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Strawberry Banana Smoothies For Breakfast

BEST Strawberry Banana Smoothie – DAIRY FREE | Simply Bakings

One of the more simple smoothie recipes for beginners and pros alike, is the infamous strawberry smoothie recipe.

A good homemade smoothie recipe has fresh fruits that complement each other , add a splash of milk, yogurt and a dash of honey if youd like and youve got a sweet snack that will nourish and fuel your body for hours!

If you are looking for a quick pick-me-up after a workout or are recovering from a cold and have had enough Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, youll love sipping on a vitamin packed strawberry banana smoothie!

Chock full of gut comforting calcium, vitamin C, and fiber, this such a great smoothie recipe! What we eat can truly transform our bodies, and with a solid supply of easy smoothie recipes on deck, its easy to get creative while getting healthy! Even kids love a good banana smoothie!

Alternatives On Mango Strawberry Smoothies

Delicious Mango Strawberry Banana Smoothies are very easy to make, and my kids and I both enjoy them. However, feel free to experiment if youd like!

  • With a dairy-free alternative, swap the yogurt for dairy-free yogurt
  • For an increase in fiber and Omega 3s, add 1-2 Tablespoons of ground flax seed
  • Chia seeds may be added for a boost of protein and antioxidants, around 1-2 Tablespoons
  • Add your preferred protein powder
  • And if youd like, you may also add a few greens

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothies Recipe Taste Of Home

  • Summary: 1/2 cup 2% milk 1/3 cup strawberry yogurt 1/3 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries 1/2 medium firm banana, chopped 4 ice cubes 8 teaspoons sugar
  • Matching search results: From the same family as the blender, the hand mixer is also a blender but it is held in the hand. It is used to mix and emulsify, it is used a lot in pastry and a little less to make drinks but if you do not have a blender you can also make your

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How Can You Tell If Strawberries Are Ripe

If you want to know whether the strawberries you bought at your local market are ready for eating, look at their color. Strawberries should be a bright, deep pink, almost magenta, when ripe. A good way to check for ripeness is to press them lightly with your fingers if they give slightly, that means theyre ready to eat.

Ingredient Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Video)

Im going to admit, ever since spring started Ive been trying to lose a few pounds. One of my all time favorite fun and easy ways to shed a few pounds during the summer is to drink a glass of refreshing smoothie every day either for breakfast or dinner.

Smoothies fill you up for a long time and when made without sugars or added sweeteners can be a great way to get an intake of fruits and vegetables.

This strawberry banana smoothie is made with just 3 ingredients. Strawberries, bananas, and milk or water. You just toss all the ingredients in the blender for a few seconds until its nice and creamy and your done. It really doesnt get much easier than this!

You can also customize it by adding some berries or even some kale for an even healthier smoothie.

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Strawberry And Banana Smoothie

Do you ever shake your head and just laugh at how we all complicate things sometimes? I have found that happens quite often in the kitchen. Whether that is ingredients or appliances. Do we really need an oven, a toaster oven, and an air fryer?

Now I have gotten myself off on a tangent. Back to one of the simplest smoothies ever. Sometimes the simplest things we make surprise us by being some of the best. I was in the mood for a smoothie, however, I was out of many of my favorite add-ins.

I usually like to pack my smoothies with lots of nutritious goodness like greek yogurt, spinach, or kale. This turns many smoothies into an entire meal and not just a refreshing treat. This smoothie, though, is a light and delicious treat.

This pretty pink deliciousness was the result of wanting something fruity and refreshing but not too sweet. Frozen banana gives a smooth ice cream-like creaminess. Add the strawberries and milk and you have a milkshake texture and flavor.

I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious a few ingredients in the blender can taste. It is easy to adjust the consistency with a little extra milk if you want it thinner.

Its A Banana And Strawberry Smoothie That Not Only Tastes Great But Is Good For You

Given that this strawberry and banana shake is mostly fruit, its packed full of nutrients that are good for you. We all know the benefits of eating more fruit, and this shake is a great way to get in your 5 a day, and in a way that tastes great and is enjoyable!

Whats more, as this is a strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt, you can use a yogurt that has cultures in it to help with any digestive issues you may have.

So while this is the best-tasting strawberry and banana smoothie, its also good for you, and thats just great!

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Strawberry Smoothie With Banana Oatmeal Yoghurt And Oat Milk

  • Summary: It tastes especially good for breakfast. The oatmeal makes it nice and creamy and gives it a great taste. Please rate this recipe
  • Matching search results: From the same family as the blender, the hand mixer is also a blender but it is held in the hand. It is used to mix and emulsify, it is used a lot in pastry and a little less to make drinks but if you do not have a blender you can also make your

Peanut Butter Banana Strawberry Smoothie Recipe


This smoothie is just like eating your favorite peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich. It makes a great afternoon snack. The grapes and strawberry combination taste as sweet as jelly.

This recipe yields 20 oz. . This is enough for 2 servings. Each 10 ounce serving has approximately 280 calories, 11 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and 31 grams of carbohydrates.

Smoothie Ingredients:Add in the following order.

  • ¼ cup rolled oats
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter
  • If using fresh fruit, add 1 cup ice

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Tips From The Betty Crocker Kitchens

  • tip 1 Spoon the yogurt and milk into the blender container first, so that the blades will start rotating quickly rather than getting hung up on the hard, frozen fruit.
  • tip 2 Strawberry-banana is one of the most popular fruit combos for smoothies, but if you find yourself with an overload of other ripe fresh fruit, get to work creating your own freezer pantry. To freeze fruits, sort, wash, and drain completely on a clean kitchen towel. Prep fruits as you would for serving by removing stems, coring, peeling, and slicing. Small whole fruits such as berries and cherries can be frozen individually, then placed in ridged covered containers or freezer bags. Freeze ripe bananas, in halves, so theyre ready and waiting too.
  • tip 3 Almond, coconut, rice, flax, and hemp milk are all terrific lactose-free milk substitutions that make delicious smoothies.
  • tip 4 Any flavor of yogurt can be spooned into the blenderthere are no rules.

Strawberry Smoothie Substitution And Variation Ideas:

Use any type of milk you like: whole milk, almond milk, and oat milk are some of my favorites.

For a vegan strawberry banana smoothie, substitute the yogurt for a dairy-free option like coconut yogurt.

Add a handful of spinach or kale to the blender to make a strawberry banana green smoothie.

Add peanut butter for a fun take on a PB+J.

Add a tablespoon of chia seeds or hemp seeds for an extra boost of fiber.

Add a scoop of protein powder or collagen.

For a sweeter smoothie add a little bit of honey or maple syrup

Mix things up by using different types of fruit. Try adding mango, pineapple, or raspberries to the mix.

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What Kind Of Milk Should I Use For My Smoothie

You can use whatever kind of milk you like or whatever kind you need to in order to handle any dietary restrictions you might have. I used almond milk in this one and it works great. Regular milk, oat milk, soy milk, use what you have or what you like!

You can also control the consistency of your smoothie with the milk you use. If you like a thicker smoothie just add a bit less milk. Start by adding half the milk and then slowly add in the other half until you have the consistency you like.

Remember, its easier to make the smoothie thinner than it is to thicken it back up, so go slowly!

What Is Gladiator At Smoothie King

The Best Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

The Gladiator smoothie from Smoothie King is heavy in protein and low in carbs, making it ideal for bulking up. The beverage blends the companys protein formula with two of your preferred fruits and is designed to be a meal replacement. There are three sizes available: 20 oz., 32 oz., and 40 oz.

If you want to make more delicious smoothies recipes, read 21 day Smoothie Diet.

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How To Make Smoothies Thicker

Youll notice in a lot of my smoothie recipes that I opt to use frozen fruit rather than ice. While ice is nice in adding instant chill and bulk to smoothies, Ive found that it makes them too watery .

Instead, I like to freeze fruit and throw that into the smoothie to make it thicker and more frosty. In this Strawberry Banana Smoothie, were using frozen strawberries for their convenience and cost efficiency, but you can also peel, chop, and freeze your bananas ahead of time for smoothies. I like to do this with my soon-to-go-bad bananas to give them a second shot at life.

Strawberry Mango Banana Smoothie With No Yogurt

So, Looking for a fantastic, simple way to start your day? A handmade, healthful strawberry-mango smoothie is a favorite among all. My boy could not get enough since kids adore it so much!

Hence, As a frozen treat, a mango strawberry banana smoothie is fantastic! Its incredibly easy to make, and you can even substitute blueberries or blackberries for the strawberries .

Have a sleepover on Saturday night? Together with French Breakfast Casserole With Apples and Banana Coconut Muffins , enjoy a morning mango as well as a banana smoothie session.

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Tips For Making The Perfect Smoothie:

  • I like to use slightly overripe bananas because it makes the smoothie a little sweeter.
  • Fresh strawberries can be used but then you will have to add about 1 ½ cups of ice – I HIGHLY recommend sticking to frozen because this means the smoothie doesnt get watered down.
  • Any milk can be used.
  • Try making this smoothie with blueberries.
  • Protein powder, collagen powder, or any other supplement can be added to the smoothie, just note that if its flavored it can alter the flavor of the smoothie.
  • 1 tablespoon of agave or pure maple syrup may be used instead of honey or sweetener can be completely omitted.
  • ½ cup of oatmeal can be added to the mixture for texture and thickness.
  • Cottage cheese may be used in place of yogurt for an extra pack of protein.
  • Want a really thick smoothie? Add an extra banana.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients

How to make a strawberry banana smoothie

So you ask, how to make a strawberry banana smoothie? Its as simple as blending all the ingredients until smooth, then adding a little more milk as needed to reach a texture to your liking. Its that easy! Youll need:

  • Strawberries: Fresh of frozen work here. You can also substitute blueberries or blackberries!
  • Banana: Again, use fresh or frozen. I like to pre-chop and freeze soon-to-go-bad bananas and store them in my freezer for smoothies. It ensures I never throw away rotten bananas and makes smoothies instantly frostier!
  • Milk: You can use cows or dairy-free milk . Alternatively, you can make these Strawberry Banana Smoothies without milk and use apple or orange juice instead.

For the best possible smoothie, make sure at least one of your fruits is frozen!

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie Unl Food

  • Summary: Make your own smoothie recipe by blending fat-free milk or yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit. Try other fruits such as peaches, or mixed berries
  • Matching search results: From the same family as the blender, the hand mixer is also a blender but it is held in the hand. It is used to mix and emulsify, it is used a lot in pastry and a little less to make drinks but if you do not have a blender you can also make your

How To Make The Most Out Of This Recipe

There are a couple of things that you can do to really get the most out of this recipe.

One thing you can do to make things even easier for you is to prepare your ingredients into ziplock bags earlier in the week so that in the morning, you can pop the fruit and seeds into the blender and set it off. No need to chop or measure.

This way you can prepare a whole weeks worth of breakfasts in one session and save yourself a lot of hassle.

Another way to make the most out of this recipe is to triple it. Make the smoothie in bulk and then freeze it in a mason jar until youre ready to drink it.

I like to make it, freeze it, then use it as a topping for granola throughout the week

Finally, using pre-frozen ingredients is going to help this smoothie come out, well, smooth, instead of watery. The last thing you want is a watery smoothie, but thats where the frozen fruit and chia come in.

The cold temperature will turn your milk into more of an ice cream, and the chia seeds turn gelatinous when added to liquid, making your smoothie thick and creamy.

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Is Smoothie King Healthy

The answer is definitely yes when it relates to Smoothie King and our smoothie recipes! You will receive 0 grams of added sugars along with the health-enhancing advantages of genuine, actual fruits. However, hardly any other smoothie shops take such a healthy stance. It relies on the smoothie, to put it simply.

What Are The Benefits Of A Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Video)

A strawberry and banana smoothie is good for you because strawberries are rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. They are among the top 20 most antioxidant-rich fruits. One serving of strawberries contains more vitamin C than an orange.

Try to buy organic strawberries, if possible. Non-organic strawberries often test positive for at least one pesticide. I like to buy the large Costco packages of frozen organic strawberries for our smoothies.

Bananas are a good source of fiber, potassium and magnesium. Your body digests the sugar in a banana more slowly than refined sugars, so you get lasting energy, rather than a sugar rush and crash. Naturally-sweet bananas are a healthy way to satisfy your craving for sugar. When youre craving a sweet frozen treat, this strawberry banana smoothie is a delicious option!

Are you ready to make your best strawberry banana smoothie? Lets do it!

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Best Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipes

A strawberry banana smoothie is one of the easiest smoothie recipes to try if you are new to smoothies. It is easy, healthy, and ready in 5 minutes. Make a different version of the recipe every day of the week.

Smoothies are the perfect recipe. It only takes 5 minutes to whip up and you do not need any cooking skills to make one. It is portable for breakfast on the go. And best of all, smoothie ingredients are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats, and protein.

Kids, teens, and adults all love smoothies. Hidden leafy greens and vegetables are virtually impossible to detect in a delicious fruit blend.

In fact, hiding vegetables was one of the main reasons I started my breakfast smoothie journey.

One summer as my son worked on his cooking merit badge for Boy Scouts, he discovered how many cups of vegetables he should be eating every day.

He fell far short of the recommended daily vegetables. Making smoothies for his breakfast was my best strategy to increase his daily vegetable intake.

He watched me throw spinach into the smoothie and wasnt fazed as he drank it up. His veggie intake increased.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Swaps And Substitutions

The great thing about smoothies is that you can add or switch out ingredients to make it your own. Here are some variations you can try:

  • Make this smoothie dairy-free by using dairy-free yogurt and non-dairy milk such as almond or oat milk.
  • You can leave out the yogurt all together.
  • Use vanilla or strawberry yogurt for a sweeter smoothie. Alternatively, add up to 1 tablespoon of honey for added sweetness.
  • Swap up to half of the milk for orange juice.
  • Add up to 2 tablespoons of peanut or almond butter. Combined with the strawberries, it tastes like a PB& J smoothie.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of chia seeds.

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Easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients

  • Strawberries This is the star of the show. Make sure your berries are somewhat ripe. If not, no worries. We will talk about ways to sweeten your drink.
  • Banana Slightly over ripe bananas add a wonderful sweetness to your drink which can eliminate the needed for added sugars later on. I suggest letting your bananas get fairly ripe before using.
  • Milk Coconut milk is our go-to, but we really love coconut. Almond milk is delicious or even regular dairy milk works well!
  • Yogurt Here is the thing with the yogurt I really like plain Greek yogurt in my smoothies. My son prefers vanilla yogurt. We have also used a strawberry or peach yogurt in this recipe and it was delicious. Use what you have on hand.
  • Honey This ingredient is completely optional. If you fruit is not as ripe as desired, its good to add a bit of honey to sweeten things up.

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