Fruit And Veggie Smoothies For Toddlers

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Ultimate Fruit And Vegetable Smoothie

Kids’ Smoothie With Vegetables : Vegan Cooking

This fruit and vegetable smoothie combines ingredients with different health benefits, combined into one delicious smoothie.

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Get in your greens with this refreshing fruit and vegetable smoothie. Bright and citrusy, this smoothie is packed with superfood kale and spinach for a nutritious start to your morning. With warming ginger and zingy lemon, this green smoothie is big on flavor and has the perfect balance of nutrition and hydration. Make this fruit and veggie smoothie part of your morning routine for a tasty start to your day.

How Do You Make A Smoothie Thinner

In case your smoothie will get too thick, youll be able to simply skinny it out by including extra liquid, on this case including extra water!

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Why Is The Food Combining Hypothesis Unscientific

The food combining hypothesis is not scientific, that is, it does not hold up to the rigors of the scientific process. It is pseudoscience, with a tidal wave of modern science punching holes in the idea.

Food combining is not supported by credible scientists and doctors . And when I say credible, Im referring to scientists and doctors whove studied at accredited schools, and who abide by the scientific process, and who utilize the peer-review process to separate truth from wishful thinking and incorrect assumptions spun as common sense on the Internet.

Food combining doesnt stand up to the rigors of scientific scrutiny and what we know of human digestion has advanced greatly in the 170 years since food combining and Natural Hygiene came onto the scene.

In short, there is no credible scientific evidence that eating a meal with protein and carbohydrates together will cause any problems with digestions, enzyme imbalance, or produce toxic aftereffects. There is no evidence that fruits and vegetables cannot be digested together, or require different enzymes, and that mixing the two will cause health problems.

The mixing of fruits with vegetables, or protein with carbohydrate, has not been scientifically established as a cause or contributing factor in vitamin and mineral malabsorption.

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Power Peach Mango Smoothie

Power up your morning with this peach mango smoothie from My Sequined Life. This combination is made even more fabulous by adding a couple of carrots for some extra vitamin A and other nutrients. The peach and mango flavors are the stars here, though, but its always helpful to sneak in veggies where you can, especially if your kiddos have an aversion to some of them.

Can My Child Have Seeds

Fruit and Veggie Smoothies For Kids

There always seems to be a lot of questions about if/whether young kids can have seeds like hemp, chia, and flax and if so, how much. While I addressed this a bit on this post, I also want to include here that yes – infants as young as 6 months can be introduced to chia and flax seeds or hemp hearts. I would simply encourage you to start them with other foods you know have been tolerated . Then, offer in small amounts initially to make sure the added fiber is well tolerated. Since smoothies can already have a good amount of fiber, you want to add and increase, as tolerated for your family.

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Green Apple Pie Smoothie

The perfect way to expose those little green skeptics to some spinach! The sweet flavors of apples and cinnamon make this smoothie irresistible. Have your little one add the ingredients into the blender with you, especially when adding the greens. That way she can know that even if she may not like spinach plain, she might like it combined with other flavors.


1 small apple, cored and chopped2 big handfuls baby spinach or kale1/4 cup organic rolled oats or 2 tablespoons almond butter1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon1/2 cup milk Handful of ice

  • Add everything to a blender and blend until very smooth.
  • Add extra ice or milk as needed.
  • Here Is What I Love About Using Thinkbabys Straw Sippy Cup For Babys Smoothie

    • It doesnt leak! If baby or toddler takes the cup and throws it around and smashes it everywhere then yes, it might leak a couple of drops of smoothie. But overall this cup doesnt leak.
    • Its insulated! This way if your baby or toddler takes forever to finish their smoothie you know that in 3 hours it will still be cold.
    • It is easy to clean!! Maybe the most important part about this cup. You can take the straw out of the cup and clean it with a straw cleaner. We have had our thinkbaby cup for a couple of years and havent had any problems with mold.
    • It has a handle! A handle is a must-have item for any baby sippy cup. The handle makes it easy for baby to hold onto and grip the cup when they are just learning how to drink from the cup. When they have mastered this skill, you can simply remove the handle and it is now made for your toddler. Brilliant!
    • Its perfect to use on-the-go! Since its a sippy cup, you can fill it with this smoothie and take it with you and baby on whatever adventure you are having that day.
    • Its made out of stainless steel! We all know that plastic shouldnt be anywhere near babys food. This stainless steel sippy cup makes it so easy to follow through on it.

    This is not a paid post in any way, I just had a super hard time finding a smoothie cup for my girls when they were babies and toddlers and I was SO HAPPY that I found thinkbaby sippy cups for their smoothies!

    Get your baby this amazing smoothie cup here!

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    Heres The Simple Smoothie Recipe:

    • 1 Banana
    • 3 Large Spoonfuls Vanilla Yogurt
    • 1/2 Can Of Cooked Carrot Slices
    • 1ish Inch Of Orange Juice

    I throw all of the ingredients into the blender, blend it up good, and pour it into the girls cups! I use a large serving spoon to throw in the 3 spoonfuls of yogurt, so its actually a very decent amount and I just use pre-cooked canned carrots. I drain them and put about half of a can into each batch. I pour in just enough orange juice to look like about an inch or so in the bottom of the blender. If you find that the smoothie is too thick after blending, just add in a little bit more orange juice.

    I chose to use carrots for this smoothie since they are one of the sweeter vegetables and therefore leave a less bitter impact on its taste. I have tried to vary the recipe and add in some additional veggies like spinach. However, every time I do our oldest complains about the difference in texture and taste. You can always add some additional fruit to change up the flavor if your toddler tires of the original recipe. Our oldest likes predictability and routine, so shes not a big fan of me changing the flavor on her.

    I hope that this simple recipe helps you to get a few more veggies into your toddler!

    Smoothie Recipes For Toddlers + Kids

    The BEST Healthy Kids Smoothies That Hide Fruits & Veggies

    INSIDE: 12 Yummy and healthy smoothie recipes for toddlers and kids. Smoothies are a wonderful way to start your day with a healthy treat. They are super easy to make and easily customizable. Smoothies are also a great way to sneak in veggies. Adding a small handful of spinach to most smoothies wont change the taste but will add a boost of nutrients to your toddlers or childs diet!

    READ MORE looking for fun and easy activities for toddlers? Check out this list of 50+ Easy Toddler Activities for some amazing ideas!

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    Tips For Making The Best Smoothie

    • Smoothies are best served as soon as you have made it. But you can store any leftovers covered in the fridge for up to 24 hours.
    • For a thicker smoothie, use frozen peaches and bananas. If using fresh, add in 4-6 ice cubes.
    • Make sure you blend for at least 1-2 minutes or until everything is completely broken down. No kid wants a mouthful of frozen cauliflower, so make sure its smooth before pouring.

    Mango Chia Breakfast Smoothie

    For this smoothie, I used small dates for sweetness. If yours are on the larger side, use 2 and see if its sweet enough for your little one like that.

    Dates are a fantastic alternative to bananas in recipes like these. They naturally sweeten smoothies and they have fiber and some vitamins and minerals, making them a better choice than adding something like maple syrup .?

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    Version : How To Get 10 Servings Of Fruits And Vegetables In One Green Smoothie

    Its a challenge to get five or more servings of fruit and vegetables each day. I always struggled with it.

    Its not exactly fun to eat carrot sticks, celery, and spinach.

    Plus, eating a salad is time consuming when you have little time to sit and eat.


    • 4 cups or handfuls of fresh baby spinach
    • 1/4 avocado
    • 1 scoop protein powder or your favorite superfoods

    Serving Size: You can either drink this as one big meal, or share with a partner. You can also split this smoothie into breakfast and lunch portions if you are doing a green smoothie cleanse.

    Nutrition Information

    For this smoothie, Ive included the full nutrition information for this recipe. The source of data is from the USDA database.

    As you can see, this smoothie gives you an excellent start to meeting your full nutrition needs. Combined with healthy, whole foods throughout the day, you are ensuring that your body is getting what it needs from fresh, whole foods rather than relying on synthetic vitamin pills.

    Calories: 433

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 163%Omega-6 Fatty Acids: 10%

    * Without protein powder, this smoothie has 9 grams. If you do add protein powder, check the label for additional calories and protein amount. One serving of NutriBiotic rice protein brings this smoothie up to 21 grams!

    Healthy Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

    Fruit and Veggie Smoothies For Kids

    From: Bless this Mess please

    Another tasty sounding one that calls for spinach. If your kids are new to green smoothies, spinach is where to begin for a guaranteed win. Dont go straight for kale or chard- just grab a handful of spinach and your kiddo will not even notice its in there except for the colour! Plus, strawberries & kiwis= Yum!

    From: Baby Led Feeding

    Super smoothie is right! Look at how colourful this one is.

    Any pink lover is going to love this mixture from Aileen, full of awesome pink beets plus spinach. Anything that vibrant without food colouring is bound to be full of nutrition as well!

    *With beets, roasting or steaming them will make it easier to mix in a regular blender, and even add more sweetness to your smoothie.

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    Toddler Spinach Smoothie Flavors To Try

    I typically make banana-berry smoothies, largely because mixed berries are the cheapest and most widely available frozen fruit. But my toddler also loves these combinations:

    • Banana-Blueberry
    • Banana-Raspberry
    • Banana-Pineapple-Coconut

    I always use banana because I love the creaminess it adds, but if youre not a fan of that flavor, then swap it for something else! You really cant go wrong here.

    You can always swap out spinach for kale or another dark leafy green. Ive really never been able to taste the green in it the berries and vanilla protein far outweigh the flavor.

    Very Berry And Beetroot Super Smoothie

    From: Baby Led Feeding

    Super smoothie is right! Look at how colourful this one is.

    Any pink lover is going to love this mixture from Aileen, full of awesome pink beets plus spinach. Anything that vibrant without food colouring is bound to be full of nutrition as well!

    *With beets, roasting or steaming them will make it easier to mix in a regular blender, and even add more sweetness to your smoothie.

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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie For Kids

    Last but not least: a lusciously sweet and satisfying chocolate peanut butter smoothie! Its got the irresistible salty-sweet trio of cocoa, peanut butter, and bananas, all blended up into a delightfully creamy drink with some yogurt and milk. Plus, a sneaky dose of superfood spinach that you wont even notice is there! The chocolaty flavor is the perfect disguise for greens, or any veggies you like.

    Youve got the option to add a bit of honey, which I think makes this an extra special and treat-like smoothie for kids. But of course, do what feels right for you! Whether you decide to serve it as a drink or as a smoothie bowl, I highly recommend tossing some chocolate chips into the mix for added indulgence. After all, when we enjoy the healthy foods we eat, were encouraged to keep eating and enjoying those foods!

    Tips For Making Fruit And Veggie Smoothies For Kids

    Cute Funny Kid Making A Healthy Smoothie for Snack Kids Chia Seeds fruits and Vegetables Juice

    If your kids are new to smoothies and wary of veggies then I would suggest the following to start with

  • Steam the veggies first. You can certainly use raw veggies but you will get a much smoother texture is veggies such as broccoli, carrot, cauliflower are steamed first. So if you have a picky eater and you are making them their first fruit and veggie smoothie, think about steaming the veggies. It doesnt need to necessarily be an extra step. I just save cooked veggies from the evening meal to use over the coming days
  • A small amount of sweetener may help. My kiddos drink these smoothies without added sugar/sweeteners, if your kiddo needs a little more encouragement, a small amount of honey, maple syrup or some dried fruit like a couple of dates may go a long way to help get them drinking smoothies with veggies to begin with, once they are drinking them, you can remove the sweetener.
  • Try fun names, it might just work, maybe, Im not sure, Ive had mixed results. Ha Ha Ha!
  • You can get great opaque smoothie cups, ie cups that you cant see through with nice thick straws. If your kid is a bit weary of the colour of the smoothie, try one of those cups, then they wont be able to see it, they will just taste it and hopefully be none the wiser of the veggies content. As they get more confident with the veggie content you can pop it in a clear cup
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    Tropical Green Smoothie For Kids

    If youre excited for a chance to fit some leafy greens into your little ones day, try this tropical green smoothie for kids or toddlers! Seriously, you wont even taste the spinach in this sweet and creamy smoothie. Its almost like a green piña colada: bursting with yummy pineapple flavor, and a lusciously thick texture thanks to that frozen avocado.

    Personally, I like to add some healthy fats by using a combination of full-fat coconut milk and almond milk. But of course, you can use whichever milk you prefer. Coconut milk adds extra creaminess, and those nourishing fats make for a more filling, satisfying smoothie! It also makes for a thicker textureperfect for a smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit, coconut shreds, and slivered almonds.

    For more kids green smoothie ideas, try my kiwi spinach banana smoothie or my pineapple kale smoothie recipe!

    Inside: Recipe And Tips For Making Veggie Smoothies For Your Kids

    Even if your kids arent a fan of fruit and veggie smoothies, there are ways to work around creating a delicious smoothie your kid will be sure to love. Here are some tips to consider when making fruit and veggie smoothies for your kids:

    • If you store the greens in the freezer, the finished product will taste much less green and will still have the same nutrition. Just make sure the greens are dry, then put them into a zipped freezer bag and store in the freezer for up to 3 months.

    • Blend well to get a very smooth consistency, adding a little more milk as needed will help thin the smoothie.

    • You can get a less thick texture in smoothies which some toddlers prefer by using fresh fruit rather than frozenand this is also a good option for winter days when a frozen drink is less than ideal.

    • You can use yogurt in place of milk if you add a fruit with a lot of liquid such as a clementine or orange.

    • Try using half milk and half yogurt for a creamier texture.

    • Serve toddler smoothies in a reusable pouch or in a cup with a straw.

    • You can offer small tastes with a spoon if you have a child who isnt yet a fan. Consider even a small sampling a success!

    • Sprinkle on some granola or a favorite cereal and serve as a smoothie bowl for a fun variation.

    • And if nothing else works, freeze them into popsicles!

    Now, try out this yummy veggie and fruit smoothie recipe packed full of vitamins!


    • 1 cup of milk

    • 1 banana

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    Can You Save A Homemade Smoothie After Blending

    After theyve been blended, yesyou can save any of these healthy smoothies for kids by storing in the fridge! I recommend pouring the smoothie into a mason jar or any container with an airtight lid. Store in the fridge for 1-2 days.

    To meal prep smoothies ahead of time, check out my tropical green make ahead smoothies to see how to make smoothie freezer packs! Or, try my peanut butter banana meal prep breakfast smoothies that you can blend and then freeze.

    For loads of meal prep ideas and a stress-free prep strategy, check out my Mind Over Meal Prep course! Or, enroll in my Kitchen Confidence course to gain the skills to craft delicious, healthy meals without relying on recipes.

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