Post Workout Smoothie For Muscle Gain

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Chocolate Protein Smoothie Substitutions Or Additions

Post Workout Muscle Building Protein Smoothie Recipe

You can customize this protein smoothie to your liking and add in more protein or fruit depending on how you like your smoothies. Here are some things I think would be delicious:

  • milk you can use dairy or non-dairy milk
  • fruit any fruit would work instead of cherries. Frozen berries or bananas would be delicious
  • protein powder any flavor of protein powder will work for this post-workout smoothie
  • nut butter any kind of nut butter should work and make it nut-free, try tahini or Sunbutter
  • greens add in some frozen greens for a little extra nutrient boost
  • yogurt add vanilla or plain and dairy or non-dairy
  • avocado more healthy fats and makes it really creamy
  • chia seeds great for added healthy fats and fiber
  • ice if you want more frozen texture and volume

How To Make Weight Gain Smoothies

A great weight gain smoothie uses the right base liquid, a protein source, and a variety of fruits and veg that help both your calorie count and your nutrient intake.

The best weight gain smoothies also strike the right balance for consistency without too much dry ingredient. Its all about fitting the right amounts and finding flavors that complement each other .

Make sure to strain the bits, too, if youre really looking for the best experience. Some texture is good but bits in homemade smoothies tend not to be great.

Sample Post Workout Meal For Weight Loss

A) Peanut Butter, Banana, and Chocolate Whey Protein Smoothie

Ingredients required

How to prepare Soyabean and Chickpea Salad:

  • In a bowl mix chickpeas, bell peppers, carrots, cranberries, and soyabean.
  • Pour apple cider vinegar and cumin on the salad.
  • Mix well, add salt or pepper as required and serve.

Note: Ingredients used in vegetarian meal for post workout like soyabean, chickpeas, quinoa and avocado will ensure that you get all the vital nutrients including protein, carbs, and healthy fats as well.

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What Should You Add In Your Perfect Post

Within the five ingredients, you have a little free rein. Dont worry, because well help you get only be best ingredients for the post-workout green smoothie.

Kale or spinach is the best leafy greens. When you stock up on leafy greens, look out for spinach and kale. Both are powerhouses when it comes to nutrients. Theyre known as superfoods for a reason!

Youll get iron, calcium, and much more in just one serving. There are debates over which green is better for you, but honestly, either one will work out. Spinach tends to have a less bitter taste to kale, so it often favored the most, but kale tends to have more iron and calcium.

Kale is also packed with a little more protein than spinach. Youll remain fuller for longer without consuming a lot of calories. If you want to get rid of some of the bitterness, get rid of the stems. However, youll find you dont get as many nutrients as you could have done.

You can get some benefits from collards, spring greens, and other dark leafy greens but kale and spinach are the best for the base of your smoothies.

Milk and Greek yogurt are good protein sources. Remember that its all about the protein. Thats why you want to choose a liquid that is going to help support your protein and energy needs. Milk and Greek yogurt are by far the best liquids for your protein sources. They are full proteins, meaning they have all the amino acids that you need within one serving.

High Protein Smoothie Recipes To Build Muscle

Pin on Fitness

Whew! You just finished a tough strength-training sesh at the gym. You arent ready for a full meal yet, but you want to replenish your energy. How about a high-protein smoothie? Fast and easy to make, totally portable, and extra yummy, protein smoothies are an excellent post-workout snack, especially for those who want to gain muscle.

Not sure how to make smoothies for muscle gain? Youve come to the right place! First, lets learn why protein is the macronutrient your muscles need to grow. Then, check out 10 great high-protein smoothie recipes from all around the internet. Youll be sure to find a smoothie that will hit the spot.

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Choco Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

by Gina Hassick, MA, RD, LDN, CDE, NCC,

“I’m not the biggest fan of protein powders. Many protein drinks are loaded with artificial ingredients, sweeteners and fillers, so I prefer to get my protein for whole food sources. One of my favorite protein shakes is this choco-peanut butter-banana smoothie. It’s great for weight loss and muscle building because it’s loaded with natural sources of protein.

The #1 protein drink I recommend is chocolate milk, which has the ideal ratio of carbohydrates to protein to help refuel and build muscle after a workout. Many studies have shown that individuals who drank chocolate milk within an hour after working out had higher muscle fuel stores, less body fat and a greater overall physiological response to exercise than those who recovered with water or a sports drink. Some other benefits of chocolate milk: It contains high-quality protein to help build and repair muscles, calcium to strengthen bones, vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption, plus sodium and potassium to help replace lost electrolytes and B vitamins.”


  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • Water to thin consistency as desired

Nutrition: 271 calories, 4 g fat , 0 mg cholesterol, 45 mg sodium, 44 g carbs, 7 g fiber, 12 sugars, 18 g protein

by Lisa Jubilee MS, CDN,


  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4-5 ice cubes

Nutrition: 237 calories, 20 g fat , 0 mg cholesterol, 6 mg sodium, 10 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 2 g sugars, 6 g protein


Best Smoothies For Pre & Post Workouts

Whether you’ve got a serious workout routine or are just starting to flirt with fitness, one of the most important things to think about is what to eat or drink before and after you exercise. Food is literal fuel for your body, after all. And a little something before and after working out can not only power you through, but also help build muscle. Our fuel of choice? Smoothies.

Pictured: Almond Berry Smoothie

The best smoothies for pre- and post-workouts include a mix of healthy protein and carbs. Smoothies make an ideal snack or meal before and/or after you exercise since they are portable, endlessly customizable, and will give you a boost without making you feel overly full. For best results, drink up at least 30 minutes before starting your workout and snack on something right after. You can even drink half before your workout and finish the rest afterward. And while smoothies have the added benefit of helping you hydrate, always remember to drink plenty of water as well.

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Peanut Butter And Banana Smoothie

Peanut butter and banana is a classic combo that cannot go ignored.

Fortunately, there are lots of new and healthy types of nut butter on the market now.

My local grocer even has a machine that blends fresh nuts into butter, which is amazing because you know there are no unwanted ingredients.

This muscle-building smoothie contains roughly 60 grams of protein per serving.

Hemp seeds are a great way to boost your smoothies with high-quality protein and loads of other nutrients.

Just be cautious if you start munching on them, as theyre fairly dense with calories.

Just two tablespoons of hemp seeds contain over 90 calories!

  • 1 banana

Runners Favorite Smoothie Recipe

Best Post Workout Smoothie For Recovery & Muscle Building

Runners Favorite, a NutriBullet Smoothie Recipe, is absolutely loaded with protein and energy-producing nutrients to help you go that extra mile. Sweet from the apples and strawberries, creamy smooth from the banana and almond milk, and loaded with protein from the nuts, seeds, and vanilla whey protein powder.

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How Much Protein Should You Put In Your Muscle Gain Shake

How much protein do you need in your post-workout smoothie? Try for between 0.14 and 0.23 grams of protein per pound of body weight. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, then lean toward the higher end of the spectrum. For example, a 170-pound person can add as much as 39.1 grams of protein to their post-workout smoothie.

What happens if you add even more protein to your smoothie? Will you get even greater muscle gains? Nope. Your body can only process so much protein. Any excess that you consume will be passed through your urine. Thats not a very good use of your high protein smoothie. Also, eating especially high amounts of protein could result in kidney stones. Yikes!

One last thing to consider iscarbs! No matter what the latest diet craze says, carbs are not the enemy. In fact, you need them to refuel your glycogen after your workout. When adding carbs to your post-workout smoothie for muscle gain, look for complex carbs. Many vegetables and certain fruits can be excellent sources for low-glycemic index carbs.

Ready to try some tasty muscle protein shakes? Here are some of the best protein shake recipes for muscle gain.

Feel More Energized Post Workout Smoothie For Muscle Gain

Adding the right nutrients into your body while releasing toxins will give you a serious energy booth. You feel better. More energy also boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories. With all the responsibilities you juggle every day, wont it be great to have the energy to manage it all and still have some left over for fun? You can play with the kids, have some fun with your spouse, or add in some quality time for yourself.

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Benefits Of This Protein Smoothie

While I love smoothies and could have one every day, I believe they have a time and a place depending on what you add to them and your lifestyle. You really need to be mindful of what you put in them.

Since they are liquid, they digest faster, which makes them ideal for post-workout. If you are serious about gaining muscle or optimizing your recovery, you want to replenish your glycogen stores with carbs and also protein soon after your workout .

Carbs are best absorbed and utilized around your workouts as well. You also want to keep fat a little lower as it takes longer to digest and will slow down the absorption process. This protein shake has:

  • carbs sweet potato and cherries
  • protein chocolate protein powder and nut butter
  • veggies sweet potato and cauliflower
  • fiber it packs 13 grams of fiber thanks for the fruit and veggies
  • vitamins loaded with vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin E , and B vitamins just to name a few
  • minerals loaded with calcium , copper , iron , magnesium , manganese , and potassium just to name a few
  • antioxidants cacao/chocolate and cinnamon
  • electrolytes sea salt

Muscle Recovery Smoothies Perfect For Post

Ultimate Post Workout Muscle Building Smoothie Recipe ...

Mix up a healthy blend of protein, carbs, and anti-inflammatory ingredients for a winning combination.

After a grueling gym session or Aaptiv workout, you are hungry and ready to restore your energy and help your muscles recover. Blending up a smoothie can provide the healthy mix of protein , carbohydrates, and anti-inflammatory foods your muscles need to recoverno turning on the stove or elaborate cooking required!

But, hold the blender not all smoothies are created equal. If you want the perfect post-workout recovery formula, follow the recipes below. Theyll help you sip your way to a stronger, healthy recovery.

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Watch The Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are also great to add to your post-workout smoothie but dont go too crazy with them if youre concerned with optimal muscle repair and digestion. While your body needs healthy fats right after a workout to reduce insulin in the body, it mostly needs protein and complex carbs to restore glycogen in the muscle cells, which helps you recover faster. Too much fat can also be hard to digest right after your workout because your blood hasnt fully reverted from the muscle cells back to your stomach yet. A couple of teaspoons of healthy fats in a post-workout smoothie is plenty. The best sources include: raw coconut butter, raw almond butter, avocado , chia seeds, flax seeds, or hemp seeds.

Naturally Sweetened & Flavored

While artificial sweeteners may not be as dangerous as some people claim, studies suggest that regular consumption of these chemicals may indeed be harmful to our health.

Thats why all of our supplements are naturally sweetened and flavored and contain no artificial food dyes, fillers, or other unnecessary junk.

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How To Take Tri

You should take this supplement approximately 30 minutes after your workout.

You can take it during non-workout days, too.

Whenever you feel a lack of energy you can take this supplement.

Add a scoop of Intensive Pre-Train to 16 oz of water or juice or smoothie.

Shake it well, or stir.

You should take it once per day.

And the best time to take it is after your workout if you want to increase muscle mass.

One package is enough for 4-5 weeks.

For the best results, I suggest you use it regularly.

The flavor of this supplement is chocolate.

Our Favorite Protein Shake Recipe

Protein Smoothie to Build Muscle Post Workout

Our favorite protein shake recipe is the Very Berry Super Protein Shake. A Mens Health magazine favorite as well, it is loaded with protein, fiber, healthy fats, phyto-nutrients, and probiotics. Looking for a great-tasting berry flavored nutritional supplement that will help you build muscle and and speed up post-workout recovery, blend up one of these purple smoothies and feel the power. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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Purpose Of A Post Workout Meal

In a nutshell, a post workout meal is everything that you need after a strenuous training session. It is the Holy Grail for muscle recovery, replenishing depleted glycogen and increasing muscle protein synthesis. Here are the major purposes of a post workout meal

  • Replenish Lost Glycogen Stores:Replenishing the muscle glycogen that was used up during your training session is one of the most served purposes of post workout nutrition. Not only is it important for quick recovery but also plays an important role in muscle gain.
  • Reduce Muscle Protein Breakdown and Elevate Muscle Protein Synthesis:Muscle protein synthesis aka rebuilding of muscle tissue has to exceed muscle protein breakdown in order to make muscles grow. But, in the absence of quality nutrition, the muscle protein breakdown takes the lead and net muscle protein balance remains negative. This further pushes the body into a catabolic state every bodybuilders nightmare.
  • Induce Quick Recovery:Another purpose of a post-workout meal is to enhance the overall recovery after the workout. It can only be possible by including a quality source of protein and carbohydrates in your post workout diet plan.
  • Reduce Workout Fatigue and Muscle Soreness:Although pre-workout nutrition has a major role to play in reducing soreness and fatigue, post workout nutrition can further aid the efforts and enhance respite from exhaustion.

Strengthens Muscles And Bones

Whey protein is one of the best-studied protein powders for muscle growth and fat loss. The amino acid content of whey is the primary reason it encourages muscle growth and promotes leanness.

This milk-derived protein is packed with branched-chain amino acids and other bioactive compounds that are crucial for muscle growth, body composition, recovery, and even bone health.

Another important compound that often gets overlooked in whey is lactoferrin, which promotes healthy bones, optimal iron levels, and a strong immune system.

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Whey protein also promotes post-workout repair and recovery and may reduce the risks of age-related muscle loss.

The chia seeds in this recipe are an excellent source of calcium and manganese, which are important for bone health.

And full-fat coconut milk contains a number of essential micronutrients for bone health and muscle function such as magnesium, potassium, and other electrolytes.

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Improved Digestion And Gut Health:

All that fiber is great for clearing out your digestive tract. This alone has wonderful health benefits as your health starts in your gut. A clear and healthy digestive tract brings less bloating, reduced weight, improved toxin elimination, stronger immune system, increased mental clarity, and more energy.

When Should You Consume Protein

Pin on protein

Many exercisers understand the importance of eating before a workout to give their body the fuel it needs to perform. However, it is equally important to replenish your body after a workout.

Eating after a workout may seem less intuitive, mainly because you may not feel very hungry right after laying it all down at the gym. However, an exercise session will deplete your energy stores, so eating allows you to refuel. Additionally, research has found that right after a workout, your body may be primed to use glycogen and protein to repair itself.

How soon should you eat after a workout? Generally, you should try to eat something within 45 minutes of exercising. According to some research, delaying your meal after working out could lower the rate of glycogen synthesis.

If you arent ready to tuck into a super-sized entrée right after getting home from the gym, a muscle protein shake could be the perfect way to get protein into your body without overwhelming your appetite.

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Good Source Of Healthy Carbs

Fruits are a main ingredient in a lot of smoothie recipes. A lot of fruits are also relatively high on the glycemic index, which means that they are a good source of blood glucose. Fruits that rapidly increase your blood glucose will provide a quick boost in energy levels. This is important after a tiring workout.

Along with that, the carbohydrates in fruit will help fuel muscle glycogen in your body. Carbs are absorbed relatively quickly, so eating some fruit right after a workout is a great idea. Carbs found in fruit will quickly begin to replenish the muscle glycogen that your body used up during your workout.

A post workout smoothie that is high in carbs is especially great for those who practice endurance sports like running or cycling. These types of sports burn through your bodies carbohydrate stores much more thoroughly than resistance exercises such as weight lifting.

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