Belly Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes

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I Dont Have A Lot Of Time In The Day Is This Hard To Follow

Blueberry Pineapple Smoothie (Belly Fat Burning Smoothie Recipe)

If you dont have a lot of time in the day, then this program is PERFECT for you. My ideal customer is a busy mom who works, goes to school, has errands to run, kids to drop off/pick up, etc. I designed this program to be super simple and take minutes a day. I even provide tips on how to cut corners to shave some valuable extra minutes off your smoothie prep. The recipes are quick to make and you can either enjoy them right after you make them or take them with you. Youll always have a delicious, filling meal with you. And if you can press one button on your blender then you can follow this program

How To Make A Detox Smoothie

Detox smoothie recipes are really easy to make:

Step 1 add all ingredients to blenderStep 2 blend until smoothStep 3 enjoy

If you want to make the weight loss smoothie cold, you have two options:

1. Freeze the fruit, or buy frozen fruit.2. Add 1/2 a cup of ice.

I recommend you use fresh ingredients, but you can also use frozen fruits and vegetables if fresh isnt available. Just be sure to get organic both in frozen and fresh produce, if youre cleansing your body you dont want to be adding in pesticides while you do it!

Making detox smoothies to shed belly weight are very simple. Its just a matter of blending all the healthy smoothie recipe ingredients together, and serving.

For 10 green detox smoothie recipes, keep scrolling!

Almond Milk Chia Smoothie For Weight Loss

Do you have a sweet tooth? Try this yummy smoothie recipe. Almond milk has several health benefits. It especially helps you in effective weight loss. Here’s one smoothie recipe for you which you can have for your breakfast and get rid of the extra kilos.

Ingredients You Need:

2. Chia seeds

3. Ripped banana

4. Cacao powder

5. Some almond flakes

6. Shredded dark chocolates

Instructions To Make It

Grab a blender and put all the ingredients into it . Now mix everything well and blend it till the time you get that smooth and chocolaty texture. Pour it in a glass, now top it with some shredded dark chocolate and roasted almonds. Voila your delicious weight loss drink is ready.

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Do Drinking Smoothies Really Burn Fat

Drinking smoothies is a great way to replace meals, lose weight, and burn fat. However, it is vital to be careful about what ingredients you add to a smoothie. Some smoothies can quickly become a blend of sugar and flavorings with little nutritional value if you use the wrong foods. Many smoothies use fruits with plenty of flavors and natural sugar or rely on a blend of vegetables and dairy or non-dairy milk.

Try to avoid adding sugar to smoothies, as it can lead to consuming an excess of calories and still leave you feeling hungry later. Create smoothies using healthy foods that are a significant source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and nutrients to keep your body fueled and energize your metabolism. If you feel compelled to add sugar, opt for stevia, honey, or sweeteners low in calories and not heavily processed.

A creamy smoothie filled with ingredients that target fat, encourage weight loss, or curb your appetite and cravings for sugar is helpful. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fruit-based smoothie, or feed your gut microbiome with a Greek-yogurt-based smoothie blended with fiber-rich veggies. There are so many types of smoothies to try and enjoy youll never be bored or stumped for satisfying, nourishing ingredients.

  • Green Apples
  • Melons
  • Spinach

What If It Doesnt Work For Me

Burn Fat Fast With These Six Easy, Healthy, Green and Natural Smoothies ...

If for some reason this program does not work for you even though you have followed it exactly as I have laid out, I have no problem giving you a full refund. Ill even cover you for a full 60 days so if you are unhappy for any reason over the next 2 months, you get your money back. If you are not happy with the program, then I dont want you to have to pay for it. I believe in building relationships with my customers and your satisfaction is my #1 priority.

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Raw Beet Smoothie With Coconut And Blueberries

Heres what Kristen says about this delicious looking smoothie.

Raw Beet Smoothie with coconut and blueberries is a healthy and delicious breakfast. The mild beet flavor goes well with the coconut and sweet blueberries. Go ahead, drink up your beets!

How pretty is that colour?

I nearly forgot to include my on smoothie recipe. I havent counted this in the five but it is pretty delicious.

It is my very own and is my favourite smoothie for losing belly fat.

  • 2 handfuls of baby spinach
  • 1 tbsp ground linseed

Writing this post for you has certainly inspired me to get back into making smoothies. If it is a belly fat burning smoothie all the better. It will save me from hitting the snacks during my mid afternoon slump.

Seriously do your self a favour and get yourself set up for some delicious grab and go health in a cup that doubles as a delicious belly fat burning meal.

Is low carb good for belly fat?

Yes, if the diet is full of healthy vegetables, proteins and also omega 3 fats. Many low carb diets replace the carbs with too much high fat dairy food and meat. If these are eaten in excess they can add up quickly to too much saturated fat on your body.

Can you lose weight just by cutting out carbs?

No, you need to combine a low carb diet with healthy eating and regular physical activity for sustained weight loss.

Is 100 carbs a day low-carb?

Meal Replacement Smoothie Faqs

When is the best time to drink a meal replacement smoothie?

Any time is the right time for a smoothie! Personally, we love drinking ours in the morning for a great start to the day. But besides drinking a smoothie as breakfast, lots of rawkstars drink their smoothie for lunch or dinner, as an afternoon snack, or as a healthy dessert.In case youre planning on having your smoothie in the evening–most of our smoothies provide a great energy boost similar to a cup of coffee. So if you’re looking for a pre-bedtime green smoothie recipe, we’ve got you covered: Sleep Well Smoothie.

Is replacing a meal with a smoothie healthy?

The MOST important thing when blending any meal replacement smoothie recipe is to include healthy fats AND proteins. This combo will keep you feeling full and give you the energy you need to cruise right through til your next meal or snack.

Do smoothies help you lose weight?

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Creamy Paleo Green Smoothie Recipe

The addition of flaxseeds in this spinach and avocado-based smoothie will not only help you feel fuller longer but has some added health benefits. Flaxseeds are packed with lignans, which are plant-based compounds showing amazing health benefits in cancer prevention and hormone balance.

Get our recipe for Creamy Paleo Green Smoothie.

What Is A Detox Smoothie

Quick and Easy Homemade (Fat Burning) Smoothie Recipe – Svelte

Detox smoothies are an easy and delicious way to flush your body of toxins and help lose weight fast. They usually contain fresh vegetables and fruit, and can be made with an ordinary kitchen blender or Vitamix machine.

The typical weight loss smoothie recipe is full of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and other healthful nutrients giving your body a detoxifying flush. They also contain large amounts of water, which helps to hydrate your body and boost metabolism.

The idea here is to inundate your system with pure nutrition, to eat as we did as hunters and gathers well, with blender at least. So nuts, veggies and fruits are all key.

Eating this way will not only reset your system, but your taste buds too! After 3 days on a smoothie diet, you will start to crave healthier food. And if you eat processed or fried food you will feel it, youll feel sluggish and bloated. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it wants to eat by how it feels 30-60 minutes after you eat.

If you despise the taste of anything green try starting with baby spinach in all your weight loss smoothies, it has virtually no flavor and will naturally boost your metabolism. You wont even know its in your smoothie, all you will taste is the fruit. As you become accustom to the spinach try swapping half of it for kale or chard, adding more of the new greens and less of the spinach until your taste buds start to enjoy your new food.

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Three Easy Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes

The fat-burning smoothie recipes below are good for people who have only recently started following a weight loss diet because they dont include any hard-to-find ingredients that would be difficult to locate at most supermarkets.

If youre at all familiar with superfoods like matcha green tea, maca powder, and acai berries, feel free to throw them in to give your smoothie a boost of energy.

Blueberry Basil Weight Loss Smoothie

This blueberry basil smoothie is packed with nutritious ingredients that will help to banish bloat and promote weight loss!

Its around this time of year when all the health and fitness mags start to publish articles with the best tips/foods/moves for weight loss.

Back in the day I used to buy magazine after magazine hoping to learn some new trick that I hadnt already heard of before. Luckily Ive learned over the years that theres no magic ingredient, meal, meal plan or drink that is the key to weight loss.

Weight loss occurs when your body expends more energy than you consume, but its not always that simple because there are so many other factors to consider including your sleep, stress, hormones and more!

All that said, the smoothie recipe Im sharing here today can totally help with weight loss, but its not a magic solution. Its just a balanced smoothie with protein, healthy fat and fiber-rich carbs.

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How To Make The Pineapple Weight Loss Smoothie Step By Step

Making this smoothie is a super simple and quick process. You can easily put this smoothie together for a quick breakfast, or pre-or post-workout snack.

Heres what youll do:

1. Add the spinach to the bottom of the blender, then add in the frozen pineapple and banana.

2. Next, sprinkle in the coconut.

3. Next, add the collagen peptides or protein powder.

4. Sprinkle in the matcha powder then squeeze in the juice from 1/2 a lime.

5. Pour in the almond milk and blend on high until completely smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Disclaimer, this pineapple weight loss smoothie is not magical . If you are looking to lose weight its very important to establish a balanced diet plan that contains the right amount of calories and macronutrients for your individual needs.

This smoothie can be a great addition to your weight loss plan and its one youll want to enjoy again and again!

Do you currently have weight loss goals? Tell me about it in the comments and be sure to pin the photo below the recipe to save this one for later.

Chocolate And Peanut Butter Smoothie

Weight Loss Juice Recipes Belly Fat Burning Drink

It consists of the following nutrition:

  • 300 calories
  • 36 g carbs
  • 15 g protein

This smoothie is designed for the chocolate lover. Smoothie has a sweet taste and also includes many nutrients. It is made up with a great taste of peanut butter that makes it sweet without adding any sugar. If you are doing intermittent fasting then you can you this smoothie as it will keep you full for longer period.


  • Add half cup ice cubes
  • Blend them, and your smoothie is ready to drink.

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Can I Store These Smoothies

Getting the smoothie ingredients in freezer packs and storing them for a few days and blending when necessary is a good option to use them later. Having said that, I suggest making the smoothies fresh as they have their nutrients intact and consuming fresh smoothies is a healthy way of consuming.

A simple solution is to make different smoothie packs and store them in the freezer if one has no time to make smoothies regularly. Also, if one plans to blend and store then store in the refrigerator for not more than 2 days. If stored and used, it loses its fresh taste and nutrient value.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help In Losing Belly Fat Loss

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Belly Fat Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help In Losing Belly Fat Loss

Many people support the claim that the use of apple cider vinegar helps to lose belly fat.

Studies have identified acetic acid, a substance present in ACV, as the key component that promotes weight reduction by concentrating on losing belly fat.

The truth is that a modest dose of apple cider vinegar boosts metabolism, which therefore encourages your body to burn fat for energy rather than store it.

According to a study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, mice fed acetic acid were less likely to accumulate body fat, proving the substance can aid in fat loss.

Another intriguing conclusion was that obese individuals who regularly used apple cider vinegar saw decreased abdominal fat and weight reduction.

The sense of fullness or satiety may be increased by apple cider vinegar, according to studies, which may help you eat fewer calories and lose weight.

Dieters who took vinegar consumed 200275 fewer calories per day, according to researchers at Arizona State Universitys Department of Nutrition. How to use apple cider vinegar to lose belly fat in effective ways!

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What Is Included With The 21

If youre looking for a complete life transformation over the next 3 weeks then youre in the right place! Whether you need to lose the last 5-10 lbs or you want to get rid of 40lbs or more, this will work for you. This diet is extremely flexible so even though this program is 21 days you can continue using it for as along as you want to lose as much weight as you want and I explain exactly how.

Dramatic weight loss is only one of the numerous benefits youll get from this diet. How would you like more energy, clearer skin, better sleep, sharper thinking, stabilized blood sugar, and more? You are only 21 days away

  • Youre getting the FULL 21-DAY WEIGHT LOSS AND HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM I regularly use with my private coaching clients.
  • SHOPPING LISTS FOR EACH WEEK To Make It Super Simple To Get Everything You Need
  • SMOOTHIE MAKING TIPS & PREP GUIDE To Make Sure there is ZERO trial and error and to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your new confidence and energy levels!

How Can Pineapple Help You Lose Weight


Pineapple has many factors that can help aid in weight loss:

  • It is relatively low in calories and contains a lot of water
  • It is a good source of fibre and can help you feel more full and satisfied
  • It contains natural digestive enzymes which support digestion .
  • It has a lovely naturally sweet taste while still being lower in calories and high in fibre, so it is a great alternative to foods that contain refined sugar

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Dark Chocolate Banana Nut Smoothie

If you’re looking for a super high protein smoothie to start your day, this one is it: it packs 28 grams thanks to plant-based protein powder and walnuts. Top your smoothie with extra walnuts for some added crunchâand avoid the granola.

Sure, granola can add some added texture, but at the expense of lots of calories and sugar. “While marketed as ‘health food,’ granola typically contains around 15-35 grams of added sugar!” says Ruth. “Instead, opt for whole nuts, seeds, and oats .”

Our Favorite Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe

Our favorite weight loss smoothie recipe is the Flat Belly Weight Loss Smoothie. It is packed with delicious ingredients designed to aid digestion, reduce belly fat and prevent bloating. As an added nutritional benefit, calcium and protein, provided by the Greek yogurt and almond butter, serve to build strong bones and muscles and aid weight loss. Need to bring in your waist-line a few inches, add the Flat Belly Weight Loss Smoothie to your diet and watch those abs reappear!

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Benefits Of A Weight Loss Cleanse

A weight loss cleanse can be slightly different from a smoothie cleanse, and we will explore the differences here.

Often a weight loss cleanse will incorporate more than just smoothies but you guessed it, you will typically consume weight loss smoothies while on a weight loss cleanse.

A weight loss cleanse will, however, also incorporate salads, detox water recipes, even a bit of exercise. But because it heavy leans on help from smoothies to lose weight, weve included it here.

Right Way To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Lose Belly Fat

7 Easy Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes To Burning Fat To Get Flat ...

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Belly Fat Right Way to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Belly Fat

So now we know how Apple cider vinegar helps in losing weight, but the question continues- How to use apple cider vinegar to lose belly fat in effective ways?

  • To make sure you arent drinking a lot of acids, never drink apple cider vinegar straight up always dilute the solution in water.
  • To encourage long-term fat loss, you might mix it with olive oil as a salad dressing.
  • It is advisable to drink ACV before meals and to spread out intake into two to three doses throughout the day.
  • ACV is very acidic, so although using it sometimes may be harmless, using it excessively might have the opposite effect. If you consume it frequently or in excessive amounts, it could irritate your throat. Keep in mind not to consume apple cider vinegar directly. It might aggravate oesophagal and throat irritation. I usually advise diluting it with water because its also damaging to the teeths enamel.

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