Smoothies For Crohn’s Flare Up

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Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s Recovery Recipes: Mango Lassi Smoothie

You know how chia seeds get all slimy when you let them sit in water for a bit? The slick gel that it creates is actually great for the lining of your digestive tract. Spirulina, the blue-green algae is, too, thanks to the amino acid glutamine. Make sure you dont go overboard with the spirulina, unless you want to taste the oceana little goes a long way!


  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup ice

Chia seeds and spirulini are great for your gut lining just dont go overboard with the spirulini! .


Place all ingredients into a high-powered blender and mix until smooth to enjoy.

Dairy Free And Gluten Free Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Dairy and Gluten Free Recipes During My Crohns Flare

Recipe by: Allyson Boan

Edited by: Allison Walker, RD

With a little creativity, even the simplest of ingredients can create delicious dairy and gluten free meals, snacks, or even desserts. For those of us with a chronic gut disease, it may require blending foods you normally eat whole or cooking foods you usually eat raw to allow your digestive system some time to rest. During my latest flare of Crohns disease, I relied on this recipe.

Check out Allysons personal story of living with Crohns disease in her blog post HERE.

*Note: Each body is different and tolerates different foods. These foods are healing to my body during a flare, but you should consult with your medical professional regarding your dietary decisions.

  • 1 ½ bananas, sliced and frozen
  • 1 Cup Frozen Blueberries

How To Build A Better Smoothie

While you can toss just about anything in a blender, there are ways people with Crohns disease can maximize the nutritional benefits of smoothies and help reduce unwanted symptoms.

Gayatri Saldivar, RDN, who specializes in digestive disorders and food sensitivities, and Alicia Connor, RDN, who is also a chef, came up with the following guidelines for building a better smoothie. Keep in mind that because IBD affects everyone differently and people have their own preferences and tolerance levels you should use these as jumping-off points. They also note that you can easily turn a smoothie into a soup if you crave something warm: Just sub bone broth for the liquid and use savory ingredients.

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How To Calm A Gut Flare Up: Example Menu

Use limited spices: sea salt and black pepper only. Oregano and thyme may be OK. NO garlic or onion powder, spice blends, or any spices with heat.

Note that you can adjust this however you like. Some people do meat patties with hard boiled eggs for breakfast and gut healing soup for lunch and dinner. The worse your flare, the more limited ingredients you want. Decreasing vegetables and focusing on meat and broth only may be the best option for some.


Breakfast: Smoothie with bone broth protein and/or collagen protein, banana , additive-free coconut or almond milk, frozen blueberries. 2 hard boiled eggs with sea salt if you need additional protein.

Lunch: Turkey burgers with roasted carrot .

Snack: mug of bone broth with sea salt

Dinner: gut healing soup with shredded chicken, zucchini, spinach, carrot. Add sweet potato if you can have potatoes, or use white rice, which is easy to digest. Jump to Recipe


Breakfast: 2-4 scrambled eggs with sea salt and spinach or chard. Smoothie if needed.

Lunch: leftover gut healing soup

Snack: smoothie or mug of bone broth

Dinner: leftover turkey burgers with roasted carrot and white rice


Breakfast: smoothie with 2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch: gut healing soup

Dinner: bunless beef burger with roasted carrot or carrot puree + sauteed chard and/or white rice


Maintain A Food Diary

The Best Smoothies for People With Crohns

A food diary is where you write down everything you eat and how you feel after eating it.

One reason for weight loss in Crohns is that people start avoiding eating because certain foods trigger their symptoms. A food diary can help you identify those foods and then eliminate them from your diet for an overall better eating experience.

Here is a list of foods you should generally avoid:

  • Processed foods anything that comes in a box or bag should be avoided
  • High-fiber items
  • FODMAPs this stands for fermentable oligo-di-monosaccharides and polyols. Foods rich in FODMAPs may cause diarrhea, nausea, and bloating. However, FODMAPs are mainly harmful in patients with irritable bowel syndrome, so before you drop them from your diet, consult a nutritionist or your doctor
  • Fatty foods

To maintain a healthy weight, you should replace these foods with items low in fat and fiber. Examples include cooked vegetables, eggs, bananas, white bread, and skinned potatoes. The list is huge, so consulting a nutritionist is a good idea.

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Blending: How Breaking Down Fiber Can Give Your Digestive System A Break Too

My blender is one of my favorite kitchen companions. When we blend foods, all of the components remain theyre just broken down into a thick liquid. Ill stick to juices if Im feeling really unwell, but when Im starting to feel better, I may use my blender to help transition to solid foods again. Everyones different, however, so if youre not feeling up to eating fiber, you may not want to opt for a smoothie.

Here are a few things I usually blend:

  • Simple smoothies Banana and almond milk are usually well tolerated as a smoothie. A spoonful of nut butter can be added to help with fat content most of us avoid nuts, but nut butters tend to be much easier on the stomach. Green smoothies are really popular at the moment, but I find spinach to be too tough for my colon, even when blended.
  • Soups Combine root vegetables, such as sweet potato or winter squash such as butternut or acorn , with some bone broth for a yummy soup. If you can handle it, a dash of coconut cream will also provide some fat.

Keep in mind that one of the most essential liquids for those of us with IBD is water. Because its very easy for people with Crohns to get dehydrated, its really important to drink plenty of H20. Another good option is herbal tea, which contains plenty of water while offering a dose of gut-calming ingredients like peppermint, fennel, or ginger.

What To Eat During A Crohns Flare

If you are suffering a Crohns or colitis flare, IBS, medication side effects, or stomach virus, you may find yourself unable to tolerate many of the foods you typically eat. The following foods and meal ideas are easy to digest, anti-inflammatory, and full of nutrients to help your body fight the flare. These foods are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free, and most meals are specific carbohydrate diet and autoimmune paleo compliant. It is really important to stay hydrated, rest, and keep in contact with your doctor during a flare, especially if you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms.

Every person is different, and no diet fits all. Finding a diet that works for you may be trial and error, and every flare may require tweaks in your diet. The foods and drinks below are compiled from several Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients for what works for them. Many of these patients follow a form of the SCD or AIP diet on a regular basis to keep their inflammation levels to a minimum, avoid flares, and heal. The beautiful thing about these diets is that one you start healing, you should be able to tolerate so many more foods than you could before. I hope this helps, and this list of foods and recipes will be constantly growing, so check back often for more tummy-friendly food inspiration!

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How To Begin Including Smoothies In Your Diet

Start simple. You might be excited to eat these nutritious foods, but be careful to add only one new ingredient at a time. For example, if you tolerate bananas and almond milk then make a banana almond milk smoothie. From there, add blueberries. Did that work well? Great! Now add a handful of spinach. You get the gist.

While its tempting to become a creature of habit and eat your same favorite smoothie every day, I encourage you to mix things up. A key part of healthy eating is variety so youll want to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow. Plus, eating the same food every day when the gut is unwell can increase your risk of becoming sensitive to it.

Best Foods For Crohns Disease Support

Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s Post-Healing Smoothie Recipes!

Starting off by eliminating processed foods can be an important first step. If time is an issue, keep in mind that making your own meals in bulk will end up saving you time and stress in the long run.

If your Crohns disease is severe, you may also want to ask your doctor about eliminating harder to digest foods in the short term, like grains, beans, and other legumes.

To really support your digestive system as it heals, incorporate some of the following foods into your diet. They contain key nutrients for gastrointestinal health like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc.

  • Sweet potato

To add these foods to your diet, try some of my recipes, like Thai Sweet Potato Soup, Yellow Squash Raw Hummus, and Mango Bars, or get your leafy greens in with the smoothie recipes below!

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Limit High Fiber Foods

High-fiber foods cause contractions once they enter the large intestine and can cause cramping as a result. They may also cause diarrhea, since theyre not completely digested by the small intestine.

Unfortunately, limiting high-fiber foods means eating refined carbohydrate products. So when I started to add things like toast back into my diet, I had to use white bread.

Soon after slowly re-introducing solid food I felt better and better every day. Today, Im back to the diet I had prior to my flare up. Life is good again!

If youre curious as to what happened to the maintenance dose of Lialda, read here.

Will Smoothies Help Me Lose Or Gain Weight

Lots of IBD patients use smoothies to sneak in added calories when theyre not feeling well. Including small amounts of healthy plant fats, such as avocados, nut butters, and coconut oil, add calories and nutrients without too much bulk. Plus, lots of folks find drinking is easier than eating when appetites are poor.

Ive worked with IBD patients who eat 2-3 homemade smoothies daily, in addition to their meals, to promote weight gain and boost intake of healing nutrients. Be careful not to drink a smoothie right before mealtimes because all that fluid in your belly might make it hard for you to eat.

If youre looking to lose weight, then you might choose a highly nutritious vegetable smoothie as a meal or snack replacement.

Whatever you do, be careful to make or choose combinations low in sugar, and include a healthy protein if the smoothie is taking the place of a meal.

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Cooked And Peeled Vegetables

Many vegetables are high in fiber, but as with fruit, peeling them removes a layer of insoluble fiber.

Some vegetables do not need peeling, such as asparagus tips and mushrooms, but it can help to remove the skins of potatoes, carrots, and squash.

Cooking vegetables also makes them easier to digest, and it can reduce the fiber contents.

However, avoid roasting or frying vegetables in oil or butter, because fats can irritate the digestive system and worsen symptoms of Crohns. Try boiling or steaming them instead.

How Can Meal Replacement Shakes Be Used With Ibd


Your doctor may recommend considering meal replacement shakes during flare-ups, as is the case with some MyCrohnsAndColitisTeam members: In a Crohns disease flare, wrote one member, my doctor stopped all solid foods to rest my bowels. I was put on Vital nutritional shakes. It was tough. I was also supplemented with Ensure.

Meal replacement shakes may also be recommended to help manage the following IBD-related issues.

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Green Smoothies For Crohns Disease: Research And Recipes

Robyn Openshaw – Sep 26, 2019 – This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Inflammatory bowel diseases are on the rise. In fact, its estimated that more than 3 million Americans suffer from this chronic inflammation in the digestive tract.1 Drinking green smoothies can help lower that number.

There are two types of IBD: Crohns disease, which can affect any part of the lining of the digestive tract, and ulcerative colitis, which mainly impacts the colon or rectum. Well focus on Crohns disease for this article and share the best green smoothies to nourish this health condition.

Why the increased rates? Its likely the toll from the Standard American Diet full of processed, packaged foods and refined sugar and flour that our bodies simply dont recognize. If theres one thing the human body knows, its plant foods, and they could be the key to nourishing your body as it heals from Crohns.

  • Anal fistula
  • Inflammation in skin, eyes, joints, liver, or bile ducts

The symptoms of Crohns disease are caused by inflammation of the gut, and can be painful.

Why Are Green Smoothies Helpful For Crohns Disease

Smoothies are a great tool for those who are suffering from digestive issues. A lot of the digestive work of breaking up fiber has already been done, so your body doesnt have to work as hard to do the rest. Blending up your ingredients, especially those that may be tougher to digest on their own, breaks them down even more than you could by chewing . Once they get to your stomach, the food particles are small enough to move through your digestive system without much issue.

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Meal Replacement Shakes And Ibd

1-2 Cups homemade kefir 1 Boswellia tablet twice a day 2 Slippery Elm capsules twice a day Hope this helps out! Its tough because the cause of UC isnt understood and everyone reacts differently to treatments.

If you have ulcerative colitis, knowing what to eat can be tricky. Its important to customize your food choices based on your current tolerance and health goals. This post will help you understand the current scientific thinking on ulcerative colitis and diet and how to move forward with the approach that is right for you.

If you have ulcerative colitis , your doctor may suggest you take vitamins or supplements to help you get the nutrition you need. Thats in addition to eating a healthy, well- balanced diet .

The use of wheatgrass juice in the treatment of ulcerative colitis was brought to their attention by several patients who attributed improvement to regular use of the stuff. So, in a pilot study, they gave 100 ccs a daywhich is between like a third and a half a cupof wheatgrass juice for two weeks to ten patients.

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Smoothies and shakes for a healthy Colitis , Crohns and IBS diet

The information listed on the website is only for informational purposes.

This is the official site for the IBD-AID . It is moderated by trained personnel who represent Umass Medical School Center for Applied Nutrition. The diet is an evolving pattern of foods, expanding as we learn more from our research. We welcome patients and professionals alike, to support each other in applying this diet to each individuals needs. The core principles of the diet must remain evidence-based but may be adapted to fit a diverse population from cultural and geographic perspectives.

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During My Crohns Flare Ups These Are The Products That Actually Help

Its such an unfortunate paradox for our patients, Dr. May says. Because theyve been hearing all the time that fiber is good, but when theyre having a flare, fiber can actually make the symptoms worse. When Im in a flare, I ve found that I best tolerate fiber when its blended or juiced enter: the Nutribullet. spoons cleaning out both a blender and my cup because theyre one and the same. On bad pain days I pretty much live on smoothies, so being able to buy several of Nutribullets cups and lids to switch in and out of the rotation is a real energy-saver.

Dr. May stresses, though, that each Crohns patients tolerance for fiber will be different based on their individual case so if smoothies feel like too much fiber for you, thats okay, too. We have to balance the benefits of fiber with the fact that it can make the loose stools, the abdominal discomfort, and the bloating worse, she says.

The Best Smoothies For People With Crohns Everyday Healt

The butternut squash soup, smoothies , rutabaga fries, fruit and nut bars and more are all vegan. Most recipes on my site are vegan if you do not add meat to the meal. Reply. Hi, Im Jamie! Im an internal medicine resident with Crohns disease. Diet and lifestyle have made such a positive impact on my health, and I hope. In a person with Crohns disease, a flare-up can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and a loss of appetite. Eating the right foods during a flare-up can help ease symptoms and speed recovery. Learn. Patients with Crohns disease may require surgery for a variety of reasons, including the development of an intestinal stricture, an intra-abdominal or perianal abscess, a fistula, or disease.

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What Causes Crohns Disease

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, there is no officially recognized cause, but there are several theories about what increases risk.3

  • Bacteria in your gut may cause an autoimmune reaction, meaning your immune system attacks healthy cells.
  • Genetics
  • NSAID usage

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