10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Snacks

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Buy Your Snacks Tea Protein Powder & Ground Flaxseed


See the list above for the snacks you can have. You can also check her book for snack ideas. However her official FB group will give you the most ideas as members share their treats!

You will need to purchase a detox tea, this the brand recommended and that I use:

You can also find detox tea at health food stores.

I personally do not use a protein powder because I do not feel the need for it. However if you work out you may want to consider the Nutiva Hemp Protein powder which is recommended. This powder is high in fats and protein and tastes good! A scoop of protein powder can be added to your smoothie to help you feel full longer.

Use a flaxseed like the one below. Make sure it is organic and ground!

What Can You Eat During The 10

What can you eat during the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse?

2. You may snack on apples, celery, carrots, cucumbers, and other crunchy veggies that are appealing to you throughout the day. Other high-protein snacks include unsweetened peanut butter, hard boiled eggs and raw or unsalted nuts and seeds .

What can you eat on JJ Smith 10-day cleanse?

Green smoothies ingredients. Green smoothies instructions. You may snack on apples, celery, carrots, cucumbers, and other crunchy veggies throughout the day. Other high-protein snacks include unsweetened peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs, and raw or unsalted nuts and seeds Daily routine.

Does the 10-day green smoothie cleanse really work?

JJs newest book, The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, is a proven plan to safely and quickly detoxify the body, and jumpstart weight loss. Most people who follow the plan strictly experience weight loss of up to 15 pounds in only ten days.

How much weight can I lose on the 10-day green smoothie diet?

Amazon.com: Customer reviews: 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days!

How many times a day do you drink a detox smoothie?

Try to have one smoothie serving every two to three hours throughout the day. Avoid all coffee, alcohol, and solid food. You should quickly feel energized and see less puffiness in your body and face after just a few hours.Mar 26, 2016

How many green smoothies should I drink a day?

How do you do the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse?

Cravings Alert Tasty Snack For The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

OK, so yesterday was Day 3 on the JJ Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, and I must say the cravings were hitting pretty hard. Not for sweets like I expected, but for SALTY CHIPS. But alas, although Im doing the modified version of the smoothie challenge chips are still a no-no. But good news: POPCORN is allowed!! Not the microwave kind loaded with all kinds of craziness, but good ole fashioned stove top popcorn. Folks, it was DELICIOUS and so satisfying. Not to mention, I had forgotten how simple it was to make! Now, I know most of us know how to make stove top popcorn, but in case its been a while, heres the super simple recipe:


Large pot or skillet with lid

Large bowl

Sea Salt


  • Melt coconut oil in a large pot or skillet on medium-high to high heat .
  • Carefully add in popcorn kernels. Give the pot a little shake to coat the kernels in the oil.
  • Get back things happen pretty fast! Once you see a kernel or two pop, place the lid on top of the pot leaving a small crack so that some steam can escape . The popping should now be pretty aggressivegive the pan another shake just to make sure you dont have any scorching.
  • Once the popping has slowed down to 2 or 3 pops, turn off the stove and remove from heat. Carefully empty your fluffy goodness into a large bowl. At this point, youre ready to snack as is. But feel free to lightly sprinkle with sea salt.
  • What are your favorite snacks to eat while on a cleanse? Sound off below!

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    Buy The Book And Choose Your Cleanse:

    You must take this step as you cannot succeed without it! J.J. Smiths book provides so much helpful information on how the detox works, answers a lot of questions you may have, and is chocked full of recipes, testimonials, & tips!

    This is where you will get your green smoothie recipes from. It is very important that you follow the recipes exactly if you are a newbie!!!

    Do not attempt to bumble through google and try and figure it out. It will not work. I have personally seen people try this and fail.

    You can get the book in as little as one day through Amazon.

    Word On The Street About The 10

    GSC Snack prep

    To be fair and balanced, I had to find a couple of raving and a couple of real naysayers on Amazon, like verified and badge-wearing Amazon user Knitting Ninja , who says,

    Found one. Kolleen Kholus says to Proceed with caution. Kristen , who was a little bit critical, was also sort of a fan: At Walmart.com, there were 56 reviews and an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. These folks loved the cleanse. The great thing is the vast majority of the 178 thoughtfully-written reviews were from people who read the book and did the cleanse. Real people like Michele : Esmeralda Luv says,

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    Scrub Yourself Clean Green Smoothie

    This is one of my favorite recipes for a detox smoothie flush. Not only does it taste really delicious, but it also helps boost your metabolism, too!

    Broccoli is an extremely healthy vegetable, often referred to as a super veggie. Its high in many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, potassium and iron. Broccoli also contains more protein than most other vegetables, which gives you an extra metabolic boost .

    This green smoothie detox recipe is great for someone whos new to smoothie recipes for weight loss. The flavors are mild, and the nutrition is high.

    The 10 Best Green Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss:

    In this section you will find 10 weight loss smoothies. If you are looking to start a green smoothie diet, keep scrolling for 2 green smoothie diet options.

    Here are some of the best green smoothie recipes I have found. I encourage you to try different ingredients and find the ones you especially like, because the goal is to drink these green smoothies as often as you can.

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    How To Make A Green Smoothie

    Green smoothie recipes are really easy to make. Try making your own recipe, or one of the 10 weight loss smoothies below.


    Step 1 add all green smoothie ingredients to blender

    Step 2 blend your weight loss green smoothie until smooth

    Step 3 serves since out your blender, and enjoy

    If you like your green smoothie colder, you have two ways to do that:

  • Freeze the fruit, or buy frozen fruit.
  • Add 1/2 a cup of ice.
  • To make a green smoothie smoothie, all you need is a blender, and not even an expensive one, Ive been using my $20 blender for a number of years and try as I might I havent broken it yet!

    Special Tip: If youre serious about green smoothies, I recommend you check out our list of best smoothie blenders. A good smoothie blender encourages you to drink more green smoothies, and the health benefits are worth splurging for.

    Keep scrolling for 10 green smoothie recipes for weight loss

    Repeating Or Extending The Cleanse

    10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Review| Days 1-5 Snack ideas + Tips

    JJ doesnt recommend the full cleanse be longer than two weeks straight she says that you dont want to run the risk of slowing your metabolism so its important to take a break from the full cleanse and re-introduce whole foods into your diet. A break would be several weeks . However, two green smoothies plus a high-protein meal per day is very healthy and can be done for life.

    If youve been off the 10-day cleanse for a few weeks and now want to redo the full cleanse or do it for longer than 2 weeks, you have to deliberately add more protein into your diet and be sure to rotate or use different greens each week.

    Also, once you get rid of toxins and waste during your first 10-day cleanse, you will most likely lose less the next time you do the full cleanse. Normal weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week after the cleanse. By doing the full cleanse longer than 14 days, you run the risk of slowing your metabolism which will just make it harder to lose weight in the long run. If you need to learn how to lose weight after the cleanse, see below. Just trying to do the full cleanse over and over back to back is not the answer Its a jumpstart to weight loss After the 10-day cleanse, 1-2 pounds per week is normal and healthy. Detoxing should not be used as an extreme diet that is not the answer to long-term permanent weight loss.

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    What Snacks Can I Eat On The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

    You may not need portion snack containers if you are a stay at home mom, however I do recommend pre-portioning your snacks and keeping them separate

    This helps to avoid temptation!

    Here is a list of approved snacks that can be combined in many ways to make them delicious! Check the official FB group for more ideas!

    • Raw, crunchy veggies

    Things You Should Know About The 10

    If you have ever researched ways to lose weight, chances are you have heard of drinking green smoothies. One of the most popular weight loss programs that has emerged over the past few years is JJ Smiths 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. This program proclaims that you can lose up to 15 pounds in just10 days.

    The program consists of consuming 3 blended smoothies per day that contain green leafy veggies mixed with a combination of fruit, water, and ground flaxseeds. A small number of foods that are primarily vegan-based are also allowed as snacks per day. You must also drink lots of water, drink herbal detox tea and take various other supplements that promote regular bowel movements. The program can be found in JJs New York Times bestselling book which is available at pretty much any major retailer.

    It wont take much research to find rave reviews from hundreds of thousands of people on social media, amazon, and the like, who have reported tremendous weight loss success after completing the program. Having done the cleanse myself several times, I can also say from personal experience that it does work if followed properly. A persona can, and likely will, lose more weight after the 10-day cleanse than he or she would after completing a whole month of typical diet and exercise.

    #1 You will spend considerable time in the restroom

    #2 You can still overeat on the cleanse

    #3 Its nearly impossible to exercise while on the cleanse

    #5 Beware of the salt water flush

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    Both Of These Green Smoothie Diet Plans Are Always Free:

  • Do you know anything about the Nutri Bullet? Do you reccommend it?

  • thefoodieatlas

    I wouldnt freeze the pre-made smoothies. When you re-thaw then they tend to separate and get weird and frothy. You can put all of your ingredients into a ziploc bag and freeze that so all you have to do is throw it in a blender and add a liquid.

  • jennifer

    If I prepare these ahead of time how long can I freeze each premade smoothie?

  • Michelle

    Keep posting they are great recipes

  • Tami Koletsky

    Question: Whats your take on suing coconut water for standard water? And cherries are out of season here and I cant find them frozen, do you have suggestions for substitutes?

  • Karen

    Hi AudreyI just made my first smoothy from your top 10 Purple Passion yummy Thank you so much for the recipes and in helping me lose my buddy belly lol

  • Brandi Marie

    This is the single best post I have seen to date. I am on a journey to lose my baby fat, and I love smoothies. Thank you for sharing!

  • Virginia Anglin
  • Any ideas/recipes to include avocados?

  • Christine

    Love this post. Well thought out and very informative I have pinned it of course and I am looking forward to trying each and every one of your wonderful recipes. Following the rules of course

  • Rose Marie Mandato

    love the premise and would like yo get all this in printed form. can u help me. You are an answer to my prayer.Rose Marie

  • GJ

    I put 1 drop pf dish soap into the blender container with some water, blend it up and rinse. Easiest way to clean out your blender.

  • Health Benefits Claimed In 10

    72 best JJ Smith approved snacks images on Pinterest

    The diet in this book claims to reduce the risks for: allergies, bloating, brain fog, constipation, poor digestion, low energy, fatigue, food cravings, headaches, indigestion, infections, insomnia, overweight/obesity, chronic pain, sensitivities, yeast infections

    As always, this is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition. Consult your doctor before starting a new diet. This page describes what the authors of the diet recommend Chewfo is describing the diet only, not endorsing it.

    Get a copy of 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse for a detailed explanation of why a green smoothie cleanse is good for you, detox methods, testimonials, 10 Commandments for Looking Young and Feeling Great, green smoothie recipes for the 10-day cleanse, over 100 green smoothie recipes for after the cleanse, and clean high protein recipes.

    Theres a Facebook page at . JJs website is .

    How has this diet helped you? Please add a comment or question below.

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    What Do You Eat While Detoxing

    I always suggested drinking this detox smoothie along with plant based snacks and meal recipes. As an example, here are a few more ideas when it comes to eating healthy while doing a detox protocol.

    Adding Protein To Your Smoothie

    If you wish to increase your protein consumption then you can quickly do it with smoothies. Whether you include protein powder or just almond milk, or other ingredients in your smoothie, you can enhance your protein consumption to help construct or keep muscle mass.

    When people drink smoothies that have plenty of excellent fats and proteins, they can stay fuller for longer. And due to the fact that the digestive system requires to work a bit harder to burn the protein, people can burn more calories.

    Then make sure that you check out the label on the product container to understand exactly how much protein it has, if you are using a protein powder. That way you can compute just how much to blend with the other protein-rich ingredients in your blender.

    Peanut butter is likewise a great source of protein. It might likewise be advised not to add peanut butter every day to your smoothie, but utilize it sparingly only a few times a week as a good additional protein reward.

    A mix of whey protein, natural peanut butter, and coconut milk is an exceptional mix that people can integrate with other healthy ingredients to make a tasty, drinkable smoothie.

    If you are a vegan and you would, therefore, choose not to take in whey protein, then there are various healthy vegan protein power alternatives available in most health stores, or online that you can use instead.

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    Metabolism Boosting Green Smoothie

    This is a twist on a classic green smoothie recipe. Its a spinach smoothie recipe which blends perfectly with the delicious flavors of strawberry and oranges . Smoothies with spinach are some of my favorite green smoothie recipes.

    The metabolism boosting secret is the almond milk, which contains extra protein and creaminess. Studies have shown that protein increases the thermic effect of food due to the extra calories required to digest it. This causes a rise in your metabolic rate .

    Set Yourself Up For Success

    Starting 10 Day GSC | JJ Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse How To Get Started (Meal Prep & Snacks)

    Allow yourself at minimum 3 days to gather all the items necessary for the cleanse. Some items will need to be ordered and you want to make sure you have all items necessary.

    I use because of its 2 day prime shipping.

    Mindset is everything!!!! Tell your friends your goal and invite them to join you on your weight loss journey!

    Get your hubby to be your motivational partner! Post on social media!! This helps to keep you accountable when you feel like quitting!

    Finally join the green smoothie cleanse where thousands of women are doing the same thing!

    Ask questions, check out delicious recipes, and be inspired by others stories!

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    Buy Your Fruit Greens & Nuts

    You can of course buy your fruit, greens, and nuts at the same time you purchase your tea, stevia, snacks, and protein powder.

    However I mentioned buying the others first if you will be ordering online. You dont want your greens going bad on you while you wait for your purchases to come in!

    Be sure to follow the books recommendations and purchase organic if you can.

    If you cannot, remove the pesticides and waxes as best as you can by soaking in a bowl with 10% white vinegar, scrubbing and then rinsing with clean water.

    Its important to buy organic to avoid as much toxins as possible.

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