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Tips And Tricks For A Better Smoothie

Trying Tropical Smoothie Cafeâs Sunrise Sunset Smoothie | SIPPING WITH JACK

You often try to make your favorite smoothies at home but end up disappointed because your homemade smoothie was not like the one you had at your favorite cafe.

So, what goes wrong, and what are the tips and tricks to make your smoothie taste better? This article provides several hacks that you need to keep in mind while preparing your next lot of smoothies at home.

Copycat Tropical Smoothie Sunrise Sunset Smoothie

Published by Meaghan on

A quick and easy treat, featuring plenty of healthy fruit, this Copycat Tropical Smoothie Sunrise Sunset Smoothie is a spot on duplicate of your favorite cafes frozen treat. An indulgent breakfast to share, a perfect dessert, even a special snack- this smoothie is what sweet memories are made of!

Despite Valentines Day being this week, I didnt actually make anything new for the blog this year.

Shocking, I know.

Instead, I made the family some of their favorite treats from previous years. This years I Love You menu included our Hersheys Kiss Rice Krispie Treats, Three Ingredient Red Velvet Oreo Fudge, and Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies.

A solid bevy of sweets in our household, perfect for a special dessert for all my sweeties.

Instead of making something for the website that was specifically focused on Valentines this year though, I opted to make/share things with you guys that have special significance for the hubs and I, or the kids, the rest of the week.

First up on the menu? This sweet Copycat Tropical Smoothie Sunrise Sunset Smoothie.

The hubs and I used to get date nights at least once a month, every other month seemed like a stretch. My how times change, lol.

We now get date nights on special anniversaries and holidays, if everything works out and the planets and stars align. Anything else is pretty much a family date, and while we cherish those times, we do still try to sneak moments every now and then just for ourselves.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Has Been Sending Kids To Camp For Over A Decade

Too many companies out there making millions or even billions of dollars give too little back to their communities, even though those communities support them every day. Thankfully, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is sharing some of its success. The company has partnered with an organization called Camp Sunshine located in Casco, Maine that serves children with life-threatening illnesses. The non-profit operates a year-round campus for families as they navigate the difficulties of everyday life, while at the same time, providing a fun getaway for the kids where they can simply create some great memories.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe teamed up with the camp in 2008 and since then, has contributed some 6,00 volunteer hours and helped 2,500 family members by raising more than $7.5 million for the organization. The company also encourages its customers to get involved in the summer camp with links on its website for referring a family in need, as well as donation and volunteer opportunities.

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Tropical Smoothie Sunrise Sunset Smoothie Copycat Recipe

All trademarks are the property of the respective owner.

  • 10 mins

A smoothie can be described as a beverage or drink made from blended fruits and raw vegetables. But the ingredients of this kind of beverage do not have to be limited to these two elements. You can include just about anything in your blender including crushed ice, water, fruit juice, honey, sugar, artificial sweeteners, nuts, chocolate, cookies, seeds, herbal products, herbal supplements, and more.

Smoothies are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. These nutrients are crucial to our well-being. Without them, we would be more susceptible to illnesses and diseases of all kinds.

That means having a smoothie is the most effortless way to get loads of nutrients into your system within a very short time. The healthiness of a smoothie, however, depends on its ingredients. The healthier the components/ingredients, the healthier the smoothie.

Okay, enough preaching here is a smoothie recipe from one of the leading smoothie joints in the country Tropical Smoothie Café. I love all of their smoothies, but heres one I would love you to try.

  • Add all of the ingredients to a high powered blender.
  • Blend until the mixture is completely smooth.
  • Add more ice if you desire a thicker consistency, or more orange juice if you need it a tad thinner.
  • Serve and enjoy.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Was Started In Florida In 1993

Tropical Smoothie Sunrise Sunset Smoothie Copycat Recipe

Its not a big surprise that the story of this beach-themed eatery all started in Destin, Florida. The first iteration of the business was on the panhandle right on the beach back in 1993. It was just a smoothie shop back then, and it hadnt yet become the Tropical Smoothie Cafe we all know and love now.

Then, a few years later, Tropical Smoothie Cafe opened its first sit-down franchise cafe in Tallahassee, a city known as a getaway for spring breakers and families hoping to escape the colder weather up north. The semi-tropical vibe close to the coast made it a perfect location for fresh, delicious smoothies, as thats just what customers were looking for in the midst of blazing hot weather. Before long, customers were lining up for the fruity concoctions, and it became clear that the store was onto something.

Just two years later, in 1999, the store added sandwiches and wraps to its selection, making it a viable lunch or dinner option and not just a smoothie shop. Today, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, but that certainly doesnt take away from its laid-back, distinctly Florida vibe.

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How To Make A Mango Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie

A good blender is key to easily making this smoothie. My Ninja rocked making this smoothie. I have never regretted paying for this expensive blender.

To start, pour half a pound or equal parts of the mango, pineapple, and strawberries into the blender. Then pour the orange juice over the fruit.

Then blend then hit the blend button. I literally hit the button and walked away. It took about a minute to get the fruit pureed into the sunrise sunset smoothie. The combination of the three fruits and orange juice truly turned into the color of the sunrise or sunset.

If the smoothie is not pourable, stir in more orange juice a quarter of a cup at a time. This will be enough to make two copycat Tropical Smoothie sunrise sunset smoothies. The mango, pineapple, and strawberry smoothies can be topped off with extra pieces of frozen fruit.

This Tropical Smoothie Sunrise Sunset smoothie is going to be a favorite all summer long. My kids have a few favorite frozen slushee like drinks they like to make all summer. Here are a few of the kids’ favorite frozen drinks.

Sunrise Sunset Tropical Smoothie Calories

This smoothie has precisely the colors of sunrise and sunset, which is why it has earned this name. Before thinking of drinking this smoothie, some people wonder about the number of calories. People who are health conscious and are on a diet would always want to know this answer.

Sunset sunrise smoothie contains 360 calories . It has 0 grams of fats, 89 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, and proteins. After consuming this smoothie, it would take 30 minutes of swimming, 41 minutes of jogging, 55 minutes of cycling, and 100 minutes of walking to burn off the consumed calories.

Make sure you enjoy this drink in a limited quantity and burn the calories later.

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What Ingredients Do I Need For Sunrise Sunset Tropical Smoothie

This heavenly tropical drink is prepared with fresh pineapples, sweet mangos, juicy strawberries, and citrusy oranges. When the combination of sweet and citrus blends together, a flavorful smoothie comes into existence. It is so good that once you taste it, you cant resist having another.

The quantities of the ingredients for 1 glass of this smoothie are:

  • Half a pound chopped pineapples
  • Half a pound chopped mangoes
  • Half a pound chopped strawberries
  • 1/4 cup orange juice.
  • Lets find out the recipe? Just continue reading below!

    Triple Berry Oat Smoothie

    Tropical Smoothie Cafe – Sunrise Sunset Smoothie

    Next on this list is the Triple Berry Oat Smoothie. Its made with strawberries, blueberries, cranberry, multivitamin, ground flaxseed, whole-grain oats, whey protein & Splenda. This is one of the healthiest, low-calorie smoothies on their menu. It has 410 calories and also packs a whopping 15 grams of protein. Grab this after your next workout.

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    Filter By Weight Watchers Points

    Choose your point system and maximum number of points to filter the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu.

    14 12

    A Tropical Smoothie Cafe Baja Chicken Bowl contains 12 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, 14 WW SmartPoints and 12 WW PointsPlus.

    13 10

    A Tropical Smoothie Cafe Buffalo Chicken Bowl contains 11 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, 13 WW SmartPoints and 10 WW PointsPlus.

    15 11

    A Tropical Smoothie Cafe Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl contains 13 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, 15 WW SmartPoints and 11 WW PointsPlus.

    21 16

    A Tropical Smoothie Cafe Hummus Veggie Bowl contains 20 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, 21 WW SmartPoints and 16 WW PointsPlus.

    17 15

    A Tropical Smoothie Cafe Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl contains 16 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, 17 WW SmartPoints and 15 WW PointsPlus.

    12 10

    A Tropical Smoothie Cafe Thai Chicken Bowl contains 10 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, 12 WW SmartPoints and 10 WW PointsPlus.

    13 11

    A Tropical Smoothie Cafe All American Wrap contains 13 Weight Watchers Freestyle Points, 13 WW SmartPoints and 11 WW PointsPlus.

    Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread 20

    Tropical Smoothie Cafe Is One Of The Fastest

    The restaurant business can be tough and many big fast food chains are struggling to stay afloat. Several national chains have already been seeing closures over the past few years, and theres a good chance that even more will go under in the future. But it seems like Tropical Smoothie Cafe is still doing relatively well, despite the difficulties.

    As of last year, its growth came in at over 20 percent. According to Business Insider, last year alone, the company opened 124 new stores and signed over 200 franchise agreements. And the industry is taking notice. Tropical Smoothie Cafe found itself on Fast CasualsTop 100 Movers and Shakers,EntrepreneursBest Franchises for Any Budget,Nations Restaurant NewsTop 200 and Top 10 Fastest-Growing Chains, and Franchise TimesFast & Serious lists, so its clear that the companys efforts to expand arent being ignored by the wider restaurant community.

    The company also has high hopes for even further expansion. When Charles Watson became the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe CEO in 2019, the company claimed that it could be looking at $1 billion in sales in the next five years. With the fast-casual spot gaining more recognition every year, theres a good chance that you wont be seeing your favorite Tropical Smoothie Cafe going anywhere anytime soon.

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    Signature Wraps And Bowls

    Baja ChickenRice, black beans, smashed avocado, romaine, pickled red onion, Cheddar, and roasted tomato salsa. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $7.90 -$0.01-0.13% Buffalo ChickenTomatoes, romaine, mozzarella, buffalo sauce, and lite ranch. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $7.81 +$0.01+0.13% Supergreen Caesar ChickenRomaine kale and spinach blend, shredded parmesan, tomatoes, parmesan crisps, and Caesar. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $7.90 +$0.01+0.13% Caribbean Jerk ChickenRice, black beans, Cheddar, roasted pineapple salsa, romaine, and jerk sauce. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $7.88 -$0.01-0.13% Thai ChickenCarrots, sesame seeds, wontons, cilantro, scallions, romaine, and Thai peanut sauce. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $8.00 +$0.01+0.13% Hummus VeggieHummus, smashed avocado, pepper jack cheese, a lettuce blend, rice, black beans, picked red onions, tomatoes and lite ranch. $7.83

    About Tropical Smoothie Cafe

    tropical smoothie cafe recipes sunrise sunset
    • 9:00 AM 7:00 PM9:00 AM 7:00 PM9:00 AM 7:00 PM9:00 AM 7:00 PM9:00 AM 7:00 PM9:00 AM 7:00 PM10:00 AM 7:00 PM 1851 Cordova Road
    • 7:00 AM 9:00 PM7:00 AM 9:00 PM7:00 AM 9:00 PM7:00 AM 9:00 PM7:00 AM 9:00 PM8:00 AM 9:00 PM10:00 AM 8:00 PM 2510 W. Broward Blvd
    • 7:00 AM 10:00 PM7:00 AM 10:00 PM7:00 AM 10:00 PM7:00 AM 10:00 PM7:00 AM 10:00 PM8:00 AM 10:00 PM8:00 AM 8:00 PM 6339 North Andrews Avenue

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    Morning Sunrise Smoothie Recipe

    Good morning, sunshine! Natures incredible colors inspired this smoothie. The bright reds, yellows, and oranges we see when the sun sets blend together to make this Sunset Smoothie. Yes, I know that comfort food

    Tropicals smoothies are mostly fruit and dont use any frozen yogurt, ice cream or sherbet. Its best seller is a Sunrise Sunset, a combination of strawberries, pineapple, mango and orange.

    Wake up or say goodnight with Betsys Best sunrise sunset smoothie. The most invigorating time of day is when the sun reaches the horizon with the bright spectrum of colors of oranges, pinks, and yellows. This perky time of morning is the first signal of the days beginnings and time to wake the body up to prepare for the day.

    Put dark leafy greens, cucumber, lime juice, water into a high speed blender and blend for a minute. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.

    Made with super herbs and superfoods, this Golden Sunset Smoothie is delightful any time of day: enjoy it at sunrise, or whip up a batch during the hot summer nights for a fruity, refreshing, nourishing blend.

    Wraps Sandwiches And Bowls

    What if you want something that isnt made in a blender? Tropical Smoothie has a few options that can be made vegan with just a few modifications. Be sure to specify Beyond Chicken on any of the items below:

    • Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread breakfast
    • Baja Chicken Wrap or Bowl Order with NO Cheddar
    • Buffalo Chicken Wrap or Bowl Order with NO Mozzarella or Ranch Dressing
    • Cali Chicken Club Flatbread Order with NO Bacon, Mozzarella and Mayo
    • Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wrap or Bowl Order with NO Cheddar
    • Supergreen Caesar Chicken Wrap or Bowl Order with NO Parmesan, Parmesan Crisps or Caesar Dressing
    • Thai Chicken Wrap or Bowl
    • Hummus Veggie Wrap or Bowl Order with NO Pepper Jack and Ranch Dressing

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    Detox Island Green Smoothie

    The healthiest smoothie on Tropical Smoothie Cafes menu is their Detox Island Green Smoothie. Its made with spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, banana & fresh ginger. Its fresh, its filling and it tastes great! I suggest drinking this detox island green smoothie first thing in the morning to get your day off to a great start. This superfood green smoothie is packed with nutrients and will help you power through your day feeling energized and refreshed.

    Sunrise Sunset Recipe From Tropical Smoothie

    Sunrise Sunset Smoothie FOX 32 Cadillac

    Sunrise Sunset Smoothie is a mango, pineapple, strawberry, orange juice smoothie that is the copycat version of the Tropical Smoothie sunrise sunset smoothie. The smoothie is made easy with a high-powered blender and frozen fruit. They were so surprised at how good the smoothie was, everyone wanted a second smoothie.

    Tropical Smoothie Sunrise Sunset Smoothie CopyCat Recipe. All trademarks are the property of the respective owner. 10 mins 2 Servings Print A smoothie can be described as a beverage or drink made from blended fruits and raw vegetables. But the ingredients of this kind of beverage do not have to be limited to these two elements.

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    Tropical Smoothie Cafe Offers More Than Just Smoothies

    As the name suggests, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is all about the smoothies. Theyre definitely the most plentiful item on the menu there are over 30 options listed on the companys website, and customers will find a wide array of supplements and extras they can add to their smoothies. If youre making a trip to your local Tropical Smoothie Cafe, its probably specifically for the smoothie.

    However, this fast-casual chain offers so much more than its signature smoothies. On the food end of the spectrum, the restaurant is probably best known for its flatbreads and wraps. Theyve been on the menu for a while, and there are both chicken and veggie options available. But the quesadillas are popular too, as are the sandwiches, including the Cuban Sandwich and Ultimate Club. The bowls are some of the newer items on the menu, and while some are essentially just salads, others like the Baja Chicken Bowl include rice for a more typical fast-food bowl.

    Plus, the breakfast options at Tropical Smoothie Cafe are totally underrated. The All-American Wrap may not be the perfect healthy complement to your fruity smoothie, but if youre being smart with your smoothie choice, you deserve to treat yourself. And those who want something on the lighter side can go for the Southwest Wrap. Basically, the next time you visit a Tropical Smoothie Cafe, you may want to branch out and get something to eat along with your favorite smoothie order.

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