use up any extra produce you have on hand that bunch of frozen, overripe bananas youve been hoarding for way too long. And making your smoothie at home allows you to better control the amount of sugar in it. Its easy to think youre making a healthy choice when you purchase a smoothie at a restaurant. However, Ive been shocked to see the amount of calories I was taking in with what I thought was a healthy snack.

    This Strawberry Banana Smoothie is made with no added sweeteners. Just the sweetness from the strawberries, bananas, and soy milk!

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