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Smoothie King Keto Smoothie Review

Smoothie Recipes For Keto | How To Make THE BEST Low Carb Chocolate Smoothie Recipe
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Finding Keto options on the go can be a challenge, but new items seem to be popping up all the time. We were pumped to learn that Smoothie King has two new Keto friendly choices on the menu and couldnt wait to give them a try.

Previously, any low carb menu items at Smoothie King seemed to require a build it yourself type order, which is intimidating if youre new to Keto. Its great to be able to walk in the door, place your order like a pro and move on with your day. No clarifying, no repeating and no explanations necessary!

Read our full keto fast food guide for even more options.

Whats The Best Time To Drink Smoothies

Maybe its because Im always flying out the door with little time to cook or perhaps the loud buzz of the blender grinding me out of my sleep stupor, but Im partial to keto smoothies for breakfast.

Smoothies are also great for pre-workout or post-workout! Perfect for a meal thats not too heavy if you need something in your stomach before you hit the gym. Or after the gym, load it up with some whey protein or Greek yogurt to help your recovery. If youre someone who works out a lot and incorporate strategic carb intake around your physical activity , smoothies are also an excellent way to deliver those quick digesting carbs for energy and performance.

TLDR Smoothies rule. Keto smoothies are just as easy, delicious, and nutritious as their high carb counterparts. Heres a recipe!

Fiber Blend Enhancer Is Your Friend

Do you know the most important thing thats usually missing on a keto diet? A little bit of roughage!

A low-carb diet prohibits most fruits, grains, and legumes. These are also the most common sources of fiber to the common man.

Fiber is an essential nutrient that keeps your gut healthy . And it has a much broader role to play than just regulating your bowel movements.

Luckily, Smoothie King offers a fiber blend enhancer that contains pure fiber. No carbs. No extra fluff.

A single topping contains 5g of pure fiber for a 20 oz smoothie. Consider adding this enhancer and Im sure your tummy will thank you later.

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Choosing The Right Ingredients

From choosing fruits to picking milk, you must wisely select ingredients for your keto shakes so that you maintain ketosis.

Not to mention you need a perfect texture and flavor to make this blended drink a delightful treat!

Here, I introduce you to the core ingredients, the main building blocks, of this smoothie.

Vanilla Chia Seed Protein Smoothie

Keto Blueberry Smoothie

Chia seeds are seriously a nutritional powerhouse: One ounce contains a whopping 10 grams of fiber, as well as tons of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. By adding them to this delicious vanilla smoothie, youll be full all morning.

Per smoothie: 538 calories, 39 g fat, 6 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 28 g protein

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How To Make A Keto Strawberry Smoothie

Ok so lets get started and talk about how to make a keto strawberry smoothie.

STEP 1: For starters place the fruit in either a Ziploc bag or container and put in the freezer. They only need a couple of hours in the freezer until they are ready.

STEP 2: Grab your blender and add the fruit, almond milk, protein powder, and the coconut oil. It doesnt matter the order you add them, so just throw them all in!

STEP 3: Place the lid on the blender, turn on and blend until smooth.

STEP 4: Pour into the cup of your choice and drinkup!

Thats really it. You see how easy it is to make a Keto Smoothie!?

Are Smoothies Low Carb

Again just like they can be unhealthy, smoothies also can be full of hidden carbs, but weve got you covered when it comes to making low carb smoothies.

Bananas are super common in smoothies but if you are on a low carb diet or even if you are diabetic, bananas arent really on the smoothie menu. Using low carb fruits such as berries and veggies such as spinach, kale, or cucumbers will give you a great keto and low carb smoothie.

Our Keto strawberry smoothie is only 3.1 NET CARBS for 1 glass. Dont worry, 1 glass of this keto smoothie will have you full and satisfied.

Other smoothies that contain banana, yogurt, or other fruits can have anywhere from 20-30 NET CARBSor even more!

So in the end.Yes, you can drink smoothies on keto, just be aware of your ingredients.

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Low Carb Sugars Or Sweeteners

Is your keto smoothie not sweet enough? If you want to boost the sweetness, there absolutely are ways to increase the sweetness without adding carbs and sugar. To make a smoothie that is almost as good as a milkshake, add a keto-friendly, zero-sugar sweetener. Our favorites are:

  • Stevia
  • Swerve or erythritol

Mocha Frozen Latte Keto Shake

Keto Breakfast Smoothie | How To Make A Low Carb BANANA Smoothie | Easy Keto Recipes

This is one of the most delicious morning keto smoothies, and its so easy to make.

Start with half a cup of unsweetened almond milk and a quarter cup of heavy cream. Add 2 tablespoons of instant coffee and a tablespoon and a half of cacao powder. Finish it off with 1 and a half tablespoons of MCT oil, 1 teaspoon of Stevia , and a cup of crushed ice.

Been it until it is smooth and its ready to drink.

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Banana Strawberry Lettuce Smoothie

Yup, this banana-based smoothie is super easy to make and falls within keto guidelines. It has a mix of ingredients like bananas, strawberries, almond milk, chopped lettuce, with the option to add protein powder, too, so you’ll get all kinds of nutrients and a super sweet taste.

Per smoothie: 283 calories, 3 g fat, 38 g carbs, 8 g fiber, 26 g protein

Whats In This Low Carb Smoothie

  • Avocado peeled and pitted. I like using Hass avocados as theyre more flavorful. Avocados are such a great addition as they are high in healthy fats, fibre, full of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Spinach be sure to wash the smoothies beforehand, even if theyre advertised as pre-washed. Spinach is full of antioxidants as well as vitamins and nutrients as well.
  • Unsweetened coconut milk
  • Sugar-free vanilla protein powder check out the recipe card down below for a link to my favourite one.
  • Peanut butter powder I really love and highly recommend PB2.
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice I dont recommend using bottled lemon juice as there are preservatives.

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Blendtopia Keto Berry Smoothie Kit

Our top picks for blending include:

Keto-friendly blending liquid suggestions include: zero calorie lemonade, unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk, cactus water, cucumber water or green tea. Additional non-keto blending liquid suggestions include : lemonade, coconut water, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, or any other milk of choice.

STAFF PICK RECIPE: Strawberry lemonade freeze

The perfect cold treat for a hot summer day! This amps up the lemon flavor of our keto smoothie kit and adds a few more berries.


Professional Tips & Tricks

The BEST Keto Smoothie Recipe

Chill the Soy Milk No one likes a warm smoothie, or at least I dont! I recommend using chilled soy milk, and even adding 1 2 ice cubes if you like your smoothie extra cold.

Layer your Ingredients This is surprisingly important. If you layer your ingredients in the right order you avoid parts of the protein powder, peanut butter or chia seeds from sticking to the bottom.

Start the Blender on Slow By starting the blender on slow and turning it up gradually you can avoid a lot of unnecessary splashback on the side of the blender.

Do not Store The majority of protein powders dont store well for long once mixed with liquid. I suggest making this smoothie as soon as you plan on drinking it or a maximum of 3 to 4 hours in the fridge.

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Best Tips For Smoothies

  • A high-speed blender is key to getting a smooth texture.
  • If you are blending vegetables, they may take a bit longer to get fully smooth.
  • For a sweeter keto smoothie add liquid stevia or powdered swerve.
  • Using frozen fruit and chilled almond milk makes the smoothie extra cold and refreshing.
  • Pour coconut milk into an ice cube tray and freeze. Add a couple of coconut milk ice cubes for extra creamy texture.
  • To thicken a keto smoothie you can add nut butter or avocado.
  • To meal prep: wash and slice the fruit and place into baggies or containers, then freeze. Pull out and place in the blender when ready to make.
  • Low carb fruit options: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and avocado.
  • Low carb liquid options: almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, water, hemp milk, coconut water.
  • Extra Add-ins: coconut oil, MCT oil, protein powder, chia seeds, spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, fresh mint, cinnamon, extracts.etc.

Keto Smoothie Flavors: The Good The Bad And The Unexpected

The issue we see a lot of people say they have with keto smoothies is the flavor and we totally get it! If youre not used to keto products, have just started the keto or low-carb diet and are starting to cut sugarsketo products in general just taste different than youre used to.

Some people arent used to the slightly different flavors of monkfruit and zero-sugar sweeteners, some people expect more sweetness than keto products deliver, and some people just plain old dont like it!

BUT, dont give up just yet! Even when youre keto, smoothies can be an efficient, on-the-go refreshing, nutrient-packed way to get even more fruits and veggies into your diet in a delicious way. Keto smoothie recipes may just need a little more finesse to get them to taste just right .

In this post, were going to go over all the different mix-ins and additions you can use to make your keto smoothie recipes taste as amazing as they are good for you!

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Ingredient Options For A Keto Smoothie

This strawberry avocado smoothie is so good, but did you realize you can customize your keto smoothie?

If youre not dairy-free or paleo, you can swap out half the almond milk for heavy cream. If you are dairy-free and/or paleo, then use coconut cream. This just takes rich and creamy to a whole new level. Oh yes, think classic milkshake here! And yet its a keto smoothie that helps keep you healthy and slim.

For some added flavor, you can use unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of unflavored.

And you can make it as sweet as you like, too. If youre keto and paleo, but not worried about carbs, then coconut sugar is a flavorful option to consider. While you dont have to add sweetener, its definitely recommended because youre using unsweetened almond milk and avocado which arent naturally sweet. Check out this natural low carb sweeteners guide & conversion chart to pick your preference for this keto smoothie with avocado.

I do have to say, a keto smoothie is even better with a dollop of sugar-free whipped cream on top and a fresh strawberry for garnish, of course!

Load Your Keto Smoothie With More Nutrients

How To Make A Keto Blueberry Smoothie

Most people stop at step 3, and thats fine, but you could be adding a ton more nutrients into your Keto diet without spending hours cooking.

Here are some of the nutrients we like to add into our Keto smoothie recipes:

  • Brazil nuts – these add lots of texture but also provide much need selenium
  • Prebiotic fiber – this is what feeds your good gut bacteria, so make sure you get plenty of this if you want to health your gut.
  • Greens – we often dont eat enough green vegetables, which are filled with nutrients. So, add a handful of spinach or kale into your smoothie or else add in some greens powder.
  • Collagen powder – this is another gut healing superfood, but if youre trying to stay vegan or vegetarian, then note that collagen is not vegan or vegetarian-friendly.
  • Protein powder – you can get whey protein if youre ok with some dairy or go for grass-fed beef protein powder for a great tasting dairy-free alternative.

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Live A Healthier Life Feel Better Improve Mood

If you just want to improve the quality of your life, keto shakes are a fun way to start with that. You don’t have to make all necessary changes at once, but keto smoothies are an easy change with many benefits.

Changing your entire diet is hard. Drinking a yummy keto shake once a day is easy.

Check out our keto blog for more information about the keto lifestyle.

Super Delicious Green Matcha Smoothie

Heres a different smoothie style to consider. It comes from the site and is a variation on the green smoothie idea. As such, the smoothie includes half a cup of fresh spinach. Other healthy ingredients are included too, like avocados and coconut oil. This is a drink thats not to be missed.

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How To Make A Smoothie Keto Friendly

Making smoothies isn’t a new thing of course, but making them keto friendly and low carb is definitely new to many. Berries are a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are low on the glycemic index and perfectly acceptable on a low carb and keto diet. Some choose not to enjoy any fruit at all on a keto diet but I believe you can have some flexibility even eating just 20 total carbs a day. While this smoothie recipe can be enjoyed for breakfast or any meal of the day, I’d add some collagen or protein powder for the added protein benefit. This is an easy berry smoothie recipe, and if you don’t enjoy berries on a daily basis, it may even taste like a luscious dessert to you!

Add In Keto Fats For Extra Creaminess

Keto Berry Smoothie

While this is technically an optional step, doing this will really help to boost your healthy Keto fat intake as well as make your smoothie even more delicious.

Are bananas Keto?

Traditionally, smoothies have used bananas to create that smooth creamy texture without dairy products. But unfortunately, bananas are not Keto because they are too high in carbs for smoothies.

My favorite Keto smoothie Avocados!

But luckily, you can add in ripe avocados to create that creaminess without the extra carbs.

Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats as well as fiber to help bulk up your keto smoothie.

Other Keto fats to add into your smoothies:

Here are some of other fats to add into your low carb smoothies:

  • Coconut oil
  • Raw eggs

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If You’re Looking For A Mini Detox This Green Keto Smoothie Is Your Best Friend

Let’s take a quick look at regular smoothies, which are generally not keto friendly.

Apart from fruit, smoothies often contain oats as well as dairy milk, yogurt or ice cream. They are sweetened with banana, honey, dates and sometimes even sugar.

Berries and yogurt are perfectly fine on both the low carb diet and the keto diet, in moderation. But most of the ingredients in regular smoothies are high in carbs and sugar.

Keto Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

Smoothies are a perfect keto-friendly breakfast option. This keto strawberry vanilla smoothie is the perfect fit for the bill. Also, it is made with canned coconut milk to keep the calories and carbs low. Or frozen strawberries and vanilla extract add some delicious flavor to it.

If you dont use sweeteners, it makes this keto strawberry vanilla smoothies less sweet. Or you can use vanilla extract to add the illusion of sweetness. You can also boost the sweeteners in this smoothie by adding artificial sweeteners.

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So Are Smoothies Ok On Keto

They absolutely are, with a few adjustments.

When you make a Keto smoothie recipe you choose unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk over dairy. This lowers the carb count significantly.

Like fruit? Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are great choices for a low carb smoothie as they are low in carbs. I always have a bag of frozen strawberries in the freezer because I love my strawberry smoothies .

In the meantime, I do have a delicious keto blueberry smoothie on my website if you’d like to check it out!

Nut butter is another favourite in Keto smoothies. Peanut butter or almond butter add natural sweetness and are a source of healthy fat.

You can also use avocados to increase the creaminess. Or add coconut oil, coconut butter or even mct oil.

If you want to increase creaminess, simply add avocado.

My personal favourite are GREEN SMOOTHIES like this one. I’ve skipped the fruit and am loading up on green vegetables instead. Cucumber, fennel, kale, celery – yes please, bring it on!!!!

Will Low Carb Green Smoothies Spike My Blood Sugar


Many ingredients suggested for smoothies, like fruits, have a high glycemic index. This means they will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels almost immediately. This is the exact opposite of what you are striving for on a low-carb diet.

The best way to reduce this effect is to add a mixture of protein, fiber, and fat to the green smoothie. The combination of protein powder and the healthy fats in avocados makes this green smoothie recipe low carb and easy on your blood sugar. But if you want you can always add some berries in your smoothies. This low carb raspberry smoothie is AMAZING!

In addition, I prefer coconut milk in my smoothies. Not only does it create the creamiest smoothie ever, but it adds more healthy fats and is very low in carbs. And less but not least, you can add some keto chocolate in your smoothies too. Its so good. Take a look at these Keto Chocolate Smoothie and Keto Avocado Green Smoothie I made few weeks ago.

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