Smoothies For Inflammation And Pain

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POWERFUL Green Smoothie to Heal Inflammation and Reduce Joint Pain

Chances are you scooped up a big, lovely bunch of fresh cilantro at your local farmers market to make this green smoothie. Now that you’ve blended, sipped and fallen in love – what do you do with the rest of that gorgeous green cilantro before it goes bad?! No worries – I’ve got ya covered. If you loved this cilantro smoothie, then check out some of my favorite recipes with cilantro:

Smoothie Ingredients That Reduce Inflammation

To reduce your overall amount of chronic inflammation, it is important to eliminate, or at least limit, the foods that cause it, and increase foods that inhibit inflammation. You can do this by using your smoothies as vehicles for anti-inflammatory foods. Here are some that go particularly well in many smoothie recipes.

Can I Make This Turmeric Smoothie Recipe With Frozen Pineapple

Yes, you can make this turmeric smoothie recipe with frozen pineapple. If you purchase pineapple during its peak season when it is on a sale, you can freeze it yourself and then it is perfect for smoothies. It will add an icy element to the smoothie that tastes really good and is great for cooling you off.

Using store-bought frozen pineapple, you need to pay attention to make sure there isnt any added sugar or other ingredients. Same goes for canned pineapple! Its fine as long as pineapple is the only ingredient.

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Using Mediterranean Recipes To Heal

If you’re ready for more energy and less weight, then check out my 7-Day Plant-Based Whole Foods Reset. You’ll have a shopping list, meal plan and simple recipes to help you take control of your health as well as reset your body… in just 7 days.

If you’re new to the world of plants, grains and rich oils, then you’re not alone! I feel like there was a time when I watched a lot of people cook on TV, yet I wasn’t actually doing it. It can be intimidating at first to take the reins in the kitchen. Yet once you find a few staple recipes you love, like this Mediterranean recipe, you can really be set free to experiment and find your own favs.

Why Turmeric And Pineapple


People have praised turmeric for its endless health benefits for centuries. And it is the number one aid for fighting inflammation. Turmeric blocks COX-2, an enzyme that causes arthritic pain in the first place, and its effectively used as part of a treatment plan for cancer and a range of other illnesses.

Pineapple, in its turn, is loaded with vitamin C and is great for reducing inflammation that causes arthritis and other health issues. But more importantly, it contains the enzyme bromelain, a component that combats arthritic aches and many other types of joint pain.

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Benefits Of Ginger And Turmeric:

  • Turmeric and ginger are deemed to have powerful benefits for this anti-inflammatory smoothie.
  • Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and has the active ingredient curcumin.
  • Ginger is an herb that can be consumed ground, fresh or as juice.
  • Many smoothies for arthritis pain tend to include these ingredients.
  • But, as always, you may want to check with your health professional to make sure these ingredients are good for you.

Additionally, this turmeric green smoothie has flax and chia seeds which contain omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are considered to have wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

What Youll Find In This Article:

Helpful Tip for Shopping: Take a screenshot of the shopping list to your phone. This way you have it at your fingertips the next time you go grocery shopping.

Recipe Card Uses: You can email yourself this recipe card so you can easily search for it Or print it so you have it handy, and can make notes. You can even pin this healthy chocolate smoothie for inflammation to so it is safely stored for you.

Up next, a shopping list and top 10 anti-inflammatory smoothie ingredients

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What Are Some Anti

There are many benefits to eating an anti-inflammatory diet filled with whole foods like greens, other veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and healthy fats.

Eating a whole foods, plant-based diet will boost your immune system, can help your mood, and can improve your overall quality of life, since your body isnt wearing itself out with continuous immune response. Reducing inflammation in turn reduces chronic disease and disease risk.5

Health Benefits Of A Lemon Peach Smoothie

POTENT Green Smoothie To Heal Inflammation, Joint Pain,, Reduce Arthritis Symptoms.

Lemon– This smoothie calls for a whole lemon without the rind. Lemon flesh provides fiber to help you feel full longer. Lemons also give this smoothie a dose of vitamin C, which is just what your body needs to fend off both cold and flu viruses.

Peaches– Peaches are in the stone fruit family, and stone fruit gets its name from the hard, inner seed. They are an excellent source of vitamin C to support a healthy immune system. Peaches may also prevent certain types of cancer and aid in digestion.

Honey– Honey not only adds natural sweetness to this lemon smoothie, it’s also a natural energy booster. Look for raw honey in the baking aisle of your grocery store. Unlike pasteurized honey, Raw honey does not undergo the heating process, and all of the nutrients are preserved. Raw honey has antioxidant and natural anti-bacterial properties that can help improve digestive system as well as help you stay healthy.

Ginger– Ginger contains the anti-inflammatory compound gingerol. Ginger also helps promote healthy digestion, lower blood pressure, and increased immunity. Peel the skin from the ginger with a sharp paring knife before grating the flesh.

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Juicing Recipes For Inflammation

By TheDiabetesCouncil Team

Fighting off the pain and discomfort of inflammation can be as simple as consuming a glass of juice every morning. Thats right with a few simple ingredients that may already be in your refrigerator or pantry right now, you can mix up an anti-inflammatory elixir that soothes your painful joints, boosts your immunity, aids with digestion, and cleanses your body of harmful toxins.

Ingredients like turmeric, ginger, pineapple, cucumbers, spinach, and even lemon peel arent just healthy and flavorful, theyre also packed with anti-inflammatory properties that can ease joint pain and discomfort. Grab your juicer , use our guide to 12 juicing recipes for inflammation, and say goodbye to painful joints forever.

Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice

The main ingredients in this juice cucumbers, apples, spinach, and lemon peel help to reduce inflammation and rejuvenate your body.

20 minutes

Pro Tips For Your Turmeric Banana Smoothie:

  • Use a great blender
  • Use the best possible quality ingredients available.
  • Use organic frozen fruit when possible.
  • Use fresh or frozen spinach
  • Slice the banana and place it in the freezer in advance so it will be sufficiently frozen when needed.
  • If a frozen banana is not available, use a few ice cubes instead.
  • In a pinch, ground turmeric and ground ginger may be used .
  • Use the tips mentioned below for storing ginger and turmeric to avoid waste.
  • Add some ground black pepper to make the turmeric more effective.

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Mediterranean Diet Recipes For Beginners

After you make this tasty dish below, you should check out these five mediterranean inspired recipes for beginners:

  • Herb Hummus: If you’ve got this recipe on hand, then youll never need store-bought hummus again! Along with iron-rich chickpeas, Ive included loads of fresh, vibrant herbs to add extra vitamins, minerals, and leafy green love to an already beloved dip.
  • Pumpkin Soup: One thing I really love is a good vegan pumpkin soup. Its healthy, filling, comforting, and warms you up when the weather is chilly. Check out the recipe notes for all the variations.
  • Kale Chickpea Salad: This easy-to-assemble, seasonal salad is perfect when you need lunch on the go! Packed with protein, healthy fat, and antioxidant rich pomegranate seeds, this autumn-inspired salad is sure to keep your body fueled through the afternoon.
  • Vegetarian Taco Salad: I’ve spiralized sweet potatoes and used walnuts as a protein source for this delicious taco salad recipe.
  • Roasted Vegetarian Bowl: Loaded with salty kalamata olives and rich nutritional yeast, the recipe below is the perfect Mediterranean recipe for you to enjoy right now.
  • Other Ways To Reduce Inflammation


    Diet plays a very important role in the level of chronic inflammation in your body. Most Americans consume far too many foods that promote inflammation, and too few that reduce it. By adding in more anti-inflammatory foods to your smoothies, you are taking a big step towards reducing your own chronic inflammation, but there are other steps you can take as well. Here are some lifestyle factors that will complement your anti-inflammatory diet:

    As medical research continues to unravel the mysteries of human health and wellness, we get to learn better ways to care for our bodies and minds. We now know that inflammation, that necessary aspect of your immune system can also harm us. If you take steps to lower your chronic inflammation, you can reduce your risk of contracting heart disease, Alzheimers disease, arthritis, and a number of other chronic conditions.

    Put the right foods into your smoothies, avoid the bad foods, and make some lifestyle changes, and you will be on the road to excellent health with less inflammation.

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    What Are Natural Anti

    Organic foods that help to reduce inflammation in the body are considered natural anti-inflammatories. Spices along with certain drinks also fall into this camp. They may not magically make your inflammation disappear overnight but, overtime, they can really help. And keep it from getting worse.

    *If really want to jumpstart a diet that focuses on natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, feel free to check out my 5-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan.

    Substitutes For Protein Powder

    While you dont have to add protein powder if you dont want to , adding it will up the protein to make this a very well-balanced meal. I like adding vanilla protein powder when I make it, but unflavored or strawberry flavor would work as well.

    BUT some people dont really like protein powder or find it doesnt agree with them. So here are some great healthy substitutes for protein powder that will also work in this pink protein beet smoothie recipe:

    • hemp seeds
    • egg whites

    Hopefully, theres an idea here that sounds good to you. You can pick any of these up at Whole Foods Market 365!

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    Liver Cleanse Smoothie For Joint Pain

    Inflammation and Joint Pain Relief Smoothie. Fight inflammation from the inside out by focusing on foods that have anti-inflammatory enzymes foods like tomatoes, olive oil, leafy greens, fruits and berries, citrus, fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, ginger, garlic and turmeric. More specifically tart cherries, pineapple and lemon as they are super potent in the anti-inflammatory department.

    And one of the best and easiest way to ensure you get a few of these foods into your diet is with the Inflammation and Joint Pain Relief Smoothie highlighted here. It contains inflammation fighting foods and spices, along with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you honestly cant go wrong with this smoothie. So blend this pain relief smoothie up today. Its perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack and your body will seriously thank you


    Inflammation and Joint Pain Relief Smoothiethank you rawedibles for the recipe


    How To Make An Anti

    POWERFUL Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothie | For Joint Pain

    Gather ingredients and here is what we need: carrots, frozen banana and pineapple chunks, orange juice and fresh ginger, turmeric powder and a dash of black pepper. Or use one of these capsules for convenience.

    Chop the carrots into 1 inch pieces, so they blend easier. In a high powered blender , add the frozen fruit and vegetable with ½ cup of orange juice as the liquid. Do note you may need more liquid depending on the blender, up to ¼ more.

    Next there are two ways to get the turmeric ginger into the smoothie.

    Either add 1 capsule of my Premium Turmeric & Ginger with BioPerine because it has everything in one pill. Add just the powder poured into the blender and discard the capsule. Or you can add ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric, ½ inch of fresh ginger, and a pinch of black pepper. Blend on high speed until smooth. Serve the smoothie right away.

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    Shopping List For The Best Anti

    Special Tip: You can find all the measurements in the recipe card below. There you can choose how many servings of these green smoothies for inflammation and pain you want to make. It will do all the measurement math for you! All of the ingredients for this Black Forest smoothie for inflammation and weight loss can be doubled or tripled with the click of a button.

    Up next, how to make anti-inflammatory green smoothie recipes

    What Are Some Examples Of Mediterranean Food

    If you’re wanting to embrace more of a Mediterranean kinda diet, then you have to use ingredients that benefit the body most. Here are some of the most common examples of Mediterranean food you can start incorporating into you diet

    • vegetables
    • fish
    • moderate use of cheese, eggs, poultry

    Now that you know what a huge part of a Mediterranean diet looks like, it’s time to put it into practice with one of my favorite recipes from Seasonal Cleanse. Here’s to good health and happiness!

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    How To Remove The Rind From A Lemon

  • Wash and dry the lemon before cutting.
  • Lay the lemon lengthwise on the cutting board. Hold the lemon with one hand and cut the top end off the lemon, removing about ¼- ½. Repeat with the bottom end.
  • Sit the lemon on one of its freshly cut flat ends on the cutting board. The lemon will now stay upright as you cut the peel from the sides.
  • Carefully cut the rind from the lemon in strips from the top to the bottom, following the curve of the lemon. Cut as close to the lemon flesh as you possibly can, removing the white pith along with the rind. Discard the rind and cut the lemon flesh into quarters. This fleshy part of the lemon contains the fiber, and adding this to your smoothie will keep you feeling full longer.
  • Greens And Cherries Inflammation

    Pineapple Turmeric Anti

    Joint Pain and Inflammation Relief Smoothie. Fight inflammation from the inside out by focusing on foods that have anti-inflammatory enzymes foods like tomatoes, olive oil, leafy greens, fruits and berries, citrus, fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, ginger, garlic and turmeric. More specifically tart cherries, pineapple and lemon as they are super potent in the anti-inflammatory department.

    And one of the best and easiest way to ensure you get a few of these foods into your diet is with this Greens and Cherries Inflammation Smoothie highlighted here. It contains inflammation fighting foods and spices, along with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals you honestly cant go wrong with this one here. So grab the ingredients and blend it up today its perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack and your body will seriously thank you


    Joint Pain and Inflammation Relief Smoothiethank you Coach Sophia for the recipe base


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    Can You Make This Anti

    Yes, you can make this anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe ahead. Your turmeric smoothie for inflammation will keep its qualities in the fridge for 1 to 3 days.

    You can also make multiple individual servings. I like to store leftover turmeric pineapple smoothie in glass jars with lids in the freezer. They will last 3 to 6 months in the freezer. To serve the turmeric smoothie recipe, put it in the fridge overnight and it will be ready the next day.

    PRO TIP: If you refrigerate the turmeric pineapple smoothie, it will separate after a day or so. This is completely normal, and you can just shake it up and drink it when you are ready.

    What Is Inflammatory Arthritis

    Inflammatory arthritis is a condition that can be used to describe a group of ailments caused by an overactive immune system that consequently results in inflammation. This includes inflammation of joints, stiffness in the knees, and joint pain in the morning. However, inflammatory arthritis can also have ill effects on your connective tissues and other organs. Science says that arthritis is irreversible however Ayurveda, Indian herbs, and herbal supplements have proven to cure inflammatory ailments like joint pain, osteoporosis, and even arthritis.

    It is safe to say that there is a lot of scope in curing and healing joint pain, stiffness, and tenderness that derives from inflammation due to arthritis and other ailments through Ayurvedic natural supplements.

    As we enter spring and welcome summers, it is the best time to take charge of your joint health as the weather will go easy on your knees and joints. Summers are the best time for healthy, chilled breakfast smoothies. It is to be noted that we will suggest different varieties of smoothies. However, it would be best to include seasonal fruits and vegetables for added benefits.

    On that note take a look at some of the best anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes which would help you combat inflammation and inflammatory pain.

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    Tips For Making The Best Smoothie:

    It may seem simple just throw a bunch of food in the blender and mix.

    But, once you get started, youll see that there is a little finesse required to making the perfect superfood smoothie that you will actually drink.

    If youve ever added a little too much turmeric or hemp seeds, you know what Im talking about.

    So, before you start making smoothies, youll want to do a couple of things:

  • Make sure you have a blender powerful enough to smooth out all those ingredients. Nobody wants to have to chew their smoothie. #TrueStory
  • Have a recipe in mind to reach a desired goal
  • Have all ingredients on hand, fresh, and ready to go
  • This is not the time to go rogue. Especially is youre a smoothie newbie. Start with a plan, friends.

    Eventually, youll be able to riff a little with your ingredients but the perfect smoothie takes a little practice.

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