Healthy Smoothie Diet Plan To Lose Weight

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It Helps In Increasing Your Fiber Intake

Smoothie Diet: How I Lost 70 Pounds Using Smoothies For Weight Loss

When you blend your fruits and vegetables, your smoothie tends to be rich in fiber and healthy phytonutrients. Fiber helps with increasing your satiety levels . The advantage of this is that you feel full longer and as a result eat and snack less. This is quite important if you want to shed some extra pounds.

Similarly, fiber is significant in fighting poor digestion. Fiber helps in preventing poor digestion and some complications such as constipation. Because your smoothie uses fruits and vegetables, you will likely meet your daily fiber requirements. Additionally, it is less likely you will struggle with things like poor digestion and constipation. Many experts believe, however, that it is better to eat your fruits and vegetables in their whole form to get the maximum benefits from their fiber content.

Green Smoothie Diet Weight Loss

You could be wondering about the green smoothie diet weight loss that you can expect if you do choose to go on one of these diets. Of course, this depends on so many factors.

For one thing, it depends on what you are putting in your smoothies. Some smoothies are more caloric than others, and if you choose smoothies that have more calories, then you can probably count on losing weight a bit more slowly.

However, many people find that making their smoothies more satisfying helps make it easier for them to stick to their diets, which can help them get better long-term results.

Additionally, you have to think about what you are eating along with your smoothies when determining how much weight you might lose on your diet. If you are consuming only low-calorie smoothies, you will probably lose weight quickly.

However, it is important to understand the health risks of not consuming solid foods, particularly for an extended period of time. This may be something that you will want to talk to your doctor about before you get started.

If you are simply using smoothies as a substitute for some of your meals, you can still lose weight at a steady rate if you are careful about what you eat. If youre still splurging on your favorite high-calorie meals and snacks when you arent drinking your smoothies, your weight loss may stagnate.

Then, you can achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall health as well.

How Do You Lose Weight With Smoothies

A 21-day food plan was established by Drew Sgoutas in order to help you achieve your weight goals. You’ll need to use the 3-Day Smoothie Bonus to cleanse and prepare your body before embarking on your nutrition journey. The diet involves substituting two of your three square meals for 21 days with smoothies created with fresh and natural ingredients. A low-carbohydrate meal, thats a whole-food can only be consumed once per day, usually during dinner. Since smoothies are filled with water as well as other nutrients, they have a low calorie and high fiber content. In addition to reducing cravings and increasing appetite-reduction hormones, probiotics have been shown to reduce appetite and reduce cravings. As a result, you’ll feel fuller for longer periods of time. Also, smoothies can be used as a meal replacement, which can aid in weight loss.

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What Is The Smoothie Diet

A smoothie diet is a meal plan that replaces 2 meals a day with smoothies.

It was created and popularized by Drew Sgoutas, a health coach and nutritionist. Since then, there have been many variations of the smoothie diet that often fall short of its belly fat burning promise.

In fact, its very easy to fall into the trap of consuming smoothies with too many fruits. Surely they will taste good, but they wont be all that nutritious.

Too many fruits void all the benefits of a low calorie, smoothie diet.

The legit smoothie diet should be made of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats, the smoothie diet was designed to aid weight loss. So it doesnt only help with weight loss but also is healthy, low in calories, and rich in phytonutrients.

So far so good!

You can start off on a 3-day smoothie diet, or opt for 1 week , 10, or 21 days.

You are allowed to have 2 smoothies, 1 solid meal, and 1 snack per day.

Wicked Weight Loss Smoothies Whizz Your Way To Weight Loss

Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast : overnight

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Weight loss smoothies can help you to lose weight in a healthy way, as well as being tasty, filling and packed with nutrients!

For starters, smoothies are a great way to eat a lot of fruit and veg.

You probably wouldnt chow down on 2 bananas and a punnet of strawberries in one sitting but blend them up with oat milk and ice, and suddenly you have a delicious, refreshing weight loss fruit smoothie that you cant wait to drink!

We have found some of the best weight loss smoothies out there for this round up.

No need to worry about those icky, vegetable-y smoothies that make healthy eating feel like a punishment!

We have picked the most mouth-watering, creamy and flavourful smoothies we could find, so that losing weight with smoothies has never been easier.

We actually specialise in weight loss for vegetarians, so if weight loss is what youre into, check out our vegetarian weight loss course.

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An Overall Weight Loss Plan

As you work towards your weight loss goal with tasty smoothies as your tool, keep in mind that the healthy way to lose weight includes more than just dietary changes. Your smoothies, if created thoughtfully, will provide you with many of the nutrients you need including protein, carbohydrates, good fats, and vitamins and minerals. But, dont forget to eat healthful foods in addition to those smoothies. Get plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, high-quality proteins, whole grains, and moderate amounts of fruit at your regular meals.

Healthy fats were mentioned above as an important weight loss smoothie ingredient and a vital part of a healthy diet. I cant overemphasize this point. Getting an adequate amount of healthy fat and completely eliminating unhealthy fat from your diet of paramount. Of all the dietary and lifestyle changes Ive made over the years, getting my fats straight has had the biggest impact on my health and well-being. If you havent already, please be sure to read my article on fat:

Other factors that contribute to weight loss are adequate sleep , stress reduction, hydration , and a positive outlook. Theres often an emotional component preventing people from losing weight, which is rarely easy to address. Resolving issues in your relationships, career, or past, often leads to profound breakthroughs.

How To Lose Weight With Smoothies Your Ultimate Guide

Does it seem like your busy life makes losing weight difficult and fueling unhealthy choices?I used to feel like that too I mean, who has time to cook and eat the healthy way we know we should? and how can I be at my best when Im constantly feeling hungry?Living life on the go, it turned out that to succeed with my weight loss journey, I needed to:

  • Enjoy my food otherwise, Ill have a hard time adopting the habit
  • Avoid spending lots of precious time on prepping, cooking, and even eating!

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Do I Have To Just Drink Green Thickies

For those of you who dont know a Green Thickie is a meal replacement green smoothie containing filling carbs, natural protein sources and healthy fats with energising greens, nutritious fruit and other natural tasty ingredients.

Green Thickies are filling so you wont go hungry on this detox. You can of course make your favourite smoothie recipes but youll need to drink a lot more of them as they wont be so filling.

Detox Smoothie Recipes For A Weight Loss Cleanse

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Diet Recipes Best For Weight Loss Plan

Youve likely found this weight loss smoothie article because youre looking for weight loss smoothies. I can tell you that youve come to the right place!

Not only with you find 10 smoothies for weight loss, youll also find information to help you start a smoothie diet or a green smoothie detox, benefits of detox smoothies, directions on how to make detox smoothies, even a smoothie diet meal planner!

At the end of the article, I will share more weight loss smoothie recipes so keep scrolling for more smoothies recipes.

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The Smoothie Diet Refunds And Shipping

The Smoothie Diet is a completely digital system, which means there are no components that will be shipped or sent to users. That means you gain instant access to all the tools included in this system in a couple of minutes after making your payment. That way, users can begin incorporating this diet into their routine right away as it is only a matter of downloading the content on your device.

This program also comes with a refund policy where unhappy clients can get their money back. If you donât get your desired weight loss outcomes with the Smoothie Diet, you can ask for your full refund within the first 60 days.

Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

Next in our list of healthy smoothies to have in this diet plan is the peanut butter cup smoothie. It is quite easy to prepare this drink as it uses readily available ingredients in your kitchen. To make this drink, you will need to follow this recipe obtained from WebMD :


  • Half a cup of light vanilla soy milk or half a cup of 1% or nonfat milk plus half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Two tablespoons of natural-style smooth peanut butter
  • One tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • A two-third cup of frozen banana slices
  • One packet of Splenda or another alternative sweetener
  • Two-thirds cup of crushed ice


  • Add all your ingredients to the blender and let them blend until you obtain a thick drink
  • Nutritional Profile

    This recipe only makes one serving, and the nutritional content for this serving is as follows:

    • Calories â 284
    • Omega-3 fatty acids â 0.1 g
    • Omega-6 fatty acids â 4.5 g

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    How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose

    One of the best parts of the Smoothie Diet is how fast it works. You will see pounds come off in the first week and this motivates you to keep going. The average weight loss during the first week is 3-8 lbs. Over the 3 weeks you can expect to lose up to 20 pounds or more.

    You can also continue the diet for as long as you want after the 3 weeks. Some users have lost 50-70 pounds after several cycles of the diet plan. You can read their testimonial at the official Smoothie Diet home page.

    Just dont expect to lose 50 pounds after three weeks. It would take a few cycles of repeating the program if thats your weight loss goal.

    Higher Blood Sugar Levels

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    Some smoothie recipes will ask you to use sweeteners to make your drinks tastier. Most of these sweeteners contain added sugars, which of course can lead to weight gain and have other negative health impacts. They might increase your blood sugar levels and this can become potentially dangerous if you have type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance . The key is to sweeten without using added sugar.

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    The Smoothie Diet Pricing

    Purchases of the Smoothie Diet must be made through the official website. As a payment platform, ClickBank is used. As a result, you will have access to a secure gateway.

    The total cost of the package is $47.50. A $10 discount could be yours if you happen to stumble into the site at the correct time.

    You will have access to the digital book as soon as you have completed the payment. As a result, you won’t receive a paper copy in the mail, and you may begin using the ebooks immediately after purchase.

    Ingredients For Weight Loss

    While many of the traditional ingredients in healthful smoothies support a healthy weight, some are better than others. There are certain things you can put in your smoothie that will boost your weight loss by different means.

    Avocado: Alligator pears are the preferred weight loss smoothie thickener or ingredient that provides that signature smoothie creaminess. They supply ample healthy fat, which will keep you satiated and satisfied until your next meal and an array of health-promoting vitamins and minerals.

    Berries: Any kind of berry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry, for instance, add a ton of flavor to a smoothie without adding very many calories or sugar. Additionally, they are high in fiber, which helps to keep you full, and antioxidants for your overall health.

    Cayenne pepper: This spice not only adds a kick to your smoothie, but it also boosts your weight loss capability. The compound responsible is called capsaicin. Research has shown that adding it to breakfast reduces the consumption of fat and carbohydrates later in the day. In other words, consuming a little cayenne pepper will curb your appetite.

    Cinnamon: The popular spice helps regulate blood sugar levels by improving the metabolism of glucose. This results in a reduction of the amount of excess blood glucose that can be stored as fat. Abdominal fat, studies have shown, is more sensitive to the effects of cinnamon than fat from any other part of the body.

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    Cafe Mocha Collagen Protein Smoothie

    Are you wondering what smoothie you can have for breakfast or in the afternoon? Try the cafe mocha collagen protein smoothie. It is prepared using numerous healthy ingredients, including coffee. The recipe is as follows :


    • Two scoops of collagen protein powder
    • Half of a large avocado
    • One and three-quarter cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    • Half a cup of cold coffee or one or two tablespoons of espresso powder
    • Three tablespoons of cacao powder
    • An eighth teaspoon of cinnamon
    • Three packets of pure stevia
    • One cup of ice


  • Mix all your ingredients in your blender and let them blend until fully combined into one drink
  • Nutritional Profile

    The nutritional information of one serving is:

    • Calories â 350
    • Carbohydrates â 16 g

    Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss Diet Plan

    5-Day Detox Smoothie for Weight Loss Diet Plan

    This diet is a smoothies only diet, which means you drink nothing but smoothies. Blended food diets are extremely good for you as blended food is so easily digested. This means that nutrients are so easily absorbed into your body and energy is directed away from digesting food and towards healing your body. This means you should have a massive energy boost while on this diet.

    The great thing about this diet is that because these smoothies are so healthy and natural, you can drink as much as you like of them.


    For A Limited Time, Grab Your FREE 260+ Page Smoothies For Weight Loss Bundle So You Can:

    * Shed your excess weight without cravings

    * Triple your energy levels without coffee

    * Get glowing, clear skin naturally

    This smoothie diet is a great detox as it clears the junk out of your body and gives it a good rest.

    The diet plan below incorporates a balance of different types of smoothies but feel free to substitute any smoothie recipes.

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    The Smoothie Diet 21 Day Program

    If you’re serious about losing weight, this three-week regimen will help you get there. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose five pounds, ten pounds, or even forty pounds, this program will get you on the correct road in only a few days.

    In addition, because it may be used for a long time, you can take a break and still return back. There are a number of other benefits that can come from a dramatic weight loss process. These include clearer skin and a boost in energy, better sleep, improved thinking, stable blood sugar levels, and others

    As a result of this, cravings for unhealthy meals, especially junk food and sweets, will be reduced which will help in maintaining a healthy weight. After the 21-day period is through, the diet plan recommends that you continue to eat healthily for the rest of your life in order to maintain your weight loss results.

    A Daily Journal

    To help you keep track of your weight loss and wellness progress, they created a review journal. Smoothie Diet program creator, Drew Sgoutas created the Daily Journal to assist you in keeping track of your moods on a daily basis. To complete your profile, you’ll need to provide information on what you’ve eaten, your caloric intake, and your physical activity.

    Workout Program

    How To Make These Smoothies For Weight Loss

    A high powered blender is best for green smoothies without any discernible pieces of greens. Start with a bit of coconut water in the bottom of the blender to help spin the blades. Then top with the remaining ingredients and I like lots of ice. Blend until smooth, adding more coconut water if needed to thin, and ice to thicken.

    Top with a little hemp seeds if youd like for texture. Enjoy right away or freezer for later. If youd like to see all of our smoothie recipes in one place click here.

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    Who Designed The Smoothie Diet

    The Smoothie Diet program is the brainchild of Drew Sgoutas, a certified health coach and nutrition expert. Through his years of working as a nutrition expert and health coach, Drew figured out the best diets to lose weight. He put all his experiences and research together in the form of The Smoothie Diet ebook program.

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