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No Stalling With Smarttorque

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl in a Food Processor
Our 1400-peak-watt power-dense motor is designed to maintain the high speeds required to power through heavy food loads without interruption. No shaking. No stirring. No stalling.
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Effortlessly chop and puree right in the pitcher. Simplify meal making by chopping and prepping in one container.

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All your baking prep is now in one pitcher. Mix cookie dough and brownie batter, knead bread dough, mix in nuts, and beat egg whites.

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Thick Smoothie Bowl Tips

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl Thick: The trick to keeping smoothie bowls super thick is to not use very much liquid, and to use frozen fruit. This method is like making nice cream, the vegan frozen fruit ice cream trend.

Can I substitute the coconut milk? You can use any milk youd like in these bowls. Coconut milk lends a sweet tropical flavor and makes them extra creamy. Go ahead and use heavy whipping cream, almond milk, or even some yogurt in place of it.

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl without a Blender: These smoothie bowls use a food processor instead of a blender. The frozen fruit breaks down into a very thick, smooth consistency similar to soft serve ice cream.

How to Make Yogurt Smoothie Bowls: Instead of the coconut milk, add 1/4-1/2 cup of your favorite yogurt. I recommend using something unflavored and unsweetened, like a full fat Greek yogurt. The fruit has all the sweetness you need here!

Try one of these other Smoothie Bowl Recipes:

Tips For Making This Acai Bowl Recipe:

  • Use frozen fruit and yogurt for a thicker consistency. The point of smoothie bowls is to be kinda thick like sorbet. To get this consistency, start with frozen fruit. You can add a little juice or milk instead of yogurt but be careful not to add too much. You can freeze fresh fruit first, or buy it already frozen in the store.
  • Use a high-powered blender like Vitamix or a food processor for best results. Frozen fruit can be trickier to whip up, and Ive successfully done it using either of those machines.
  • Consider other frozen fruits! We enjoy acai berry packets that can be found in the frozen fruit aisle. However, this idea can be adapted to your family, and you can use lots of different frozen fruits such as strawberries, pineapple, mango, raspberries, blueberries, etc.
  • Check out the bulk food bins of your grocery store for toppings! You can buy small amounts of items like chia seeds, granola, nuts, or dried coconut if you dont want to buy full packages of those items.

Add toppings as desired, and enjoy!

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We are BERRY obsessed with DIY acai smoothie bowls!

I love all these beautiful fruit flavors and textures. Its a feast for the eyes too, isnt it? This could be a fun after-school snack, breakfast, or special treat. You could make a green smoothie bowl and include spinach and avocado for a different variation.

Curious about my vintage lotus bowls? I collect them at thrift shops, but you can check to grab some for yourself!

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Ninja Smoothie Bowl Blender Ninja Foodi Ss101 Smoothie Bowl Maker

This is the perfect blender for smoothie bowls and nutrient extractors at your home.

The blender is equipped with a powerful motor of 1200 watts that provides power to blend thick smoothies and hard ingredients.

Ninja blenders always have a special feature to make the blending process smooth. This blender has SmartTORQUE features which help the blender power through the heavy loads of ingredients without stalling.

It comes with a 14-ounce smoothie bowl and 24-ounce nutrient extraction cup that can handle even frozen drinks.

The 14-ounce bowl is designed with a built-in tamper to boost the blender crushing the tough ingredients into smooth blends.

Ninja Foodi SS101 has 4 preset Auto-iQ settings for automated one-touch blending of smoothies, spreads, extractions, and bowls.

The blades, cups, bowl, and lids are easy to clean up with all being dishwasher safe.

Add Leafy Green Vegetables First:

Ninja SS351 Foodi Power Pitcher System, Smoothie Bowl Maker, 4in1 ...

All leafy greens are highly nutritious, and the chances are your smoothie might also have one of these as the main ingredient. These greens like kale and spinach are healthy but bulky and difficult to break down. Therefore add them first to make sure that they break down properly and thoroughly. Pulse all the greens until they turn into a fine paste and are perfectly smooth.

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Gowise Acai Bowl Blender Gowise Usa Gw22503 Streamline High

This blender from GoWISE is a game-changer to their blender lines with its improved features optimized for smoothie bowls.

The blender has a 2.0 peak horsepower motor with a 1450 wattage. It is this power and other features which make the blender crush down acai berries into a smooth and thick texture.

You can control the blend with its adjustable speed control and pulse feature. The pulse feature combined with high-speed pulverizes the frozen acai puree into a smooth texture perfect for your morning smoothie bowl.

GoWISE blades are 8 stainless steel designed to handle hard ingredients and challenging seed-based berries like acai and blueberries. These blades can be rotated up to 25000 RPM fast enough to crush ingredients in seconds.

If you have a large family, the blender comes with a 67-ounce low-profile pitcher that can be easily fitted in the kitchen storage cabinets.

For safety, the blender is certified and safe to use. It has several safety features to prevent motor damage and other safety concerns.

The feet are fitted with rubber to provide stability, a safety switch that shuts down if the container is not connected correctly. Also, it has a slow start motor powering to prevent the blender from starting t the highest speed setting.

How To Make A Smoothie Bowl

You’ll need a high-speed blender such as a Vitamix to make a smoothie bowl, since the mixture will be too thick to circulate in a regular blender. HOWEVER, if you don’t have one you could use a food processor instead . Here are a few tips for making a smoothie bowl:

  • Add the liquid first: this will help the food to circulate around the blade. I use nut milk, but you could use any kind of milk you drink. Coconut water is also a good option.
  • Next add frozen fruit: I love frozen berries, but other options include: frozen mango, pineapple chunks, or cherries. Frozen banana gives the smoothie bowl a rich, creamy texture without the need for added ice.
  • Follow with more delicate foods: Now’s the time to pile in softer foods, such as fresh spinach or kale, if using, as well as nuts and seeds.
  • Stir with the tamper: If using a Vitamix, stir the smoothie with the tamper while blending, increasing the speed gradually to high, until the mixture is thick and creamy.

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Can You Grind Meat With A Food Processor

Brad Wise, owner of The Wise Ox Butcher Shop and executive chef/owner of TRUST Restaurant Group in San Diego, California, says that you should never grind meat in a food processor. A food processor just isnt the right tool to grind meat, he says. It will puree the meat, not grind it, and essentially turn it into mush. A meat grinder, which pushes meat through a die, is the ideal tool for the task. The exception is if youre making some sort of emulsified meat like mortadella, bologna, or pâté, he says.

Why Do People Eat Smoothie Bowls


The quickest answer is that theyre relatively healthy AND delicious. Smoothie bowls are somewhere between a smoothie and the creaminess of soft serve ice cream, but with only natural sugars and packed with fiber and potassium.

And you can additional toppings to your smoothie bowl when its done to really pack on the yum.

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    Product Description

    The Hamilton Beach 8 Cup Food Processor with Bowl Scraper is designed to keep food close to the blades for more even results. A reversible stainless steel disc, large feed chute and 2 speeds plus pulse offers complete control over ingredients.

  • Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Best Blender For Acai Bowls

    The Acai bowl is a trendy frozen dessert that’s gaining popularity among health-conscious eaters. But if you want to make your own, you’ll need a blender. Browse the top-ranked list of best blenders for Acai bowls below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Do You Need Something Easy To Clean And Maintain

    The last thing you want to worry about with a full-sized blender is food build-up in the nooks and crannies, so look for blenders that have a wide jar and are easy to disassemble. Opting to upgrade to a blender with a self-cleaning option might also decrease the amount of time youre spending in the kitchen.

    Rethink What A Blender Can Do

    Ninja SS201 Foodi Power Pitcher 4in1 Smoothie Bowl Maker Crushing ...

    Power through thick ingredients without stalling in the Ninja® Foodi® Power Blender & Processor System with Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor*. Blend and food process in the Power Blender & Processor Pitcher. Make smoothie bowls in the Smoothie Bowl Maker and drinks in the Nutrient Extraction* Cup.* Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

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    Can You Use A Food Processor As A Blender

    Yes, but not all blenders are created equal. A good quality blender will last longer and perform better than a cheap model. Most blenders have three speeds low, medium, and high and a pulse button. The low setting is perfect for blending liquids, such as soup, while the high setting is great for chopping vegetables. The pulse button allows you to chop and puree ingredients quickly. 8. Start the blender on the lowest setting and slowly pour in the liquid. 9. Turn the blender on and let it run until the desired consistency is reached.

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    Acai Smoothie Bowl Ingredients

    The only special ingredient required to make a homemade acai bowl is the acai itself. Otherwise, you can whip up a healthy acai bowl using ingredients you have in your pantry!

    • Frozen acai puree the only one Ive seen in the U.S. is Sambazon brand, see below for link to locations.
    • Frozen bananas use ripe bananas for a sweeter acai bowl. Not underripe green or mushy overripe brown.
    • Fruit juice I like to use fruit juice since its sweeter but coconut water or almond milk can be used as well.
    • Toppings on a standard acai bowl youll tend to find blueberries, strawberries, bananas, granola and honey. Add more like coconut or other fruit to your hearts content.

    Design & Build Material

    how to make THICK smoothie bowls w/ a food processor! two easy RECIPES

    A good blender design is something to look out for and also the material used to build the blender. Depending on your kitchen, some blenders may have a sturdy design and height that cant fit in a storage kitchen cabinet.

    Durable materials such as stainless steel ensure longevity and reduce the possibility of easy replacement.

    Since most blenders are built with plastic materials, its good to ensure the plastic materials are BPA-free and safe for human use.

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    Good Liquid Bases For Your Smoothies

    Many folks use water or ice cubes in their smoothies to add some liquid consistency to their recipes.

    But there are many other options too, and making the right choice has a big impact on the final result.

    Liquids dont only add liquidity. They also add flavor and nutrition and contribute to the creaminess of a smoothie.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    • Dairy Milk, or Almond or Soy Alternatives
    • Green tea

    There are some semi-liquid options to can choose from, things like Kefir and Yogurt. They help to give your smoothie a great creamy finish, as do coconut milk or horchata.

    Speaking of horchata, there is a great recipe on the Flowers and Carrots website you can try out.

    I use a ratio of three parts liquid to two parts fruit and veggies. I also like to add a couple of ice cubes to make my smoothies refreshingly cold in the heat of summer.

    Orange Mango Smoothie Bowl

    This is my favorite of the 3 options! Frozen citrus is amazing is smoothies. It adds the perfect sweet-tart component, and blends into the creamy banana.

    • Frozen bananas
    • Frozen Mango
    • Coconut Milk

    Step 1: Add the frozen bananas, frozen mango, and frozen oranges, along with coconut milk into a food processor bowl. This can also be done in a high speed blender with a tamper stick, but I find it quicker in a food processor.

    Step 2: Process until all the fruit is broken down into a soft serve ice cream consistency.

    Step 3: Top with your favorite smoothie bowl toppings.

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    Are Smoothie Bowls Healthy

    A smoothie bowl is a lot healthier than a regular bowl of cereal. Smoothies are made from fruit, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients blended to create a delicious treat.

    Smoothie bowls share the same health benefits as smoothies. They are healthy because they contain a variety of whole, natural foods and are naturally sweetened. Plus, smoothie bowls are made even more nutritious with some “superfood” ingredients such as chia seeds and hemp hearts. Everything is good in moderation be careful not to overdo it with large portions and high-calorie ingredients.

    Thick Smoothie Bowls With Tons Of Toppings

    Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor with 1500W ...

    Being served a runny, thin smoothie bowl, with the toppings sinking in, is one of my dining-out pet peeves! If the toppings cant sit on top, and you cant finish it without it completely melting, it doesnt belong in a bowl.

    I have a method for making the best thick smoothie bowls. Put the blender away, and break out the food processor. Choose your favorite fruits, and keep them chopped and in the freezer ready to go.

    When youre ready, its fast to process your favorite frozen fruits along with creamy coconut milk into an ice cream-worthy smoothie. These bowls are like soft serve ice cream except totally made from fruit.

    Add your favorite smoothie bowl toppings I love:

    If youre dying to try this, and enter to win Chocolate SunButter!

    Its like Nutella except better! It has a rich chocolate flavor and is slightly salty. And instead of being mostly sugar, its main ingredient is protein and vitamin rich sunflower seeds.

    Hop on over to the SunButter website to learn more about this delicious spread!

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