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Number Of Units Opened/closed

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At the end of 2018, there were 871 Smoothie King franchised units for a net change of +84 units.

At the end of 2019, there were 931 Smoothie King franchised units for a net change of +60 units.

At the end of 2020, there were 968 Smoothie King franchised units for a net change of +37 units.


At the end of 2018, there were 29 Smoothie King corporate owned units for a net change of +1 unit.

At the end of 2019, there were 38 Smoothie King corporate owned units for a net change of +9 units.

At the end of 2020, there were 40 Smoothie King corporate owned units for a net change of +2 units.


At the end of 2018, there were a total of 900 Smoothie King units for a net change of +85 units.

At the end of 2019, there were a total of 969 Smoothie King units for a net change of +69 units.

At the end of 2020, there were a total of 1008 Smoothie King units for a net change of +39 units.

These metrics show that the Smoothie King franchise system is stable and has a lot of potential for growth. Furthermore, there is a lot of operational support for franchisees, given that most of the Smoothie King units are franchised.

How Much Is A Smoothie King Franchise

The starting cost to set up a Smoothie King is estimated at between $268,900 and $555,965. This becomes more expensive if the outlet will be a free-standing drive-thru facility, with total costs estimated between $589,300 and $858,900 .

These costs include the initial franchise fee, rent for the location, furniture, fixtures, improvements, initial inventory, and the expenses for holding a grand opening.

Is Smoothie King A Good Business

Founded in 1973, Smoothie King has evolved into a lifestyle brand inspiring people to live healthy and active lifestyles via nutritious, great-tasting smoothies. The franchise earned the No. 1 ranking in the smoothie/juice bar category, and No. 14 overall, on Entrepreneurs prestigious Franchise 500 list in 2020.

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The 25 Best Smoothie And Juice Bar Franchises Of 2021

December 28, 2017in Franchise Chatter Hot List, Juice Franchise, Smoothie Franchise

This annual list of the best smoothie and juice bar franchises was revised and updated on December 28, 2020.

Though juices have been around for centuries, and smoothies have been with us since the invention of the blender, specialist businesses serving them have taken off in a big way in the 21st century. As people have sought ways to enjoy the pleasures of novel takeaway food while improving their health, smoothie and juice bars have become widespread, with thousands set up across the USA and beyond.

While most food franchises appeal to the traditional takeaway market, with foods that are high in fat, salt, and carbohydrates, smoothie and juice bars are built on a very different sort of demand and cater to a very different customer base. Their customers are more likely to be seen in a Whole Foods store or a gym than a burger joint. Like any food outlet, theyre offering flavor, novelty, and convenience, but theyre also selling something more health. Offering a way for customers to consume their way to a healthier life, smoothie and juice bars make it easier to be and feel healthy.

One option to ensure a good customer base is for juice and smoothie bars to set up in or near fitness clubs and sports centers. This allows them to target a specific market sector in a way that few other franchises can.

How To Open A Smoothie King Franchise

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Smoothie Franchise ...
  • Ensure you have adequate capitalization. In order to open a Smoothie King franchise, you must have a net worth of more than $300,000.
  • Appreciate the investment required for a juicy bar franchise. You will need to consider building and real estate costs, the cost of equipment and signs, the costs of licenses and permits, the cost of uniforms, the cost of insurance, etc.
  • Evaluate your prior experience and strengths. You should thoroughly evaluate your prior business experience before applying to become a Smoothie King franchise owner.
  • Assess market availability. You will want to look at the market availability for Smoothie King franchises and see if there are available markets in your location of interest before proceeding with the franchising application.
  • Submit your application. Your application will be reviewed by the Smoothie King franchise team. You will be emailed a confirmation receipt upon reception of your online application, where we will additionally provide the contact details of the franchise owner.
  • Receive approval & opening your Smoothie King franchise. You will receive franchise approval once your financial and background checks are completed. Approval will only be given to candidates who meet all the requirements of franchise owners.
  • Request Free Info

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    Hire Staff Set Up And Open

    Hire the staff and arrange for the next segment of training. Smoothie King provides seven days of training in your store before opening day. They cover the business topics related to operational and marketing practices, such as conducting nutritional classes for guests. You get hands-on practice running the smoothie bar and the sales area.

    Open your new franchise and take advantage of Smoothie Kings continuous training and support program. The knowledge and support they provide will help you to earn a profit.


    Average Smoothie King Franchise Startup Cost

    Franchising Smoothie King will allow you to retain a business that sells smoothies and nutritious drinks. And not just drinks, Smoothie King also offers nutritional products in general. You will be given a chance to sell their original smoothies that consist of natural and real fruits blended together, pure fruit juice, and pure vegetable and fruit purees. These natural ingredients will be combined with nutritional supplements and any other meal replacement that is customized personal order. Smoothie King also sells nutritional retail merchandise such as minerals and vitamins, herbs, healthy snacks, and much more.

    So how much does Smoothie King Franchise Cost? Before you can franchise one, you are required to qualify the criteria set by the company. For Smoothie King, their financial requirements are:

    • You should have at least $300,000 net worth to open 1 Smoothie King store and,
    • You should have at least $100,000 liquid asset to open 1 Smoothie King store.

    If you qualify all of the given criteria, the next thing you will need is the initial investment. According to Smoothie King itself, the total Smoothie King franchise cost will run around $188,000 up to $414,000. And as usual, the total cost depends on many factors. Here is the breakdown of the total cost:

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    How Much Profit Does A Franchisee Of Smoothie King Make Per Year

    Smoothie King outdoor shop.

    According to Glassdoor, a Smoothie King franchise owners average salary in 2020 would be $42,337 $46,085. This figure is a reported average, thus there could be a wide range of salaries. From an ownership perspective, it can also be advantageous from a tax perspective to earn less annually. We have to rely on what other franchise owners report making because Smoothie King does not post any form of expected franchise owner payment.

    I suspect the real average revenue of an owner per unit is around $100,000 and not whats being reported on Glassdoor. Its hard to believe that this franchise would still be in business of ownership made less than $50,000 in annual profit.

    As a Smoothie King franchisee, your profitability is determined by a number of factors. Food costs, labor costs, commercial lease rates in your area , local product demand, and how well you manage your operations are some of these aspects. In addition, the amount and scope of your investment will also have a big impact on profit.

    Smoothie King Achieves Stellar Growth In First Half Of 2021

    Julie Edelman Smoothie King (full version)

    DALLAS After a strong first quarter which brought an impressive 18% same-store sales increase year-over-year, the brand reported an equally extraordinary second quarter of 2021 setting another company record with 34% same-store sales increase. Additionally, the worlds largest smoothie brand continues to build significant momentum, inking agreements through the first half of the year that will yield 110 new stores.

    Seeing our brand continue to break new ground with same-store sales growth while expanding into new markets demonstrates how powerful our mission and vision are when it comes to our long-term development strategy, said Wan Kim, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Smoothie King. Everyone has witnessed how important it is to live a healthy and active lifestyle for overall quality of life, and were seeing an increasing number of people embrace Smoothie King as a key feature of their fitness journeys. Thats having a tangible impact on our growth.

    Smoothie King opened 37 total locations in Q2 2021, bringing the number of openings to 71 for the year thus far. Of those 37 openings, 16 of them were international locations, specifically South Korea. Smoothie King now boasts 1,347 total stores worldwide.


    Over 900 Smoothie King franchisees, corporate team members and vendors gathered for the brands first in-person annual conference since June 2019.




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    What Are The Cheapest Franchises To Start

    12 best low-cost franchises for aspiring business owners Cruise Planners. Franchise fee: $10,995. Fit4Mom. Franchise fee: $5,495 to $10,495. Chem-Dry. Franchise fee: $23,500. Jazzercise. Franchise fee: $1,250. Stratus Building Solutions. SuperGlass Windshield Repair. Mosquito Squad. Pillar to Post Home Inspectors.

    What Demographics Does Smoothie King Look For

    Our target customer is a millennial who is between the ages of 16 and 35. Our focus is 55% skewed towards women. We are looking for starter families, baby boomers, and established Americans. We offer a premium product, so our guests need to have some ancillary income in order to frequent our locations on a regular basis. Therefore, we try to find locations among the average household incomes, or higher for a given market. We cannot exclude certain areas given the range of our guests overall and, therefore, we do not limit ourselves to a particular set of demographics across the board.

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    General Smoothie King Questions

    Yes, please visit our franchisee page for more information:

    Smoothie King Franchises, Inc. is a privately held, New Orleans area-based franchise company and the premier Smoothie Bar and Nutritional Lifestyle Center in the industry. Smoothie King offers guests the original nutritional fresh-blended Smoothie and healthy retail products, including sports beverages, energy bars, healthy snacks, vitamin supplements, herbs, minerals and other sports nutrition products. Smoothie King opened its first store in 1973 and started as the first franchised smoothie bar/health food store in the United States in 1989.

    We love hearing from our guests and value your feedback. Have feedback on your visit, please submit a survey at Have a suggestion or question, please submit an inquiry via contact us. If you are sharing feedback about a specific location, please include the stores physical address or the store number located at the top of your receipt. You can also contact the store directly to share your feedback.

    Find answers to our most commonly asked questions for Employment, Nutrition, Allergens and Healthy Rewards here in our FAQs.

    For franchise information, visit . To contact a specific Smoothie King location, visit for store contact information.

    You may purchase gift cards at all Smoothie King locations as well as online on our website.

    How Much Is The Smoothie King Franchise Fee

    How Much Does it Cost to Open a Smoothie Franchise ...

    Smoothie King has two different types of franchises, each with different fees: traditional and non-traditional.

    Traditional locations are usually set up in strip centers, drive-thru locations, or other commercial shopping centers, places where the general public have ready access to the site. Operators of a traditional location receive a protected territory, preventing other outlets of the franchise from setting up close by.

    Non-traditional locations are those relying on one main business or organization for customers, sometimes set up within that organizations property, and normally with limited access to the general public. This covers locations like enclosed shopping malls, convention centers, airports, movie theaters, health clubs, hospitals, college campuses, military bases, and grocery stores. It provides a captive market but doesnt come with a protected territory .

    The initial franchise fee is $30,000 for a traditional store or $15,000 for a non-traditional store. The fee for a traditional store may be discounted to $25,000 when setting up additional stores after the first .

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    How Much Money Can I Make

    Since the actual results of individual franchises are based on factors that are not within the control of Smoothie King, we do not provide estimates of profits or revenues. However, after consulting with a Smoothie King Franchise Development Manager and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document , you will have the opportunity to contact our existing franchisees regarding their experiences. Review theUnit Performance page for some additional insight.

    How Do I Start A Small Smoothie Business

    Steps to Starting a Smoothie Business Step 1: Write Your Business Plan. Step 2: Form a Business Entity. Step 3: Name the Business. Step 4: Select Your Location. Step 5: Register for Business Licenses and Permits. Step 6: Find Financing. Step 7: Open a Business Bank Account. Step 8: Get Your Marketing Plan in Place.

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    Considering A Smoothie King Franchise Dont Overlook These 25 Important Franchise Fees

    December 4, 2016in Franchise Fees, Smoothie Franchise

    If you are considering a Smoothie King franchise, dont get blindsided by these 25 important franchise fees .

    • All fees are payable to Smoothie King and apply to the Franchise Agreement. The fees are non-refundable. Occasionally, Smoothie King waives or reduces certain one-time fees. Otherwise, the fees are uniformly imposed unless otherwise noted.
    • During the term of the Franchise Agreement, Smoothie King may offer optional services not currently contemplated for which Smoothie King may charge a fee.
    • All fees apply to both Traditional and Non-Traditional locations unless otherwise noted.

    1. Initial Franchise Fee Traditional Location: $25,000 to $30,000

    • You will pay a $30,000 lump sum initial franchise fee when you sign the Franchise Agreement.
    • If you are an existing franchisee in good standing and meet Smoothie Kings qualifications, Smoothie King may approve you to develop an additional Unit.
    • If you are an existing franchisee in good standing and meet Smoothie Kings qualifications, Smoothie King will offer you a reduced initial franchise fee equal to $25,000.
    • Smoothie King is a member of the International Franchise Associations VetFran program. If you are an active member of the United States Armed Forces or if you have been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces, you will be eligible for a discount of 20% off the initial franchise fee.

    2. Initial Franchise Fee Non-Traditional Location: $15,000

    How Much Is A Smoothie King Franchise How Much Does A Smoothie King Franchise Make + Other Faqs

    Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Opportunity

    Last updated on November 13, 2021in Frequently Asked Questions , Smoothie Franchise

    Smoothies have a reputation as a healthy food, and Smoothie King has leaned hard into that image. Since being singled out for its unhealthy products in 2013 by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the company has pushed hard to rebuild its image as a provider of health and vitality. Its clean blends initiative banishes certain additives from its products, and the company sponsors the Smoothie King Center, home to the NBAs New Orleans Pelicans. Its a company selling itself on health and wellness, ideal for a franchisee who shares those interests.

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    Refreshing Juice Bar Franchises To Consider

    The juice bar industry is thriving. According to IBISWorld, the juice and smoothie bar industry brings in about $2 billion per year and is experiencing a steady rate of growth.

    That growth could also be due in part to the thriving fitness industry. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with health and wellness. So juice and smoothie bars naturally fit into that niche. If youre interested in being a part of that growing industry, here are some juice bar franchise opportunities to consider.

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    What It Takes To Own A Leading Smoothie Franchise

    The following costs are excerpted from Smoothie King’s Franchise Disclosure Document and are estimated. Each Smoothie King franchise owner has the right to initially develop one store for the franchise fee of $30,000. The difference between low and high investment levels exists due to labor, location, varying store sizes, build-out costs and expenses, and your experience and management of the stores development.

    Below are the financial requirements to open a Smoothie King in the United States:

    • Investment Range:
    • Endcap or inline location: $268,900 – $555,965
    • Free-standing Drive-thru location: $589,300 – $858,900
  • Minimum Net Worth : $300,000
  • Minimum Liquidity : $100,000
  • Minimum Credit Score: 700
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    High Loan Failure Rate

    According to the Smoothie King franchise website: By buying into a franchise, you have the backing of a recognized brand with a proven track record and business method Franchising allows you to obtain independence and to be your own boss with far less risk.

    Franchise Review: How Much Does it Really Cost to Open a Subway?

    However, Smoothie King franchise owners who qualified for SBA-backed franchise loans had a high loan failure rate of 28 percent, according to data supplied by the Small Business Administration . Failure to repay an SBA-backed loan implies that the franchisees were in a bad financial situation when they defaulted on their loan. With that being said, this data also suggests a 72% success rate for franchisees that get started with the help of an SBA loan.

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