Best Fiber To Add To Smoothies

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What Type Of Blender Should I Look For

Kale Smoothie Recipe – HASfit Green Smoothie Recipes – High Fiber – Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Choosing a blender for your smoothie is easy if you know what to look for. Youll want to find a blender that has plenty of power and will be able to crush ice. This feature can help breakthrough possible ice cubes and thick nuts and seeds. Finding a small, compact blender that blends directly into your smoothie travel cup is an ideal way to streamline your day and save valuable time. Try to find a blender with an easy clean-up procedure. If cleaning your blender only takes one or two steps, youll be more likely to continue to use your blender to make some of the best smoothies for constipation.

Dont Forget The Berries

Source: Blueberry Açaí Super Smoothie

And lets not forget about the best source of fruit when it comes to fiber for your smoothies berries! Raspberries, acai, and blackberries are some of the highest sources of fiber, and are lower in sugar than other types, however, no matter what type of berry you enjoy, theyre all great and provide more fiber than many other fruits. When choosing fruits, stick to 1-2 servings per smoothie and pick the most nutrient-dense like berries, apples, and pears that are also rich in fiber too.

What are your favorite fiber-rich smoothie ingredients?

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Sweet Substitutes For No Banana Smoothie Recipes

As mentionedearlier, prune juice is the perfect addition to my high fiber smoothie recipeswithout banana because it adds some satisfying natural sweetness, too! No addedsugars needed.

Or, simply toss a few whole prunes into your smoothie for a boost of fiber and sweet flavor. But, there are loads of other healthy smoothie ingredients that can add natural sweetness as well:

  • Fruitsripe pears, berries, peaches, plums, pineapple, mango
  • Dried Fruitsprunes, dates, apricots, coconut shreds
  • Liquidsprune juice, other fruit juices, coconut water, coconut milk/cream
  • Seasoningscinnamon, vanilla bean, nutmeg, cardamom, ground ginger, allspice,pumpkin pie spice

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Pears Make For The Perfect Fiber

Apples tend to hog the spotlight as an easy-to-eat fruit staple, but its time to start thinking about adding pears to your fruit bowl, too. Why? Theyre filled with fiber! One medium-size pear has 5.5 g, according to the USDA, which is 20 percent of the recommended DV.

Plus, theyre delicious. Nibbling on a juicy, ripe pear is a great way to end a meal on a healthy sweet note if you’re trying to avoid high-calorie, sugary desserts, says Sakimura. In addition to offering lots of fiber, pears are a good source of vitamin C, coming in at 7.65 milligrams for a medium pear, which is about 9 percent of the DV.

You can store them for several weeks in the fridge, unlike more delicate fruit, says Sakimura. Just let them ripen on the counter for a few days before eating.

Artichokes Are Full Of Fiber And Low In Calories

Healthy Mango Smoothie

Were sorry to report that you probably wont get lots of fiber from artichoke dip. But you can if you eat the actual vegetable. Half an artichoke clocks in at 3 g of fiber, according to the USDA, which is 11 percent of the DV. Youll also get only 30 calories if you eat that amount.

If youve never cooked an artichoke, worry not you can still enjoy this veggie and reap the fiber rewards. They can be a little tricky since most people are not comfortable cooking fresh ones, but canned artichoke hearts are easy to cook with and can be used in salads and pasta dishes or made into dips, says McMordie.

And if you are up for the challenge, try steaming an artichoke with a little olive oil, garlic, and rosemary or stuffing them with feta and sundried tomatoes before roasting in the oven.

A bonus perk of artichokes? They are considered a high-potassium vegetable, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. When a food is high in a nutrient, it provides at least 20 percent of the DV, per the Academy.

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Green And Red Powders

You can also find greens powders, reds powders, and powders that contain a little of both. Greens powders simply include a variety of vegetables, particularly those that are good for your health, like the dark leafy greens.

Red powders tend to rely on fruit instead, focusing on fruits that are high in antioxidants, like berries. Beetroot is sometimes included as well, partly because it has the same color as berries, but also because beetroot contains desirable nutrients.

Powders like these are perfect as a concentrated source of nutrients.

After all, its much easier to add a scoop or two of green powder into your smoothie than a couple of handfuls of spinach. For that matter, many powders incorporate more fruits and vegetables than you could ever fit into a single smoothie.

If you are going to use powders, pay close attention to the ingredients label. Look for companies that use hardly any artificial ingredients, additives, or fillers.

How Much Fiber Do You Need To Reap The Health Benefits

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines set adequate intake of fiber at 25 grams a day for women and 38 g a day for men. Most Americans are getting just half that, with the average intake clocking in at 15 g, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

Upping your fiber count for the day doesnt have to be hard. Not only can boosting your fiber intake be surprisingly easy, but fiber-rich foods are tasty, too .

To get enough fiber, I always suggest making at least half of your grains whole grains, and getting the recommended five servings per day of fruits and vegetables as a starting point, says McMordie. Snacking on high-fiber foods, such as nuts, hummus, high-fiber cereal, or whole-grain crackers is another good way to add fiber in throughout the day, she suggests.

Here are 10 of the best sources of fiber to reach for.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Smoothies

In most cases, smoothies are mainly beneficial and can help you with troublesome health conditions like constipation. There is some danger to eating smoothies, though. Because of their dense ingredients and heavy reliance on yogurts and milk, you can run the risk of getting too much sugar from a smoothie. Further, supplementing too many meals with only smoothies can make you feel weak, tired, or exhausted. Ongoing smoothie-only diets can lead to muscle loss and bone density loss which can be troublesome. Adding healthy fats to your smoothies, like coconut oil or nut butter, can help give you natural energy, eliminating possible fatigue. It is important to remember that a smoothie should be a meal replacement and never a long-term diet solution.

Blackberry & Raspberries Smoothie:

MetaMucil FIBER POWDER: Adding Fiber to your diet in a high protein Smoothie(REVIEW)

As you already might know, constipation can be caused by having a low amount of fiber or water in the body. Blueberries and raspberries are considered a great source of fiber, sorbitol, and water. Water can easily flow into the intestines if you use a blackberries and raspberries smoothie.

If you use blackberries and raspberries as the main ingredients while making your smoothie. You can make the smoothie by adding them together or you can also use one of them in your smoothie. Therefore, drinking blackberry and raspberry smoothies is the best choice for preventing constipation.

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Smoothie Recipes To Try

Use these recipes or build from them to create your own.

Banana-kale wake-up smoothie

The sweetness of the bananas balances kales slight bitterness in this recipe. Use just a tiny pinch of cloves theyre potent!

Get the banana-kale wake-up smoothie recipe.

Ruby-red raspberry smoothie

Its nutty. Its sweet. And its good for you. Blast off your day with healthy fats, antioxidants and phytonutrients from this creamy creation.

Get the ruby-red raspberry smoothie recipe.

Creamy kiwi-lime smoothie

You would never guess this creamy, high-protein smoothie gets its texture from tofu and cashew butter. Hey, dont knock it till you try it!

Go green smoothie bowl

Ready to trade in the smoothie glass for a bowl and spoon? In this bowl, the leafy green goodness of spinach meets the sweetness of grapes, mango, apple and banana.

Get the go green smoothie bowl recipe.

Cool tropical smoothie

Youll feel like youre on the beach with this zesty blend of mango, coconut, lime and strawberries. This vegan smoothie is high in potassium and features beneficial phytonutrients.

Get the cool tropical smoothie recipe.

Creamy strawberry and greens smoothie

This satisfying smoothie is sweetened with strawberries, creamified with avocado and then exalted to green goddess status with arugula.

Get the creamy strawberry and greens smoothie recipe.

Peach-vanilla yogurt smoothie

Get the peach-vanilla yogurt smoothie recipe.

Berry vanilla banana smoothie

Get the berry vanilla banana smoothie recipe.

High Fiber Smoothie Recipes Guide

No matter green, red or pink! Blended with beet, berry, banana or vegetables, smoothies are the tastiest source of daily healthy nutrition. And as they are tasty and nutritious, smoothies are recommended as the best replacement for your daily breakfast, evening snacks and post-exercise supplement.

The big advantage is that you can cram it full of fruit, oatmeal and vegetables. But how do you make it perfect all the time? Follow this step-by-step plan and put that perfect smoothie on the table.

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Chia Flax And Hemp Seeds

Smoothies are a great vehicle for taking in the fiber benefits of:

All three are nutritional powerhouses. Both chia and flaxseed are thought to add in optimal stool formationalways a good thing!

Each type of seeds is also good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which play an important role in the healthy functioning of so many of the cells of our bodies.

Chia and hemp seeds can be added directly to your smoothies. Flaxseed needs to be ground first in order for you to enjoy its health benefits.

Start with a tablespoon of whichever one appeals to you most to allow your body time to adjust. You can then work your way up to a tablespoon of each as a great way to round out your belly-friendly smoothie!

Best Things To Add To Your Smoothie To Help Lower Cholesterol

Banana Berry Fiber Packed Smoothie

Smoothies in and of themselves are not going to lower your cholesterol. Its only when they contain certain things might they help. If your smoothie is chuck full of coconut oil, full fat milk, chocolate, and maybe a single berrythen yeah..its not going to be much help.

We should remember that smoothies are simply a type of meal, and there is a wide variety of smoothies to consider.

My standard go to green smoothie would be a good choice. Its made with kale, some coconut water, and maybe a lemon. But if youre especially concerned about your cholesterol, then here are some things to consider.


It seems that everyone knows that oats can help to lower your cholesterol. And thats true. Heres a link to a well known study that followed a randomized control procedure.

Basically, eating oats is good for you. Theres a reason everyone from weightlifters, bodybuidlers, endurance athletes, dieters, and your grandparents told you to eat your oats.

If youre looking for a recipe to create the best smoothie for lowering your cholesterol, then its got to include oats.

The reason I like adding them to a smoothie is that you get a great silky texture, and oats blend up super smooth in smoothies.

Honestly, many people dont like to eat cooked oatmeal. And some who do only like to eat it with tons of sugar or milk. Thats why adding oats to a smoothie is so great. You can basically sneak in some oats.



Yogurt In A Smoothie Lowers Cholesterol

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Prune Juice Fiber & Nutrition

In all of thehigh fiber smoothie recipes below, Im using prune juice for an added fiber boost. Plus, if youre not afan of bananas, its simple to make prune juice smoothies without banana because the juice adds plenty ofwholesome, natural sweetness! Every smoothie could use a liquidcomponent, so why not try some sweet, wholesome, fiber-filled prune juice?

Personally, my favorite and go-to choice is Sunsweet Amaz!n Prune Juice. I love that its all-natural and contains no preservatives or added sugars, just 100% juice from sun-sweetened prunes. Since its made from pruneswhich are basically the most famous digestive superfood of allSunsweet Amaz!nPrune Juice the perfect addition to my gut friendly smoothies.

Nutritionally, Sunsweet Amaz!n Prune Juice contains 3g of fiber per 8oz serving. Thats the same amount of fiber contained in a serving of 5-6 prunesand already 12% of my daily fiber intake as a woman! Plus, Sunsweet Amaz!n Prune Juice also provides 5 essential vitamins and minerals that help to balance and maintain our digestive health, including potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, copper, and niacin.

A fantasticaddition to high fiber smoothie recipes for constipation and regularity! Infact, research suggeststhat prunes are a safe, natural option for treating mild to moderateconstipation, even more effective than some common supplements like psyllium.

Protein Plays An Important Role

But as much as I adore produce , there’s something else I find equally important to include in a smoothie: protein.

Consuming protein with a meal can help us feel more satisfied. Not to mention the MANY roles of protein in our bodies, like hormones, enzymes, cell and tissue structure, and so, so much more.

For more information on the role of protein in our bodies, check out this post I wrote detailing everything you need to know about protein.

Protein powders and other protein-rich supplements are very popular options for easy ways to add protein to smoothies. But I know protein powders aren’t the solution for everyone. Many people don’t like the taste or texture of protein powders, some prefer whole, real food sources, and others just don’t want to buy or consume protein powders. Whatever the reason, that’s okay! But it’s still important to balance your smoothie with a little protein.

So, I’m sharing a resource I give to my clients with 40 ways to add protein to smoothies – without powders! You’ll see a wide variety of foods, from dairy products to nuts and seeds to even fruit and vegetables.

Before I share the list, I do want to know that the list is arranged by what I and my clients have often felt are acceptable amounts of these food sources to include in a smoothie – i.e. more than a couple tablespoons of nuts is going to add way more calories and healthy fats than protein, and may leave little room for other ingredients.

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Why Are Smoothies Popular

Many people turn to smoothies because they are delicious, easy to make, and convenient. For those that are short on time and need a portable meal option, smoothies can pack quite a punch. Not only are they able to provide loads of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in just a single serving, but they can help fill you up and give you much-needed protein if supplemented with protein powder. Smoothies can be made in advance, kept cool, and used when needed making this an excellent time-saver meal option.

Plus, smoothies are a healthy option for people. They are low-calorie and can help people lose weight by supplementing a regular meal. Or, smoothies can be specially blended to target specific health conditions, making them exceptionally beneficial. They can help improve digestive health, boost your immune system, and give your body a much-needed boost of antioxidants.

Edamame Makes Filling Up On Fiber Easy And Fun

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Having a snack attack? Instead of opening a bag of chips, why not reach for edamame? Edamame is a tasty, fiber-rich snack, boasting about 5 g per ½ cup, according to the USDA, which is 18 percent of the DV. It provides the coveted trifecta of protein, fiber, and healthy fat in one package. Okay, lots of little packages! says Sakimura.

There are more edamame perks: An article detailing findings from three past studies, and published in the March 2020 issue of Circulation, concluded that people who ate foods with isoflavones, like edamame or tofu, had a moderately lower risk of developing heart disease.

Enjoy edamame straight from the pod as an afternoon snack, order them as a side with your sushi or Thai entrée, or throw them in grain bowls and salads.

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The Best Of Both Worlds

Foods with both soluble and insoluble fiber, such as flax seeds, give your shake a huge fiber boost. Grind flax seeds in a coffee grinder to break them down, allowing your body to better absorb their nutritional benefits as well as their fiber. Other foods with both types of fiber include oat bran, oat flakes, bran cereal, raw carrots, apricots, figs and oranges. About 2 tablespoons of grains or seeds per 1-cup serving of fruit is standard.

What Does A Hard Distended Stomach Mean

When your stomach swells and feels hard, the explanation might be as simple as overeating or drinking carbonated drinks, which is easy to remedy. Other causes may be more serious, such as an inflammatory bowel disease. Sometimes the accumulated gas from drinking a soda too quickly can result in a hard stomach.

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