How To Make A Blueberry And Banana Smoothie

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Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie For A Quick And Healthy Breakfast Or Snack.

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Do Bananas Make You Gain Belly Fat

No, bananas when taken in moderation do not cause or increase belly fat. Banana is a versatile fruit that can be taken in limited portions to lose or maintain weight. Have it as a snack instead of a sugary option like cookies or pastries. The natural sugars in bananas make it an outstanding snack before a workout.

The Best Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberry banana smoothie is the perfect combination of sweet, tart, and refreshing. If you have never tried the blueberry banana fruit combo in a smoothie, you are really missing out. They really are the best combo and make a creamy, delicious smoothie that I know you will love.

The addition of healthy Greek yogurt and fresh orange juice helps to give the smoothie an extra dose of healthy fat and a bit of an irresistible tangy flavor. This recipe is one of my favorites!

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Why We Love This Recipe

  • Refined sugar-free. The only sugars you will find in this smoothie are the natural fruit sugars and their nutrients.
  • Healthy snack or light meal. Full of nutrients , serve this smoothie as a light breakfast, snack, or pick-me-up any time of day.
  • Quick & easy. Ready in under 5 minutes, its perfect when you are hangry and need something fast.

When you crave something light and healthy, this blueberry and banana smoothie recipe is the best!

Its a celebration of whole food plant based ingredients that taste great together!

Favorite Blueberry Banana Smoothie

How to make a healthy blueberry banana smoothie that ...

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This quick and easy Blueberry Banana Smoothie is a great option for breakfast, snack time, or even dessert. It packs Vitamin C, potassium, healthy fats, and fiber to keep little bellies full and happy.

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How Do You Thicken Smoothies

There are two ways to thicken smoothies with ice or with frozen fruit.

Frozen bananas are the best fruit for making very thick and creamy smoothies.

Adding ice can be another way to thicken smoothies if you are using fresh fruit, but the texture wont be quite the same.

Easy, delicious, and always a favorite!

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Cashew Butter Vs Raw Cashews

  • If using cashew butter, there is less prep involved as youre going to add it straight to the smoothie! Its convenient and can be more cost effective as well. While it does add creaminess to the smoothie, I find that for a cheesecake flavour, raw whole cashews are a better option.
  • Using raw whole cashews is the secret to most cashew based vegan cheesecake recipes. For whatever reason, when soaked cashews are blended with something sweet and a touch of lemon, it really does prouce a cheesecake-y result. As such, raw soaked cashews are the optimal choice, but you can really use whats available to you.

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Tips For The Best Smoothie

  • Add the liquids first adding the liquids to your smoothie first will help everything to blend more evenly which will give you a smoother and creamier smoothie texture.
  • Use frozen fruit frozen fruit helps to keep the smoothie creamy and cold without ice.
  • Ditch the ice speaking of ice, if you are wondering why your smoothies are not more creamy, it may be because you are using ice. Ice waters down the smoothie, changes the consistency from creamy to icy, and doesnt give you that delicious smoothie texture that everyone loves.
  • Use ripe fruit if its the summer, when fruit is its best and in season, I highly recommend freezing ripe fresh fruit instead of buying pre-frozen fruit from the freezer section. It will make your smoothie even more flavorful and delicious.

Why Make A Blueberry Banana Smoothie

How to make a simple blueberry banana smoothie.

Blueberries are some of the healthiest fruits you can find. They are full of vitamins and contain antioxidants called anthocyanins, which are among the more potent antioxidants available from food. If I’d have to choose a single fruit for life, then blueberries would be my choice.

Bananas are one of the best prebiotics available. That means bananas are great for restoring the natural balance of probiotics in your digestive tract by helping the “good” bacteria. Bananas are also filled with nutrition and a great counterpart to blueberries.

Drinking a blueberry banana smoothie in the morning is a great way to start the day, and I love how simple it is to make one. There’s also no reason to skip it if you are lactose intolerant by adding oats instead of yogurt, you can still get a breakfast meal that should last you untill noon, and it becomes vegan if that matters for you.

Everything needed to make a blueberry banana smoothie without using yogurt.

Kristjan Matthiasson

The blender I use is from Nutribullet. I like it, but any blender will do just fine. Just be sure to not overfill it.

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Ingredients In This Peanut Butter Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Can you believe this easy blueberry banana smoothie is made with just four simple ingredients? Its smooth and ridiculously easy to throw together when you want a quick breakfast or healthy afternoon snack. All youll need is:

  • Banana: feel free to use a fresh or frozen one. It will help naturally sweetened this delicious smoothie.
  • Blueberries: I recommend using frozen blueberries so that you dont have to add additional ice cubes. Using frozen blueberries will also help thicken the smoothie.
  • Peanut butter: I love adding PB to my smoothies but you can use any nut butter than youd like. Powdered peanut butter is also a great option!
  • Non-dairy milk: this will keep the smoothie dairy free and vegan while giving it the perfect consistency. Start with 1 cup and add more to thin out the smoothie, if necessary. I prefer almond or cashew milk.
  • Toppings: make a yummy smoothie bowl or just top your glass with your fav granola , extra bananas & blueberries.

How To Make A Blueberry Smoothie

If you are making smoothies, soups or sauces on a regular basis, I do suggest investing in a high-power blender to make your smoothie as smooth as possible. I personally use a Vitamix blender.

If you would like to see how to make the perfect blueberry smoothie, you might want to watch the video in this post.

Frozen blueberries contain a good amount of antioxidants + phytonutrients and gives this smoothie a beautiful deep purple color.

Frozen sweet potato is a banana substitute that will give this smoothie extra nutritional benefits, including fiber. It will also make this smoothie creamy and naturally sweet.

A Medjool date will create a little bit of extra creaminess, fiber and a sweet caramel flavor. Add one more date if you think your smoothie is not sweet enough.

Cashew nuts have their own unique nutrition profile to give this smoothie a boost. It will also make this smoothie a bit thicker.

A plant-based milk is what makes this smoothie smooth. Try to go for the unsweetened version to avoid unnecessary added sugars. I like to use soy milk, since it has a more neutral flavor.

For a sweeter smoothie:

add more Medjool dates to taste.

For a thinner smoothie:

add a splash of more plant-based milk or water. You can also use fresh blueberries or sweet potato puree .

For an even thicker smoothie:

Toss everything into your blender and blend until smooth. This normally takes less than a minute in a high-speed blender. Enjoy your delicious, thick, cold smoothie immediately.

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How I Make My Smoothies

For this smoothie, I use plain Greek yogurt as the base and throw in whatever fruits we have on hand. When fruit is on sale, I buy extra so I can freeze some for smoothies. I like using frozen fruit because it makes the smoothie thicker. You can use fresh fruit, just throw in some ice cubes to thicken it up.

For this smoothie, I used frozen blueberries, banana, and strawberries. I always add a splash of skim or soy milk to help the blender do its work. This breakfast treat blends up in no time. Sometimes, I make a double batch and keep half of it in the freezer. When I am in a rush, I pull the smoothie out of the freezer and let it defrost while I get ready. I grab my smoothie and a straw on my way out the door and enjoy a healthy breakfast without any fuss!

How To Make A Blueberry Smoothie Without Milk

Banana Blueberry Smoothie

Frozen blueberries, apples, and almond milk .Grab a high powered blender, and add your almond milk first .Here are the ingredients youll need to blend together make this blueberry smoothie:Here is what youll need to make my version of a blueberry smoothie:

How to make a blueberry smoothie.How to make a blueberry smoothie:How to make vegan blueberry smoothie.I cut back on the sugar a bit as well and added some cinnamon along with the nutmeg.

In a blender combine the frozen blueberries, milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, almonds, brown sugar, and oats.Instead of milk i use yogurt.Place in the freezer and let freeze for at least a few hours.Replace any of the fruit ingredients with your favorites if you like, but make sure one of them is frozen to make it nice and thick!

Then, add proteins like greek yogurt or peanut butter to thicken.Then, toss in your strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt, and.This blueberry smoothie will keep well in the refrigerator, in a glass jar filled to the brim with a lid.This easy frozen berry smoothie is the perfect keto smoothie for a refreshing breakfast or quick snack.

Use the pulse function and blend the mixture until smooth.Water, cauliflower, cinnamon, hemp milk, blueberries, vanilla protein powder and 2 more.You can freeze cottage cheese in ice cube trays and use 4 cubes for one smoothie.You can make a smoothie without a blender by choosing very ripe fruits, soft vegetables, and mashing them together in a bowl.

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Do You Put Ice In A Smoothie

Do you have to add ice? No, ice cubes are not necessary to make a smoothie, as long as you re using frozen fruits. The ice will create a smooth, thick, chilly texture, or frothy if only a small amount is used. I like to add both ice cubes and frozen fruit together to create the perfect consistency.

Peanut Butter Blueberry Banana Smoothie

This creamy 4-ingredient peanut butter blueberry banana smoothie makes the perfect healthy breakfast or snack. Top this easy blueberry banana smoothie with your favorite granola, extra banana slices and blueberries, and a drizzle of peanut butter! Options to add extra protein or sneak in veggies, too.

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I used to LIVE for big breakfasts. In fact, some nights I go to bed dreaming about what Im going to wake up to the next morning.

Maybe a plate full of pancakes with a side of bacon on a weekday with a piping hot coffee? Hell yes, then Im your girl. Or maybe a big bowl of creamy thick oats topped with banana slices & drizzled with peanut butter? Forever a classic.

The whole big breakfast thing kinda flew out the window since having a baby. These days Tony is in charge of breakfast but when hes not around to make me something, I resort to my go-to quick, easy and nutritious breakfast love: SMOOTHIES.

Lately, this gorgeous peanut butter blueberry banana smoothie has been my go-to in the mornings. You only need 4 ingredients, plus its easy, quick and you can easily add in a variety of options to make it your own.

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Here’s a selection of our popular delicious smoothie recipes for you to enjoy

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Creamy Tropical Smoothie. A lovely cool, refreshing drink using pineapple, mango, banana and strawberry. Quick and easy, perfect to start your morning off happy

A really quick and easy smoothie recipe, perfect for breakfast!

Easy Creamy Strawberry and White Chocolate Banana Smoothie. What a great flavor combo!

Easy Creamy Milkshakes, a variety of Strawberry, Banana or Salted Caramel. Perfect for parties and picnics and a hit with the family too!

Here’s a selection of our very best recipes using bananas.

These Muffins Are Moist, Fruity, And Extremely Delicious. They Are The Perfect Treat For Breakfast, Brunch, Or Afternoon Tea. Packed With Banana And Drizzled With Honey, A Perfect Snack

Banana Drop Cookies. Theses are a light fluffy cookie and great for using up those overripe bananas! Easy recipe too!

Whats The Best Milk To Use In Smoothies

THE BEST Blueberry Banana Smoothie for a Healthy Day

I prefer to use unsweetened plain nondairy milk such as Ripple Milk, Silk Protein Nut Milk, or soy milk. Those options have protein, calcium, and vitamin D , though you can really use any milk option that you like.

TIP: I find that dairy milk has a tendency to separate a bit when used in a smoothie that wont be consumed right away, so use nondairy milk if you plan to make this ahead.

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Cook’s Tips And Recipe Variations:

  • Using frozen fruit is the key to a thick, creamy smoothie. I like to slice overripe bananas, wrap them individually, and then stash them in the freezer to grab for smoothies whenever we need them.
  • You can start with fresh blueberries or you can purchase a bag of unsweetened frozen blueberries in the freezer section at the grocery store.
  • Add a squeeze of lemon juice to the smoothie for a bright, fresh burst of flavor.
  • We use vanilla flavored Greek-style yogurt, but you can substitute with plain Greek yogurt to reduce the amount of sugar in the smoothie. If you’re using plain yogurt, I suggest adding a dash of vanilla extract for flavor, as well as a bit of honey or other sweetener of choice .
  • I use 2% milk in the smoothies because that’s what my boys prefer however, you can substitute with any variety of milk or non-dairy milk alternative .
  • Make a Banana Blueberry Spinach Smoothie by adding a handful of baby spinach leaves to the blender. It won’t change the taste of the smoothie, but it will add some great nutrients!
  • Prepare a Blueberry Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie by adding a tablespoon or two of peanut butter to the blender for staying power and healthy fats.
  • Make it a Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie by including a ¼-cup of raw oats in the blender. It will thicken the drink, add fiber, and make it even more filling.

How Do You Thicken A Fruit Smoothie

Regular ice cubes or frozen milk or even frozen coffee ice cubes all work wonderfully to thicken up a smoothie. I always add at least 1/2 to 1 cup of ice cubes to my smoothies because I like them very cold and thick. Again, frozen ingredients make the biggest difference in making thick smoothie bowls.

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How To Make Blueberry Banana Smoothies Step

Heres a look at the quick process. Scroll down to see the full recipe.

  • Place all ingredients into the blender, cover, and blend on low to start to combine the ingredients.
  • Increase to high and blend for 30-60 seconds to get everything super creamy. The longer you blend, the less youll see tiny green flecks!
  • Serve!
  • What To Serve With A Banana Blueberry Smoothie:

    Super Thick Blueberry Banana Smoothies (Dairy Free Option ...

    Pair this smoothie with other satisfying breakfast options such as:

    You can also make it a smoothie bowl by pouring the thick, creamy smoothie in a large bowl and topping the bowl with slices of fresh banana, fresh blueberries, granola, nuts and seeds.

    Health Benefits:

    This recipe yields enough for two substantial servings. Each serving of banana blueberry smoothie includes 154 calories, 2 grams of fat, 29 grams of carbohydrates and 7.5 grams of protein. You get the vitamins and minerals from the two different kinds of fruit, the fiber from the fruit, and the protein and calcium from the yogurt and milk.

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    Refreshing Blueberry And Banana Smoothie

    Refreshing Blueberry and Banana Smoothie is a perfect start to your day. Quick & easy recipe using fresh ingredients. Takes minutes to make and seconds to blitz

    Refreshing Blueberry and Banana Smoothie is a perfect start to your day. Quick & easy recipe using fresh ingredients. Takes minutes to make and seconds to blitz.

    Creamy Blueberry and Banana Smoothie. This is a really easy and quick recipe and a great way to enjoy blueberries!

    The simplicity of this blueberry and banana smoothie means that it is no effort to make, and what I have managed to do is get a ‘milkshake’ creaminess, but without using cream or ice cream.

    This smoothie recipe is flexible so you can make it as thick or thin a consistency as you wish. I have made it so you can use a straw . I’ve also used soya milk, simply because that is my preference. You can, of course, use regular cow’s milk, almond milk, or any milk you prefer. If you want to make the smoothie thicker than I have, simply add less milk than stated. Just add a little, see the consistency, and continue adding enough milk to your preference.

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    So let’s get straight to the recipe and see how to make this delicious blueberry and banana smoothie. Please enjoy!

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