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Tropical Smoothie Catering Menu

Tropical Smoothie Cafe adds 2 new menu items

If you are looking for someone who could cater to your event for feeding a bigger group of people, then you are on the right platform. Tropical Smoothie offers catering service and also offers $25 off for orders over $100.

Visit to check the catering menu at your location.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe History

Tropical Smoothie Cafe was founded in 1997 by Eric Jenrich, Delora Jenrich, and David Walker. The company started out as a small smoothie shop in Destin, Florida, but has since grown into a nationwide chain with over 500 locations.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is especially popular for their healthy smoothies and sandwiches, which make for a perfect on-the-go meal. Eric first got into the restaurant business when he took over his familys sub shop in Destin, Florida.

He then opened a smoothie store called Tropical Smoothie next door to sell smoothies with fresh fruit ingredients. After several years, he decided to merge the two businesses to create Tropical Smoothie Cafe. The first official cafe was opened in Atlanta, Georgia in 1997.

Since its opening, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has expanded to over 500 locations nationwide. They are most well-known for their nutritious smoothies and sandwiches, which come with freshly made ingredients. Their most popular smoothie is the Passion Island drink.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe has won several awards in recent years. In 2012, they were ranked 3rd on the Fastest Growing Franchise list by Entrepreneur magazine. They have also won several different awards for their food and service since opening in 1997.

As you have already gone through the complete Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices 2022, we have discussed the latest menu and prices. The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price.

Tropical Smoothie Order According To Your Taste

The Tropical Smoothie Cafe started as a Smoothie Shop at the Panhandle of Florida in 1993. After the founding of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Corporation in Destin, Florida, in the year 1997, the first franchised store opened in 1998 in Tallahassee, Florida. Since then, it has had varied smoothies year by year. In 2020 Tropical Smoothie has 836 locations all over the United States.

Besides, there were some alterations in some peoples favorites, and some signature drinks dont change. Most of their Smoothies are quantified as 24 Oz, and every Smoothie are divided into categories, where you have one category of Classic Smoothies consisting of items like Sunrise Sunset and Kiwi Quencher, the Fast Food smoothie consists of Sunny Day and the Superfood Smoothies consisting of the very famous Island Green and the Acai Berry Boost. Its menu has all kinds of touch, like breakfast, drinks, for kids, and more, that serve customers to its best. Now lets see the complete Tropical Smoothie menu prices.

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Three Types Of Healthy Smoothie Bowls

Ive made three delicious and nutritious smoothie bowls for you to enjoy. which one will be your favorite?!

Mango Banana Smoothie Bowl

Mango and banana blended with coconut water, ginger and turmeric.

Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Frozen strawberries and raspberries blended with coconut milk and topped with hemp seeds.

Blueberry Blackberry Smoothie Bowl

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Tropical Smoothie Menu And Prices

Food and Smoothie Menu

Being a Smoothie Cafe, fans from all over America relieves their thirst when they sip the Smoothies, especially the fan favorites smoothies of 24oz are Sunrise Sunset, Bahama Mama and acai Berry Boost range is in medium level and the Fan Favourite a Food features are Chicken Pesto Flatbread, Turkey Bacon Ranch Sandwich and Buffalo Chicken Wrap costing little bit expensive respectively.

The reason why so many people visit the Tropical Cafe Smoothie is that it serves good quality smoothies at affordable prices, as most of the smoothies would cost you under $5. Several food items are under $5, but people prefer buying the $7 half package where you could get a smoothie and your choice of Sandwich.

Tropical Smoothie Breakfast Menu

Order now from Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and you will experience the best wraps, sandwiches chicken ranch, chicken salads, and many more at your table. So, what are you waiting for? Make your breakfast special with the best foods that are healthy as well as tasty and will not consume much time on your busy day.

You can get to know the nutritional factors as well as other ingredients that the food contains later in this article, so what can be more amazing than this!

All Day Breakfast Menu

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Tropical Smoothie Caf Works To Keep Its Momentum

Charles Watson, the CEO of Tropical Smoothie Care, was thrilled with his companys performance so far this year, which is what youd expect from a chain whose same-store sales are up 43%.

But he is also realistic.

I love these numbers, he said. Were never going to hear them again. So we might as well enjoy them while theyre here.

Watson is realistic about those numbers because he understands that they are a product of the situationthey are comparing themselves against a particularly weak first quarter of 2020, after all, and the stimulus has provided his and many other chains with excess sales they cant expect to keep.

Yet plenty of other figures from Tropical Smoothies year gives Watson confidence that the company can turn the pandemic into a long-term opportunity. The biggest: The chain has sold 177 franchises since December, the most in any 4.5-month period in company history.

While the weak economy has supercharged franchise saleswhich always thrive when people lose jobsthis one isnt just a pandemic phenomenon. Seventy percent of franchise sales are to existing franchisees, Watson said. Thats the biggest complement we can get. Were heading into the right direction strategically and our franchisee operators and partners are behind it.

The company generated those sales with a more concerted digital effort, particularly on third-party delivery, and by creating curbside service and later through limited-time offers and other efforts.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Smoothie Shop

What it Costs when Starting a Smoothie Business Total Estimated Costs $183,500 ? $232,000 Leasehold improvements $105,000 ? $134,000 Equipment $66,000 ? $73,000 Initial franchise fee $12,500 ? $25,000 Area development and multi-store ownership $267,500 ? $394,500 People also ask how much does it cost to open a planet smoothie? Planet Smoothie Franchise Costs & Fees Name of Fee Low High Initial Franchise Fee $16,000 $25,000 Lease Review Fee $0 $2,500 Rent/Security Deposit $6,000 $20,000 Travel and Living Expenses while training, not including salaries, if any, for franchisees and their employees $3,750 $7,500 14 more rows

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Along With Prices And Hours

April 7, 2021

Tropical Smoothie Menu treats you with varieties of fast-casual food and smoothies. It is a cafe chain, was started in 1997 in Destin, Florida, United States. It began the journey from a small shop and now has been expanding to many locations nationwide. Tropical Smoothie Cafe chain headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. It is famous for offering nutritious valued food in smoothies, wraps, and sandwiches with the best quality dining facility in the beautiful, decorated ambiance of the café. You can plan and enjoy the food with your loved ones.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Hours

Tropical Smoothie’s new menu items

Tropical Smoothie Café has a dining option at the outlets where you can have food with family, friends. Also, anyone can opt for home delivery or curbside pick-up by ordering online using a mobile application or website. It is necessary to know the opening and closing times of the Tropical Smoothie café at the respective locations. The common duration of operating is given but it would be convenient if check it from a nearby store.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Operating hours

Monday 7.00 AM Morning 9.00 PM

Tuesday 7.00 AM Morning 9.00 PM

Wednesday 7.00 AM Morning 9.00 PM

Thursday 7.00 AM Morning 9.00 PM

Friday 7.00 AM Morning 9.00 PM

Saturday 9.00 AM Morning 9.00 PM

Sunday 9.00 AM Morning 9.00 PM

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Lemonshark Poke Franchise Cost

The estimated initial franchise fee for any LemonShark Poke ranges from $341,950 to $866,400. Among the additional expenses include royalty fees, marketing fund fees, and technology fees.

Unfortunately, the franchisor doesnt offer financing options and will not guarantee a franchise note, obligation, or lease.

You can refer to the tables for the breakdown of the franchise fee and other costs in starting a LemonShark Poke franchise.

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Signature Wraps And Bowls

Baja ChickenRice, black beans, smashed avocado, romaine, pickled red onion, Cheddar, and roasted tomato salsa. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $7.92 +$0.02+0.25% Buffalo ChickenTomatoes, romaine, mozzarella, buffalo sauce, and lite ranch. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $7.83 +$0.02+0.26% Supergreen Caesar ChickenRomaine kale and spinach blend, shredded parmesan, tomatoes, parmesan crisps, and Caesar. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $7.92 +$0.02+0.25% Caribbean Jerk ChickenRice, black beans, Cheddar, roasted pineapple salsa, romaine, and jerk sauce. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $7.89 +$0.01+0.13% Thai ChickenCarrots, sesame seeds, wontons, cilantro, scallions, romaine, and Thai peanut sauce. Served as a bowl or wrap in a flour tortilla with chips, whole fruit or kale and apple slaw. $8.02 +$0.02+0.25% Hummus VeggieHummus, smashed avocado, pepper jack cheese, a lettuce blend, rice, black beans, picked red onions, tomatoes and lite ranch. $7.85 Served with chips, whole fruit, or kale and apple slaw. Cali Chicken Club MealBacon, smashed avocado, tomatoes, romaine, mozzarella, and basil garlic mayo. 570 cal. $9.74 Bacon, kale, and apple slaw, a smoked cheese blend and honey Dijon. 580 cal. $9.71

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu And Prices

BBQ SHRIMP QUESADILLA BBQ shrimp, queso blanco, cheddar & smoked cheese blend, roasted pineapple salsa, and pickled jalapeños in a flour tortilla served with BBQ ranch 0
BLT QUESADILLA bacon, queso blanco, cheddar & smoked cheese blend, tomato and shredded lettuce in a flour tortilla with salsa ranch 0
JERK CHICKEN QUESADILLA grilled chicken, queso blanco, cheddar & smoked cheese blend, roasted pineapple salsa, black beans, roasted red peppers and jerk sauce in a flour tortilla served with jerk ranch 0

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Charlotte

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu, Menu for Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Searcy ...

#894Restaurants in Charlotte

Great! Added coconut milk and extra berries. Extra large size for six bucks. Better than most places in town!

I know this is a chain but it doesn’t feel like a chain. It just feels like healthy eating. It’s not exactly fast food but the fact that it takes time to prepare the food or smoothie is really a plus. It’s also not the…cheapest but then it wouldn’t be what sets it apart from other smoothie places. And when you want to try something new, go for the specials. Just keep in mind that the smoothies and restaurant items are subject to change. But you can always order your own smoothie lineup.More

We love these guys in hometown Raleigh so, delighted to go there while in town and, consistently good food , and all got a smoothie ….It’s clean, new, nice , and in a trendy little mixed use area with shopping and loft style living. Our one complaint was the gal taking care of us, could have cared less, just needs a swift kick in the pants from mgmt, or out the door if she were my employee. Hopefully not typical of what they allow at their restaurant, but, when you go, and I encourage you to, you be the judge, again, hopefully just one bad apple who had a bad day.More

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The Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie Is The Best Way To Indulge

Simply because Tropical Smoothie Cafe is all about healthier options, that doesnt mean customers shouldnt enjoy themselves when they go there. Certain dishes have a healthier option than the others however, most menu items for lunch and dinner are in the middle of the spectrum.

If youre seeking something sweet that can double as dessert, The Peanut Butter Cup smoothie is the best option. Its made up of banana, peanut butter, and chocolate, but its packed with the sugar equivalent of 107 grams.

Its not the most nutritious item available, but everybody needs the right to have their treat yourself occasions.

There are many other delicious sweet smoothies ideal for people looking for an extra-rich option than the usual fruity or green smoothie.

The Mocha Madness is ideal for coffee lovers, with its coffee-chocolate-cappuccino flavor mixed with non-fat yogurt. Beware, this drink is also relatively high in sugar, with more than 132 grams of sweet substance.

If your kids are craving something sweet , The Chocolate Chimp smoothie made with chocolate and banana is a perfect choice. With only 52g of sugar, it could be your best choice.

Tropical Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

If one is interested in losing weight through healthy means, then smoothies are an excellent option to consider. This drink usually delivers fewer calories than other meal replacements since it can be prepared without any additional ingredients. In addition, the abundant fiber content of smoothies allows for a sense of satiety that can last longer, thus preventing one from snacking too much between meals.

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices

Tropical Smoothie Café is a chain of restaurants serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and smoothies all day. It is famous primarily for its huge variety of smoothies but distinguishes itself from other smoothie shops by offering quality food as well. With locations all over the U.S. and maintaining a presence for nearly twenty years, they clearly have the recipe for success.

Growing the franchise significantly over the years, what started as just a smoothie shop has become a full-blown eatery as every year they add more menu items. After nineteen years, with a new logo and updated restaurant as of 2014, they have continued adapting for an expanding market and increase in popularity.

Any Smoothie and Your Choice of Half Sandwich or Half Salad $6.99
Add 24 oz. Smoothie to Any Flatbread, Sandwich, Wrap, Salad, or Two Tacos $3.00
Toasted and Served with Choice of Side
Thai Chicken
Toasted and Served with Choice of Side
Rustic Turkey & Apple Club
Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread $2.99
Kid’s Food Item with Choice of Side & 12 oz. Kid’s Smoothie $4.99

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Hours: What Time Does Tropical Smoothie Close

Tropical Smoothie Café (Raven Review #2)

If youre looking for a delicious tropical smoothie, youll be happy to know that Tropical Smoothie Cafe is open every day of the week! However, the Tropical Smoothie Cafe hours may vary depending on the location.

In this article, we will provide a list of the general hours for Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Keep in mind that these hours may vary depending on your location, so be sure to check with your local cafe before heading out!

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu With Price 2022

Would you like to eat mouthwatering smoothies at Tropical Smoothie Cafe restaurant? If yes, then before ordering the food you should look into the Latest Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices list.

For checking the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu and Prices List, you can stay here to get all details about the Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Menu Prices from breakfast to dinner. Also, you have a chance to access the Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Secret Menu Prices.

Before visiting the restaurant or order online, you should check Tropical Smoothie Cafes Food Prices. So you can order your food according to your choice and budget.

Here, I will provide the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Prices List 2022 list included Tropical Smoothie Cafe breakfast menu price, Tropical Smoothie Cafe meal menu price, Tropical Smoothie Cafe catering menu price.

In this post, I am trying to provide accurate prices with the Latest & Current Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices list. Still, you can visit Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu’s official site because the restaurant can change its prices at any time.

Tropical Smoothie Cafs History

A destination for flavor seekers, Tropical Smoothie Café has a history of serving fresh foods that started a little food stand where they served fruit smoothies on beach in Florida.

But I want to sit down! a customer said In 1997, in an effort to give their customers a more complete dining experience, they decided to open up their first storefront in Tallahassee, Florida. Over the next couple of years they developed their menu and brand, eventually establishing the Tropical Smoothie name in 2000.

Tropical smoothie Café has a mission that aims to create a healthier lifestyle by serving fun food and healthy smoothies for their customers.

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About Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe® is a national fast-casual cafe concept inspiring a healthier lifestyle with more than 850 locations nationwide. With snack and meal options for any time of day, Tropical Smoothie Cafe serves better-for-you smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, and flatbreads, in an atmosphere that appeals to people of all ages. Upgraded app technology and enhanced mobile ordering capabilities further elevate the digital and dine-in cafe experience and emphasize the brandâs focus on convenience.The rapidly growing franchise has received numerous accolades including rankings in QSRâs Best Franchise Deals, Entrepreneurâs Franchise 500 and Forbesâ Best Franchises, as well as Franchise Timesâ Top 200+. In 2019, the brand was recognized amongst Fast Casualâs Top 100 Movers and Shakers, Nationâs Restaurant Newsâ Top 200 and Top 10 Fastest Growing Chains, Franchise Times Fast and Serious, Restaurant Business Americaâs Favorite Chains, as well as being chosen as NRAEFâs Restaurant Neighbor Award Winner.

Franchise Details:

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