What’s A Good Blender For Smoothies

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The Ice Crushing Problem


For some of the smaller blenders like the Nutri Ninja Blender, The Nutribullet Pro, and the Popbabies personal blender, you will find that crushing ice is not in their wheelhouse. The reason is that for these blenders to operate safely and correctly, you have to add a liquid to the ingredients when you blend them. If you don’t add liquid, the motor will overheat. This will cause loads of problems for the contents of the container during the operating process as well as damage the motor base permanently.

If you want a blender that has the ability to crush ice, then any of the other choices on our list will be able to fulfill that for you. They have all been designed to crush ice or turn ice into snow quickly and consistently.

Hamilton Beach Professional 1800w Blender

The Hamilton Beach Professional 1800W Blender is a great deal when comparing price versus performance. It comes equipped with four program settings for making smoothies, crushing ice, pureeing and self-cleaning, tasks it performs with above-average reliability.

Large pulse and start/stop buttons make for uncomplicated control, and Hamilton Beach simplifies additional options by dividing its control dial into two halves: the left half dedicated to the aforementioned programmed modes and the right half for adjusting variable speeds. A large red LED display takes the guesswork out of keeping tabs on elapsed time or time remaining, depending on selected setting. Thereâs a measuring cap for incorporating ingredients while mixing at lower speeds, and the lid includes an ergonomic grip that improves the chances youâll remove it smoothly without splatter.The Hamilton Beach blender produced delicious tasting oat milk with a dairy-like consistency, alongside great tasting smoothies. Only a few pieces of frozen fruit escaped the blades resulting in a slightly chunkier chug, but the taste didnât suffer. Skip this blender if homemade hummus or nut butters are on your favorites list the blenderâs blade assembly does a sub-optimal job of incorporating ingredients like garlic or chickpeas into a satisfactory texture and you might be left fishing out chunks of ingredients.

What Is A Blender

A blender is a common kitchen appliance thats used to mix ingredients together. Most often, blenders are used to mix foods into a puree consistency such as for a smoothie, dressing, or soup.

Blenders come in a range of sizes from small ones for single-serve smoothies to industrial-size versions for making products in a commercial kitchen or restaurant.

In addition to size variations, blenders vary widely in their wattage and speed settings depending on their intended usage.

The secret behind every great smoothie is a great blender. But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly which one is the best fit for you.

We chose our top 9 blenders with the following features in mind:

  • Price: Weve included the best blender for each budget in our list. A pricing guide is included below.
  • Power and speed: Higher watts mean more power and speed. However, other factors such as the shape of the container and blade type will make a difference as well.
  • Volume: The size of the blender container is included in each blender description. This is important if youre looking for a blender that can prepare large batches or has a to-go container option.
  • Warranty: All options on our list come with a warranty.
  • Features: We also considered other features such as technology integration, noise, and accessories.

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Why Take Our Word For It

Allrecipes is a community-driven brand for home cooks to find kitchen products, crowd-pleasing recipes, and cooking tips. Contributor Jacqueline Weiss is a professional food writer with over five years of experience and a lifelong lover of working in the kitchen. Her writing has appeared in Eat This Not That, EatingWell, Taste Of Home, Simply Recipes, and more. To choose the best options for this article, she conducted research and considered key metrics.

Designed To Handle Thick Mixtures

Best Blender For Smoothies / What

No blender is a hands-off miracle worker, especially for stiff smoothies that dont flow easily around the blades. It helps to have a jar with a narrow base like the one in the Vitamix 5200, which pulls ingredients down toward the blade rather than flinging them away. But for particularly thick smoothies, a tamperthe plastic bat included with most high-powered blendersis also essential for busting air pockets and keeping your ingredients moving in the jar.

We like the Vitamix 5200s tamper because its long and slender shape allowed us to maneuver it into the corners the best among all the blenders we tested. And in our tests, the 5200s tamper helped this model make dense smoothies, pasty peanut butter, and thick bean dip more quickly and easily than blenders without tampers, such as the Blendtec Designer 675. The Blendtec is prone to creating air pockets around the blades, especially when blending firm mixtures. And the only way to around that dilemma is to stop the motor to shake or stir the air out , which greatly slows down the process.

No blender is a hands-off miracle worker, especially for stiff smoothies that dont flow easily around the blades.

Compared with the Vitamix, personal blenders cant produce smoothies as dense because they have closed jars and you cant tamp air pockets while the motor runs. To keep the blades moving, personal blenders require more liquid. They also put out less powerand as a result, produce grainier smoothiesthan the Vitamix 5200.

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Best For Individual Smoothies: Magic Bullet

What you’ll love: Small, compact design, easy-to-grip cupKeep in mind: The small cup size limits your smoothie recipe.

The Magic Bullet is an affordable option for everyday smoothie lovers looking to save on countertop space. This 250-watt blender did not perform well in our ice test but made a great fruit and green smoothie. We had to adjust the recipe a bit due to the small cup size, but if you are looking for a simple smoothie snack rather than a smoothie bowl, this is a good option.

It comes with a one-year warranty, but our testers said it will likely outlive that, as one of them has owned this blender for over a decade.

Top Pick For Best Smoothie Blender: Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Blender is our top pick for the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies in 2022. It has a 1100-watt motor that can pulverize ice and chop fresh ingredients evenly. The blender also comes with three manual speeds, pulse, and a single serve function for to-go cups.

Additionally, the Ninja professional countertop blender has an XL capacity 72-oz. pitcher and sharp blades perfect for creating creamy frozen drinks and smoothies for the whole family or entertaining guests.

The blender is also easy to clean, with all parts being BPA free and dishwasher safe. Finally, the Ninja blender comes with a 28-recipe inspiration guide to get you started with easy-to-prepare smoothies, frozen drinks, sauces, and more.



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Will My Small Kitchen Accommodate A Blender

Blender cables can be substantial, so look for machines with built-in storage to prevent the flex getting out of hand. Unless youâre buying a machine that youâre happy to have on display on the worktop, your blender will probably live in a cupboard. If so, choose one that can be easily dismantled, is light enough for you to lift in and out and wonât take up too much storage room.

What Is A Smoothie

10 Smoothie Recipes to make with your BlendJet Portable Blender

A smoothie is a cold, blended drink made up of frozen fruit, liquid such as juice or milk, and other nutritional add-ins such as nut butter, protein powder, and protein powder.

Smoothies are a great way to pack in the nutrition without a lot of effort. There are many varieties of smoothies such as green smoothies, fruit smoothies, smoothies bowls, and more.


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Blendtec 575 Blender For Smoothies


WHY WE LIKE IT: A large, 90-oz pitcher and easy pre-programmed settings make this high-performance blender a useful and versatile kitchen appliance, able to blend smoothies with ice cubes and frozen fruit with no pre-chopping necessary.


  • Not the quietest countertop blender
  • Doesnt come with single-serve blender cups

A stand-out among high-performance blenders for home kitchen use, this model benefits from a versatile control pad with pre-set functions, timed settings, and manual speed settings, plus extra-thick blades that work well for nut butter, dough, and more. It also has a powerful motor putting out over 1500 peak watts, which lets it blend frozen fruit and crush ice with ease, and is more than enough for most food processor tasks.

With four pre-sets along with manual speed control settings, you can customize this blender to prepare your favorite smoothie, protein shake, or green juice at the touch of a button. The 90-ounce blender jar is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. It has the versatility of the best blender food processor with professional-grade capabilities.

Are You Looking For Even More Smoothies No Worries Weve Got You Covered:

  • Clementine Avocado Smoothie. If youve never added avocado to your smoothie before, you are missing out! The flavor is so mild, that you cant taste it, but the texture is dreamy, creamy smooth, and the healthy added fats help keep your fuller longer.
  • Cold Buster Smoothie. When youre feeling under the weather and your throat is sore, this smoothie for colds is soothing and nourishing.
  • Coffee Smoothie. Get a jolt of caffeine and your breakfast all in one cup! This is packed full of coffee flavor.
  • Persimmon Smoothie. Packed full of autumnal flavor, this spiced smoothie is creamy and sweet!
  • Spinach and Pear Smoothie. Bright green and fresh in flavor, this smoothie is a perfect light breakfast.
  • Sweet Potato Smoothie. Sweet potato in a smoothie? YUP! It tastes like a delicious pie. Youll love it!
  • Apple Smoothie. This smoothie is packed full of healthy spinach, but tastes like apple pie!
  • Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. This pumpkin smoothie is perfect for the weather is still warm but your heart wants fall to show up.
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie. This smoothie is rich and dark, and it tastes decadent enough you could sip on it for dessert!
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie. All the flavors of your favorite sandwich in a tasty smoothie! Pick your favorite jelly to add to this peanut butter smoothie.
  • Tart Cherry and Spinach Smoothies. We show serving this cherry smoothie as a light breakfast in a bowl, but you could easily pour it in a glass and sip away!

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Best Blender For Vegetable Smoothies In 2022

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Nowadays, smoothies are trendy and the most demanding health drink. But, do we have to understand why it is so?

These beverages serve the best taste, which enhances nutritional intake. You can prepare smoothies at your home with some easy methods and tools.

Furthermore, these drinks are genuinely customizable and allow you to add every food ingredient per your mood, liking, and nutritional objectives. Green Smoothies are the best drinks to have vitamin-rich leafy vegetables without disturbing your daily diet plan.

Here is the 7-best blender for vegetable smoothies to serve you with a superior blending experience with a perfect velvety smooth, delicious drink.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender For Smoothies

Best Blenders for Green Smoothies, Shakes, Fruit &  Vegetable Juices ...
  • 48-ounce pitcher has a smaller capacity than many other countertop blenders
  • Not the quietest Vitamix blender

This well-designed countertop blender has a number of key features that make it stand out as one of the top-rated blenders on the market if youre looking for the best blender for smoothies 2020 has to offer. It comes with a heavy-duty motor and cooling fan for better durability and more consistent blending, plus a self-cleaning mode and hardened stainless steel blades.

With its 48-ounce pitcher, this machine is under 15 inches tall, making it one of the more compact countertop blenders. It easily blends frozen fruit, ice cream, and shakes, as well as peanut butter, dates, dry powders, and other challenging food ingredients for delicious smoothies. If youre looking for the best blender to puree food and make stunning creations, add this to your list.

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Here Are The Best Blenders Of 2022

The Breville Super Q Blender is aimed at home chefs looking for a commercial grade performance, and it certainly delivers as a multi-purpose machine ready for a wide variety of recipes. Equipped with twelve speed settings paired with a 1,800-watt motor, the Super Q whipped chickpeas into hummus similar to what you might buy at the market. It continued to impress in other tests too, crushing ice cubes into fluffy snow in a minute and turning rolled oats and water into sweet creamy non-dairy milk with ease. The vortex effect it creates also resulted in very tasty fruit, vegetable and protein powder smoothies.

The size and weight of this blender warrants a permanent space in the kitchen, but its hefty dimensions also means youâll never worry about it tipping over or shuffling about like cheaper, lighter models. Cleaning is easy with a programmed 1-minute clean cycle. The wide-mouthed large 68-ounce BPA-free jug and blade arrangement also reduces the chances of cutting yourself if you need to reach in to clean any remaining lodged ingredients.

The built-in blade assembly eliminates the task of taking apart and then reassembling all of the components. As you would expect the Breville comes at a premium price, but your investment is protected with an exceptionally long ten-year warranty. Thatâs why itâs the best blender overall and why it took home the Tom’s Guide 2022 Award for Best blender.

Is It Better To Drink A Smoothie Or Eat The Fruit

The fiber slows the absorption of fructose into your blood stream, allowing you to feel fuller for more time. As a result, it is preferable to consume whole fruits rather than fruit in forms such as juice or smoothies.

Smoothies: A Great Way To Get Your Five-a-daybut Only Two Count!

It is recommended that adults and children consume five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Making it a habit to include smoothies in your five-a-day routine is a great way to boost your fruit and vegetable intake. A smoothie, on the other hand, only counts as a maximum of two portions of food per day due to its high sugar content and low nutritional value. You should drink your smoothie in moderation as well as include vegetables and fruit in other parts of your diet in order to reap the full benefits.

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What Type Of Blender Should You Get

A countertop blender delivers the silkiest smoothies, daiquiris, soups, and sauces of any style of blender you can buy. Its more versatile than a personal blender because it holds more and can handle hot liquids. Its also more powerful than an immersion blender, which is great for pureeing soups directly in the pot or making a quick mayo, but doesnt yield the velvety textures you get from a good countertop blender.

That said, a blenders performance and longevity are usually proportional to its cost. High-end blenders are more powerful and designed to puree the thickest mixtures without burning out, something that inexpensive blenders simply cant do. If you want a kitchen workhorsea machine that can tackle everything from hot soups and sauces to thick frozen concoctionsa full-size, high-powered blender is the best choice. How much you should spend on one depends on exactly what youll use it for. Below is a breakdown of what each of our picks will do for you.

Get our budget pick, the KitchenAid, if:

  • You use your blender only for the occasional smoothie, frozen drink, or soup.
  • You dont blend nut butters or other motor-taxing mixtures.
  • A short, limited one-year warranty isnt a concern.

Get our runner-up, the Oster, or our also-great pick, the Cleanblend, if:

  • You blend no more than a few times a week.
  • You rarely make nut butters.
  • A five- or seven-year warranty is important to you.

Get our top pick, the Vitamix, if:

Whats The Best Liquid For Making Smoothies

Equipment Review: Best Blenders (Midpriced/Mid-Range) & Our Testing Winner

We like to use milk of choice. If youre a fan of coconut milk, use it. Like cows milk? Go for it. A fan of almond milk? Cool. Use whatever milk you like in your smoothiesyou cant go wrong. I just recommend you stick to unsweetened and unflavored versions. That gives you the most control over the smoothie.

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Best Value: Vitamix Explorian E310 Professional

The Vitamix Explorian is another piece you can consider when you want to upgrade to a high-performance blender. It consists of a simple design with nothing flashy except a heavy-duty motor to create you the smoothest smoothies.

The motor has up to ten variable speeds that you can adjust with the central knob as per your mixture requirements. And if its salsa or salads youre making, theres a dedicated pulse lever on the left side of the control board.

Furthermore, the blender uses a 48-oz container, featuring a narrow profile that can handle as small as one cup of content. The container form also has a lower risk of splattering, unlike the 64-oz low-profile containers that have a wider design.

Best of all, the machine has hardened stainless steel blades and an all-metal gear system . So, you can continue crushing frozen fruits and other tough ingredients all day without setbacks.


Highly Rated Blender Models

Many brands promote their high performance and high-power blenders over the lowly and regular standard blenders, but theres not really anyone willing to clarify what this means.

To truly assess long-term performance, we headed straight into consumer reviews on different ecommerce platforms: Walmart, Best Buy and checked Amazon smoothie blender reviews and ratings. We also read articles on top blender picks, juicers and food processors from foodie blogs.

We ended up with eight of the most highly rated full-sized blenders. Each has at least a four-star rating and is popular amongst smoothie aficionados. We also included two personal-sized blenders: the NutriBullet and Osters MyBlend to see how these popular small blenders compared to the larger smoothie makers.

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