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What’s The Difference Between The Containers

Maxkon Blender – Mixer Juicer Food Processor Smoothie Maker

In general, blenders come with a taller, narrower container compared to food processors, and tend to have smaller blades that spin on the bottom of the machine, where food processors have multiple large blades at multiple heights. The Ninja Blender & Food Processor Systems come with a tall, spacious blender container, a short, wide food processor container and a single-serve smoothie cup with its own blade . Unlike other blenders, the Ninja blender blade has blades at multiple heights which makes for extra-smooth blended soups and smoothies. We also love it for frozen drinks. The food processor container can hold up to 8 cups of food, making it ideal for big batches of pesto and even cookie dough. The smoothie cup comes with a blade base with blending and a drinkable lid for taking on the go.

Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio Bfp

Cuisinart has long been a trusted brand in kitchen appliances, and its PowerBlend Duet BFP-10CH blender food processor combo has been one of the most popular dual units in the market. This model has now been discontinued, but Cuisinart has two other blender/food processors available: the SmartPower Duet BFP-703 and the Velocity Ultra Trio BFP-650.

For this best-of list, Ive chosen the Velocity Ultra Trio for its overall value. This is why:

  • 1-Horsepower motor equalling 746W
  • In addition to the Tritan BPA-free Blender Jar and 3-cup Processor Bowl, you also get two 16oz Travel Cup attachments, making it super-easy to take your smoothies with you
  • patented sharp stainless steel blender blade

With pre-programmed functions for smoothies and crushed ice, plus low, high and pulse, you can quickly and easily make all kinds of delicious foods. With the processors reversible slicing/shredding disc, meal-prep is simple.

Other conveniences:

  • Slip-proof feet to prevent movement during use
  • Clear 2-oz. measured pour lid
  • Convenient push-in cord storage

Youll want to be aware that some consumers have difficulties with the travel cup lids they can get stuck and are difficult to remove, especially if you dont have a lot of strength in your hands.

Unfortunately, this has been a familiar story with many brands moving their manufacturing to cheaper shores. In light of this, you may wish to stick to the Oster Pro which has a better track record.

Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker For Juice Shakes And Smoothieportable Small Countertop Mixer With 600ml Travel Sport Bottle 300w

$ as of December 19, 2021 8:28 am


  • Easy to Extract Nutrient & Vitamin: Blending food less in seconds, you can get a healthy nutritious and delicious drinks that can help you younger-looking skin, lose weight, promote healthy.
  • Easy to use: ONE-HAND operation without complicated settings or redundant buttons. This Personal Blender can be used by everyone to crush ice, fruits & veggies ingredients.
  • Excellent blender: Up to 300 watts and 23000 RPM powerful motor, and heavy duty stainless steel blades ensures anything you put in your smoothie blender gets pulverized for delicate and delicious smoothies, shakes and baby food.
  • Convenient and portable: The mini blender is no need to assemble easily take off the bottle and drink from it directly or take it on the go, and convenient to clean-up in just seconds.
  • Safety features: The single serve blender is reliable for its safety design, which prevents the unit from turning on when the cup isnt installed properly . All cups are made of Tritan and BPA free.

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Why You Should Trust Us

As a senior staff writer for Wirecutter, Ive covered everything from chefs knives to stand mixers, and Ive tested every blender worth testing since 2014. I also have a breadth of cooking and entertaining knowledge from decades of working in restaurants and magazine test kitchens. This guide builds on the work of Christine Cyr Clisset, now a deputy editor at Wirecutter.

We reached out to Jonathan Cochran, a former blender salesperson who now runs the site Blender Dude, for his take on the best Vitamix and Blendtec models to test . For our original guide, authored by Seamus Bellamy, we consulted with Lisa McManus, an executive editor in charge of equipment testing at Cooks Illustrated and Cooks Country magazines.

Top 10 Best Smoothie Maker

21pc Multi Blender Chopper Food Processor Juicer Smoothie ...

If youre looking for the smoothie maker youre in the right place. We spent a lot of time reviewing best smoothie maker to come up with the Ten that we think stand apart from the pack in style, functionality, and value. In this guide, we have reviewed all the products and generated the best options available today for you.

We analyzed and compared 43 smoothie maker sold for nearly 43 hours, and considered the opinions of 687 consumers. Following our last update, our favorite model is the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with 14oz Travel Cup and Lid, Raspberry . However, if you dont want to spend extra then we have another vast option for you is Blender Smoothie Blender Blender for Shakes and Smoothies 1200W Digital Touch Screen Bullet Blender Smoothie Maker Countertop Blenders Blenders for Kitchen for Smoothies 18& 35 OZ Cups with To-Go Lids.

Below is a review of some of the best smoothie maker together with their extra features and functions. Wanna find the Top smoothie maker? Read the below list right the way.

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Vitamix 5200 Blender For Green Smoothies

This Vitamix 5200 Blender For Green Smoothies gives you a large volume container up to 64 oz. Therefore, you can make many healthy drinks at once without taking too much time. If you are on a restrict diet that require you to eat mostly vegetables and fruits, then this blender will encourage you to follow your diet.

Its stainless steel blades are made with the aircraft grade, which is hard is enough to deal with hard ingredients. Therefore, do not worry about the crumps occurring on your drink even there are some tough frozen fruits in the recipe.

Moreover, it is simple to adjust the blending speed via the dial control for various types of texture. Since the blades can reach the ideal speed to create friction heat, you can heat up the cold ingredients into warm soup in about 6 minutes. In case the blender nearly gets overheating, it can automatically shut off due to the thermal protection system.

Key Features:

Warranty Seven years

If you want to have a deeper review of this machine, watch this video before purchasing it.

Advantages Of Having A Blender And Food Processor All In One

I think getting a blender food processor combo all-in-one device is one of the best investments you can make. For your health, for convenience, and for your bank account, too.

  • Versatile functionality make all kinds of fresh foods from smoothies to hummus, pesto and sorbet.
  • Space-saving one appliance instead of multiple.
  • Mostly affordable quite economical for the functionality you get.
  • Convenient easy to put to good use, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

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By Step Food Processor Smoothie

Unlike a blender smoothie, youre not going to add liquid to your food processor. Blenders can take the wet, and ice well. However, thats not how your FP is designed.

Instead of adding liquids, then powders, then leafy greens, followed by solids, change the steps. You need to pre-cut your fruit in food processor sized pieces. Do this at least an hour before you want your drink.

Next, you need to freeze your fruits. The same goes for leafy greens, and sofer, watery vegetables like celery. Carrots are fine at room temperature. However, they arent the best FP smoothie ingredient.

Reason #1 To Choose This Product: The Size

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl in a Food Processor

With its 72-ounce blender bottle and 64-ounce processing bowl, the Ninja product is much bigger than the Oster 1200. It also has a stronger motor 1500 watts to go with that size, so you dont need to worry about filling up this blender or food processor only to realize this machine cant really handle the full load.

The appeal of that extra size will come down to what youre using your blender or food processor for and how many people are using it. If you have a big family and youre using going to be food processing to prepare large recipes for everyone, then the extra size will obviously be nice. You also might want the bigger pitcher to show off your smoothies, cocktails, or other frozen drinks to friends. If thats the case, you wont want a small pitcher that limits you to only preparing one drink at a time.

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What Makes Some Blender Food Processor Combos Better Than Others

High-quality materials, easy to clean parts, and strong motors are the most important things to look for. Make sure that your food processor is BPA free. If youre looking for an appliance that will last a long time, consider brands such as Oster or Cuisinart since they have been around for quite some time and their appliances feature quality materials and motors. One of the best things about these brands is that replacement parts can usually be found on Amazon so you can switch out any broken pieces without having to buy a whole new product!

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender For Shakes And Smoothies With 14oz Travel Cup And Lid Raspberry

as of December 19, 2021 8:28 am


  • Compact design and BPA free: Great for home, office and travel with on the go portability
  • Blend and go: Blend and drink from the 14 ounce jar and lid which are both dishwasher safe
  • One-touch blending: Makes great smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades, salad dressing and more. To remove stubborn spots, use a mild, non-abrasive cleanser
  • Stainless steel blades: Ice crushing power for smooth results
  • Efficient 175 watt motor provides all the power you need for fast, reliable performance

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Oster Pro 1200 Blender With Professional Tritan Jar

  • This Oster blender and food processor features 7 speeds, including 3 pre-programmed settings for common blender creations like smoothies and shakes, plus pulse for precise blending control
  • Features an 8-cup, BPA-free Tritan plastic dishwasher-safe jar Tritan plastic is known for its clarity, durability, safety, and style
  • Extra-wide 3.5 jar allows ingredients to reach the blade easier for faster and smoother results

If you dont want to splurge on two separate kitchen items, this best blender food processor combo made by Oster is the way to go.

The unit has two functions: food processing and blending, both of which perform exceptionally well. This is the best blender food processor combo for those who have small kitchen space or dont want to own two separate appliances. Also, the model is straightforward to use.

With a 1200-peak-watt motor, this food processor and blender in one can handle any prep task, giving you endless cooking possibilities. We love the excellent performance although its quite expensive.

In spite of being on the expensive side, its customer service is decent. The difficulties of getting help over the hotline and getting replacements have been reported by some buyers.



This model has been one of the Ninjas bestsellers so far. With this unit, frozen drinks like milkshakes or smoothies can be made in seconds.


So What Can A Food Processor Blender Combo Help Me

Professional Countertop Blender, AICOOK 1800W Smoothie ...

You may wonder what benefits this two-in-one product can provide. Well, I would say a lot. Below are its most valuable advantages of regular food processor blender combos.

  • Versatile uses: With just one machine, you can prepare thousands of dishes, such as smoothies, hummus, sauces, etc.
  • Save more spaces: Instead of two appliances, now you only have to find room for just one machine. This is a flawless solution for those who dont own a broad kitchen.
  • Cost-saving: One appliance obviously costs less money than two. Moreover, if you choose the high-quality one, you can use it for years an excellent investment.
  • Convenience: Food processor blender combos are usually easy to use, even when you are just a cooking beginner.

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Slicing Discs And Blades

Blender food processor combos have blender attachments for different blender functions, all of which can be used interchangeably. For slicing discs and blender blades, blender food processors are only compatible with blender models that have a rotating base designed for the blender food processor combo attachment. This is because some blender models without rotating bases may not run smoothly when the blender part is attached to the blender food processor combo attachment.

Blender jars are small enough to fit inside most blender attachments or blender food processor combos since they need to fit into the blade assembly on the blender food processor. Blender Food Processor Combos range from ten ounces up to 16 ounces in capacity mostly due to size constraints associated with fitting everything inside an included blade attachment.

Goodful By Cuisinart Bfp700gf

If your kitchen isnt large enough for other big-sized food processor blender combos, this Goodful by Cuisinart product should be your priority. With its lightweight and minimal design, this machine can blend perfectly with any kitchen.

Though this appliance only has 3 speed settings: pulse, high, and low rotary, it can still complete any task you want, from chopping, slicing to blending, pureeing, even crushing ices.

Also, with its non-slip base, you dont have to worry about food spilling over your kitchen counter when the machines running.

Key Features

5 years absolute and full refund if return within 30 days

Dont skip this honest review about Cleanblend food processor blender combo!

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How The Blender Food Processor Combo Saves Space

Ninja’s systems are centered around a multipurpose base. The food processor, blender and smoothie container fit on the base which contains functions for all the machines. When you secure each container to the base in AutoIQ systems, the corresponding functions will appear on the interface, so you won’t be able to make the mistake of choosing a function that’s incorrect for the container you’re using. This makes it easier to know which cooking tasks to perform in which container.

What Do You Think Of The Best Blender Food Processor Appliances

How to Make a Food Processor Smoothie

The best blender food processor can mix or grate vegetables at various speeds . The most common materials for making containers are steel, plastic, and glass. There are also various container sizes for different cooking needs. Additionally, blades are locked at the bottom for thorough and consistent mixing.

Also, some blenders offer different types of blades such as grinding, whipping, or mincing blades. For example, if you want to grind coffee beans or pepper, the grinding blade is a must. Blenders are favorite items in both households and professional kitchens. They are especially useful for making frozen beverages.

The best blender food processor combo can perform all tasks that a blender can do. It also comes with many attachments. A variety of blades is also included such as blades for blending, chopping, and more. The latest models are now provided with LCD screens that display useful information for users. They are often at a steep price.

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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender Food Processor


WHY WE LIKE IT: Thanks to the unique wave-inducing pitcher, this easy-to-use blender makes ultra-smooth frozen drinks with no need for stirring. It also comes with heat-resistant and dishwasher safe components for easy cleanup.

  • Less powerful motor than some professional countertop blenders
  • Pitcher only holds 40 oz

While it may not be the most extreme blender in terms of power, this countertop blender from Hamilton Beach does a great job when it comes to crushing ice, mixing frozen fruit, and blending chia seeds, protein powders, nut butters, and other smoothie ingredients. The easy pour jar holds 40 oz of liquid and is heat resistant and dishwasher safe.

This model also stands out in terms of the number of programmed options it gives you. it comes with fourteen presets including pulse mode, settings for smoothies, and dedicated ice crush mode. This makes it one of the easiest to use blender/food processors on the market today. If you want the best blender for smoothies with food processor options, this is an excellent choice.

Cleanblend Commercial Blender For Green Smoothies

Cleanblend Commercial Blender For Green Smoothies is one of the best blenders for making smoothies. It is indeed powerful, which is enough to pulverize ice, berry seeds, or even pieces of stringy ginger and obtain a smooth consistency.

The tapered shape of the container pulls the ingredients down to the blades, and the pestle pops any air bubbles. Therefore, you spend less time preparing your smoothie and more time enjoying it.

We also found this machine to be more rugged than other models, so it should last for many years. But if anything goes wrong, this Cleanblend model is backed by a five-year warranty, with responsive customer service and a quick complaints process.

One of the minuses of this machine is its high price. However, when you think about it: if you pay 4 to 12 dollars for a smoothie in a juice bar, five days a week, in two to four months, you will have spent as much as for this blender. I do think this is a worthy purchase to invest in.

Key Features:

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Ninja Ultra Prep Ps101 Best Compact Choice

For those of you who prioritize a compact appliance without sacrificing functionality, the Ninja Ultra Prep PS101 is a must-have.

This blender food processor combo is 700-watt powered and equipped with a one-touch control button that completely simplifies the entire process whether you want to chop veggies or crush ice for cocktails. All you need to do is push down on the power pod for as long as needed to make it blend continuously.

Youd be surprised how powerful its one-touch pod is. When you combine that with the fact that its got three interchangeable blades , the Ninja Ultra Prep PS101 is the ultimate sauce, drink, and food maker: all in one compact machine.

It weighs a mere one pound but can deliver up to 48 ounces of food and drinks. That means traveling with this blender food processor is easy too! Even making batter and dough is easy with this Ninja Ultra Prep.


Got a small kitchen without much room to spare? Dont worry, the Ninja Ultra Prep doesnt take up much space but it still does the job effectively.

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