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Daily Harvest Harvest Bowls Review

Daily Harvest Unboxing | Smoothies, Soups, Easy!

The Cauliflower Rice + Pesto is my favorite harvest bowl, although I truthfully havent tried many of the harvest bowls.

Legumes dont really agree with my stomach very well, and many of the harvest bowls have legumes. I also find that the harvest bowls arent very filling on their own. I prefer adding chicken to them, and I feel like it defeats the purpose of the convenience.

Harvest Bowls Were Loving

  • Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash: Is there anything better than this flavor combo?! This harvest bowl brings together tomato, wild rice, sweet potato, great northern beans, avocado and mushrooms for a deliciously savory hash. For a simple hack, we love topping this harvest bowl with fresh avocado slices and sautéed mushrooms when we have enough time.
  • Broccoli + Cheeze: This harvest bowl truly tastes cheesy! But we promise its dairy-free with help from broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, tomato, nutritional yeast and olive oil.

What Are Daily Harvest Meals Like

In a word, healthy. Daily Harvest smoothies, bowls, flatbreads and the rest all have one thing in common, and that’s lots of healthy foods, superfoods, grains, fruits, vegetables, greens, beans, berries and nuts. If it’s been a trending health food in the past decade — think avocado, kale, turmeric, matcha, kabocha squash — you can bet you’ll find it in atleast a few of Daily Harvest’s creations.

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What Is Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a plant-based food delivery service that incorporates healthy options built on fruits and vegetables into your daily lifestyle. You have the option to select the various options that fit your flavor preferences and dietary needs for affordable prices.

With weekly offers of between 9-24 items, there is also a monthly box of 24-26 items from the Daily Harvest app or their website.

An added bonus, 95% of the ingredients used in the meals are organic, and always without additives, preservatives, or fillers. Plus, organic produce means you never have to worry about pesticides.

Customers of Daily Harvest say that the food is easy to prepare and ready in minutes. All of the food arrives frozen and in singular cups for easy preparation and freshness every time.

Please note that most of the products arrive as one serving in a single order, but Scoops, Bites, and Lattes have multiple servings.

The Cooking Process: Add Liquid And Heat

Daily Harvest Reviews

All meals are pre-cooked and flash frozen, requiring minimal effort to prepare. The only equipment needed is a stove or microwave. The chia puddings just need a 1/2 cup of milk of your choice and then must sit in the refrigerator overnight. Warm items such as soups, forager bowls, oat bowls, harvest bowls, and lattes require the addition of a liquid of your choice and can either be heated in the microwave or on the stovetop in less than 5 minutes. The flatbreads are the only items that take longer, as they need to be reheated in the oven for about 20 minutes. Smoothies can be prepared by filling the smoothie cup to the top and blending from frozen. Scoops and Bites are ready to eat out of the container.

Spruce Eats / Kristy Del Coro

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Daily Harvest Reviews: What Do Customers Think

This Daily Harvest review wanted to find out more about what customers thought of the food delivery service. Ahead, youll find feedback sourced from the brands official website, Trustpilot, and news outlets such as Huffpost and Real Simple.

The brands website hosts generally positive customer reviews for its various menu options. One Daily Harvest review for their Strawberry + Peach flavor reads:

It was nice. The flavor was more delicate and subtle when I used water. I tasted the strawberry the most. I might use plant-based milk next time for a more milkshake experience. The color was pretty too.

Speaking of plant-based milk, their Almond Mylk received 4.7/5 stars .

One buyer shared, I still cant believe this Mylk is so clean and delicious. I love that its only 2 ingredients and how easy it is to make. I wont be drinking any other milks tbh. The main complaint that users had about these wedges was around the tricky packaging.

With some of Daily Harvests plant-based products, the taste and texture can take some getting used to. For example, customers were a little surprised with the Mint + Dark, Melty Cacao Chips Scoop, giving it 3.7/5 stars.

One mixed review reads, This tasted good, but the texture wasnt very close to ice cream. Hard as a rock in the freezer. Chocolate chips seemed a bit bitter to me, but overall a good taste. Others agreed that it was best to leave the Scoops out for 10 minutes to achieve a softer consistency.

Is Daily Harvest Really Healthy

I think so! All of Daily Harvests cups are made with REAL food ingredients. No weird funky preservatives or things you have to google to find out what they are.

Its hard to find convenient food that doesnt skimp on quality!

Daily Harvest also freezes their fruits/veggies at peak freshness which is nutritionally beneficial!

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Preparing And Trying The Foods

When it was time to try the food, I found all of the items easy to prepare.

The meals, for example, could either be microwaved or cooked on the stove, while the smoothies just needed to be blended with water or milk.

Because everything is frozen, removing items from the container was sometimes tricky, and blending the smoothies definitely required a bit of patience . However, it was still much easier and more convenient than preparing items from scratch.

I enjoyed most of the selections that I tried and felt that there was enough variety that it didnt get too repetitive.

My favorite item was the Cacao Nib + Vanilla Bites, which can be eaten straight out of the freezer for a simple and delicious snack.

I also liked the oat bowls and chia bowls, both of which were easily prepared by adding plant-based milk, popping them in the fridge overnight, and enjoying them cold for a quick and easy breakfast the next morning.

That said, some of the items became a bit too soft and mushy after cooking, including the Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash and the Brussels Sprouts + Lime Pad Thai harvest bowls.

Additionally, because many of the meals and smoothies are relatively low in calories and protein, I often found myself still hungry after eating.

For this reason, I think Daily Harvest can help save time and round out your diet by providing a few nutritious meals or snacks that you can enjoy throughout the week.

Heres a closer look at how Daily Harvest compares to some of its competitors:

Is Daily Harvest Healthy

What I Eat in a (Busy) Week | daily harvest, healthy snacks, erewhon

Im no medical doctor or dietician so take what I say with a grain of salt but I personally believe that because Daily Harvest only uses whole foods, vegetable, and fruits, that they are a much healthier alternative to other grab and go style foods. For example, before using Daily Harvest, I used to grab a protein bar for breakfast. It was loaded with random ingredients like natural flavors and artificial sweeteners. Theres nothing like that in Daily Harvest foods.

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How Does Daily Harvest Actually Work

To sign up for Daily Harvest, youll enter your zip code to confirm that your delivery area is available. If it is, youll choose a plan size: Small , medium , or large .

Then youll be taken to an extensive menu, which may or may not tempt you to spend the workday debating between smoothies and bliss balls instead of answering emails. Each item has tasting notes, nutrition facts, lots of photos, and written and video preparation instructions. Before you start adding things to your box, you should familiarize yourself with the menu categories:

Smoothies, soups, flatbreads, and lattes are self-explanatory. Then there are some Daily Harvest-specific dishes. Harvest Bowls are eaten warm for lunch or dinner and are made with vegetables, grains, and legumes, while Forager Bowls are smaller and come in sweet options, too. Scoops are pints of vegan ice cream, and Bites are cookie-dough-like snacks. Finally, an order of Mylk gets you 16 wedges of frozen almonds and sea salt, which you can blend with water to make almond milk that can be used in Daily Harvest drinks and breakfast bowls.

Dont know what to pick? Narrow down your choices with filters based on dietary needslike paleo, keto, or low sugarand even on likes or dislikes of specific ingredients, from cilantro and caffeine to nuts and spicy foods. If youre still at a loss, just press a button to fill your box with best sellers.

Daily Harvest Review Summary

Daily Harvest is one of my top picks for quick frozen options for meal delivery services.

The fact that they provide reasonably priced, organic healthy food options, will definitely keep me coming back for more. A

ll their products are vegan and gluten-free, but yet still so flavorful that it doesnt feel like youre missing out on anything.

These options save you the time of grocery shopping and food prepping, and generally take out most of the hassle of cooking. Smoothies just need added water and a blender, flatbreads can be thrown in the oven, and breakfast bowls just need a little plant mylk and a microwave.

To answer the common question of Is Daily Harvest Worth It? really comes down to what you are looking for in a meal delivery service. Based on my experience, it is one of the most affordable vegan delivery choices and they really have something for everyone.

Note: if youre just looking for a smoothie service, you might also want to look into SmoothieBox.

Youre definitely paying for the convenience factor here. If you are someone who eats a vegetarian or vegan diet already, youll love Daily Harvests options and if you are looking to get a helping hand in eating more fruits and vegetables or plant-based meals without having to do a lot of cooking, this is also a great option for you.

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How Easy Are Daily Harvest Meal Kits To Prepare

Extremely easy. Many of the Daily Harvest soups, vegan ice cream and protein bites arrive ready-to-eat , while the smoothies, bowls and flatbreads require very minimal prep. Flatbreads just need a few minutes in the oven, for instance, while a Daily Harvest smoothie requires only a spin in the blender with almond milk, oat milk, cow’s milk or water and the harvest and oat bowls are simply heated and mixed before eating. Though the instructions on the cartons suggest using the microwave for bowls and some of the other Daily Harvest meals, I much preferred using a skillet or saucepan whenever possible.

Daily Harvest Soups Review

Daily Harvest Review

I love the Tomato + Zucchini Minestrone Soup. Its full of flavor + so yummy! However, similar to the harvest bowls I find that their soups arent very filling for me.

I really like hearty soups packed with protein, and while I love that these are veggie loaded they dont fill me up for a complete meal.

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What Are The Toppings

For each bite flavor I had , I did a different corresponding topping. Here are some recommended toppings for each flavor. The one I used will be in bold!

  • Hazelnut + Chocolate Bites: hazelnut pieces, cacao nibs, chocolate drizzle
  • Cacao Nib + Vanilla Bean Bites: cacao nibs, vanilla bean powder, chocolate drizzle
  • Coconut + Lemon Bites: dried lemon zest, coconut flakes
  • Espresso Bean + Tahini Bites: crushed espresso beans, sesame seeds
  • Banana + Cacao Bites: flaky sea salt, freeze-dried bananas, cacao nibs, chocolate chips
  • Matcha + Musasaki Bites: matcha powder
  • Raspberry + Fig Bites: freeze-dried raspberries, chopped dried figs

Keywords: daily harvest, bites, snacks

How Much Is Daily Harvest

As we saw in this Daily Harvest review, the costs for a food delivery box can vary depending on your selections.

While there are items at $5.99, most of the more filling foods are around the price point of $8.99. Before tax is applied, your orders can fall into the following ranges:

  • Small Plan: $54$81
  • Medium Plan: $74$116
  • Large Plan: $144$196

The different plans also all have different savings and promotionsso it all relies on how you want to incorporate Daily Harvest into your life!

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What Is The Daily Harvest Smoothie Calorie Count

Daily Harvest smoothies and other options are advertised as filling, nutritious meal replacements. Does this match reality?

Most of the meals are made from all-natural ingredients like seeds, fruits and vegetables, and nut butter, foods which have long been considered nutritious by leaders in the health industry. Overall calorie counts are a different story, as there is considerable variance between options. Some smoothies clock in at just 100 calories which wont keep you satisfied for very long.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Chocolate Luvahhh smoothie contains almost 450 calories, which is over a quarter of most peoples daily requirements. The protein and fat content of Daily Harvest meals will also vary considerably depending on whether you add milk or water as a liquid bade.

For these reasons, its difficult to determine whether Daily Harvest dishes can make an adequate substitute for your regular meals. Your personal experience will depend on what options you select and how you make it.

Of note: Daily Harvest lists most serving sizes as half a package on their website, but through reading reviews we found that most people seemed to consume their food in one sitting. For this reason, it might be best to double the listed nutrition facts to get a better understanding of the health effects for you.

Daily Harvest Menu: Varied & Healthy

Daily Harvest Smoothie Secret Revealed!!!

When signing up for Daily Harvest, you should note that it’s a completely plant-based, vegan food company and understand what that entails. “A well-balanced plant-based or vegan diet should prioritize increased fruits, whole grains, legumes, and vegetables consumption instead of relying on ultra-processed vegan food alternatives,” says Figueroa.

When weighing the merits of plant-based diets, Figueroa emphasizes that “there is no one-size fits all approach to healthy eating. Each individual person has diverse and unique needs.” Figueroa also warns that any diet that restricts certain foods can trigger disordered eating and recommends reaching out to a trusted health professional before making any extreme changes to your diet.

The fact that Daily Harvest’s foods arrive frozen may give you pause. I get it. But there are actually some health benefits for choosing frozen foods over freshI’m not talking about frozen dinners you find at the grocery store, but actual whole foods like fruits and veggies that have been frozen directly after harvest. “Frozen foods are usually harvested at the peak of their ripeness and then promptly frozen within hours,” Figueroa says. “As a result, frozen foods may retain a fresher taste and a better nutrient profile, since freezing prevents foods from spoiling and losing vitamins and minerals.”

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Daily Harvest Vs Revive

The differences between Daily Harvest and Revive is that Daily Harvest is not at al all helpful for those who try to shed extra calories and hence, lose weight. On the other hand, Revive Superfoods are known to help people who are trying to lose weight by its wide array of paleo-free and dairy-free products. Daily Harvest and Revive are two-door-step delivery systems, providing people with essential organic foods in frozen form.

Food items that have been frozen earlier are used in Daily Harvest. Thus preparation takes less time. Not all of the components in Daily Harvest are certified organic. Daily Harvests products are completely gluten-free, vegan and include no preservatives or additives. Daily Harvest has a high price tag attached to it. Daily Harvest goods can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three months after they are delivered. Weight loss is not aided by Daily Harvest products.

Revive Superfoods uses high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Organic goods are not usually produced by Revive Superfoods. Dairy-free, paleo-friendly, and vegan by Revive Superfoods are also available. Revive is rather inexpensive. The products should be used within two months of receipt, according to Revive Superfoods. Weight loss is a common benefit of Revive Superfoods.

How Much Does Daily Harvest Cost

The cost of Daily Harvest depends on which items you choose and how many items you order at once. Discounts are offered on larger orders.

Item prices range from $5.99 for oat and chia bowls to $8.99 for harvest bowls, flatbreads, and pints of plant-based ice cream.

However, the more items you order, the more money you save on your full order:

  • $5 off an order of 911 items
  • $10 off an order of 1223 items
  • $20 off an order of 2426 items

Shipping and taxes are included in the base price of each item, so there are no surprise costs at checkout.

You also have up until 6 p.m. Eastern Time on the Sunday before your planned delivery to modify or skip your order. You can make changes to orders via the Daily Harvest website or app.

For new customers, Daily Harvest is currently offering $20 off an order of 9 items, $25 off an order of 14 items, and $35 off an order of 24 items.

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Daily Harvest Vs Making It Yourself

One of the main issues a lot of people have with Daily Harvestand meal delivery services in generalis that they say that they can make it at home for way cheaper. Thats 100% true.

With any of these types of food delivery services like Daily Harvest, the actual cost you would pay to purchase the ingredients at a grocery store and make it yourself is going to be cheaper than purchasing the service itself. That being said, Daily Harvest isnt just selling the plant-based meals. The point of purchasing Daily Harvest is the convenience factor of having all of the prep work done for you so you can literally just blend or heat and eat.

There are a lot of hidden financial and time costs that people overlook when making a direct comparison between Daily Harvest and making these smoothies or meals at home. For example, think about everything that would go into making their popular Mango + Papaya smoothie. Youd have to drive to the grocery store and purchase a bag of frozen mango, pineapple, acerola, papaya, and macadamia nuts. Then blend it all yourself. Yes, youll save money if you enjoy the smoothie and are able to use all of the ingredients by making more smoothies in the future. But if you hate it, you just spent money on raw ingredients that will likely go to waste.

Daily Harvest is great for those who like trying new flavors and meals. Its not great for people who prefer to stick to what they like and are on a budget.

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