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Mcdonalds Real Fruit Smoothies: Fruit Or Foe

McCafe Commercial “Bursting”

Im sure youve seen the ads for the new McCafe Smoothies. At $2.29 each, theyre being advertised as an affordable way to get healthy fruit into your diet. Seeing the billboards really upsets me because I know that nothing healthy comes out of McDonalds, despite their efforts to fool the public otherwise. I decided to do some digging to find out the story behind these smoothies, if theyre actually healthy and whats in them.

The smoothies come in small, medium and large and in two flavors: Strawberry Banana and Wild Berry. According to McDonalds website, here are the ingredients for the Wild Berry:

Wild berry fruit blend, low fat yogurt, ice.

Not bad huh? Wild berry fruit blend sounds healthy, like its just fruit blended together! Think again. The ingredients for wild berry fruit blend are:

Strawberry puree, water, sugar, blackberry puree, blueberry puree, concentrated pineapple juice, concentrated apple juice, contains less than 1% of the following: cellulose powder, xanthan gum, colored with fruit and vegetable juice, natural and artificial flavors, pectin, citric acid. CONTAINS: MILK *Dispensed from equipment that also dispenses milk ingredients

Cultured Grade A reduced fat milk, sugar, whey protein concentrate, fructose, corn starch, kosher gelatin. Contains active yogurt cultures.

So to recap, here is our complete list of ingredients:

Strict Vegans Are Against The Consumption Of Processed Sugar

Most of the sugar in America is filtered with the help of bone char in sugar factories. This bone char is a product of high-temperature combustion of animal bones. Many argue that only the bones of dead animals are used for making bone char. But several investigations have proven the opposite. Sometimes, animals are actively killed to maintain supplies for this process.

This is why many vegans are against the consumption of cane sugar that is filtered by this process. However, all sugar is not filtered by this process alone. A large portion of sugar factories instead employ granular activated carbon for the filtration of cane sugar. Also, much sugar is derived from beet and coconut. So you never know which variety of processed sugar is present in your food.

Thats why the complete eradication of sugar from diet is deemed arbitrary. One does not need to avoid all sugar because some of it may be non-vegan. McDonalds smoothies will be avoided by vegans mainly because of the presence of milk, but many foods may also be avoided by strict vegans owing to the presence of processed sugar.

Create The Ultimate Fruit And Veg Combo With This Gorgeous Berry And Beetroot Smoothie

While we never thought we’d see the day that McDonalds sell protein fruit smoothies, we’re not mad about it…

From today onwards, youll be able to pick up a protein-boosting mixed berry or tropical smoothie on your next pre or post-gym Maccas run. Who said fast food and working out didn’t go together?

The smoothies reportedly have no added sugar, no artificial preservatives or flavours and include at least one serve of fruit. Not too shabby, Macca’s, not too shabby.

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The four new fruit smoothies from McDonald’s. Source: McDonald’s.

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Mcdonald’s Wild Berry Smoothie Recipe: 3 Delicious Ideas


Ingredients: ½ Cup Water ½ Cup Red Grapes ½ Cup Plain Yogurt ½ Cup Frozen Strawberries ½ Cup Frozen Blueberries ½ Cup Frozen Raspberries

The FDA requires the ingredient list to be written from greatest to least. This means that Strawberry Puree is the most added of the ingredients, and citric acid is the least . With this rule in mind, Sugar is the 3rd ingredient on the Wild Berry Smoothies list.

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Mcdonalds Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie Recipe

McDonalds blueberry pomegranate smoothie contains fresh pomegranate juice, blueberry, and raspberry purees mixed with ice and low-fat yogurt. Now lets get all the nutritional values and flavor map of McDonalds blueberry pomegranate smoothie. If you are ready, How about making a blueberry pomegranate smoothie together?

Mcdonalds Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

If youve had enough of berries by now, its time to try out another great smoothie recipe from McDonalds. We are now going to try to imitate the strawberry banana smoothie that has been one of the favorites at McDonalds for a long time.

You are going to be extremely surprised by how simple this recipe is. It may not be quite as sweet as the smoothie that you get at the restaurant, but it does taste remarkably similar. It also uses only two ingredients plus a bit of crushed ice. And I bet you can guess what those ingredients are!

Keep in mind that if you want to make this recipe a bit more interesting, you can add a variety of different greens, like kale or spinach, and you can add yogurt. If you want a sweeter and more sugary taste, add your own preferred sweetener, add a touch of honey, or add a scoop of flavored yogurt or strawberry ice cream.

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First Impressions: Real Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie From Mcdonalds

Posted March 26th, 2010 | 12:02am by Adam

The Golden Arches have been rolling out and testing a number of new menu items as of late with the chains latest offering in the McCafe line further blurring the line between fast food and fast casual. Im of course talking about McDonalds McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies, which the company announced the debut of during last months Olympic Games. So far the Smoothies are apparently still in the testing phase, with the two flavors Strawberry Banana and Wild Berry scheduled to hit the national scene by the summer. I stopped by my local Micky Ds the other day and ordered a Strawberry Banana, which retails at $1.99 for a small .

When I arrived at my McDonalds I asked what was in the smoothies, and was told it was a fruit base blended with low-fat yogurt and ice. Touted as containing real fruit, the smoothies are made to order for the customer, and mine was delivered in a timely and pleasant enough manner. The smoothie had a good consistency that was neither too watery nor too icy, although I wouldnt go so far as to label it creamy. Based on the consistency and available nutritional data, Id guess that the ratio of fruit blend to yogurt favors the fruit blend, although I found the texture no different from most run-of-the-mill smoothies youd order at your local juicer.

Taste: 5.50/10

What To Do With Mcdonalds Smoothie And Shake

Going thru McDonalds Drive Thru On Mopeds

So, check out the McDonalds Smoothie and Shake menu and give a new drink a try next time you visit. If the Smoothie menu at McDonalds doesnt move you, then you might be interested in a dessert so check that menu pricing out before leaving. *Not all items shown are available at every restaurant. Price and participation will vary.

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Mcdonalds Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie Calories

McDonalds drinks are as delicious as their hamburgers and other snacks. In recent years, McDonalds drinks filled with fresh fruits, which have been renewed in recent years, are highly preferred by consumers. Of course, it is necessary to calculate calories while consuming these drinks.

Everybody thinks that if the drink has any kind of fruit it will be so tiny a small calorie. But it is changeable to ingredients. For example, if we think about McDonalds blueberry pomegranate smoothie calories table, it has 220 calories and %2 fat. When it contains low-fat yogurt, this makes us feel better.

Mcdonalds Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie Discontinued

Everyone knows that the taste and content of McDonalds smoothies are enriched with unique aromas. Especially McDonalds blueberry pomegranate smoothie is a flavor that will be remembered. Therefore, those who want to freshen up when they go here must buy at least one.

However, according to the news circulating on some websites, somebody says that McDonalds blueberry pomegranate discontinued but breaking this smoothie chain doesnt sound very good. Although some said because of the calories, it remains very low compared to the calories of other drinks.

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Mcdonald’s Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie: Healthy

Looking for a delicious way to beat the summer heat? Fast food restaurants are stocking their menus with all sorts of cold, fruity drinks to help you keep your cool, like McDonald’s new Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie. It’s cold, it’s tasty and it’s made of fruit, so it’s got to be healthy… right?

Not so fast. If anyone knows how to take something that should be healthy and make it terrible for you, it’s the fast food industry. Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts and see whether these smoothies pass the bikini test.

Whenever I see fast food or processed foods that contain fruit, I’m immediately suspicious. These companies are notorious for using artificial flavors instead of real fruit, and sometimes go as far as to use berry-shaped pieces of cellulose with artificial color instead of using real berries. So does the McDonald’s Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie actually contain blueberry and pomegranate? A quick check of the ingredients reveals the use of both blueberry and pomegranate purees with no artificial flavor or color. Well done, McDonald’s.

Another thing to watch with smoothies is the sugar content. Fruit has a lot of sugar in it and just about all smoothies have even more sugar added. McDonald’s smoothies have sugar and fructose in addition to the sugar naturally contained in the fruit. All of that adds up to a drink that has more than 10 teaspoons worth of sugar. That’s more than a can of Coke!

Check out the full nutrition facts for these smoothies:

Mcdonalds Smoothies May Also Contain Gelatin

Wild Berry Wednesday Smoothie

Gelatin is one of the ingredients that vegans remain on a lookout for. Obtained by boiling animal bones, ligaments, tendons, and skins in water, this is a gross product of absolute cruelty. Gelatin is routinely employed to render a soft and chewy texture to candies and pulpy nature to fruit-based drinks.

While it isnt clear whether gelatin is used in McDonalds Smoothies, it seems that it may be amongst the many unknown ingredients. This uncertainty makes vegans uncomfortable and many of them choose to avoid these smoothies.

Gelatin is prevalent in the food industry and is present in more foods than you can imagine.

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Wild Berry Smoothie Recipe

If you have been craving a wild berry smoothie, this is it. If you love the smoothie from McDonalds but dont like all the sugar, just make it at home. This smoothie is cheap, the ingredients are widely available, and you can make it in just a few minutes.

Were going to use a combination of pineapple, wild berry, and orange juice to make a phenomenal smoothie that tastes like chilled heaven. It even looks a lot like the smoothie that comes from McDonalds, only I feel like ours has a stronger color and a cleaner taste.

Everything we use in this recipe is fresh, healthy, and extremely satisfying. I guarantee that once you have mastered the wild berry smoothie, you will go crazy trying to match it with other unique recipes using berries and similar ingredients. Just like the blueberry yogurt smoothie!

Milk Is Unacceptable To Vegans

Milk is a product of exploitation of cows. Many people argue that no cows are killed in the production of milk. But vegans emphasize upon the horrible treatment of cows in the dairy industry. The repeated use of steroids and the lifelong forced impregnations deteriorate their health and reduce their lifespan.

First of all, cows produce milk for their young ones, not for humans. Humans derive the young calves of their essential source of nutrition at a very young age. The cows undergo severe emotional trauma on separation from their young ones. The young separated calves are meted out cruel treatment thereafter.

Dairy is a capitalist industry that aims to obtain maximum milk out of these poor animals. Because the male calves cannot produce milk, they are often killed or abandoned at birth. Worst of all, these calves are supplied to the meat industry for the production of a delicate variety of meat known as veal.

Veal is an excessively tender meat composed of underdeveloped calf muscles. Young calves are kept in insufficient cages with little space to move so that their muscles stay underdeveloped. Many may argue that meat is a separate industry but the combination of meat and dairy is very close.

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Some Vegans Dont Consume Genetically Modified Foods

Many vegans choose to not consume foods that are genetically modified. This is because sometimes certain animal genes are incorporated in the altered foods to impart them the desirable qualities. Foods utilized by outlets like McDonalds are believed to be highly unnatural and are often avoided by vegans.

Mcdonalds Fruit Smoothies Actually One Of Their Healthier Creations

NEW Smoothie King Vegan Mixed Berry Smoothie | Car Chat

Fresh fruit smoothies are one of the most refreshing tastes of summer. Healthy, filling, portable and a generous portion of any number of fruits and vegetables in one serving its arguably a perfect food. So what happens to the smoothie when McDonalds gets a hold of it? You might be surprised, but they didnt do it much harm.

For as much grief as we give the fast-food leader, this is one menu addition they got fairly right. If youre taking a spin through their drive-thru, it might be one of the healthier choices you can make. We were impressed to see real strawberry and banana purees listed as the first two ingredients in its Strawberry Banana Smoothie, followed by water, sugar and concentrated apple juice. For the Wild Berry Smoothie, strawberry puree leads water, sugar, blackberry puree, blueberry puree, concentrated pineapple juice and concentrated apple juice. Both smoothies contain less than 1% of other ingredients.

Are the extra sweeteners, like sugar and fruit juices, necessary? Not at all. The fruits and berries are naturally very sweet, and the addition of these ingredients only ups the calorie and sugar counts. But the fact that there is so much of the fruit included over these sweeteners bodes well for the smoothies.

Each smoothie contains low-fat yogurt that also contains sugar, fructose and corn starch more sweeteners.

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What Unacceptable Ingredients Render These Smoothies Non

On the surface, all fruit-based smoothies appear vegan. However, this is the most common problem associated with fruit-based products. Out of all, fruit-based fruits seldom contain real fruits. All the more, they are hardly ever vegan.

The Strawberry Banana and the Wild Berry smoothies fall in the same category of foods. While being quite opposite to the popularized notion of these smoothies being healthy, these are also non-vegan. McDonalds has listed the ingredients of Wild Berry fruit smoothie as wild berry fruit blend and low fat yogurt ice.

If you go deeper, youll arrive at the detailed list of ingredients that includes milk and milk-based yogurt. It is believed that the yogurt-based smoothies by Mcdonalds also contain gelatin.

Furthermore, the strawberry puree utilized in making these smoothies is probably obtained from genetically modified strawberries. Also, there is a large amount of processed sugar. Processed cane sugar is considered non-vegan by strict vegans and is a controversial ingredient. Moreover, there are other controversial ingredients like natural and artificial flavors in these smoothies.

One must consider the typical constituents of yogurt. It always contains reduced fat milk, whey protein concentrate, corn starch, fructose, sugar, and gelatin.

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It takes a little work, but it is worth it.

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Mcdonalds Smoothies Have Natural And Artificial Flavors

It is a widely known fact that natural flavors can be derived from plant as well as animal-based sources. Unless specified, it can always be assumed that a particular flavor may be obtained from animals. This is why strict vegans often speculate the presence of such unwanted ingredients in foods that essentially resemble the original source.

Most of the time, these flavors are not obtained from the source that is most obvious. It would be better if you ask the manufacturers about the nature of the flavor before choosing to avoid it.

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