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Making Fruit Ice Cubes For Smoothies Or Homemade Baby Food

3 Passion Fruit Puree Cocktails | Easy Cocktails to make at Home | Drinkstuff

When you need to freeze a lot of fruit, but dont have a lot of free space in your freezer, its important to find the best ways to maximize your space. I think Ive found the best way to effectively freeze fruit so that it doesnt waste space, and keeps really well.

This all began after I had a bunch of leftover homemade baby food in my freezer. I never bought my son canned baby food. Well, actually I did a couple of times in emergency situations, but he refused to eat them. Comparing the homemade food with the canned stuff, I have to say that I dont blame him.

To always have a supply of baby food available, I ended up pureeing fruits in large batches, and then freezing it in ice cube trays to have convenient amounts ready to defrost and serve as needed. Eventually my son stopped eating pureed foods, but I still had a stash in the freezer that I didnt want going to waste.

Ingredients For Lilikoi Puree

Lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit isnt it fun to say? It definitely adds to the tropical feel here. This is one of our easiest passion fruit recipes yet!

  • Passion Fruit: The key to making homemade passion fruit puree is to ensure you select perfectly ripe fruit that is heavy for its size. To get a good amount of puree, we need a lot of pulp. Grab 4 purple beauties that are nice and heavy so you can enjoy a lot of puree for your effort!
  • Supplies: I like to use a fine-mesh strainer for this, to ensure all the puree slips through easily. You can usually find them in stainless steel or nylon. Pick one that has hooks or handles so it rests on your measuring cup.

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Sneak In Some Veggies

I often sneak veggies into my sons smoothies! You can find the recipe for his favorite smoothie, the Popeye smoothie, here on the blog.

Spinach is a great ingredient to sneak into kids smoothies because it doesnt change the flavor much, and it turns them into a beautiful shade of green! For that very reason, I use raw spinach to naturally color my shamrock shake and candida diet safe shamrock shake, basically a healthy minty smoothie, in March!

If you love foraging for your greens, why not try my foraged, stinging nettle smoothie?

Health Benefits Of Fruit Puree

Dr. Smoothie Launches Brand New Size Bottles of 100% Real Fruit Puree ...

Fruit puree is a perfect alternative to industrial, unhealthy fruit jams. If you are following a diet or healthy lifestyle, fruit puree will help you reduce a large number of calories in your daily food. Not only that but fruit puree can also be used as a substitute for cooking oil or butter when served with some baked goods. They also help make food more delicious without harming health.

Although the calories in fruit puree may be higher than fresh fruit of the same type, the quality of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals is the same.

Fruit puree is like fruit, helping you to load up a large number of antioxidants for the body. Helps you stay younger longer, strengthens the immune system and limits damage to cells in the body.

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What Is Passion Fruit Puree Good For

You can use passion fruit puree in a number of recipes, from drinks and cocktails to dressings and desserts!

What can I use instead of passion fruit puree? If you cant find passion fruit at the store, or have run out of puree and are feeling tropical, try using mango, guava, or papaya!

What Fruits Can Be Frozen In This Way

Ive tried freezing everything from bananas to avocados and mangos to cherries in this way. Theyve all turned out well. The only reason you wouldnt want to freeze certain fruits is because many of them will change in texture when frozen.

Here, though, we are using purees that are intended to be eaten as such, or put into a smoothie to be further blended. I have never found a fruit that wasnt fine when used in this way.

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Add Protein And/or Supplements If Desired

I used to use whey protein powder in my smoothies. Then, for awhile, I started adding raw eggs to increase the protein content of my smoothies. Raw eggs sound gross, especially to somebody like me who doest tolerate eating eggs in very many ways. In the end, though, you can hardly tell they are there.

Better vegan protein options are now available like hemp or pea proteins.

Smoothies are also a great place to add in collagen, healthy greens like spirulina or chlorella, or a multitude of other supplements you may be wanting to take.

How Long Does This Frozen Fruit Last In The Freezer

How to Make Fruit Purees – Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen – Small Screen

I usually try to use up all of the fruit within a year. That way, when the fruit comes in season again, I can make a new, big batch of frozen fruit cubes for that fruit. That said, I have found slightly older bags of frozen fruit, and have used them without any problems. Because, again, we arent having to worry about the texture being off because this is a puree, as long as you keep the fruit consistently frozen, I dont see why you cant keep it up to 12-18 months.

The only possible exception may be citrus fruits. Ive often read that citrus fruits shouldnt be frozen for as long as other fruits, but Im not exactly sure why. I havent personally tried freezing citrus fruits for longer than 6 months, so I cant vouch for the flavor.

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Welcome To The Family

Meet JJ and his dad, Hector. Originally from Colombia, Hector and JJ always took for granted the vast availability of tropical fruits they had grown accustomed to. After coming to the US, they quickly realized finding their beloved fruits was challenging, impractical and expensive. There had to be a better way.

After much research, Hector and JJ realized the most efficient and uncompromising way to get tropical fruits was in the form of purees. Once they began to dive deeper, they found two options available: cheap and chocked full of artificial ingredient syrups, or, very good purees but outrageously expensive. Both options were unacceptable.

In that moment, JJ and Hector realized that quality and affordability didnt need to be mutually exclusive. And thus, Primor Fruit Purees was founded in 2000 in Miami, Florida. Made with only four ingredients, the highest caliber fruits from Colombia, and zero high-fructose corn syrup, we hope you enjoy the very best the world has to offer.

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Orders ship Monday through Wednesday .

Although we insulate our purees, it’s perfectly normal for them to arrive at warmer temperatures. Just pop them in the fridge and enjoy!

Peach Aseptic Puree Specifications

  • Otherwise Known As: Yellow-fleshed peaches
  • Flavor Profile: Tart, crisp, sweet, and floral
  • Pulp Color: Bright golden-pink
  • Shelf Life: Our Fierce Fruit purees maintain their quality for up to 18 months past the date of manufacture as long as the packaging remains unopened. For optimal results, store your puree away from sunlight and below 77° F. Once opened, refrigerate unused puree for up to 10 days or freeze for the remainder of the shelf life.

Ingredients: Peach Puree, Ascorbic Acid

Beverage Uses:

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Tips For Blending A Dragon Fruit Smoothie

The only hard part about a smoothie using frozen puree is getting it to blend! When youre using lots of icy ingredients, sometimes the blender can get stuck. We learned some tips from making our Acai Smoothie that also relate to this dragon fruit smoothie recipe. Heres what to know:

  • Use a good blender. Of course this smoothie works in any blender, but a quality blender makes the process much easier! Best case is a high speed blender.
  • Thaw the packages under warm water until you can break them into smaller pieces. Then remove the packaging. Breaking them into pieces is helpful for blending.
  • Add the liquid to the bottom of the blender first. This helps the blades to spin freely and not seize up with the frozen fruit.
  • Add more water as necessary. Stop, scrape and add a bit more water as necessary until the smoothie comes to the right texture. Just dont add too much water: it can water down the flavor.

Get Fresh Consistent Quality With Fierce Fruit

Davinci Jet Fruit Puree Smoothie Mixes

Use our fruit purees for smoothies, popsicles, ice cream, and all kinds of frozen desserts. Fierce Fruit offers purees made 100% real, sun-ripened fruit with no added sugar. Buy our fruit purees today or explore our wholesale options for your business.

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Freezing Fruit In A Way That Saves Space

To begin the process, all you have to do is to throw in your peeled and pitted fruits into a blender, puree, and pour into ice cube trays for freezing.

At first, I used the ice cube trays that I already had sitting around, and even used silicone muffin tins for freezing the purees into serving size amounts. They all worked well enough, but I was sick of all of the baby food taking over my entire freezer! I bagged up the food cubes in bags, but the irregular shape of the cubes didnt help save any space in the freezer.

I was excited to find some perfectly cube-shaped ice cube trays!

Why was I so excited about it? They were exactly what I needed to be able to neatly store away all of my frozen purees!

With perfectly cube-shaped ice cubes, you can line your cubes up in a ziplock bag, and then throw a bunch of different bags together in your freezer drawer.

If you label them well, it is easy to flip through to get to the bag you are looking for. The bags line up perfectly, meaning no wasted space in your freezer!

Fruit Ice Cubes: Freezing Fruit For Smoothies Or Baby Food

I love smoothies for both me and for my son. Ive found that one of the best ways to easily get him to eat some fruit, veggies, and healthy proteins, is with a fruit smoothie! One of his favorites is a smoothie that I like to call the Popeye smoothie for kids.

Ill give you my tips for making the perfect smoothie below the recipe!

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Decide What Fruits You Want In Your Smoothie

I usually just improvise and try different combinations each time, but if youre looking for some ideas of what fruits combine well, I have compiled a list of over 100 healthy smoothie recipes to follow or inspire you.

These are some of my favorites

Pineapple is good with banana and homemade coconut milk, for a tropical smoothie. Keep in mind that smoothies with pineapple or kiwi in them can get bitter if made with milk products, if you dont drink them up right away.

Pumpkin puree is surprisingly good in smoothies, especially if you add some cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. It also combines really well with bananas

I usually peel, cut, and freeze browning bananas for smoothies, too, so that they dont go to waste. Bananas are a great addition to smoothies because they make them smoother and sweeter.

Toppings For A Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Should You Buy? VONBEE Passion Fruit Honey Puree

Want to turn this dragon fruit smoothie into more of a meal? Add toppings! You can turn it into a dragon fruit smoothie bowl top it just like an Acai Bowl, or just put the toppings right into the smoothie. Here are a few toppings we recommend:

  • Almond butter: Our favorite for dolloping smoothies! It adds just the right savory flavor.
  • Kiwi: Sliced kiwi makes a nice color contrast.
  • Strawberries or raspberries: The pink berries make a beautiful monochromatic look.
  • Blueberries or blackberries: These berries make a contrast.
  • Coconut flakes: Use toasted coconut for a crunch!

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What Is Fruit Puree What Are The Uses Of Fruit Puree

Fruit puree is a form of fruit that has been processed by grinding, squeezing or mixing different types of fruit jams into a smooth, puree and easy-to-use mixture. The purpose of processing fruit into a puree is to create a paste or to turn the fruit into a thick liquid form while preserving its flavour and nutritional value.

Usually, the puree is usually made mainly from fresh fruit, but sometimes green vegetables, beans, etc.

Fruit puree has a wide variety of uses in the beverage industry. Some of the uses of fruit puree in beverages include:

  • Used as an ingredient in the preparation of drinks: cocktails, mocktails or smoothies and many other drinks.

In addition, fruit puree also has many uses in the food processing industry such as:

  • Coordinate with some ingredients used to make cakes and decorate dishes.
  • Some fruit ice creams also contain puree ingredients. Most probably sauces, puree are used to make sauces for many dishes,
  • In particular, fruit puree is considered an extremely useful food for children who are learning to walk, eat, with nutritious ingredients that are easily absorbed for the digestive system of children.

The puree is considered the perfect alternative to some fruit that is past the harvest season.

The second thing that can be said about the advantage of fruit puree is the shelf life. Fruit puree is the number one choice as it has a longer shelf life than fresh fruits perfectly without affecting the taste.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Ingredients

Whiz up a blender of this dragon fruit smoothie recipe and you wont believe the brilliant color! Its hard to look away from the beautifully bright color. Dragon fruit is popular as a smoothie bowl , but we like it best as a straight-up smoothie. More on that below! Here are the ingredients youll need for this smoothie recipe:

  • Frozen dragon fruit puree: Its easiest to find dragon fruit for smoothies in the frozen section at your grocery store. See more below!
  • Banana: All you need is a room temperature banana: no need to freeze!
  • Frozen pineapple and mango: Its easy to find frozen pineapple and mango at your local grocery: and this helps to enhance the icy texture and sweet tart flavor!
  • Lime juice : Lime juice helps bring out the fruity flavor: but its optional if you dont have lime on hand.

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Other Fruits And Vegetables

In the food industry, fruit flavors are frequently incorporated into various dishes to add an additional layer of depth. Fresh fruit isnt always the best option for introducing fruity flavors into dishes, as the more economical frozen fruit purees get the job done just as well while still having a longer shelf-life. Frozen fruit purees are used for a wide variety of menu items including smoothies, desserts, and sauces, and they can still provide that sweet fruity flavor that customers love.

Each of these frozen fruit purees is packed with authentic fruit flavor, whether it be strawberry, lemon, or pineapple. Additionally, many of these fruit purees are intended to be used primarily for specific recipes such as smoothies, desserts, or cocktails. Our fruit purees cover a wide variety of flavors and styles, allowing you to find the frozen fruit puree that best fits your establishments needs.

Also make sure to check out other great items from Acai Roots, Les Vergers Boiron, Pitaya Foods and White Toque.

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Add Sweeteners If Desired


I dont usually add anything to sweeten the smoothies I prefer using the fruit sweeten it naturally. Ripe bananas with brown spots on them are perfect for sweetening smoothies naturally.

If the smoothie turns out too sour, though, or not sweet enough, I sometimes add a tiny bit of raw honey or maple syrup to the mix.

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Conserving Fruits In Season

Not all of our favorite fruits are available at all times of the year, so I like to take advantage of when fruits are in season, and buying in bulk. I then freeze them to have the fruits available all year. Not only is a great way to always have your favorite fruits available, but it helps save a lot of money. Fruits are always a lot more expensive when they arent in season.

Where To Buy Dragon Fruit

Where to find dragon fruit at the store? If youre making a smoothie, its easiest to buy dragon fruit as a frozen puree. Sometimes you can find it whole and fresh at a grocery store, but its usually difficult to find. The frozen puree is available in the frozen section at many grocery stores, and you can also buy it online.

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