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Buying A Tropical Smoothie Franchise | Pros and Cons | Might Be Worth The Price

This location is missing the standard “order here” and “pay here” signs so it is always a cluster mess of confused people. This location also seems to refuse to stock up on additions like Bee Sure. Attrition rate with employees is very high with a new face every few weeks. The franchise owner at this location needs to pick up the ball with the company standards.

Today me and my little brother walked in and order smoothies. After watching them being made and trying to use Apple Pay to purchase we were told that their WiFi was down & that there was nothing they could do about it. Now coming after a workout I didn’t have cash or my card on me, we walked out without the made smoothies. Lol

The staff is awesome! Always great service and super good smoothies. Tons of options for everyone from a body builder to the folks trying to lean out. Im always satisfied with the taste and selection of these incredible smoothies. Checkout the hidden menu in the chalkboard.

Working At Emerald City Smoothie Glassdoor

    Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it’s like to work at Emerald City Smoothie, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. This is the Emerald City Smoothie company profile. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Emerald City Smoothie.

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Emerald City Smoothie Franchise

Emerald City Smoothie Franchise

Individual Unit Costs

How much does a Emerald City Smoothie Franchise owner make?

Your income potential as a Emerald City Smoothie Franchise entrepreneur depends vastly on many factors. As an entrepreneur, the goals to achieve are related to expanding sales while lowering your operation costs and increasing the quality of your products and or services. Each month your operating costs can include royalty fees, mortgage / rent, supplies for products, staffing, utilities, bookwork, stationary and other items. From one month to the next, you may find your costs fluctuate, but your up-front costs are, for the most part, fixed and they will cover most of the initial setup of equipment, signage and renovations.

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Emerald City Smoothie And You: A Compelling Opportunity

If you are looking for a significant franchise opportunity with a low cost of entry and high upside potential, you may be a great candidate to be an Emerald City Smoothie franchise owner.

One of the most important things that set ECS apart from the crowd is its unique brand promise. ECS delivers healthy smoothies with unbeatable taste. When you’re getting started, this unique concept results in a shorter time to break even. Even better, over the long run, it means that you own a defensible brand that is very difficult to copy.

We’ve also built our uniqueness beyond the product. We build customer loyalty everyday through:

  • A personal service philosophy that turns our employees into part of our customer’s fitness-support team, which keeps customers coming back
  • The right supplements for any health goal from weight loss to bulking up
  • Smoothie recipes that won us the “best of” smoothie category in a Seattle poll, featuring a unique blending process that creates a smooth, refreshing, but never-watery, taste
  • World-class visual branding and store design that draws customers into your stores and makes selection of high-margin add-on products easy
  • Corporate marketing, training, site selection, and quality control services

Who Are Our Franchisees

The Emerald w/ Peanut Butter

The profile of our franchisees range from former corporate managers first time business owners working professionals seeking business ownership and independence athletic coaches former professional athletes and personal trainers. We have 23 multi-store owners ranging from 2 to 5 franchise locations.

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Emerald City Smoothie To Open First International Locale

With more than 60 locations operating across the United States, Emerald City Smoothie is embarking on its first international journey with a new-store opening in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Emerald City Smoothie has awarded its first international franchise location in Mexico to Gene Hensley and Ben Salomon. Hensley brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the global travel and tourism industry where he was the executive vice president of Trendwest Resorts and president of Worldmark board of directors.

Our success over the 15 years has provided us with the opportunity to take our concept outside of the United States. We are thrilled to have both Gene and Ben on board to open our first location in Mexico as Gene has been a long time partner with Emerald City Smoothie, said Al Schriber, member manager of Emerald City Smoothie. Their entrepreneurial backgrounds and passion for the brand make us confident that they will be successful in building a strong presence for Emerald City Smoothie in Mexico.

The 400-square-foot location will feature a rooftop garden with solar panels that will be utilized for energy conservation. To assist in watering the garden plants, water from the store will be re-directed to the garden instead of the gutters.

Emerald City Smoothiefranchise Business Opportunity

If you are looking for information on the Emerald City Smoothie franchise business opportunity, Emerald City Smoothie franchises or Emerald City Smoothies franchising, then you have come to the right place.

  • Business Franchising Opportunity Information
  • Ownership franchises for sale and to buy
  • Info on buying and owning master franchise territory opportunities
  • Purchase, start and own a multi unit franchise investment
  • Starting, purchasing and becoming a small business owner

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Basics Of A Emerald City Smoothie Franchise

If youre thinking about buying a Emerald City Smoothie franchise, there are many things to consider before signing on the dotted line. Becoming a Emerald City Smoothie franchisee is not a guarantee of success, but rather a blueprint that can assist you in achieving success. Given the correct market conditions, skills and dedication, being a Emerald City Smoothie franchisee might be financially rewarding.

Owning a Emerald City Smoothie franchise is a serious commitment and works best when you make a thoughtful, educated decision.

  • Just because you love Emerald City Smoothies products or services doesnt mean that you will be able to successfully operate a Emerald City Smoothie franchise.
  • Being emotionally attached to the idea of becoming a Emerald City Smoothie franchisee is not a state of mind in which you can effectively evaluate an opportunity.
  • Your positive experience as a customer of Emerald City Smoothie should not form the basis for deciding to become a franchisee.

As an example, just because you love Big Macs doesnt mean that you should become a McDonalds franchisee.

Are you looking for some free resources to help you determine if a Emerald City Smoothie franchise is for you?

Emerald City Smoothie Franchise Disclosure Document

Tumwater Emerald City Smoothie reopens

Carefully read the Emerald City Smoothie Franchise DisclosureDocument . They can be intimidating.

As you are reviewing Emerald City Smoothies Franchise Disclosure Document you will have a number of calls with Emerald City Smoothies franchise team before you will be allowed to call Emerald City Smoothie franchisees.

When you are allowed to call Emerald City Smoothie franchisees make sure you speak to at least five to eight franchisees. You will find that most Emerald City Smoothie franchisees will be honest and unbiased about Emerald City Smoothie. If you would like more information on how to dissect a Emerald City Smoothie FDD consider the following resources:

  • The Educated Franchisee Chapter 8 ‘ Dissecting the Franchise Disclosure Document’ –
  • The FDD Exchange – Franchise Disclosure Document Checklist’ –
  • PodCast with Franchise Attorney Nancy Lanard ‘What to look for in a Franchise Disclosure Document’ –

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Does A Emerald City Smoothie Franchise Make Money

A critical part of your due diligence is to build an estimated P& L and see what the numbers might look like if you become a Emerald City Smoothie franchisee. Reading Chapter 13 of The Educated Franchise teaches you the secrets of this key step.

The decision making tools in Chapter 15 of The Educated Franchise and in Step 13 of The Franchisee Workbook shows you how to honestly evaluate whether or not buying a Emerald City Smoothie franchise is the right move for you.

If youre serious about becoming a Emerald City Smoothie all franchisee and want to explore owning a Emerald City Smoothie franchise, take the best first step you can and grab your copy of The Educated Franchise today!

Emerald City Smoothie Company Profile: Acquisition

    Emerald City Smoothie General Information Description. Producer of nutritional snacks and products intended to help individuals nourish their bodies. The company offers a large selection of dietary supplements, ready-to-drink products, healthy snacks like protein bars, chips, vegan snacks, meat sticks, beverages and multi-vitamins among others, enabling individuals to build and maintain …

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Former Pastor Makes Job Transition Smoothly

Over the last decade, Sam Harris has gone from shepherding a flock of young believers to blending smoothies.

  • Wednesday, July 30, 2008 12:00am

Sam Harris

Sam Harris says its all about people

Over the last decade, Sam Harris has gone from shepherding a flock of young believers to blending smoothies.

He said the career change has been surprisingly smooth.

Harris, now the owner of three Emerald City Smoothie stores in Kent, worked for seven years as an associate youth pastor in Vancouver before joining the health-drink company. In a way, he said, he still uses his ministry skills every day.

I still get to work with people, he said. My passion is working with people. When I was a youth pastor, I spent a lot of time investing in the lives of teenagers and their families. And that corresponds here. I used to help people develop a closer relationship with God. Now, Im helping my customers establish a healthier lifestyle.

Harris, 41, said health is what Emerald City is all about, and its one of the reasons hes so passionate about the fast-growing franchise chain. The company deals in smoothies that are low in fat, low in refined sugar and high in protein, he said, as well as a full line of nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Emerald City now includes more than 60 stores in Washington, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and California, but Harris got involved early on, when it was just a small family business his familys.

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Emerald City Smoothie Franchise Information


Emerald City Smoothie Franchise Start-Up Costs Liquid Capital Required

We’ve also built our uniqueness beyond the product. We build customer loyalty everyday through:

  • A personal service philosophy that turns our employees into part of our customer’s
  • fitness-support team, which keeps customers coming back
  • The right supplements for any health goal from weight loss to bulking up
  • Smoothie recipes that won us the “best of” smoothie category in a Seattle poll, featuring a unique blending process that creates a smooth, refreshing, but never-watery, taste
  • World-class visual branding and store design that draws customers into your stores and makes selection of high-margin add-on products easy
  • Corporate marketing, training, site selection, and quality control services

ECS also features all the benefits offered by franchises in general including a formula for operating a successful business that all but eliminates business mistakes commonly made by new business owners. Today, one out of every three dollars spent by Americans for goods and services is spent in a franchised business , generating an estimated US$1 trillion in the U.S. economy annually. The combination of the franchisor’s expertise and your hard work create the potential for a strong business. With a franchise, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself! Why Emerald City Smoothie? The Concept Our customers appreciate taste and health!

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Emerald City Smoothie Due Diligence

You must conduct smart due diligence and determine from a business perspective whether owning a Emerald City Smoothie franchise is right for you.

If you truly want own a Emerald City Smoothie franchise, get all the information you can from Emerald City Smoothie and secure a qualified advisor who has experience helping people like you purchase franchises.

You may also want find that gaining a better understanding of the terms related to franchising would be helpful. If so, you may want to visit A Glossary of Franchise Terms.

Make sure that owning a Emerald City Smoothie franchise fits in with both your skills and life style objectives. If you dont want to work evening and weekends, dont purchase an ice cream shop. If youre an introvert, dont buy a franchisee that requires you to be extroverted.

Are you interested in more questions to ask Emerald City Smoothie franchisor, Emerald City Smoothie franchisee, or even yourself? Get to know the terms.

Emerald City Smoothie Debuts New Kiosk Prototype

Lisa Jennings | Oct 09, 2010

Emerald City Smoothie has developed a kiosk model designed to fit in gyms and other businesses that the chain said cuts the cost of entry roughly in half.

Last week, the first Emerald City Smoothie kiosk opened in an LA Fitness facility in Renton, Wash., and three more are scheduled to open this year within the health club chain, said Al Schriber, vice president of administration for Seattle-based Emerald City.

Its not an exclusive relationship, Schriber noted, but the prototype kiosk developed for the fitness centers fit the roughly 500-square-foot spaces available in such gyms, offering franchisees a new opportunity.

We facilitate the introduction, he said. The pre-designed format or business model makes it a consistent offering.

Emerald City has opened several kiosk locations inside other fitness centers in Washington state.

The kiosks also work inside other high-volume businesses, said Julie Vance, Emerald Citys vice president of operations. For example, a franchisee in Washington state opened an Emerald City inside a busy Chevron station.

Of the 60-units open within the almost-all-franchised smoothie chain, eight are kiosks, Schriber said.

At a time when funding for franchisees is tough, the goal is to make the cost of entry more accessible with the smaller footprint, Schriber said.

Franchisees also would get the marketing benefit of a co-brand with the host facility, as well as lower overhead and labor costs, Schriber said.

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Most Read Business Stories

Baskett, who bought the chain with a small group of investors in 2005, figures that if sun-deprived Seattle likes the drinks, theyll be huge in warm-weather states such as California, Texas, Florida and Hawaii.

He expects to ramp up growth significantly by adding franchises all over the country. Plans call for expanding from 47 mostly Seattle-area stores to 300 stores nationwide by the end of 2010. The average store has sales of about $450,000 a year.

Emerald City was named by founders Tex and Mary Hefner, who expanded the chain to 26 stores two they owned and 24 run by licensees before selling the company. Now, except for one store in Factoria, all are franchised.

Sunny skies or not, Seattle attracts other smoothie concepts, too from Jamba Juice to Starbucks Kinetix Smoothies, which its testing in six local stores. Kinetix is a nutrition-and-fitness program whose smoothies, such as those at Emerald City, target health-conscious customers.

No smoothie concept values health the way we do, said Baskett, who considers himself proof that exercise and eating several small meals a day, including an Emerald City Smoothie, can be life-altering.

With that regimen, Baskett says, he went from barely being able to step onto a curb in his mid-30s to completing the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic five years later.


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