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Super Mixed Berry Smoothie – SO HEALTHY for you – Good Clean Food Cookbook

If you didnt know it already, strawberries are a cholesterol free, fat free, sodium free, low calorie fruit. Strawberries also contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and a ton of other vitamins and minerals. Strawberries are loaded with potassium so if you ever get a leg cramp, try eating some strawberries!

By Step Instructions For A Mixed Berry Smoothie

Step 1 – Divide rolled oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, and protein powder among 6 glass jars.

Step 2 – Top each jar with a cup of frozen mixed berries.

Step 3 – Place a lid on each jar and freeze for up to 30 days.

Step 4 – When you’re ready to enjoy your smoothie, remove jar from the freezer and run under warm water for a minute or so to begin to thaw just the edges of the berries and the smoothie base. This just makes it easier to pour.

Step 5 – Dump all contents of the jar into a high-powered blender jar. Pour about ½ a cup of almond milk into jar and swish it around to get anything you may have missed. Pour into the blender jar.

Step 6 – Top with 1-2 Tablespoons of maple syrup, ice cubes if you’re opting for a thicker and colder smoothie, and blend on high until completely smooth, about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Depending on how thick of a smoothie you like, if you’re using a Vitamix, the damper stick really comes in handy here.

Step 7 – Once your smoothie is completely blended, taste for sweetness, and add more syrup if necessary. Otherwise, pour back into the jar you originally used or another glass, and enjoy!

Now that I’ve walked you through exactly how to prep your mixed berry smoothies from start to finish, I’m sure you have a few questions for me. I know I did as I was experimenting!

Does It Matter What Type Of Milk I Use

Not at all! You can use whatever milk you like to keep in your fridge. I usually have 1% around so that is what I use, but it wont make much of a difference.

You can also use non-dairy options like soy milk or almond milk. Just keep in mind that if you use sweetened milk it may make your smoothie extra sweet so youll have to play around with it!

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Mix Berry Smoothie Recipe

I call smoothies the world’s healthiest fast food because you can make a whole food, plant based breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack in 5 minutes. Here’s how:

  • Blend water + spinach starting with the blender on low, then slowly moving to high speed. Blend until no leafy chunks remain.
  • Stop blending and add all fruit ingredients + boosters then blend again. Since many berries have seeds, blend a bit longer to ensure the seeds are well blended. If you aren’t using a high-powered blender, you will probably still have seeds in your finished product. If you want to pour your smoothie through a sieve into the glass, go for it!
  • That’s it! If your fruit is all fresh, then you may want to add an ice cube or 2 to your finished smoothie to cool it down. If you are using all frozen fruit, thaw them slightly before blending for a smoother finished product.

    Feel free to swap out any of the ingredients in the below mixed berry smoothie for the berries of your choice. Smoothies are super versatile and just needs to be delicious for the person consuming it.

    Can I Make This Smoothie Dairy Free

    Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe (+Video)

    If you need to, you can easily leave the yogurt out of this smoothie and it will still be delicious! You could substitute half a ripe banana to add a bit of extra creaminess instead. If you would like to include yogurt but still want to keep this smoothie dairy-free, you can use your favorite dairy-free Greek yogurt.

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    Why You Will Love This Berry Smoothie

    You will love this frozenmixed berry smoothie recipe because it is painted with delicious flavors that are healthy, high in protein, rich in fiber, and simply everything you could wish for in a smoothie. Enjoy this smoothie for any occasion and whenever you need a simple fast snack.

    This frozen berry smoothie is nice, thick, creamy, and perfect if you are a fan of thicker smoothies. The blended frozen fruits are crushed into tiny bits of ice which allows this yummy smoothie to have flavors and textures just like ice cream.

    Eating a clean breakfast first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, and this colorful fruity smoothie is filled with clean ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. This smoothie is also fitting for the moments you are craving something sweet but want to stick to plentiful nourishing whole foods.

    We love to add Chia Seeds to this banana berry smoothie with almond milk to give it the healthy fats, protein, and fiber needed before or after strenuous workouts, runs, and other activities. Chia Seeds contains Omega-3s which is a powerhouse ingredient that fuel the body with fatty acids allowing it to be restored and rejuvenated.

    You can easily customize this mixed frozen berry smoothie by using regular Greek yogurt or dairy-free yogurt in place of the almond milk. Switch up the fruits if you would like and even add leafy greens or protein powders.

    The Most Delicious Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

    A well-balanced smoothie is one of my favorite quick breakfast options. I love to pack them with fruit, protein, healthy fats, and sometimes greens to help me start the day off strong. They are a delicious option when you are short on time but still want to fill your body with plenty of nutrition.

    This mixed berry smoothie recipe is a delicious blend of frozen mixed berries and creamy Greek yogurt. It is an absolutely delicious smoothie combo that I know you will love!

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    How To Make A Low

    Fruit has carbs. These carbs are broken down between sugar and fiber. This is super important to know, because so many of us see carbs as ‘bad’ and lump fruit sugar into the same category as refined sugar. I know that fruit sugar can affect our blood sugar, yet I also know that fiber is SUPER important in breaking down the natural sugar in the body… and our bodies need both . Plus, did you know daily fruit consumption can actually combat obesity?!

    If you like to keep your smoothies lower in sugar, first pick your fruits from this great list. Second, use water or unsweetened plant milk as your liquid base. I know smoothies with fruit juice are delicious… yet that adds a lot of fiberless sugar. Third, boost your smoothie with plant based protein powder. Make sure it’s sugarless, and has both protein and healthy fat.

    Tips And Variations For The Best Berry Smoothie

    How to Make a Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothie – Recipe | Giant Eagle

    The best thing about this berry smoothie is how customizable it is. Change the ingredients just the way you like it! Make this mixed berry smoothie even better with these quick tips and variations.

    • Mixed Berries: You can skip the ice and use frozen berries. Frozen berries are often more nutritious because they are frozen at the peak of freshness. The longer fresh berries sit the more nutrients they lose.
    • Greek Yogurt: Use nonfat Greek yogurt for less fat, but without compromising flavor or creaminess.
    • Apple Juice: If you do not want the extra sugar you can substitute it out for almond milk, water, or coconut water.
    • Add Your Greens: This is one of those smoothies that adding spinach or kale to this smoothie is perfect. The berries hide the green color so your kids will still drink it.
    • Add Some Protein: Add a scoop of your favorite protein powder to up the protein and nutrition.
    • Extras: Up the fiber and nutrients and add a tablespoon of chia seeds or flaxseed meal.
    • Frozen Bananas: I love adding a frozen banana to up the creaminess, sweetness, and nutrition.

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    Make It As Healthy As You’d Like

    When smoothies very first became popular, they were all the rage. The healthiest thing you could put in your body.

    Then of course, you had to have the naysayers that came in saying too much fruit was a bad thing and would just make you gain weight.

    So enough of the controversy, let’s talk this one out together.

    Are berry smoothies healthy?

    That’s literally like asking if a vegan diet is healthy or if a keto diet is healthy. Some people are going to say yes, some are going to say no. Everyone’s going to have an opinion.

    But one thing I know for a fact is that real fruit & berry smoothies are a healthier option than most processed sugary granola bars and sodas or juices after school. This is something you’ll just have to form your own opinion on, but I am of the opinion that, yes, berry smoothies are a healthy option.

    Also! If you’re really wanting to make a mixed berry smoothie healthy, you can always add in greens like spinach or kale. With how sweet the berries are, you’ll completely mask the taste of the greens, and you’ll get that extra boost!

    Looking for more smoothie options? I know I can’t get enough??

    Here’s 30 Healthy Smooothie Recipes you need in your life.You can pass me that Cold Brew Smoothie any day of the week and we’ll be best friends fo’ life!I’ll always be a bit partial to my Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie though.

    How Do I Make This Smoothie Vegan

    With simple swaps, my berry smoothie recipe is easily made vegan.

    • In place of dairy milk and yogurt, use plant-based alternatives. Try to pick a Greek-style yogurt so the berry smoothie stays thick. Or add a spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter to create a more creamy texture.
    • Honey is easily replaced with dandelion syrup, dates, or maple syrup.

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    How To Store And Freeze

    • If you have leftovers or want to save your smoothie for later, pour it into an airtight covered container, such as a Mason jar, and refrigerate it for up to two days.
    • To freeze your smoothie, pour it into an airtight freezer bag or freezer container, preferably plastic. If you use glass, use a wide-mouthed jar and leave at least 2 inches of headspace to allow for expansion. Freeze the smoothie for up to three months defrost in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight. If the smoothie separates after defrosting, shake or blend it for a few seconds.

    Using Fresh Or Frozen Fruit

    Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

    If youre short on time, grab a bag of frozen mixed berries, or individual varieties to make your own blend. Typically frozen options come with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

    If you have ripe fresh berries, use them! However, to achieve a thick and creamy texture, freeze them in a single layer inside a large resealable bag until solidified. I usually do this the day before. If the strawberries are larger than 2-inches in size, halve or quarter them to make it easier to process when frozen.

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    Simple Mixed Berry Smoothie

    Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links.

    This simple mixed berry smoothie is the perfect healthy breakfast or afternoon pick me up. Made with frozen mixed berries, plain greek yogurt, almond milk, almond butter and a little hint of sweetness from some natural sweetener. All blended together to form this fresh, bright smoothie that even your kids will go crazy for! Less than 5 minutes to make it and it is packed with protein, healthy fat and lots of Vitamin C.

    My Kids and I are really into smoothies lately, especially this Mixed Berry Smoothie that we have been enjoying as a healthy afternoon snack after our mid-day bike rides. A perk of being in quarantine with your kiddos. Sometimes we mix things up with this cherry banana smoothie that they also LOVE!

    I love that you can make it in less than 5 minutes and my kids devour it, which makes me happy since it is packed with protein, healthy fat and lots of Vitamin C from the mixed berries. Plus, there is no added sugar in it since it is naturally sweetened with the fruit and a little no calorie sweetener, like Stevia.

    Easy Mixed Berry Smoothie

    When you need a quick healthy breakfast or snack, this mixed berry smoothie is the perfect answer. Berries are naturally sweet and full of vitamins and fiber. Paired with protein-packed Greek yogurt is the ideal addition. It creates a sweet, filling smoothie that is healthy but tastes like you are drinking a berry shake. This is a sneaky way to get your kids to get more fruit into their diets. They think they are getting a dessert-like snack, but really its a healthy mixed berry smoothie. It is the best little deception!

    The best part about this mixed berry smoothie is that it is so refreshing! Perfect for an after-workout drink, or to help wake you up in the morning. Drink this smoothie with a few eggs, bacon, or some banana bread for one of the best breakfasts ever. Smoothies, however, or whenever you serve them are a great way to help your family and loved ones eat healthier.

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    How To Make A Smoothie With Frozen Fruit

    To make a mixed berry smoothie with frozen fruit, the only difference is using frozen fruit! Using frozen berries makes the smoothie thicker so if you need to, you can add a bit of milk to thin it out. If youre using frozen fruit, just blend it as normal and everything will come together perfectly.

    What Can I Add To Get More Vitamins And Minerals

    • Chia Seeds: These are rich in omega-3 and antioxidants and packed full of fiber. Theyll break down when you blend your smoothie.
    • Flax Seeds: Theyre highly nutritious and packed full of additional fiber.
    • Fresh Mint: A natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.
    • Cacao Nibs: will give a chocolatey twist to make your smoothie more dessert-like. Cacao nibs are high in monounsaturated fat and protein.
    • Acai Berries: A superfood, packed full of Vitamin C antioxidants. These are best used when fresh, rather than frozen.
    • Spinach: Particularly high in Vitamin A, C, K1, Folic Acid, Iron, and Calcium.
    • Kale: is a classic green smoothie ingredient. It is high in fiber, iron, and Vitamin K, as well as being a natural anti-inflammatory.

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    How To Make Healthy Mixed Berry Smoothie

    Making this breakfast smoothie is so easy, just add everything to the blender and blend.

    Prepare the fruits

    To start with, first clean and wash all the berries. Use 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 4 cups of water and soak all berries for 2-3 minutes. Drain all the water and now berries are ready to use.

    Add in blender

    Now add mixed berries, banana, almond milk & chia seeds in a high-speed blender and blend till smooth & creamy texture . Adjust the thickness as per liking. Add more milk if you want a thinner consistency.


    Pour the smoothie into glasses and add toppings like strawberry, blueberry, or blackberry . You can even add crushed dry fruit on top before serving. However, these toppings are completely optional.

    Enjoy this healthy breakfast mixed berry smoothie with almond milk.

    Why This Recipe Is A Winner

    • Easy This recipe keeps it simple with a small list of easy ingredients.
    • Delicious Smoothies are great for breakfast, but this ones so good it could be dessert too!
    • Colorful Berries combined in a smoothie make for a colorful treat!
    • Versatile Use fresh or frozen berries to make this recipe any day!

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    Mixed Berry Smoothie Variation

    There are a few more ways to make this breakfast berry smoothie, these options just add extra nutrients in addition to the original smoothie recipe.

    • Protein powder– You can add any protein powder as per diet restrictions. Which will add extra protein anywhere from 20 gram to 30 gram extra to this smoothie. My plain berry smoothie was already enough sweet due to which I skipped adding it. Just add 1 scoop of protein powder to make it a complete healthy breakfast smoothie.
    • Nut butter– Adding nut butter is a great idea for healthy fats. Which will make this smoothie Paleo & whole 30 approved.
    • Nuts– Cashew, almond, pistachio are good addition to it.
    • Sweetener– If you want to make a smoothie without adding a banana then add 3 teaspoon of honey or maple syrup or agave syrup. 2 teaspoon of stevia or monks fruit will also work.
    • Yogurt– You can add cup of greek yogurt in place of almond milk to make it thick and get few grams of protein extra.
    • Spinach– To make it fiber-rich add 1 cup of spinach. However, my kids are fussy over the green color smoothies.
    • Seeds– Chia seeds, hemp seeds, & flax seeds are rich in omega-3, and other micro nutrients. So 1 tablespoon of these seeds will add extra nutrition.
    • Make it keto-friendly– Add ½ avocado to make it keto friendly.

    Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe

    Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothie

    This triple berry smoothie is a go-to quick breakfast our entire family loves. Made with fresh or frozen berries, banana, and yogurt for a delicious combination of flavors.

    Hello, lover. This mixed berry smoothie is easily my all-time favorite. Ever. It has slowly surpassed our love for the classic peach smoothie we love so dearly.

    It has the perfect combination of mixed berries, banana, yogurt, splash of milk, and sometimes even spinach! Yes, I said it Spinach is the BEST add-in for this smoothie recipe.

    Oh, and my smoothie hating ten year old BEGS me to make this for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. So loading it up with fruit and a good ol handful of spinach has me feeling like I am killing this whole parenting thing.

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