Smoothies For Constipation And Bloating

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Apple Fennel And Linseed Smoothie


This smoothie stands out for its significant fiber content and anti-inflammatory compounds. Once assimilated, they help purify your colon in order to control abdominal bloating.

Its mild laxative effect encourages the elimination of waste while, at the same time, regulating your digestion in the case of constipation.

Constipation Juicing And Smoothie Recipes

Knowing the best fruits and vegetables for constipation relief is only the beginning. Now, you can figure out how to incorporate these ingredients to make fresh juice. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess which recipes will work best. Instead, we’ve curated smoothie and juice recipes for your convenience.

Potential Causes Of Constipation

Various causes of constipation include:

  • Iron supplements
  • Hashimotos or hypothyroid disease
  • Gut dysbiosis
  • Impeded detox pathways and/or sluggish lymphatic system
  • Deficient glutathione
  • A diet too high in Vitamin A
  • Eating foods the body doesnt digest well
  • Aggravating compounds like lectins

Read this post to learn about more causes and solutions for constipation.

Also consider taking a quality digestive enzyme with your meals. Or use digestive bitters or Betaine HCl with Pepsin all of which help our foods to digest properly.

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How To Make Substitutions To The Ingredients

There might look like some weird ingredients in this recipe, but they taste great when blended together.

Heres the recipe. Print it out and go and grab the ingredients at your local store and make it right away.

If you dont have chia seeds, use flaxseeds or any natural seeds you can find.

Dont have sweet potato? Use pumpkin or squash instead. This will also lower the calories.

Dont have apricots? Use raisins instead.

Any berries can be used instead of raspberries.

You can replace the broccoli with 6 cups or 180 grams of spinach.

The apple can be replaced with an equal number of peeled oranges, 1 peach or 1/2 mango.

What Causes Constipation Bloating And Heart Burn

Smoothie for Constipation and Bloating

To understand how this smoothie helps, its helpful to spend a minute looking at the causes of different digestive problems.

Although this question is best answered through working with a qualified nutritional therapist or integrative medicine practitioner I have listed some common causes below:

  • Low levels of stomach acid
  • Low levels of digestive enzymes
  • Low levels of bile
  • Inflammation in the stomach/digestive tract
  • Not chewing enough/eating too fast

If you want to get a better understanding of what is causing your stomach problems try completing my free Gut Health Check quiz. You will receive a personalised assessment of your poop as well as tips on how to address any issues that may need fixing.

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How Can I Improve Constipation With Smoothies

Often, people suffer from constipation because they do not have enough fiber or water throughout the day. Little hydration can cause a person to feel constipated, and limited soluble and insoluble fiber can lead to ongoing constipation. Luckily, by honing in your smoothie recipe, youll be able to create a wonderful blend of fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables targeted at improving your digestive health and the quality of your digestive enzymes.

When searching for the best smoothie recipes to help constipation, youll want to find recipes that are high in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Some of the best fruits and vegetables to include in your smoothie include:

Liver Detox Smoothie Recipe

Whether youre looking for a colon cleanse smoothie recipe, smoothie for constipation and bloating, a liver cleanse and detox smoothie or even smoothies to lower blood pressure, then this beet smoothie is just right for you!

Pregnant women, anemics and anyone who could use an immune system boost can benefit from this fiber rich natural colon cleanse and liver detox drink recipe that is not only nutritious but also delicious!

If you dont want the fiber in the smoothie, you could make this beet apple and carrot juice instead. Or you could alternate it with a carrot juice recipe.

Also make sure to increase your water intake with this cucumber lemon ginger water to help flush the toxins out.

Heads up: some are affiliate links & I may receive a small commission from qualifying sales. For disclaimer policy See This.

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What Are The Advantages Of Smoothies

Smoothies are a great meal supplement that have several advantages. First, they are easy to make and usually only include simple, raw ingredients. Smoothies can be made in advance and left to chill so that you can plan your meals for upcoming days. Plus, smoothies are convenient and easy to drink on the go. Theyre a great way to streamline your day and ensure that you get every meal and dont skip meals in between.

More than a convenience factor, smoothies are incredibly healthy for you. Most smoothie recipes contain a high dose of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals, and drinking them raw and blended into a smoothie gives you a high dose of nutrients exceptionally quickly. Plus, natural fiber, compared to a fiber supplement, can be quickly absorbed by the body. The body can rapidly absorb these nutrients leading to more energy, increased immunity, help with a colon cleanse, and overall improved health.

What Else Can You Do To Relieve Constipation

Green Smoothie for Digestive Problems, IBS, Constipation, Gas, Bloating | By: What Chelsea Eats

If you suffer from constipation regularly, try the Squatty Potty. You might have seen it on Shark Tank. This innovative toilet stool is designed to elevate your feet and open your colon for better elimination. Its an effective and natural approach to improve symptoms of constipation. You can experience a more complete elimination and your bathroom visits can be much, much shorter. It stores easily under most toilets. .

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How Much Juice Should I Drink For Constipation Relief

People can either make juices at home or purchase them in stores.

To avoid experiencing adverse side effects, people should start by drinking small quantities of juice. Try a quarter or a half serving during the first few days.

People who can tolerate small amounts of juice can slowly increase their juice intake until they reach 12 servings per day. Guidelines often suggest that this is 4 ounces up to 8 oz .

Increase dietary fiber slowly over a few days or weeks, as sudden increases can cause digestive discomfort and diarrhea and even worsen constipation.

When purchasing premade juices, try to get 100 percent fruit juices. Some fruit juices and fruit drinks contain fruit concentrate and lots of added sugar. These types of juices will not offer the same constipation relief as 100 percent fruit juice.

In addition to drinking fruit juices, people can find relief from constipation by making simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

Dietary and lifestyle changes that may help relieve constipation include:

  • increasing fiber intake from solid foods
  • eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • staying hydrated

How Can Smoothies Help With Constipation

Smoothies can help with the three biggest reasons why constipation occurs. First, smoothies can provide high doses of fiber to your diet. Smoothies can give you both soluble, and insoluble fiber, both of which are essential for proper health and bowel movement. Soluble fiber helps absorb water to provide you with softer, more flexible stools, while insoluble fiber helps to move waste throughout your bowels. Both soluble and insoluble fiber can be found in vegetables and fruits, which can be combined to make high fiber smoothies.

Secondly, many fruits and vegetables that are included in smoothie recipes include sorbitol. This mineral is necessary to help introduce more water to the large intestine. It is a sugar alcohol that naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables that helps move stools through your digestive tract. The more fruits and vegetables you include in your smoothie, the more sorbitol intake youll have.

Lastly, most smoothie recipes include a high amount of liquid, like water, that can help to keep constipation at bay. Being fully hydrated with plenty of liquid can help keep stools soft and allow you to have regular bowel movements and relieve constipation. Adding just one smoothie to your daily diet is a great way to eliminate and prevent constipation.

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Ginger In Constipation Smoothie

Another key ingredient in this recipe, ginger is optional if you follow some of the variations.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory and great for digestion. It supports healthy bile production and the elimination of toxins. Bile also helps to digest fat.

Gingers spicy flavor tastes great and compliments the sweet earthiness of beets.

Home Remedies For Bloating

Pin on healthy smoothies

Instead of reaching for medication, its worth giving these natural remedies a try, especially when it comes to belly bloating. If bloating is an underlying symptom, then make sure to reach out to your doctor for a treatment plan, as diet isnt always enough. However, most often bloating is caused by a diet low in fiber. Up that fiber intake so that gut can do a happy dance. While green smoothies for bloating are a great fiber starter, here are some other natural ways to help with bloating:

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Why I Recommend This Detox Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie contains a number of ingredients that can be especially beneficial when youre struggling with constipation, bloating, lasting fullness, stomach cramps and other digestive discomfort.


Pineapple contains a compound called bromelain, which acts like a digestive enzyme . Its actually a protease, which means its an enzyme that breaks down protein .

Bromelain has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and pineapple could thus help reduce inflammation in the gut . In fact, bromelain has been shown to have benefits for various illnesses including bronchitis, cancer, sinusitis and angina pectoris .

Bromelain supplements have been successfully used to treatment pancreatic enzyme insufficiency in a number of studies . Research shows that fresh pineapple is a good source of bromelain , which means the pineapple in this smoothie provides a dose of the digestive enzyme bromelain.


Ginger is believed to have anti-inflammatory and gastroprotective health benefits , which can address some of the causes of digestive discomfort discussed above.

It is also thought to stimulate the digestive system, which can help move food through the digestive tract and promote the break down and absorption of foods .


Mint is a well known traditional aid for digestive discomfort. Research shows that mint can soothe symptoms of dyspepsia, nausea, stomach pain, gallbladder disease and IBS .

Green bananas.

How To Prevent Constipation Bloating

There are several lifestyle changes you can make that can help you prevent constipation-related bloating:

  • Slowly increase your fiber intake. Fiber adds bulk to your stool, making it easier to pass. However, if you add too much too quickly, you can experience worsening bloating.
  • Increase your water intake. Drinking more water can also add bulk to your stool, reducing constipation.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking can increase many gastrointestinal symptoms, including constipation.
  • Take part in regular physical activity. This will help keep your bowels moving.

You can also make dietary changes to help reduce bloating.

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Is My Child Constipated

To be sure … one of the toughest things to figure out is if your child is refusing to go … or really cant go.

Here are a few ways to tell if a toddler is actually constipated.

Increase in accidents.

At first, training was going so well.

But now, your child begins wetting their pants again.

Also, theres loose stool in their diaper or underwear.

This can be constipation for a few reasons. Wetting themselves or the bed more frequently may indicate that theres pressure on the bladder.

As the waste collects in their small intestine, it expands, and may make urination more urgent and difficult to control.

Second, loose stool might be seepage.

Anything more watery than the hardening mass in their intestines can leak through.

They might not feel anything as it happens. Therefore, theyre less likely to alert you to it or try to get to a toilet.

Upset or aching tummy.

…you should examine all of the major reasons kids get bellyaches.

Still, the most common reason is constipation.

If its been a few days since youve seen actual evidence theyve had a bowel movement, its probably constipation.

Moreover, this pain will most likely be present in the abdominal area, below the belly button.

Hard stools, small stools, large stools, infrequent stools.

Just because a child can and does poop doesnt mean theyre not constipated.

If your child works hard at passing a stool, and only hard pellets come out, theyre experiencing constipation.

Needing privacy to use their diaper.

Benefits Of Flaxseed For Constipation And Ibs

pineapple shake | detox smoothie to reduce bloating and constipation

Flaxseed is the small and flavorful seed of the flax plant. It is used in cooking, clothes making and for medicine. It can be enjoyed whole or ground, where it is thought that more nutritional benefits can be obtained. Flaxseed benefits are plentiful both in regards dietary and medicinal applications. The seeds boast notable amounts of magnesium, iron and calcium, but are best known for their fiber content. In fact, using flaxseed for constipation is one of the most common applications.

A proper amount of dietary fiber is one of the most important keys to maintaining healthy bowel regularity. Just a tablespoon of ground flaxseed can provide over ten percent of the recommended amount of daily fiber suggested for a healthy diet. This makes flaxseed very popular amongst home remedies for constipation. For people that struggle to get enough fiber in their diets, small amounts of flaxseed provide a powerful fiber punch, possibly negating the need for laxatives for constipation and promoting regular and health bowel movements. In fact, flaxseed for constipation is very popular amongst people who can not use over the counter medications or choose not to, making the seeds popular for constipation relief during pregnancy and those who wish to avoid the side effects that laxatives can cause like cramping and diarrhea.


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Chia Flax And Hemp Seeds

Smoothies are a great vehicle for taking in the fiber benefits of:

All three are nutritional powerhouses. Both chia and flaxseed are thought to add in optimal stool formationalways a good thing!

Each type of seeds is also good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which play an important role in the healthy functioning of so many of the cells of our bodies.

Chia and hemp seeds can be added directly to your smoothies. Flaxseed needs to be ground first in order for you to enjoy its health benefits.

Start with a tablespoon of whichever one appeals to you most to allow your body time to adjust. You can then work your way up to a tablespoon of each as a great way to round out your belly-friendly smoothie!

Papaya Mango And Flax Seed Smoothie

The ingredients we bring together in this nutritious smoothie have the ability to help get your digestive functions back to normal, which will prevent bloating and pain.

The natural enzymes in it, along with the fiber and antioxidants, help break down waste that accumulates in your intestines. Once eliminated, they then reduce bloating.

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Chia Seeds For Constipation: The Science

Incorporating into your smoothie is a brilliant idea since they are rich in dietary fiber, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids nutrients that your digestive system will need for an effective bowel movement.

On absorbing water, chia seeds form a gel-like formation and when this is ingested it helps keep stools moist and easy to pass.

An interesting fact is that an ounce of chia seeds, which is equivalent to 28g contains 12g of carbs, 11g of which are insoluble fiber, meaning, your body doesnt digest them. They just pass through while helping everything get moving.

You can add chia seeds straight to your blender when making this smoothie. Bear in mind that if you dont drink this smoothie straight away and leave the smoothie in the fridge after blending, the chia seeds will make the smoothie thicken to a point where you might not be able to drink it without adding more water and giving it a stir or a shake. You could also eat this like a pudding, using a spoon if this happens to your smoothie.

One thing you can do to avoid this problem is to use flaxseedinstead of chia or increase the water content of the smoothie.

Banish That Bloat & Feel Your Best

Green Smoothie Recipe for Constipation

Feeling uncomfortable and bloated can put a damper on how were feeling and nobody has time for that. So, if youve checked things out with your doc to be sure that bloating isnt caused by an underlying issue, then these five bloating hacks may prove to be some valuable tools to banish that bloat and feel your best!

Oh, and dont forget to try sipping on one of the bloat-busting smoothies above they are pretty darn tasty and packed full of nutritional value so you can feel really great about blending one up and enjoying it as a post-workout drink.

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Psyllium Husk Or Acacia Fiber In Constipation Smoothie

Depending on the nature of a persons constipation, one other active ingredient helps to create this remedial smoothie: psyllium husk powder or acacia fiber.

Psyllium husk powder is 50% soluble fiber and 20% insoluble. Psyllium adds bulk and weight to stool and is great for those who feel they can never quite get it all out. I personally started with 1/2 a teaspoon in my daily beet smoothies and found this to be the right amount.

Too much psyllium can harden stools too much.

My doctor reminded me that psyllium is safe and gentle, but its very important to buy organic psyllium, because it absorbs toxins. Find organic psyllium husk powder here.

Acacia fiber is a prebiotic food, helpful to those with IBS, diarrhea or constipation who want to improve their colon ecosystem over time.

Acacia fiber is recommended at a dose of 1/2 a teaspoon to start, with two weeks given for the body to adjust before gradually increasing dosage. The instructions for use and improving gut mobility are well dictated from this company.

Both psyllium husk powder and acacia fiber may be used together in this smoothie for their different roles and benefits.

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