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Top 5 Best Blender For Ice In 2021 | Best Blender For Smoothies And Ice

A blender is a kitchen staple for making everything from smoothies to soups and sauces. But if you’re looking for a blender that can handle frozen fruit and ice, as well as hard vegetables, you’ll need something with more power. The good news is there are plenty of great choices. Browse the top-ranked list of best blenders for smoothies with ice below along with associated reviews and opinions.

Ninja Professional Bl660 Top Pick/best Ninja Blender

  • Harder to clean
  • Short, 1-year warranty

Ninja is making a name for itself in the blending world with its powerful blenders at more affordable prices. Rather than spend $400+ on Blendtec or Vitamix, you can spend less than $100 on the Ninja Pro BL660. While it may not offer as many flashy features as the high-end blenders, you better believe this blender can crush ice and other hard ingredients like its nobodys business.

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The BL660 features a super powerful, 1100-watt motor and unique, Total Crushing 6-blade assembly. These blades are specifically designed to pulverize ice for smoothies and other frozen drinks. Just be careful while handling these blades because they are extra sharp. One of the most disappointing aspects of the Ninja Pro blender is its limited and short warranty. At only 1 year of coverage, youre getting much less protection that with other brands. All in all, though you shouldnt have to use this warranty since the blender itself is built to last. It may be the new best blender for green smoothies.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

We know that for many people, the biggest issue with the Vitamix 5200 is its steep price. At around $400 or so, its at least twice the price of our runner-up, the Oster Versa Pro Series Blender. In the past, weve even made the Oster our top pick because of its comparatively affordable price. But after years of testing the Vitamix and using it in our test kitchen, we think its truly worth the investment. Its more durable and all-around more effective than any other blender weve found, and if you plan on using a blender regularly, it will make your life a lot easier. Plus, consider the cost of buying a smoothie rather than making it at home: A morning smoothie can run from about $5 to $13, so in two to four months you will have paid the same amount as for a 5200. A Vitamix, by contrast, will last you at least seven years .

At more than 20 inches tall, the Vitamix 5200 is a big appliancetoo big to fit under some kitchen cabinets. But none of the other high-powered blenders we tested were much smaller. Though the Oster is a couple of inches shorter, it also has a beefier base. If size is an issue for you, Vitamix makes other lines of blenders that have a shorter profile. But weve found that the tall, narrow shape of the 5200s blending jar is one of the components that help this machine create such an effective vortex.

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Why We Think It’s Great

How often can you see a blender for frozen drinks thats less than $100 but is very efficient and powerful? The Ninja Professional Blender has a 72-oz capacity and can crush ice and turn it into a snow-like texture.

Due to its 1,000-Watt power and six blades strategic positioning, it is ready to make any concoction in no time. Due to its powerful motor and sharp blades, you can crush any food from fruits, nuts, and vegetables in an instant.

It also offers a sleek design that can match any theme or color scheme that your kitchen has. More than crushing ice, it also does a great job of blending, pureeing, and controlled processing. With its 4 manual speeds, you can choose how fast and robust your blender will work.

The jar has a lock feature that perfectly matches the base and can only work when the click sound is heard. To top it all, this machine is dishwasher safe to make cleaning more accessible and more efficient.

The Best Blenders 2021

5 best blender for crushing ice blenders for making ...
Reasons to avoid

The Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender has Auto-IQ crushing power, which means you’ll never need to stand and monitor your blender again. This blender has settings for smoothies, ice crush, and even blending ice cream, and each one has a specific timer and rhythm to make the blending process as efficient as possible.

What we love

What we love about the Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender is its easy controls. If you do want to customize your blending simply select the Low, Medium, High or Pulse modes to blitz to your heart’s content.

Attachments can also go straight in the dishwasher, which makes cleanup quick and easy.


Families will benefit from the safety locking system, which keeps the lid safely in place and won’t operate until it’s fully closed. You can lift the lid to create a spout, perfect for pouring out drinks.

What you may lack with this blender is the capacity you need. It has a medium capacity of 64-oz. If you want more options, you can always take a look at our guide on which Ninja blender you should buy.

Homes & Gardens rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reasons to avoid

Tried and enjoyed by us, the Zwilling Enfinigy 64-oz. Countertop Power Blender has a very attractive design that’s modern but still classic. Lock the tritan pitcher onto the smart backlit base to choose from five presets or manual blending settings of 12 very powerful speeds.

What we love


Reasons to avoid

What we love


Reasons to avoid

What we love


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Liquid First Then Solids

Help your blenders blade and motor last longer by putting your ingredients in the jar in an orderly manner.

The general rule of thumb is to start with liquids, making sure that it covers the blade. Putting the liquid first ensures that all the ingredients are incorporated well. Next, add the fresh fruits followed by the frozen ingredients. Lastly, put the ice.

Vitamix 5200 Top Premium Pick

If you want a blending beast and you dont mind paying more, much more, for it then the Vitamix 5200 is for you. For double and triple what most blenders cost, the Vitamix 5200 promises to make all of your culinary dreams come true.

It can do the basics blend smoothies, make purees and pulverize up your veggies into a frothy treat. It can also do much more like mix your dough, make ice cream, make hot soup and grind nuts into butter.

With a peak power of 2HP , its no wonder the Vitamix 5200 can make almost anything. This is why the blender can heat your soups by making the blades spin so fast that the friction produces a lot of heat.

With such power and speed comes the need for durability. Too many blenders boast of power but then fall apart within a few months. The Vitamix brand is known for extreme durability. Many customers had their Vitamix blenders for five years and others for over a decade before they saw the need to upgrade to the newer 5200 model.

Backed up by a 7-year warranty, you can expect the Vitamix 5200 to last for at least that long. With proper use and care, it could last even longer.

Secondly, the blender is incredibly powerful. It can handle anything including smoothies, large and small ice cubes, leafy vegetables, frozen fruits, and nuts. The sharp fast-spinning blades can pulverize everything down to the tiny seeds so that everything comes out exactly how you want.

If you are still not sure, see what customers have to say.

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Easiest To Clean Blender

BLACK+DECKER XL Blast Drink Machine blender

The black+decker XL blast drink blending machine is all you will need for creating delicious frozen treats in no time. Whether you are at home or the party, the Easy Pour Spout feature get you covered up with less spilling so you can keep the party going with fast pouring.

This easy to use blender features a powerful 650-watt motor that can easily tear through the ice and frozen fruit in no time, 4 Auto Functions blend settings to create effortless margaritas, daiquiris, shakes, and smoothies and a pulse function get a perfect consistency every time.

Its material is made of durable Eastman Tritan® plastic, a BPA-free clear plastic jar amounted to 72-oz that can hold drinks for the entire party, a chill sleeve fits snugly around the blender jar to keep your drinks ice cold and fresh for hours, and a 2-oz removable short glass which stands as a measuring cup. Its available in 4 different colours with a 2 years warranty.

The one-piece jar with integrated blending blade is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

Reviews Of The Best Blender For Ice

Top 7 Best Personal Blenders In 2021 For Smoothies, Protein Shakes & Crushing Ice

If you want to get into the nitty gritty detail then you can look into the following choices.

These reviews are compiled by looking at the best rated choices available in the industry.

You can then explore the best and worst things about these to help you make your final choice in the most well informed and cohesive manner.

So without further ado, lets look into the reviews for the best blender for ice.

  • Frozen Drink
  • Soup
  • Even though it didnt have a Clean I just used the smoothie preset to clean it

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Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi

For a blender that makes quick work of crushing ice and is low on cost, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender is a perfect choice. Its powered by a 700-watt motor and equipped with powerful blending and chopping blades plus the signature wave-action system which works to continuously pull ingredients down into the blades for smooth and even results. There are 4 blending buttons with 12 blending functions so you can make milkshakes and crush ice or do food preparation such as puree, device, chop, and grate. This multitasking blender includes a 3 cup chopping bowl and 40 oz dishwasher-safe glass jar with a unique no-mess pour spout with a hinged cap for easy pouring.

Key Features For A Good Blender For Crushing Ice


  • The last thing you want is for your blender to get jammed up or refuse to crush ice down to the particle size that you need for your smoothie or mojito. That means paying close attention to the horsepower and how powerful the motor really is. Of course, horsepower doesnt tell you everything, but its a good metric for looking at just how powerful a blender can be. The average 2HP blender can usually handle anything, but for real ice performance look for more power. The wattage is also a good correlation. For blending ice, make sure you get a blender in the range of 1200-1500 watts. Thats enough power to crush ice and frozen fruit almost instantly, giving you crushed ice that is easy to blend.

High-Quality Blades

  • Strong, durable blades are a must when looking for a great ice blender. Ice can be tough to chomp down on, and blades may wear down more easily if you make a lot of smoothies. Look for blunted blades made from stainless steel, and preferably molded with strong, single-piece components that reduce wear while increasing durability.

Crusher Settings

Noise and Performance

Tamping Options

  • No one likes a blender that churns all the lower-level ice into snow while leaving the top layer of ice just floating there. The large containers that we favor in the list help take care of this problem, but tampers are also a good solution to look for on your next model.

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Blender For Ice And Frozen Fruit Needs A Powerful Motor

A blenders motor is the most essential feature to consider when buying a blender for ice or frozen fruit. Many blenders fall short with low quality or low powered motors. In fact, your average blender will likely not have enough power to crush ice or frozen fruit.

So how much power do you need to sufficiently pulverize ice and frozen ingredients? The ideal blender power for crushing ice and blending frozen fruit is watts between 1,000 watts and 1,500 watts. That is roughly equivalent to a motor with 1.34 to 2.0 horsepower.

The average countertop blender is 500 watts or 0.67 horsepower. Clearly, not enough power for a blender to properly blend ice, frozen ingredients, or even thicker smoothies. In other words, you will have a hard time making quality ice drinks or smoothies with an average blender.

Many try to use average blenders for ice use cases like smoothies, but it does not work well. Usually the blender motor burns out due to the strain and over use. It is better to use an ideal blender made to handle ice, frozen

Blenders That Make Fantastic Icy Drinks

Best Blender For Crushing Ice

These full-sized blenders are the only ones that aced our tests for making icy drinks and scored a rating of Very Good or better for crushing ice. They appear in alphabetical order .

For more details and other options, see our full blender ratings.

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Top 5 Blender Ice Drinks For Cocktails

Texture and temperature make for exciting cocktail drinks. Theres nothing quite like relaxing with a fresh well-made cocktail made with finely crushed ice. Here are the top 5 ice cocktail drinks. Finely crushed ice makes all the difference in the world. Get the best blender for ice to enjoy them at your house.

Jar Design And Materials

Since youre going to be working with hard, resistant ice cubes, you might want to consider it as a very important feature that your blender has a durable pitcher.

Some blendersthe cheaper kindsare made of polycarbonate. This type of material can easily crack under the force of the ice being thrown around. When youre looking to invest in a blender, try to get a blender with a glass jar.

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Best Blenders For Ice Crushing For 2021

If looking to make smoothies and frozen drinks at home, its important to invest in a high-quality blender. In this post, I share our recommendations for the best blenders for ice crushing. I also share our tips on what to consider and what features to look for when purchasing a blender.

*This post contains compensated links. Find more info in my DISCLAIMER. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Quick Guide: Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Blender For Ice And Frozen Fruit

Best Smoothie Blender 2021 ? Top 5 Best Blender for Smoothies and Ice [REVIEW]

As mentioned in the beginning, not all blenders that are in the market can crush ice and frozen fruits. And not all that can handle the task will deliver similar results. Even in the above selections, some models can work on dry ice and others will require some water to complete the task.

In any case, below are four key things that you should consider when looking for the best blender for ice and frozen fruit.

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Design Of Container For Efficiency Of Ice & Frozen Ingredients

Another often overlooked feature that impacts a blenders ability to properly blend and crush ingredients is the design of the container. The design of the blending jar is important because it impacts the flow of ingredients.

The best blenders for ice, frozen fruit, and smoothies create a vortex flow by sucking the frozen ingredients down towards the blades. From the blades continuous and consistent flow forces the contents down through the blades then up the sides of the container back to the top.

Furthermore a taller, narrow container requires you to use a spatula to push down the frozen fruit and ingredients. Contrastingly, a wide blending container makes ingredients like ice to more easily fall down to the blades. This is because the ingredients have less distance to travel.

Lastly, it is important to consider the material of the container and size. Generally there are two types of containers: glass and plastic. Moreover, a quality glass container is made from impact resistant glass. Alternatively, the best plastic containers use polycarbonate which is a dense, durable plastic. Most blender containers will hold up fine.

Best Budget: Hamilton Beach 58148a Ice Crush Power Elite Blender

If youre looking for the best blender for ice and frozen fruit but on a small budget, Hamilton might be a perfect place to start. For this particular model, for instance, you wont even need $40, yet you can use to perform almost all blending purposes.

Like most from the maker, the blender comes with a sleek, conical power base, featuring a 700-watt engine. Of course, thats not very high but still, its powerful enough to create icy drinks, shakes, smoothies, among other recipes.

The blender doesnt have the variable speeds setting but the control panel has 5 buttons for various blending functions. So, you can work on any of your recipes easily and to high consistency.

More to love, this blender comes with a BPA-free 40-ounce pitcher that can make 4-5 cups of smoothies per time. The jar is a tough, heavy glass and has a unique, patented spout that ensures perfect pouring without a mess.

Still, the jar has the patented wave-action technology that makes it possible to blend as it pulls the mixture down into the blades. And when it comes to cleaning time, you can comfortably put in the dishwasher together with the other utensils.


  • Its pretty loud when blending
  • Not ideal for plain dry ice cubes

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