Best Frozen Berries For Smoothies

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Vitamix Explorian Blender: Best Top Of The Line Blender For Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit Smoothie | SAM THE COOKING GUY

This blender is one of Vitamixs best and most user friendly of the brands blender models.


Its expensive, but not prohibitively so. This blender is actually the perfect price point for anyone who is serious about blending.


First, its going to blend anything. So, if you are planning on making frozen fruit smoothies, then this blender is perfect. You wont have any issues with chunks of unblend ice. But its also good for lots of other things. You can make dip for a party the night before, things like hummus or guac. This is where the Vitamix excells over other brands at making hard to blend items such as chickpeas spinach and kale or even pesto sauces. So, I consider it one of the better all around blenders.


Nothing aside from the fact that its a bit pricey, but that is the simple fact when you buy quality.

Best For

People who want to throw big parties and entertain and make a lot of their own food and beverages. You can make hummus, tomato sauce, frozen drinks, and countless other items.


This is a classic blender for smoothies, and a mainstay in any discussion about the best blenders on the market. Even though it is expensive, I will say that its a strong contender for the best blender for the money even though it does cost more than the others. So, if you really want the best blender on the market, there isnt real competition. And it does make the best frozen fruit drinks. Perfect with no chunks left unblended.

How To Make A Smoothie

A smoothie is so much more than blended fruit. It’s an art with all of its different elements blending perfectly together. Just in case these 29 smoothies aren’t enough, here is our guide to making the perfect smoothie.

Pick your fruit.

We chose strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and bananas to be our base, but any combo of fruit is great. Make a tropical smoothie of pineapple, mango, and banana or add blueberry and peach to switch it up a bit for a summer twist. Aim for about 3 cups of fruit.

Fresh or frozen fruit?

For smoothies, frozen fruit is best. It blends up thicker than fresh fruit and gives you a really cold smoothie to enjoy after blending. If you don’t have frozen fruit, freeze your fresh fruit for 30 minutes before blending or add about 1 cup of ice and blend until smooth!

Add a thickener.

We use unsweetened Greek yogurt in our smoothie, but peanut butter, almond butter, or vanilla yogurt are all great options. Traditionally about 1/2 cup is ideal. If you prefer thinner smoothies, you can either lessen the amount of thickener or skip it all together.

Choose a liquid.

Almond milk is great for the added nutty flavor, but coconut milk pairs well with a tropical smoothie and gives a richer, creamier flavor. Whole milk or fruit juice also work well. 1 1/4 cup of liquid makes the perfect consistency for our preference. If you skipped the thickener, use less liquid as well.

Throw some add-ins in.

Frozen Berry Smoothie Ingredients

This frozen berry and mango kale smoothie recipe uses a hodgepodge of ingredients, but they all work so well together to create the most satisfying, healthy smoothie. Heres everything I used in this frozen berry smoothie:

  • Orange juice
  • Water
  • Chia seeds

For the complete ingredient list and detailed instructions, scroll to the bottom of this post for the FREE printable recipe card.

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Consider These Factors When Buying A Blender For Preparing Smoothies With Frozen Fruit

There are certain features of a blender you need to consider if you are getting it to prepare a smoothie. A high-grade blender must have an extraordinary built and best technology to give you the kind of smoothie you want.


The blenders which are available now are much more fast and quick than the past blenders. Manufactures indicate the blenders power mostly in watts or sometimes horsepower. Watts can range anywhere from 300 to 1500.

High wattage blenders tend to cost more than low wattage blender for obvious reasons. So its likely that a more expensive blender equals to a better one. A suitable blender for a smoothie would consist of a wattage anywhere near 800-1000.


A blender for a smoothie should be equipped with sharp and large blades. Nowadays, the blenders come with two varieties of the blade to make it more multipurpose. Look for effective extraction blades that can cut through frozen fruits effortlessly.


Various sizes of jar will help you if you want to make a smoothie in smaller or larger quantities. If you want to prepare a serving for one, get a blender with a jar with a capacity 25oz. If your requirements call for large quantities, be sure to buy no less than 45oz.

Several accessories that come along with the blenders are a different kind of lids. These lids allow you to switch the blending jar to a sipper. So not only can you pop the smoothie in the jar, but you can consume the smoothie in it too.


Naked Fruit And Veggie Smoothie Kale Blazer

Frozen Fruit Smoothie


Naked Kale Blazer is more of a green juice, but without any added sugar, is a great way to pack in a punch of nutrition especially when on-the-go,” offers Fine. “I like that it gets in juices from both veggies and fruit, which helps to reduce the overall sugar content as compared to other competitive options.”

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Suja Vibrant Probiotic Smoothie

“It’s organic and with only 40 calories , it is sweet and delicious and won’t break the calorie bank. This smoothie also contains 2 billion CFUs of probiotics per serving for a healthy gut. And with only eight grams of sugar per serving, it’s far lower in sugar than most other smoothies,” say Lyssie Lakatos, RDN, CDN, CFT and Tammy Lakatos Shames, RDN, CDN, CFT, The Nutrition Twins, co-founders of Nutrition Twins.

How To Make Your Smoothies Taste Better

If youre using too many leafy greens, smoothies can end up tasting too bitter.

Sweet fruits like bananas, pineapples, mango can add lots of natural sweetness to your smoothies.

I especially like bananas and mango , they make almost every smoothie taste better.

Strawberries and oranges can also be a great choice for masking bitter flavors.

If youre just starting with smoothies, you can add honey, maple syrup, or agave syrup to make smoothies taste like a dessert.

Once youre more experienced, you can reduce the amount of sugar in your smoothies and add more leafy greens or other veggies.

The less sugar , the more natural ingredients youll use, the healthier your smoothie will be.

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What Do I Need For Your Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

In all likelihood, you already have everything you need in your kitchen! Youll need:

  • Frozen bananas. The banana will up the fruity flavor, while also adding sweetness and creaminess.
  • Frozen berries. You can use whatever frozen berries that make you happystrawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, or a mix! If you head to the frozen fruit section at your local grocery store, youll probably spy a few bags of mixed berries. These are my favorite for this smoothie!
  • Milk. Any kind of milk will workcows milk, soy milk, coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk. Whatever you have!
  • Plain Greek yogurt. Not only does yogurt make the smoothie even creamier, but it also gives it a boost of protein, so you arent hungry again 30 minutes after finishing your drink.
  • Honey or maple syrup. You may or may not need this one, depending on how ripe your banana is.

Ninja Blender 24oz : Best Small Countertop Blender

How to make smoothies: Frozen fruit smoothies: Dole Strawberries peaches and bananas: Easy smoothie

This blender is one of the better options for people who want a countertop blender, but do not want something that takes up too much space.

If you have limited counterspace, but want something with more power than the smaller bullet blenders or travel sized blender, then this is a great choice.

Cost: A medium price point. You can find it for sale on Amazon. Its going to be less than the price of a night at a normal restaurant, and with the Ninja brand, you can rest assured it will last you quite a long time.

Pros: There are couple of major benefits to this model. First, it has a very powerful motor for a small blender. It has 900 watts. This means you are not going to have any trouble blending up frozen fruit. In fact, you might even be able to blend up greens if you would like to have a green smoothie once in a while. You can even add additional things to your frozen fruit smoothies with this blender. For instance, you could add chia seeds, nuts, nut butters, or oats. The motor is powerful and will blend it all up. Secondly, its BPA free. Finally, it has a really sleek and small design for such a powerful blender.

Best For: Anyone with limited counter space who wants the best blender for frozen smoothies designed for a small number of servings.

Verdict: This one gets my recommendation. Its perfect unless you are in the market for blending multiple frozen fruit smoothies at a time.

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The Best Frozen Fruit For Smoothies

The key to a great smoothie is using great ingredients. Having frozen fruit on hand makes it so easy to whip up a smoothie anytime. You can use fresh fruit, but frozen fruit gives your smoothie that nice icy thick texture.

You can definitely buy bags of frozen fruit, but when I can,I I like to freeze my own. You can enjoy the fresh fruit, and when it is just past that point of peak ripeness, freeze the sweet delicious flavor of it and use it for a smoothie. Plus you can buy your produce when it is in season at a better price.

How Much Is Frozen Fruits And Vegetables For Smoothies

frozen fruits and vegetables for smoothies come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as frozen fruits and vegetables for smoothies.

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Defrosting In The Refrigerator

The frozen fruits can be defrosted in the refrigerator. This is a lengthy process but it works. Typically it takes 6 to 8 hours. If youre in hurry then you shouldnt follow this. If you have time then its okay.

Its better to take only the amount of frozen fruits you need to use. The thawed fruits shouldnt be refrozen. So try not to take an excessive amount of fruits. Otherwise, the leftover fruits will be wasted.

Put the fruits in a bowl or on a plate to avoid dripping. Then keep them in the refrigerator.

Leave the fruits inside the refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours per pound.

Turn the package or fruits every hour to accelerate the process. If you dont do this the fruits may not thaw equally. Moreover, it will take more time.

Note: Keep the temperature of your refrigerator at 40°F or less during the whole process.

Tips For Making Frozen Berry Smoothies

Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Instead of using Frozen Mixed Berries, youre welcome to use just one kind of frozen berry as well. Frozen strawberries would pair particularly well with this mango kale smoothie, as would plain frozen blueberries.

If youre a smoothie fanatic like my daughter and I are, you may want to freeze kale in bulk and use that in your frozen berry smoothie instead of fresh kale. That way, you always have the healthy berry smoothie ingredients on hand! Check out my post on How to Freeze Kale if you need some tips.

And if you dont have any kale on hand, you can definitely use fresh spinach or another leafy green of choice instead.

Save this recipe for Kale and Frozen Berry Smoothie to Pinterest!

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The 7 Best Bottled Smoothies You Can Buy According To Dietitians

Unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow or that glowing, plant-based blogger you enviously follow on Instagram, you may not have the time to whip up homemade, healthy smoothies from scratch every day. We stand with you in solidarity. But when it comes to buying store-bought smoothies instead, it’s important to scan the label thoroughly.

Many bottled smoothies can be carb or added sugar bombs with almost no redeeming qualities.

Luckily, even if you don’t have time to shop for ingredients and blend up a DIY glass of green goodness, that doesn’t mean you have to down a dessert. Healthy store-bought smoothies do exist.

With some general nutrition savvyknowledge is power, friendsand a bit more awareness, you can avoid these bad-for-you smoothies and pick a win for your waistline and palate with the best bottled smoothies.

Our Top Best 10 Blenders For Frozen Fruit Smoothies & Crushing Ice

Comparison of products:

What We Didnt Like

  • Forms fruit chunks
  • Pitcher may crack easily

Who doesnt want to have a stylish blender in their modern kitchen? Well, this Ninja professional blender is precisely that. In terms of style, it has a sleek design that looks beautiful, and when it comes to performance, it has 1000 watts of professional power and a 64-ounce maximum liquid capacity. As a result, you can easily break even frozen fruits and ice.

This blender boasts strong blades that smash ice, blend frozen fruit, and puree frozen fruit in less than a second. Hence, it is ideal for making creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies and huge batches of tasty margaritas and daiquiris.

It can turn even the hardest ice into snow in a matter of seconds and combine your favorite ingredients into delicious sauces, dips, smoothies, and other dishes.

The blenders 6 blade assembly allows it to smash ice more quickly and combine foods more smoothly than other blenders. Cleaning is significantly simple because all you need is a moist cloth to clean all the pieces.

What We Didnt Like

  • Not capable of blending cold ingredients
  • Blender top explodes easily

If youre looking for an affordable and single-serve blender, then this Ninja 16 ounce personal blender is perfect for your needs. It is compact sized and perfect for all living alone in hostels or dorms or houses, and they dont want a larger blender model that would be a waste.

What We Didnt Like

  • Blade may break off easily
  • None

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Frozen Fruits And Vegetables For Smoothies

By Heather

One of my best tips for achieving that thick, frosty smoothie texture youâre looking for is to use frozen fruits and vegetables for smoothies if youâre not already. This is one of the absolute best ways to improve the taste of your smoothies and your smoothie budget. When you use frozen fruits and vegetables for smoothies versus fresh, youâll get a texture thatâs more like a thick, ice cream like shake instead of a watery, produce-filled mess. Frozen fruits and vegetables arenât only cheaper but are also so much easier to use and you never have to worry about them spoiling before you use them. Below youâll find some of my favorite fruits and vegetables for smoothies and the ones Iâve found to taste the best in a variety of recipes.

  • Frozen Acai
  • Healthy Frozen Berry Smoothie

    5 Frozen Fruit Smoothies Special Unboxing!

    Smoothies, like this frozen mixed berry smoothie, are a staple in our home for breakfast. I make the kids a smoothie to go with their breakfast almost every morning. 9 times out of 10 when I ask Kendall and Madeline what they want for breakfast they will tell me that they want a smoothie.

    I love that the kids are happy to be in the habit of starting their morning with something so healthy and nutrient packed. We love trying new and different combinations of fruits, whether the end result be something green, or packed with berries, or citrus-y.

    One of our favorite creations is this Mango, Kale, & Frozen Berry Smoothie. We used frozen mixed berries as the main base. This berry blend features Wild Blueberries, Strawberries, Red Raspberries and Blackberries.

    We added orange juice and frozen mango chunk for a hint or citrus and tropical, along with some fresh kale and chia seeds for an extra nutrient boost. Adding so many berries helps to mask the flavor and color of the kale.

    Save this recipe for Kale and Frozen Berry Smoothie to Pinterest!

    Besides for breakfast, we also love having smoothies for snacks, especially in the warmer months when were craving something cold and refreshing.

    Another thing that Madeline especially loves for me to do is to freeze smoothie blends in a tupperware and pack them in her lunch. By the time lunch rolls around, the smoothie is soft enough to be eaten with a spoon, like sorbet, and serves as a fun lunchbox treat.

    Do you love smoothies too?

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    How To Freeze Fruit For Smoothies

    To make smoothies even easier, freeze fresh fruit into portions. You can even prepare smoothie packs and freeze them for a grab and blend smoothie option.

    To freeze fruit for smoothies, rinse and chop fresh fruit into small pieces. Pat them dry then arrange, in one layer, on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Slide the baking sheet into the freezer and freeze until hard . The method for bananas is no different, simply peel them, slice and then freeze on the baking sheet.

    When the fruit is hard, divide it between freezer-safe bags and keep in the freezer for your next smoothie.

    Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus Strawberry

    “Make sure you always read the back where the label and ingredient list are located. For example, Bolthouse Farms’ ‘Protein Plus’ line, a well-known smoothie brand in the smoothie section of the pharmacy or grocery store, may seem like a smart choice,” says Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN, CEO of NY Nutrition Group. “Before you grab-and-go, stop and flip it over to the back. Your jaw will hit the floor. There may be strawberries and the word ‘protein’ on the front, but there are a whopping 39 grams of sugar per bottle. And 26 grams of which are purely added.” For reference, that’s basically the amount of sugar you’ll find in a 10-ounce chocolate milkshake. No thanks! In this case, it’s probably best to make your own high-protein smoothie recipe at home.

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