Best Cups For Smoothies On The Go

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Best For Smoothies: Cosori Personal High Speed Blender C011

Make Smoothies On-The-Go In This Portable Blender | Future Blink
  • Includes auto-blend and pulse settings

  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe

  • Comes with only one travel lid

An impressive 800 watts of power, auto-blend and pulse settings and a start/stop button make this little machine ideal for blending everything from soft fruits to tough kale. Plus, it can crush ice for slushie drinks on hot summer days. This has three different blade styles in one assembly for the best result every time. The innovative auto-blend option blends in 3-second bursts with 1-second breaks in between, stopping after 10 bursts. Meanwhile, holding the pulse button blends at the highest speed for as long as the button is held down.

For easy cleaning, all of the removable parts are dishwasher safe. This includes two 24-ounce containers, one 12-ounce container, a storage lid, a travel lid, a cleaning brush, and a recipe book.

Power Rating: 800 Watts | Cups Included: 3 | Maximum Cup Capacity: 24 ounces | Weight: 8.1 pounds | Warranty: 2 years

The Nutri Ninja Pro gets the top spot because not only is it fast and powerfulgreat for those with tight schedulesbut it’s also compact and easy to clean. Do you travel a lot or love making smoothies at work? We recommend the BlendJet One. It is battery operated, recharged via a USB cable, and can make several smoothies on a single full charge.

Smoothie Cup: Tips On How To Enjoy Your Favourite Drink On The Go

There is nothing like a cold fruit smoothie to start your day on a refreshing note, refuel your energy after a hard workout in the gym or keep hunger at bay between meals. This fresh and creamy beverage seems to impact every aspect of our lives with its health benefits from boosting our metabolism to helping us lose weight, have better skin, hair and nails, to improving our mood.

Its easy to prep and it is a great way to give us that much-needed boost of energy. So, what do you need to make your own smoothie from scratch All you need is a blender, fruits or veggies, water, milk or yogurt and the most important a smoothie travel cup, so you can enjoy your drink on the go.

Best Reusable Smoothie Cup

If you are looking for smoothie cups with lids and straws, then definitely consider purchasing the Ello brand. This super popular model makes a perfect reusable smoothie cup. No more need to waste money on plastic disposable smoothie cups that only hurt your wallet and the environment.

The Beacon versions of Ello are BPA free and considered safe, green, and clean. They hold 24oz, are made from stainless steel, plus are vacuum insulated to keep your favorite smoothie nice and icy. I especially love the calming colors and removable straw. It is all so easy to clean in the dishwasher.

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The Cheeki Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

This was the first addition to our store in this category, so it’s only fair that we go first.

Stainless Steel

Australian Company

Keep me upright once filled

With a 500ml capacity, it will fit most regular sized smoothies and juices from most smoothie bars. The large sizes are hard to cater for in a reusable cup. There’s some plastic underneath the lid, but once filled you remain upright, so there’s never any plastic touching your smoothie, it’s just stainless steel from the inside of the cup and the stainless steel straw. If you like to sip and take forever to drink your smoothie, this is for you. It keeps you chilled for ample opportunity to be the eternal sipper.

Squeasy Gear Reusable Baby Food Pouch 35 Oz 6 Oz

Best Smoothie Cups for Travelling

Easy to fill thanks to the wide opening and easy to clean since it basically turns inside out, this bottle has a great anti-spill system that allows your baby to enjoy freshly pureed smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, water or juice without any worries for a messy experience. It is made out of 100% food-grade, non-toxic materials.

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Contigo Autoclose Shake & Go Single

Main Features:

  • Make it, Shake it, Take it AUTOCLOSE Technology allows you to mix and chill your beverages for superior, consistent taste with no leaks or spills
  • Ideal for iced tea, iced coffee, powdered beverages and water enhancers
  • No plastic odors or taste with FDA-approved, BPA-free Tritan materials
  • Fits under most Single-Serve Brewers
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

Smoothie Cups Comparison Table

First off is the Big T Tumbler from Tervis, who offers this cup in a range of different sizes. IT is made from durable plastic and is double-walled to keep your smoothie nice and cool during your commute. Tervis does not manufacture any blenders, but rather simply offer cups of all sizes for blended beverages.

The Big T caught our attention in particular due to the large 24-ounce size, but you can also choose between 9, 10, or 16-ounce alternatives. There are wine and beer glasses to choose from, and you can also get cups with lids too. All of this, while the price remains reasonably low.

There are a number of colors to choose from so that you can customize your Big T to look exactly how you want it. The lids are also available in different colors, and these help significantly with preventing you from spilling your drink while out in public.

All of the cups on offer are made from co-polyester BPA and Melamine, making them microwavable and freezable. Imagine drinking a smoothie out of a frozen Big T Tumbler. Now wipe the drool from your mouth!

Tervis offers a lifetime guarantee to ensure your money is protected in case of any manufacturing issues. This large cup will keep your smoothie cool for a long time, especially if you freeze it beforehand.

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The 7 Best Portable Blenders Of 2022

  • 7 minute read

In this hustling modern world, a small and portable blender is a must-have for any super busy health enthusiasts, who want their superfood smoothie or a protein shake on the go at work, on travel, and anywhere.

Having a battery-operated, personal blender is a great way to get all the energy-boosting nutrients you need for the day ready in minutes, on the spot.


How do you find the best cordless blender from the dozens available on the market?

In this post, youll find reviews for the best portable blender bottles for personal use and travel, their unique uses, and their pros & cons to help you make a quick and wise decision.


  • Are a Blender and a Food Processor the Same?
  • Why You Should Trust Us

    Portable Blender Cup USB Rechargeable For Juices, Smoothy & Shakes. Best For Traveling and On The Go

    Monica Nigon is well-known for always having a beverage in her hand. An avid coffee drinker, a huge proponent of hydration, a lover of after-work cold drinks, and a before-bed tea enthusiast, Monica cycles through several different beverages throughout the day. With this love of beverages of all kinds, Monica has made use of many tumblers in her life. She uses her experience to put thoughtful analysis to each product she tested as well as seeking feedback from a panel of colleagues and friends sharing coffee in the morning and drinks after work.

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    Aspects To Consider When Introducing Smoothies For Babies

    Not too many food combinations

    Most likely, a smoothie contains several different foods all mixed in a blender, and while they may be beneficial, your baby does not need to eat all of these foods at the same time. Take it easy and dont make overly exotic smoothies at first. Use a fruit that your baby has already tasted and accepted. To start with, it is better to make a smoothie containing only one fruit. As your baby grows, you can start combining the fruits for more flavor and better nutritional value. The same goes for vegetables.

    Avoid Too Much Sugar

    Many smoothie recipes require ingredients that contain sweet foods such as fruits. You need to choose your ingredients carefully or modify the recipes to reduce, if possible, the sugar content.

    Prepackaged smoothies, that simply require adding water or milk, certainly contain large amounts of sugar, or they have sugar substitutes if it is a diet or low-calorie version. Sugar levels are something you should watch for in the first years of your childs life.

    Vary with breast milk

    If you are looking for a quick meal for your baby, breast milk is always the best solution. You dont have to stop breastfeeding your baby starts eating solid foods. You can supplement them with their diet as long as you are still producing. Adding breast milk to your baby smoothies is a great way for them to get the nutrients they need.

    Check out the best baby smoothie cup models below!

    Best Smoothie Cups With Lids & Straws

    Weve already covered quite a few options with lids and straws but there are two more to highlight. The first is the Healthy Human insulated smoothie tumbler, which CNN rated the best water bottle on the market.

    This is a particularly eco-friendly option for every bottle they sell, they recover and recycle 80 plastic bottles. It keeps your smoothies super-chilled and comes with a lid, straw, and cleaning brush.

    Available on and .

    The second is a metal smoothie cup with two-tone colours and stylish textured surface. It includes a steel straw, splash-proof lid, and cleaning brush.

    The cup capacity is 480ml and it has excellent customer reviews. If youre looking for a cup thats a bit different, then this is a good bet.

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    Best Personal Blender Overall: Ninja Nutri

    The Ninja Nutri-Blender Pros solid construction gives the machine a sturdy, high-quality feel, and the wide base provides a stable foundation for its powerful motor. Its straightforward control panel was the simplest to understand right out of the box of all the personal blenders we tested, making it easy to get right to blending as soon as we plugged it in.

    The Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro has dedicated crush, smoothie and pulse modes, but our favorite feature in testing was its Auto-iQ function, which automatically selects a blending and pausing pattern for your chosen mix and stops once the blend is complete. We were initially skeptical of this feature, but ended up being impressed with the results, and appreciated how it let us hit the button once and walk away to do other things, confident wed get good results. If youd rather keep an eye on things and stop it manually, you can turn off this function at any time by pressing the start/stop button.

    The Ninja had no trouble making any of our test smoothies. It easily crushed ice and frozen fruit, pulverized leafy and fibrous vegetables and had no trouble mixing our powdered protein drink in about 10 seconds. Whether this is due to the more vertically oriented blade assembly or to the Auto-iQ blend-and-pause routine, the Ninja also never got stuck or needed any manual shaking to clear lumps of partially blended ingredients like some other blenders did.

    Best Luxury Brand: Kitchenaid K400 Blender

    BlendGo⢠On the go blender Smoothie Blender Cup, Travel ...

    It’s no secret that KitchenAid is a trusted source for small kitchen appliances, including its popular stand mixer, but the brand makes a countertop blender that’s just as reliable. The sharp blades and powerful motor with up to five speeds can blend practically anything, including ice cubes, frozen fruit and vegetables, chia seeds, cucumbers, and more. The machine, which comes with a 56-ounce blender jar, also has a tamper to help push food down so everything blends evenly.

    “I bought this a month ago and I am totally amazed with how well it blends. It doesn’t leave the food grainy or small pieces in my smoothies,” says one customer. “I also like that it is not noisy. Hands down I would strongly recommend this blender to all of my friends and family.”

    Buy It: $250 Target

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    Beast Stainless Steel Tumbler

    One of the absolute best smoothie cups available on the market, this Beast tumbler is a top seller made with the highest quality premium 304 food-grade stainless steel, inside and out.

    Its double-wall vacuum insulation helps maintain the temperature of your drinks by keeping the cold ones cold and the hot ones hot.

    It has an airtight lid for splash-proof protection and is cup-holder friendly, making it easy to carry it in the car on your way to work.

    The set contains 2 reusable steel straws and a cleaning brush. Unlike others on the market, this smoothie cup is dishwasher-safe, including the lids and straws.

    Available in 3 size choices 20 oz, 30 oz, and 40 oz and a wide range of colors, youll definitely find one suited to your needs and taste.

    Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug 16 Oz

    • 1

    Type:Size tested:

    If secure transport of hot coffee is your top priority, the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is a must. This on-the-go model is aimed right at the coffee connoisseur, with a tapered lip for sipping that’s wide enough to accommodate pour-overs, an Aeropress, and other implements of coffee brewing. The lid is insulated, and this mug kept liquids hotter for longer than any other product in our tests. Screw it on tight, and this mug can roll around in your backpack all day, full of hot coffee, without creating a mess. The interior is entirely ceramic to ensure your coffee is delicious and free of any metallic taste, and a rubber gasket seal comes off with little effort for easy cleaning.

    The screw lid is a double-edged sword, as it keeps your hot liquids super secure but makes one-handed access while driving very difficult. The bottom of the Everywhere Mug isn’t tapered like other models, so it fits in fewer cupholders. Overall, it isn’t designed for slurping while driving, but if having a piping hot caffeinated blast at the ready is necessary for you to get the synapses firing, the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is a must, and a perfect gift for the coffee fanatic in your life.

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    The 4 Worst Bottled Smoothies

    What bottled smoothies to avoid? “Everything else. Just kidding. It’s hard to pick just one to avoid because so many bottled smoothies are full of filler juices,” concedes Moon. Below, smoothies that may seem misleadingly healthy but are actually loaded with sugar, empty calories, and more non-nutritious fillers.

    Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler With Straw And Flip Lid Stainless Steel Water Bottle Iced Coffee Travel Mug Cup 16oz Midnight Black

    How to make a Green Smoothie To Go in a Vitamix Blender | Recipe Video


    • Vacuum Insulated: Simple Modern Classic tumblers are double walled and vacuum insulated, which keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold for hours
    • 2 Lids Included: Straw Lid & Flip Lid An internally threaded insulated straw lid and insulated flip lid are included with your purchase Patent pending
    • Premium 18/8 Stainless Steel: Tumbler is made from high-quality, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel and is coated in a durable finish
    • Fits Most Cup Holders: The shape of all Classic tumblers will fit normal sized cup holders
    • We Exist to Give Generously: Simple Modern is built on serving you, offering remarkable value, and giving more than 10% of profit. All products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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    The 7 Best Bottled Smoothie Brands You Can Buy

    Of course, you can’t beat the ease of picking up a bottled smoothie, since it can save you precious time in the kitchen whipping a smoothie up . “Convenience is a major plus when it comes to these smoothies. With many of us battling on-the-go schedules, it can be hard to get in a truly balanced meal or snack. These convenient smoothies make for reliable options on the busiest of days,” adds Fine.

    Below, nutritionists share their favorite healthy bottled smoothie picks and some of the worst offenders in Smoothieville. Read on and gulp up.

    Things You Should Do To Get The Best From Your Travel Blender

    1. Make a small portion of the ice cubes

    Like fruits and veggies, blender blades cannot crush regular ice cubes. Some portable blender comes with a customized ice tray. However, if your mixer does not have one, make sure to break the ice into smaller pieces.

    2. Add the liquid then fruits, veggies or other solids

    Some customers complained in their reviews that these mini blenders could not blend like the bigger ones. You can get rid of this issue. Make sure you put liquid first. Then put your solids.

    The liquids ensure perfect circulations of the solids and crush them properly.

    3. Clean and dry the blender after every use

    If you want to use your battery operated for a long time, you have to keep them clean. You have to clean them properly after every use. Before you store them, make sure you dry them or else you can get some surprise watermarks on the bottle and blades.

    4. Do not microwave the bottle

    The bottles are dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. You will not like the shape of the bottle after you take it out from the microwave.

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    Buying Guide For The Best Smoothie Cups

    Before you decide which smoothie cup you want, here are some factors you should consider:

    Size: Since youre considering a cup that lets you have your smoothies on the go, the size is important. Choose a cup that isnt too large or too small. The best smoothie cup for people on the go should be portable enough to be held with one hand but large enough to contain a reasonable amount of smoothie.

    Durability: While hurrying to work or other appointments, it is very easy for you to be a tad clumsy. This means that things could easily slip out of your hands and fall. Also, if your smoothie cup isnt made from durable material, this could mean that youll have cracks easily, or you may have to replace the cup within a short time.

    Spill-Proof: The best smoothie cups are well designed to avoid any sort of unexpected leaks while you carry your smoothie along with you.

    Temperature Control: The best smoothie cups in the market are made with proper insulation to help you preserve the temperature of your drink till youre ready to have it.

    Reusable: Any smoothie cup you consider should be easy to wash, capable of withstanding the clean-up process. Also, you should be able to reuse the cup without it losing its leak-proof abilities.

    Our third option is a very beautiful and durable cup from MIRA. It is a lot different from other cups on our list, but this high-quality steel container is an excellent option for having your smoothies or drinks later in the day.

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