What To Put In A Smoothie Bowl

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Smoothie Bowl Topping Options

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl // Step by Step!!

Some smoothie bowl toppings help add color, others add lots of flavor or nutrition, and others are great for adding crunch. Of course, some of them do all of these things.

Toppings That Add Color

Lots of different fruits sliced or cut into small chunks help to add lots of color to a smoothie bowl. Use contrasting or complimentary colors to the color of your smoothie base. Try using several different colors and placing them in different patterns.

Here are some toppings that help add color: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, sliced strawberries, sliced bananas, goji berries, kiwi slices, pomegranate seeds.

Toppings That Add Flavor or Nutrition

Lots of foods that are considered superfoods make excellent toppings to add extra flavor and nutrition.

Here are some superfood toppings : pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, coconut flakes or shreds, bee pollen.

Toppings That Add Crunch and Texture

Here are some toppings that add crunch and texture: almonds, brazil nuts, hemp hearts, sesame seeds.

Helpful Tips And Tricks

  • While I have not tried every blender out there, it is incredibly difficult to get a super thick smoothie bowl unless you have a blender that comes with a tamper . This is the blender that I own. It has lasted years of daily use but isnt cheap. Here is a well-reviewed much more affordable option. If you dont care about thickness, then the type of blender wont matter as much- youll just need to adjust the amount of liquid.
  • Dont rush it. In other words, dont try to rush your blender from 0 to 60 without giving it the proper time to get there .
  • These are the acai packets I use. Be sure to look for the unsweetened version.
  • I do not recommend any kind of sweetened yogurt or added sweetener especially if you are adding banana. You will lose out on the fabulous acai taste and instantly make a healthy snack a dessert.
  • Add some tropical flavor by blending with frozen mango or papaya.

Tips For The Best Smoothie Bowl

Keeping it real. Keep it simple. Keep it awesome!

  • Healthy: To keep the smoothie healthy you want to avoid adding a lot of extra sugars, ice cream, or frozen yogurt. Keep to frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, and natural sweeteners.
  • Make it Thick: Smoothie bowls should be thick and creamy. You should need a spoon to get it out of the blender. To get optimal thickness mix the berries first, just till they are small pebble-like pieces. Then add in your yogurt and honey and blend till just incorporated. Last pour in your liquid, but only half at a time. Blend and add milk till you reach the right consistency.
  • Boost: Give your smoothie a nutritional boost by adding in protein powder, superfood powders, spinach, or nut butter.

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A Delicious Smoothie Bowl Recipe To Try

You can, of course, turn any healthy smoothie recipe into a smoothie bowl, but I have a favorite smoothie bowl recipe for you to try that will suit most taste preferences!

Try this Strawberry Blueberry Kiefer Smoothie Bowl for Gut Health and Immunity!

Nourishing and supporting our gut health is key to regulating blood sugars, supporting our immune function, and the absorption and utilization of the nutrients we consume through our diet.

This smoothie contains all whole food ingredients that support your digestive health! From kefir which is a fermented probiotic beverage, yogurt, ground flax seeds which are rich in fiber, beans which are a great source of soluble fiber, and berries which are loaded with antioxidants to reduce inflammation.

What Is In A Berry Smoothie Bowl

This berry banana frozen smoothie bowl with peach sorbet ...

To make the super berry smoothie bowl you will need to invest, as its name suggests, 5 minutes of your time and 5 basic ingredients, which you probably already have in your fridge:

  • almond milk
  • frozen mixed berries
  • ripe banana
  • fresh spinach – yup, spinach creeps its way into this smoothie and you never would have guessed it from its gorgeous, vibrant colour. The colour from the berries overshadow the green spinach, and thankfully so!
  • vanilla extract
  • flax or chia seeds
  • toppings – strawberry, banana, granola, toasted pumpkin seeds. You can add any other toppings that you like. Try shredded coconut or nuts. The toppings add more nutrients and protein to your bowl to turn it into a complete meal. Plus, they make it pretty too.

For extra protein, you can also add some protein powder into your smoothie or flax or chia seeds.

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Select A Variety Of Fruit + Veg

Very Green Matcha Smoothie by The Healthy Hunter

This is where you can give your healthy smoothie bowls some heft. We like to add about 2 cups worth of vegetables and fruits to our smoothies typically 1 cup of greens and 1 cup of fruit. When choosing fruit, we aim for those that are lower on the glycemic index so we dont spike our blood sugar levels and get that sugar buzz.

While many recipe developers and food bloggers feel its essential to include a frozen banana in healthy smoothie bowls, you dont need it to create a thick, ice cream-ish consistency. Any frozen fruit will do! Other ways to create a thick smoothie bowl are:

  • Use less liquid
  • Freeze some of your base liquid in ice cube trays for blending
  • Add water ice cubes
  • Parsnips
  • Carrots

On the aesthetic side of the equation, consider colour combinations and what your smoothie will end up looking like after blending. Dark leafy greens may muddy up the waters, so you could choose a lighter green like romaine or butter lettuce. If you want to play up the green colour, add something like spirulina or chlorella for a bright green hue. Play around and see what you like!

The nice thing is if you dont like the colour of your smoothie, you can always cover it up with toppings.

How To Make An Acai Bowl

Make this Acai Bowl in three easy steps,

  • Freeze your fruit. Slice your banana and transfer it to a small baking sheet or plate lined with parchment paper. To the same plate, add the blueberries and strawberries . Transfer tray or plate to the freezer and allow the fruit to freeze completely.
  • Blend. Once frozen, add the milk and yogurt to the bowl of a large, high-speed blender with a tamper . Add the frozen blueberries, strawberries, banana, and broken up acai. With the blender on low, use the tamper to push the frozen fruit down, mixing around as much as possible. Continue to blend on low until smooth, only adding additional liquid when needed.
  • Assemble. Divide the smoothie into two bowls and top with all your favorite toppings. Best enjoyed immediately .
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    Get More Protein From Your Smoothie

    Add protein powder or nut butter! Since fruits dont have much protein, I encourage you to add a scoop of vegan protein powder or a serving of natural nut butter to the mix.

    Adding 2 tablespoons of almond butter will give you an added 8 grams of protein. Protein powders will vary, but most will give you quite a bit more than a serving of nut butter.

    Alternatively, I love Silk brands unsweetened Protein & Nut Milk, vanilla or plain, which has 10 grams of protein per 1 cup serving. Use this alone or with the options mentioned above.

    More Easy Smoothie Recipes!

    Because you can never have too many smoothie recipes, whether in a bowl or in a glass!

    The Most Classic Smoothie Bowl Mistake Is Quitting: Instead Give It A Try And Dont Give Up Smoothie Bowls Are Truly Wonderful


    Youre going to see lots of beautiful smoothie bowls on .

    Your first few bowls, alas, will look nothing like them.

    • Strangely colored
    • Too thick or too thin or tastes strange

    Dont be discouraged! Making smoothie bowls is an advanced blending technique.

    Soon, youll get the hang of it.

    To get started, pick one of the smoothie bowl recipe templates below!

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    How To Make An Easy Smoothie Bowl

    Ready to eat in less than 5 minutes, I call this a winning meal. Fast, refreshing and super good for you. Oh, and did I mention its luscious!?

  • Blend: In a blender add the frozen strawberries, bananas, honey, yogurt, and milk. Add more milk if needed but you want the consistency to be thicker.
  • Top It: Top with desired toppings.
  • Why You Will Love This Recipe

    This Frozen Fruit Smoothie Bowl is lightening quick to make and packed with antioxidants. Other adjectives I use to describe it are: easy, simple, healthy, tasty, gluten free, AND vegan. Seriously, what else could you want from a recipe?

    While I have provided a recipe below, you should use it as more of a template than anything else. Smoothie bowls can be made with just about any combination of frozen fruits that you have on hand. Heck, you can even throw some veggies like spinach into the mix!

    Whether you eat this delicious, rainbow colored bowl of beauty as a breakfast, snack or healthy dessert, you are sure to love it. Feel free to experiment with different flavor combinations and toppings to make this tasty meal as unique as you are.

    Now grab your blender and meet me in the kitchen so we can whip up one of my very favorite summer treats.

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    How To Make Your Smoothie Thicker

    If youre used to making traditional smoothies, switching over to smoothie bowls might seem tricky. How do you make a smoothie thick enough to hold all the toppings you plan to use?

    The easiest way to thicken up a smoothie bowl is to use a ripe banana or avocado and a smaller amount of liquid then you would use in a smoothie.

    Another trick is to use to use frozen vegetables and fruit instead of fresh ones.

    It also helps to cut back on fruits that have higher water content. For example, its better to use watermelon as a topping than as a smoothie ingredient.

    What Kind Of Blender Is Best For Smoothie Bowls

    Nectarine Ginger Smoothie Bowl

    Any high-power blender should do the trick, but here are some of the best options on the market:

    • Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender – this is the blender that we currently use and we absolutely LOVE it. No joke – we use this thing at least 3x per day and often 5-10x. There are 5 programmed settings , or you can control the speed manually with any easy-to-use dial. It also comes with a tamper, so you don’t have to purchase one separately. If you have any specific questions about this blender, feel free to comment below or send us an email.
    • BlendTec Classic 575 Blender – We also have this blender and use it on a weekly basis. Although we haven’t found it to be quite as powerful as our Vitamix, it’s definitely a more cost-effective option. We love that you can purchase a smaller jar to use for sauces, dips, nut butters, etc. We use it all the time for sauces especially!
    • Kuvings SV500S Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender – We haven’t actually tried this blender, but we’ve heard great things about it. The vacuum technology allegedly preserves more nutrients that a regular blender, making it a great option for smoothies. Plus, a heavily insulated motor means it’s much less noisy than a traditional blender. I’m sure our family would appreciate that!

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    Summer Smoothie Bowl Recipes

    Hopefully we’ve answered all of your burning questions about making the perfect smoothie bowl, but feel free to comment below with any additional questions!

    We consider ourselves smoothie experts at this point – we’ve developed well over 50 smoothie recipes for various clients. Plus, I truly make them on a daily basis at home!

    Let’s briefly chat about these three summer smoothie bowls. First up: Cherry Berry. It’s made with frozen raspberries, strawberries, cherries and a surprise ingredient: beet powder! It’s tart, sweet, and makes the most of delicious summer berries.

    Next up: Blueberry Coconut Pitaya. Frozen blueberries, banana and pink pitaya powder team up to make the most gorgeous, rich purple. Pitaya is optional, but a fun addition if you happen to have some.

    We also add in a splash of hydrating coconut water to this smoothie bowl.

    Lastly, Carrot Mango Peach Turmeric! How’s that for a name? Frozen peaches are one of our favorite smoothie ingredients, and they’re perfect for summer.

    If you have a high-power blender, you can add a fresh carrot to your blender. If not, we suggest carrot juice instead. Turmeric adds an extra nutritional boost + a gorgeous deep yellow hue.

    What Does Blue Spirulina Taste Like

    Spirulina comes in two varieties: green spirulina and blue spirulina. Green spirulina tastes like the sea. To be honest, its not pleasant. On the other hand, blue spirulina is flavorless and odorless. Thats right there is no fishy taste or scent when you use blue spirulina! This makes it a far superior choice, in my opinion. You can add it to any recipe and it will go undetected, aside from the gorgeous blue hue it brings to your meal. In other words, you cant even taste the blue spirulina powder in this blue smoothie bowl.

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    How To Make Them Perfect

    Basically, everything you use in a regular smoothie is what goes into a smoothie bowl, only less liquid. I mostly use:

    • Frozen banana
    • Ice
    • Toppings!

    Having a high-speed Blendtec blender for recipes like smoothie bowls is also a plus, they can easily blend frozen fruit, ice, and whole ingredients compared to regular blenders. While I encourage you to use what you have, I do recommend something like the Blendtec.

    Ive had mine for YEARS, and to this day it still whips up thick smoothies from whole frozen fruit, as well as perfectly smooth hummus, healthy chocolate pudding, and pancake batter. Cant go wrong with one of these blenders!

    Grab a Blendtec for 20% off using the code: LF20OFF

    Acai Bowl With Berries And Banana

    How To Make a THICK Smoothie Bowl In a Nutribullet

    Try this recipe: Superfood Smoothie Bowl

    This smoothie bowl recipe from Australian nutritionist Lola Berry delivers everything you need for a healthy breakfast. It’s packed with nutritious ingredients like acai, blueberries, banana, chia seeds, and more.

    Ingredients: Frozen blueberries, frozen banana, unsweetened acai powder, almond milk, chia seeds, fresh strawberries for topping , granola for topping , raw honey for topping

    From The Happy Cookbook, Copyright 2016 by Lola Berry, reprinted with permission of St. Martins Press, LLC.

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    Best Smoothie Bowl Toppings For High Protein

    If you are on the phase of muscle building, you would want your smoothie bowl to be high protein because protein is one of the important nutrition to build muscle.

    You can add almond nuts, banana, and sun flower seeds to your smoothie bowl if you want your smoothie bowl to contain high protein. Those toppings contain high protein but dont add too much toppings to push your protein intake but instead, you can push it in the smoothie bowl base.

    For the smoothie bowl base, you can add protein powder for high protein smoothie bowl. But dont forget to mix the protein powder with cold water first before putting it into the blender. Mixing it first avoid your smoothie bowl to become gritty.

    Tasty Smoothie Bowl Recipes That You Can Easily Make At Home

    If you are a smoothie enthusiast, you will really enjoy these smoothie bowl recipes. They are tasty, packed with nutrients, and quite filling. Smoothie bowls are a great alternative to cold cereal for breakfast, and a healthy dessert option. They can also be savory for a healthy lunch or a post workout recharger. The 35 recipes described here are sure to grab your attention.

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    Can You Put Food Coloring In Smoothies

    I do not recommend adding traditional food coloring to smoothie bowls. You would have to use copious amounts of food coloring to achieve the desired result. Instead, opt for natural food coloring like superfood powders or real fruit!

    How to create any colored smoothie bowl:

    • Red: black cherries, acerola powder, strawberries, or beet root powder
    • Pink: pitaya powder or frozen raspberries
    • Orange: mango, peaches, oranges, or turmeric powder
    • Yellow: pineapple or turmeric powder
    • Green: leafy greens such as spinach and kale, or any greens powder
    • Blue: blue spirulina powder
    • Purple: blueberries, blackberries, or açaí
    • Black: activated charcoal

    Smoothie Bowl Health Benefits

    Nectarine Ginger Smoothie Bowl

    Since now you know that a smoothie bowl is essentially a smoothie with toppings, here are some health benefits of smoothie bowls.

    Nutrient Dense: Because smoothie bowls are made with such nutrient dense foods like frozen fruit, greens, seeds, and nuts, they pack in a mighty amount of nutrients and antioxidants.

    Packed with Protein: in pretty much any smoothie bowl recipe, you can easily sneak in a serving of protein powder to really amp up the protein intake of your meal. Check out our top protein powder recommendations.

    Fruits & Veggies: we all know that smoothie bowls are made with the base of fruit, but you can easily sneak in a serving of veggies too! Our top 3 are: spinach, frozen cauliflower , and kale.

    Easily Vegan & Gluten-Free: Since most smoothie bowls are made from whole foods, they are easily vegan and gluten-free friendly.

    Kid-Friendly: what kid doesnt love a meal that tastes like dessert?! Smoothie bowls are an easy way to get your kids to eat fruit and veggies!

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