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Smoothie King has come a long way. From a kitchen experiment to a thriving, international company and all developed with one purpose. We first introduced the nutritional fresh-blended Smoothie in 1973 when founder Steve Kuhnau began experimenting with mixing real fruit, nutrients, and proteins in a blender at home. Soon enough, his concoctions began to have a positive impact on his health, which spawned the creation of the first Smoothie King.

Launching Smoothie King Franchising

In 1989, Smoothie King became the first Smoothie franchise in the United States. Since then, our brand has expanded its reign, with each “Lifestyle Center” also offering healthier retail product solutions in sports beverages, energy bars, nutritious snacks, vitamin supplements, herbs, minerals, and other nutrition products.

Wan Kim Purchases Smoothie King

In July 2012, Smoothie King co-founders, Steve and Cindy Kuhnau, sold the brand to SK USA, Inc., headed by CEO Wan Kim, a successful franchisee with more than 100 stores throughout South Korea.

Is Smoothie King Healthy

Smoothie King might not be the first place that comes to mind when someone says keto or diet. However, that does not mean that everything they serve is unhealthy. The joint has a lot of dieter-friendly options that are low on sugar and fats. These drinks serve as a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day, when you feel down. They help energize you, but they also help you feel satiated without being too unhealthy. So now, let us take a look at the nutritional content of some of the healthiest smoothies in Smoothie King

Smoothie King Celebrates Opening Of New Collinsville Store

COLLINSVILLESmoothie King, the worlds leading smoothie brand committed to inspiring guests to live healthy, active lifestyles, will open its new Collinsville location on October 29. The new store, located at 1104 Collinsville Crossing Blvd., offers in-store purchases, online ordering, delivery and curbside pick-up.

To celebrate the new store, Smoothie King Collinsville will have a week of grand opening promotions starting on Monday, November 30 and guests will have an opportunity to be entered into a raffle for free smoothies for a year. Other offer include:

  • Monday, Nov. 30: Buy One, Get One Free Smoothie
  • Tuesday, Dec. 1: $2 Off Meal Replacement Smoothie
  • Wednesday, Dec. 2: $3,49 Small 20oz Smoothie
  • Thursday, Dec. 3: Free Extra or Enhancer
  • Friday, Dec. 4: $5 Friday $5 for most 32oz Smoothies and $6 for 32oz Meal Replacement Smoothies

Locally owned and operated, Nathan and Erica Davis have a passion for healthy living and wanted to further combine their love of health and wellness with Nathans professional career and decided to invest in a Smoothie King. This is the second Smoothie King location the couple has opened and the first in Collinsville.

As part of its vision to be an integral part of every health and fitness journey, Smoothie Kings diverse menu features 70 purposefully-blended smoothies tailored to each guests needs all of which fit into one of four purpose categories: Fitness, Slim, Wellness and Break Time.

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What It Takes To Own A Leading Smoothie Franchise

The following costs are excerpted from Smoothie King’s Franchise Disclosure Document and are estimated. Each Smoothie King franchise owner has the right to initially develop one store for the franchise fee of $30,000. The difference between low and high investment levels exists due to labor, location, varying store sizes, build-out costs and expenses, and your experience and management of the stores development.

Below are the financial requirements to open a Smoothie King in the United States:

  • Investment Range:
  • Endcap or inline location: $268,900 – $555,965
  • Free-standing Drive-thru location: $589,300 – $858,900
  • Minimum Net Worth : $300,000
  • Minimum Liquidity : $100,000
  • Minimum Credit Score: 700
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    How Much Does It Cost To Open A Smoothie Franchise

    The juice and smoothie bar franchise segment is ripe for investment. The rapidly-growing industry is set to top $3 billion in 2019.

    At smoothie bars, high product demand, along with low overhead costs and simple operations, can blend together to create an unparalleled business opportunity.

    Many prospective smoothie bar owners seek out turnkey franchise models, which offer them a pre-determined investment range that clarifies initial expenses and ongoing operational costs.

    Heres a quick breakdown several of the initial investments at Smoothie King:

    Average Smoothie King Franchise Startup Cost

    Franchising Smoothie King will allow you to retain a business that sells smoothies and nutritious drinks. And not just drinks, Smoothie King also offers nutritional products in general. You will be given a chance to sell their original smoothies that consist of natural and real fruits blended together, pure fruit juice, and pure vegetable and fruit purees. These natural ingredients will be combined with nutritional supplements and any other meal replacement that is customized personal order. Smoothie King also sells nutritional retail merchandise such as minerals and vitamins, herbs, healthy snacks, and much more.

    So how much does Smoothie King Franchise Cost? Before you can franchise one, you are required to qualify the criteria set by the company. For Smoothie King, their financial requirements are:

    • You should have at least $300,000 net worth to open 1 Smoothie King store and,
    • You should have at least $100,000 liquid asset to open 1 Smoothie King store.

    If you qualify all of the given criteria, the next thing you will need is the initial investment. According to Smoothie King itself, the total Smoothie King franchise cost will run around $188,000 up to $414,000. And as usual, the total cost depends on many factors. Here is the breakdown of the total cost:

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    A Recipe For Success With Smoothie King

    When franchisees invest in Smoothie King, theyre not only investing in themselves and the business, theyre helping each guest invest in their own well-being.

    Anyone can toss fruit, vegetables, yogurt and dairy into a blender. Our brand creates specialized smoothies expertly blended for guests specific needs, purpose and goals which has been our purpose from the very start.

    Weve fine-tuned our business systems to make our stores simpler to operate with limited inventory and waste, multiple revenue streams and lower initial investment than other quick-service restaurants.

    We optimize our business model by keeping a close eye on the metrics that drive unit performance.

    How Much Does Smoothie King Franchise Cost

    No more Leafy Chunks! How to blend a Creamy Green Smoothie: Green Smoothie Tip

    Looking for a business to franchise? Why dont you try Smoothie King? This company offers the first ever freshly blended, nutritional fruit smoothies. Smoothie King also offers healthy sports beverages, healthy snacks, energy bars, herbs, minerals, vitamin supplements, and other sport nutrition products. This type of business will surely immediately become a hit since people nowadays are getting conscious about their health. Another thing that you should also consider is that Smoothie King is already known to people around the world. But first of all, how much does Smoothie King Franchise Cost?

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    How Much Money Can I Make

    Since the actual results of individual franchises are based on factors that are not within the control of Smoothie King, we do not provide estimates of profits or revenues. However, after consulting with a Smoothie King Franchise Development Manager and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document , you will have the opportunity to contact our existing franchisees regarding their experiences. Review theUnit Performance page for some additional insight.

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    What Demographics Does Smoothie King Look For

    Our target customer is a millennial who is between the ages of 16 and 35. Our focus is 55% skewed towards women. We are looking for starter families, baby boomers, and established Americans. We offer a premium product, so our guests need to have some ancillary income in order to frequent our locations on a regular basis. Therefore, we try to find locations among the average household incomes, or higher for a given market. We cannot exclude certain areas given the range of our guests overall and, therefore, we do not limit ourselves to a particular set of demographics across the board.

    Making Health Goals Obtainable

    The CEO of Smoothie King Just Revealed 1 Brilliant ...

    In addition to being a fast-food alternative, Smoothies also fill a health requirement for many consumers. Diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes are the answer to a better quality of life, and more people are focusing on their well-being and eating habits than ever before. As a Smoothie King franchisee, youll be part of this rapidly expanding market and will contribute to something you believe in helping people eat healthy and live happy.

    At Smoothie King, our mission is to inspire people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy-lifestyle individuals and families recognize our brand as the premium Smoothie destination. We take great pride in offering high-quality, great-tasting Specialty Smoothies that are blended for specific purposes, ensuring that our guests can Rule the Day!

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    Smoothie King Center Parking Resources

    Official Smoothie King Center Parking Page The official parking page for Smoothie King Center, which is includes locations, and directions. Pricing is typically available close to event date, but all lots are cash only!

    SpotHero Compare parking locations near Smoothie King Center and reserve a space ahead of time online!

    Smoothie King Center Yelp Page Read helpful reviews from the people! Get tips on parking, the local area, and fun things to do.

    Smoothie King Center A Z Guide An indexed guide answering all your questions about various topics for game day or any event at Smoothie King Center.

    Stadium Journey Read user comments on Smoothie King Center, including helpful info about amenities and parking tips.


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    Stadium Maps

    What Types Of Locations Fit Into Smoothie King Site Criteria

    The ideal size range for a Smoothie King Franchise is generally 800-1,600 square feet. However, smaller or larger stores are an option. They’re usually located in neighborhood and community strip centers, power centers, shopping malls, universities, airports, and downtown business districts. The optimal area typically has a strong residential population, strong daytime employment, dynamic retail activity and proximity to fitness . It also has good street visibility and presence as well as good ingress and egress. We also prefer a drive-thru when possible.

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    High Loan Failure Rate

    According to the Smoothie King franchise website: By buying into a franchise, you have the backing of a recognized brand with a proven track record and business method Franchising allows you to obtain independence and to be your own boss with far less risk.

    Franchise Review: How Much Does it Really Cost to Open a Subway?

    However, Smoothie King franchise owners who qualified for SBA-backed franchise loans had a high loan failure rate of 28 percent, according to data supplied by the Small Business Administration . Failure to repay an SBA-backed loan implies that the franchisees were in a bad financial situation when they defaulted on their loan. With that being said, this data also suggests a 72% success rate for franchisees that get started with the help of an SBA loan.

    Smoothie King Is Terrible For You

    What if Everyone became a King? more videos | #aumsum #kids #children #education #whatif

    Camille Lamb GuzmanDecember 4, 20138:30AM

    Not long ago, I set foot in my first and last Smoothie King. At the time, I was a smoothie-making fiend in my own home, gulping down bags of expensive organic frozen berries like flappers guzzled bathtub gin. So I was psyched when I walked through the door of this “nutritional lifestyle center” at 14200 SW Eighth St. to see the reasonable prices on immense fruit smoothies.

    A 40-ounce blueberry smoothie for just $8? Wow. Yes, 40 ounces of anything is probably going a bit overboard. But this wasn’t beer or steak. And considering blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense fruits on the planet, are insanely high in antioxidants, and might even prevent and reverse age-related mental decline , this seemed like a delicious, health-boosting offer I couldn’t refuse.

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    Smoothie King Achieves Stellar Growth In First Half Of 2021

    DALLAS After a strong first quarter which brought an impressive 18% same-store sales increase year-over-year, the brand reported an equally extraordinary second quarter of 2021 setting another company record with 34% same-store sales increase. Additionally, the worlds largest smoothie brand continues to build significant momentum, inking agreements through the first half of the year that will yield 110 new stores.

    Seeing our brand continue to break new ground with same-store sales growth while expanding into new markets demonstrates how powerful our mission and vision are when it comes to our long-term development strategy, said Wan Kim, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Smoothie King. Everyone has witnessed how important it is to live a healthy and active lifestyle for overall quality of life, and were seeing an increasing number of people embrace Smoothie King as a key feature of their fitness journeys. Thats having a tangible impact on our growth.

    Smoothie King opened 37 total locations in Q2 2021, bringing the number of openings to 71 for the year thus far. Of those 37 openings, 16 of them were international locations, specifically South Korea. Smoothie King now boasts 1,347 total stores worldwide.


    Over 900 Smoothie King franchisees, corporate team members and vendors gathered for the brands first in-person annual conference since June 2019.




    Smoothie King Near Me

    Please, search Smoothie King Near ME locations from the map below. if you find your nearby Smoothie Kinglocation, click on the map shown below and nearest Smoothie King location around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also, use this store locator tool to find Smoothie King near me.

    You can also get the Smoothie King Near Me Now through Embed Map / Smoothie King Locator. If you use Smoothie King locator to find the Smoothie King Locations. Just enter your areas zip code & find Smoothie King Near My Location.

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    Staying Fruitful With Simple Operations And Strong Cost Controls

    With our core product offering, were able to keep operations streamlined and simple. A diligently engineered POS system, as well as cutting-edge web and intranet technologies, build new efficiencies and organize the business and guest data that can help franchisees manage their resources and grow their business.

    And by leveraging international buying power and vendor relationships, we provide franchisees with robust supply chains that maintain competitive pricing. Our supply chain specialists work with vendors to maintain affordable prices.

    Nwi Business Ins And Outs: Ihop And Smoothie King Opening In Schererville Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria Shutters In Highland New Dance Studio Opens In Merrillville

    Smoothie King Coupons

    Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria and Bullpen Luxury Bar and Grill in Highland closed.

    • Joseph S. Pete

    Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria and Bullpen Luxury Bar and Grill in Highland closed.

    • Joseph S. Pete

    Bri’s Dance Studio opened in Merrillville.

    • Provided

    Joseph S. Pete

    Business Reporter

    Joseph S. Pete is a Lisagor Award-winning business reporter who covers steel, industry, unions, the ports, retail, banking and more. The Indiana University grad has been with The Times since 2013 and blogs about craft beer, culture and the military.

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    Pancakes are about to go global in Schererville.

    IHOP, or the world-famous International House of Pancakes, plans to open on Feb. 10 on U.S. 41, town manager Robert Volkmann said.

    Dimension Schererville Ventures bought a 1.27-acre site for the pancake restaurant near the Crossroads of America intersection. It’s located in front of the Hampton Inn & Suites just a block south of U.S. 30.

    IHOP is a great complement to the Hampton Inn hotel, said Aaron McDermott, president of Latitude Commercial, who represented the seller in the sale to IHOP. Schererville can look forward to endless supplies of pancakes.”

    Many though not all IHOPs are open for 24 hours, 7 days a week. The suburban Los Angeles-based chain also has locations in Hammond, Merrillville and Lansing.

    Coming soon




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    Does Smoothie King Have Paper Applications

    smoothiepaper applications

    . Similarly, how do you apply for Smoothie King?

    Visit your local Smoothie King to inquire about current in-store team member openings. If you are interested in working for the Smoothie King Home Office, open positions are posted as available on our Careers page, LinkedIn, Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

    Beside above, is working at Smoothie King hard? Smoothie King is a very friendly and exciting place to work. Since it has become so popular there are always new smoothies and snacks coming out. The environment is high energy, the culture is great, and it’s the perfect place to hone in on customer service skills. There have been many changes in recent years.

    Subsequently, one may also ask, does Smoothie King hire 15 year olds?

    No, the minimum age requirement for Smoothie king is 16 years old. I believe you have to be 16 and up but I know of a 15 year old that got hired. No, they hire 17 and older.

    How much do employees make at Smoothie King?

    Smoothie King Salaries

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