Smoothie To Replace A Meal

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Why Smoothies Make Great Meal Replacements

Meal Replacement Smoothie

In many cases, skipping meals is a very unhealthy thing to do. It is not healthy to deprive your body of much-needed nutrients and it will most likely lead to over-eating later in the day.

Smoothies are not quite meal replacements. Instead, they are healthy meals in their own right, with all of your major food groups combined into one easy drink.

If you are trying to eat healthier, smoothies are a great option because:

  • They are made from all-natural ingredients.
  • They can be a great source of fiber.
  • Plant-based ingredients are great for your body .
  • Natural sugars and carbohydrates are better for your body than processed foods like pasta and white bread.
  • Many smoothies are high in protein this is key for making you feel full, and you can add protein powder in cases where your ingredients are not already protein-packed.

If you are not already sold on the idea of smoothies as meal replacements, check out these recipes, each of which is as filling and nutritious as they are super tasty:

Happy Healthy Meal Replacement Smoothie

  • If you use unpasteurized almonds, soak the almonds in water for 8 hours or overnight
  • Drain and rinse the almonds
  • Add one cup of water and almonds to the blender, and blend until smooth
  • Add the coconut butter and cacao and blend until smooth
  • Add the spinach, banana, blueberries, hemp seeds, and BrainON, and blend
  • Add dash of salt, stevia or monkfruit to taste and blend
  • Pour into a glass bottle, mason jar, or a cup, and enjoy! If you take the bottle with you to work, keep refrigerated

Perfect Smoothies Every Time

Feeling adventurous? Want to come up with your own perfect smoothie concoction?

Weve got the not-so-secret formula for you!

I have the blueprint for amazing smoothie recipes and you can get it for FREE! Its my Perfect Green Smoothies one-page printable, which will show you exactly how to make perfect green meal replacement shakes that taste amazing.

You can download it right now by clicking the banner below.

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How To Use Pineapple For Weight Loss

The delicious and sweet pineapple is the storehouse of many minerals, such as copper, manganese, and thiamine.

These minerals are essential as they help your body combat free radicals with antioxidants. Manganese is also an excellent mineral for strengthening bones.

Pineapples are high water content food, which is a favorable attribute when it comes to weight loss. The extremely high water content can make you feel fuller which will help you eat less.

Another beautiful thing about pineapples is its vitamin C. As you well know, this vitamin does an excellent job of helping your body build resistance to sickness by boosting your immune system.

Although pineapple is nutritious, it is more calorie-dense than other fruits.

So be cautious to stay within your calorie limits each day to see the results you want by including pineapple as part of your weight-loss diet.

Once you know how many calories you need to eat each day to lose weight, you can easily see how this smoothie slots into your allowances as I provide the calorie count of each of my smoothie recipes.

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Whats The Difference Between Protein Shakes & Meal Replacement Smoothies

Meal Replacement Blueberry Green Smoothie

Protein shakes are generally low calorie and arent really meant to replace an entire meal.

Meal replacement smoothies can replace a full meal because it contains more nutrients and calories than a protein shake.

If youre interested in the protein shake diet check out my article on it. Works great for rapid weight loss.

Also try to add in a high quality greens powder such as MetaboGreens.

Its a great way to sweeten up your meal replacement smoothie while also adding in many vital nutrients.

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How Does This Work

Before you start with the 21-day weight loss journey, youll be needed to do a 3-day detox first.

In the 21-day program, you will be asked to replace your two meals with smoothies. Your 3rd meal also should contain low calories. The book gives you the recipe you will need for that day. You will repeat this routine for 3 weeks. But dont worry about crashing though, the program allots you 1 cheat day per week. And while it focuses on smoothies, there is a list of the food you can eat and enjoy here. Vitamix Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipes Diet

Your Smoothie As Meal

In order for a smoothie to qualify as a meal, it needs a few extra hearty ingredients simply fruit blended with coconut water is not going to cut it.

  • Grab at least two high-protein additions like Greek yogurt, tofu, nut butter, and chia seeds.
  • A fiber boost helps too. Try adding oats, dates, or even pumpkin purée.
  • And dont forget a bit of healthy fat, like a little coconut oil, avocado, or ground flax seeds.

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Pick Protein For Smoothie A Meal Replacement

Balanced meal is not complete without proper amount of protein. Add protein powder to add protein to your green smoothie meal. You can use any plant based protein powder, for example unflavored pea protein or rice protein powder.

You can also avoid protein powder and add alternative, for example 2 tablespoons of cashew or almonds or flax seeds or hemp seeds. Even you can add unflavored half cup of Greek yogurt.

All these protein alternatives also add good fat in your diet. Green smoothie with good fat is necessary for a balanced healthy meal replacement.

Green Weight Loss Smoothies

Protein Smoothie/Meal Replacement Shake

Popping into a juice bar for a cold cup of extruded kale juice may be all the rage, but when it comes to both nutritional impact and weight-loss power, juices cant hold a candle to smoothies.

  • First, most commercial juices use apple juice, which is a high-sugar, low-nutrient base.
  • Second, juicing strips all the natural fiber out of produce: the rough stuff is what makes it good.
  • And third, juices lack fat and protein without these crucial elements, youre getting no fat-burning, metabolism-boosting benefits.

Next time you want to drink your veggies, blend up one of these seriously nutritious recipes from the book Zero Belly Smoothies.

All recipes make one serving.

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Mom Of 2 Sheds 70 Lbs With This One Weird Drink

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Tasty Meal Replacement Smoothies

If youre looking for healthy and delicious meals replacement smoothies for weight loss then youve come to the right place.

There are a lot of so-called healthy smoothies out there that arent very good for you and can actually make you gain weight.

Most meal replacement smoothies are loaded with simple sugars from fruits and fruit juice. They can also be massive calorie dumps when done incorrectly.

But here youll find the best meal replacements that are actually good for you and can help with weight loss.

Meal replacement smoothies can be very fast and convenient. They are an excellent choice if you need something quick. You can easily bring them work and stick in the fridge until youre ready to eat.

Or if youre super busy and your schedule doesnt allow breakfasts then a meal replacement smoothie can definitely help.

You can also end up saving money in the end by using meal replacement smoothies than paying for food.

Im sure youll agree it can be hard finding healthy meal replacement smoothies that are also delicious.

The meal replacement smoothies youll find here are easy to make plus theyre packed with lots of nutrients that will enhance weight loss.

Its always a good idea to have an easy to make meal ready to go on the days you dont have time to worry about making something to eat.

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Adding Protein To Your Meal Replacement Smoothies

Make sure you also add in protein powder to your homemade meal replacement smoothies. Protein helps to increase your metabolism and also is quite satiating.

Its an easy way to help meet your protein requirements for the day. Without protein, your body is more likely to burn off muscle than your fat.

Ill usually go with a vanilla or chocolate flavor protein powder when adding them to my smoothies.

You can try adding in some caffeine to your meal replacement smoothies to help give your metabolism an extra boost.

Ill usually use some much green tea or espresso in my morning meal replacement smoothie. Of course, its not a good idea to add caffeine if youre drinking this later in the day as it could make it harder to sleep at night.

What Is In The Plan

Top 7 Best Meal Replacements Smoothies For Weight Loss

So just what do you get if you get the ebook? As stated before, it is more than just healthy smoothie recipes. It contains a 21-day program, a weekly shopping list, a detox plan, and even a guide to assist you.

Heres a list of what you will find in the package:

  • 1 guide to help you navigate the program
  • 36 smoothie recipes
  • 21-day plan
  • 3-day detox program

Everything you will need will be in an electronic format, because its an ebook. You can access it anywhere using your device, whether you are using a tablet computer, a phone, or a PC.

You wont be wasting your time waiting for the book to arrive. Since its in a digital format, you can start with the program right away. If you want a hard copy, you can print the guide.

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High Intensity Workout Veggie Mango

This tasty green smoothie is made with spinach, mango, almonds, and bananas all of which can easily fit into a paleo diet.

It also contains FITAID + Paleo Protein Enhancer, which is used to bump up the amount of protein, B vitamins, and vitamins C and E in your smoothie .

A 20-ounce serving provides 400 calories, 29 grams of protein, and 9 grams of fiber. It also contains 41 mg of caffeine to increase your energy levels .

Cut Back On The Bad Ingredients

One of the biggest ones: beware of sugar! I never add sugar to my smoothies , but once in awhile Ill add honey or agave nectar. While these are a little healthier, theyre still sugar in the end. Try to find alternatives to the bad. Fruit is a great option to add some pizzazz to an otherwise boring smoothie. Blueberries, for example, are my best friend.

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Green Meal Replacement Smoothies

A great recipe you can get started with and use as a baseline, is the green meal replacement smoothie.

This recipe is very well balanced. This means both in terms of taste and function. Its not too high in sugars, fats or calories, yet you still get enough nutrients to support your day. The ingredients can help nourish, gently detox and cleanse your body, support gut health, and promote natural energy, mood and focus.

Many people like to make this green smoothie in the morning, place in a glass bottle and sip through the day. Dont be surprised if you find that you are not hungry by lunch.

  • If you use unpasteurized almonds, soak the almonds in water for 8 hours or overnight
  • Drain and rinse the almonds
  • Add one cup of water and almonds to the blender, and blend until smooth
  • Add the greens, celery, cucumber, and banana and blend
  • Add the protein powder and BrainOn
  • Add dash of salt, stevia or monkfruit to taste and blend
  • Add a little vanilla and blend
  • Pour into a glass bottle, mason jar, or a cup, and enjoy!
  • If you take the bottle with you to work, keep refrigerated

Vegan Nutty Super Grain

My Meal Replacement Green Smoothie

This hearty smoothie provides you a healthy dose of protein, carbs, and heart-healthy fats, making it a good choice if youre on the go and looking for a quick and easy meal replacement.

In fact, a 20-ounce serving contains 520 calories, 26 grams of fat, 19 grams of protein, 60 grams of carbs, and 7 grams of fiber .

Its made with bananas, almond milk, protein powder, peanut butter, cocoa, and an apple juice blend. It also includes Smoothie Kings signature Super Grains Enhancer, which features nutritious ingredients like chia seeds.

Chia seeds have been linked to a long list of benefits and can be a great addition to your diet, thanks to their content of fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants (

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Meal Replacement Smoothies With Coffee

Bulletproof coffee smoothie

In case this is the first time you hear about the bulletproof coffee, heres a quick recap. Its a high-fat very low carb coffee meal replacement smoothie, usually for breakfast.

With the original recipe, you make a smoothie with:

  • 1 cup of brewed coffee
  • 1-2 teaspoon of C8 Caprylic Acid Triglycerides MCT oil
  • 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter

The recipe truly complement the keto diet, which is one of the most popular diets for weight loss. The biggest advantages of the bulletproof coffee is that it can help to suppress hunger and maintain energy for many hours. Thus, when combined with a low carb diet such as the keto diet, it can help with weight loss despite being high in calories.

At the same time, the biggest critique come from the fact that besides fats, the majority of these calories are very low in other nutrients. Think about vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. There are not a lot in this recipe. In fact, one may argue that most of the minerals in this recipe come from the coffee, which has zero calories.

The upgraded vegan bulletproof coffee smoothie

An alternative approach to the recipe that attempt to solve the concerns of the original recipe, is the vegan bulletproof coffee smoothie recipe:

Matcha green tea meal replacement smoothie

A simple meal replacement smoothie with matcha:

Processed Foods That Are Okay On A Whole Food Diet

Many brands of cereals are fortified with B vitamins, which can be hard to come by on a plant-based diet.

For example, vitamin B12 , is largely found in animal sources. It is something that those on a plant-based diet need to keep an eye on, as studies show that around 20% of us are deficient. And we also know that 65% of vegans and vegetarians dont take a B vitamin supplement.

So in that case, choosing a cereal fortified with B vitamins would be a good option, if done wisely. By that I mean use your discretion and check the labels, as many brands of cereals are packed with sugar and additives. But you can strategically choose minimally processed foods using a whole foods mentality.

As a rule of thumb, if there are any ingredients that you cant pronounce, dont understand, or sound artificial, they probably are best avoided.

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Examples Of Meal Replacement Add

Smoothies can be the perfect fast food by adding healthy fats and plant-based protein. Use one of these meal replacement booster combos in your next green smoothie. The boosts are measured to work with all 250+ of our smoothie recipes.

  • 2 tbs chia seeds + 2oz silken tofu
  • 2 tbs hemp hearts + ¼ avocado
  • 2 tbs plant-based protein powder + 1 tbs coconut oil
  • 1 tbs almond butter + 2 tbs rolled oats
  • 2 tbs chia seeds + 1 tbs coconut oil

Green Detox Smoothie Recipes

Meal Replacement Blueberry Green Smoothie

You cant talk about detox smoothies without also discussing green smoothies. The reason green detox smoothie recipes are so popular is because most detox smoothie recipes call for some kind of green leafy vegetable , which gives it its distinctive green color.

But dont let the bright green color fool you, these green smoothie detox recipes taste wonderful and you usually cant taste the leafy vegetables. And when it comes to fast weight loss, a green smoothie cleanse cant be beat.

Try one of my green smoothie weight loss recipes below and youll understand why they are so popular.

These healthy smoothies for weight loss lean heavy on baby spinach, the most mild of the greens. I promise you wont be able to taste the spinach in this yummy detox smoothie recipes!

For kale smoothies, avocado smoothies, and more keep scrolling! There are lots more smoothies recipes below!

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How To Turn A Smoothie Into A Meal

The key to replacing meals with smoothies is including healthy fats AND proteins. Healthy fats and proteins are the way to go if you want to power up with a green smoothie meal replacement. This combo will keep you feeling full and give you the energy you need to cruise right through ’til your next snack or meal. Below are our favorite options for smoothie meal replacement boosters:

Examples That Show That A Smoothie Can Replace A Meal

Here we share some delicious and nutritionally comprehensive recipes for preparing smoothies:

  • Green smoothie: avocado, baby spinach, ripe banana, and a rice drink
  • Red smoothie: strawberries, cooked beets, raisins, macadamia nuts, sunflower oil and cranberry juice
  • Orange smoothie: papaya, beet greens, pine nuts, dried apricots, almond oil, creamed oatmeal and wheat germ
  • Yellow smoothie: pineapple, nuts, dates, sesame oil, apple juice and bee pollen

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