Kimberly Snyder Glowing Green Smoothie

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Do: Drink Your Ggs In The Right Amounts

Kimberly Snyder Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe

A common mistake people make with the GGS is not making enough. They then wonder why they arent noticing the benefits.

Unless you have a specific health concern that makes it impossible for you to drink larger amounts, start with a minimum 16 ounces of GGS each morning. 4 or 8 ounces simply isnt going to cut it!!

Start with a minimum 16 ounces of GGS each morning and gradually work yourself up to 24 ounces or more.

You dont necessarily need ginormous amounts, but a nice big smoothie will give you the doses of veggies and fruits you need. You can sip on your GGS throughout the morning, or even have some later in the day if you cant finish it all.

The Glowing Green Smoothie Aka Ggs

Serves 2 ½ Smoothies

  • 2 cups of cold filtered water
  • 1 bunch spinach
  • 2 or 4 celery stalks, halved
  • 1 head of romaine lettuce
  • Small bunch cilantro, thick stems cut off
  • Small bunch parsley, thick stems cut off
  • 1 apple, cored, seeded, and quartered
  • 1 pear, cored, seeded, and quartered
  • 1 banana
  • ½ fresh lemon, peeled and seeded

Kimberly Snyders Glowing Green Smoothie

This is one of our FAVORITE go to green smoothie recipes of all time. Kimberly Snyder is a highly sought after nutritionist and for many of the entertainment industrys top celebrities, and author of The Beauty Detox Solution.

Kimberlys first book was published in 2011 and has drawn praise from celebrities and experts including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Drew Barrymore, Fergie, LeAnn Rimes, Josh Duhamel, Hilary Duff, Olivia Wilde, Channing Tatum, Teresa Palmer, Vince Vaughn, Jillian Barberie, Tom Hiddleston, Abigail Spencer, Kevin James, Chris Hemsworth, Owen Wilson, and of course, Blender Babes!

We love Kimberly Snyder and have featured many of her Beauty Detox recipes in addition to Kimberly Snyders Glowing Green Smoothie in our celebrity recipe section.

This Glowing Green Smoothie could be a daily staple. It features lots of greens, and fruit to help balance that green taste. The lemon gives cleansing benefits in addition to the greens. Mix and match greens with fruit to your liking, or what produce you must use up! Ideally its 2 types of greens with 2-3 types of fruits plus lemon.

I personally dont like celery in it , so I leave it out. If Im trying to detox, Ill add some parsley or cilantro, or both and use more banana or even some dates to sweeten it up.

I love mixing up the greens & fruit, and sometimes using coconut water instead of filtered water.

Be sure to join our community for more delicious healthy blender recipes!

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The Glowing Green Smoothie

  • 1 head organic romaine lettuce, chopped3 to 4 stalks organic celery1/2 head of a large bunch or 3/4 of a small bunch of spinach1 organic apple, cored and chopped1 organic pear, cored and chopped1 organic bananaJuice of 1/2 fresh organic lemonOptional: 1/3 bunch organic cilantro and 1/3 bunch organic parsley
  • Do: Remember The Sacred Ratio

    Kimberly Snyders Glowing Green Smoothie now served @ Climax

    When you make your GGS, bear in mind the optimal ratio of vegetables to fruit. 70% of your GGS should be greens, such as spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, or herbs such as parsley and cilantro.

    Pretty much any dark green leafy vegetables that are available, seasonal, and fresh will work in your GGS.

    We cant be truly beautiful if we dont build our beauty from the inside out. This includes food wise, and with other lifestyle components, like meditation. Make sure your veggie ratios are where they need to be for optimal benefits!

    The other 30% of your GGS should consist of various fruits. Be sure to include a citrus component. Lemon is very cleansing and helps to rebuild the liver as well as containing lots of vitamin C.

    In addition to lemon, you can add any combination you like of apple, banana, pear, pineapple, mango, strawberries. You can use whatever fruit you prefer.

    Mix and match to find combinations you enjoy. Remember that you should include no more than 30% of fruit in your GGS . Its NOT a fruit smoothie!

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    What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks And Why

    I have to admit that I dont cook out of any cookbooks. Ten years ago when I was starting out, I worked at a raw food cafe in the East Village of New York and learned a lot about flavor profiles and combining. I learned that I prefer to see what looks good at the farmers market and throw things together. Often what I eat is actually very simple. Additionally, sometimes I like to look around, and I love to provide inspiration to others with my own recipe ideas, but Im just not a cookbook person myself!

    Is It Okay To Always Use The Same Greens

    Dont: Use the Same Greens Every Single Time

    When choosing greens for your GGS, remember that rotation is key. This will ensure you get a variety of vitamins and minerals. You will also avoid the rare issue of oxalates that can affect some people. Oxalates are organic acids found naturally in plants, animals, and humans.

    Some health conditions require limiting oxalates in the diet, but these are extremely rare. However, rotating your greens is still important. This is so you are getting the widest variety of nutrients possible.

    Some research shows that oxalic acid can bind in some plants and prevent some calcium absorption. This is in foods such as caffeine products, cola drinks, asparagus and certain greens, including spinach.

    However, the degree to which this occurs is controversial. In the book Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Stanley Davidson points out that the chelating effect of oxalic acid on minerals like calcium is most likely negligible.

    In Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, Dr. Norman Walker shares, that when greens are cooked , oxalic acid binds irreversibly with calcium. This is turn, hinders its absorption and crystallizing in the kidneys.Many different experts nowadays, such as Dr. Christiane Northrop, write that the potential harms of overeating spinach are probably overestimated.

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    What Is Regularly On The Menu In The Snyder Kitchen

    Smoothies, such as Powder Protein Smoothies and Glowing Green Smoothies, as well as a lot of one-pot meals, soups, stews, and stir-fries. We almost always have sprouted brown rice and I make a lot of bowls. We eat black beans, lentils, cooked kale, and salads.

    We have a garden here and grow a lot of our vegetables. For me its really about the quality of the ingredients, so bowls and one-pot meals and soups are really our staples, besides the smoothies.

    One meal I always make at home is Kitcheree because it is a complete meal with healthy fats, protein, and carbs. Its easy to make and full of delicious Ayurvedic spices.

    More From The Beauty Detox Foods

    Kimberly Snyder Glowing Green Smoothie Soup (GGSo) Recipe

    Ginger-Caraway Probiotic and Enzyme Salad RecipeThis excerpt is reprinted with permission from It may not be reproduced for any other use without permission. Buy this book from our store: The Beauty Detox Foods

    Get a glowing complexion and thick, shiny hair from just the foods you eat. In The Beauty Detox Foods , clinical nutritionist Kimberly Snyder offers beauty tips, tricks and recipes. In this excerpt, from chapter 10 Beauty Smoothies and Energy Boosters, Snyder offers instructions for a simple Glowing Green Juice recipe, rich in vitamin C and other vital nutrients.

    You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: The Beauty Detox Foods.

    Juicing is a different way of processing produce from blending, and the Glowing Green Juice should not be stored. Drink this juice within 15 to 25 minutes of making it to ensure the full preservation of its enzymes . Over time, you can increase the recipe and work up to 24 ounces or more of Glowing Green Juice each day. I encourage you to mix and match your greens and produce, as you do with the Glowing Green Smoothie.

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    What Are Your Beauty Must

    Im a big fan of Ayurvedic oils and do weekly abhyanga massage, which is a warm oil massage with some warm herbal oils. I use sesame oil and a hair massage for my hair. Of course, I use our full Feel Good Solluna line of skincare, which is high performance and non-toxic. We include ingredients like stable vitamin C , a botanical alternative to retinol, plant stem cells, and more. I have to say, its amazing!!

    Describe A Typical Day For You

    A typical day rotates around my children and my practices. Before dawn, theyre both in the bed with me. I get them set up for the day and head down to the kitchen by 7:00. When Moses takes his first nap, and my older child is content playing, I settle into my first meditation for the day, as well as journaling and reflection.

    And then, it really depends on the day, but I rotate recording podcasts, doing interviews, writing articles, calls, and other things that I have to do for Solluna. Im also in the editing phase for this book. When Emerson goes back to school, all the recordings will be done while hes in school! For now, its a bit of a juggling process.

    My team knows that Im very hands-on with the kids, and theyre very flexible and Im so grateful for that. I do a lot of work in the evenings after they go to bed. I meditate and have time with my husband and then we both do quite a bit of work in the evening. This is how Im able to fit in so much and be a full-time mom! The day ends with meditation, more journaling, and cuddling with Hubs.

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    Smoothie Of The Day: Kimberly Snyders Glowing Green Smoothie

    Kimberly Snyder is a celebrity nutritionist , an author of The Beauty Detox Solution, the founder of her own vegan brand of beauty and health products and supplements. Snyder has been vegan for 12 years and her journey led her to help others take care of themselves, be healthier and beautiful from the inside out. As a celebrity nutritionist, Snyder works with stars and others to help find the healthy balance of nourishing their bodies, emotions and spirits through food, meditation and self-care, something we all could use a little more of right about now.

    The founder of Solluna , and a New York Times best-selling author three times over, Snyder is the go-to voice of calm and personal wellness for women who want to look and feel great, starting with their nutrition. Snyder’s morning routine is a cleansing cup of hot water with lemon to clear digestion , followed by her signature smoothie, full of leafy greens and superfoods.

    Snyder has built a following for her holistic approach to the plant-based lifestyle, which she defines as taking care of the four cornerstones of health: Your food, your body, your emotional well-being, and your spiritual growth.

    She shared her smoothie recipe with The Beet to encourage everyone to drink this green-infused healthy breakfast and feel nourished all day long. Here’s her explanation

    The Christmas Bookshop Book Discussion And Mulled Wine Cupcakes Recipe

    Kimberly Snyder

    It’s super easy and fast to make. I usually make a large batch, enough for 2 days worth and store it in my fridge. I blend the vegetables and fruits, pour it in 32 ounce bottles and have them ready for work in the morning.

    Kimberly recommends using a high speed blender, such as Vitamix which will give you that creamy consistency. The Vitamix is expensive, but is a great investment if you are serious about whipping up healthy recipes. There are other blenders that can do the job if you have a lower budget. If you don’t mind the rougher texture of GGS, look into some other budget friendly blenders.

    The natural sweetness comes from the bananas and other fruits that you choose to put in there. The wonderful concept behind this Glowing Green Smoothie is to blend a good ratio of vegetables to fruits. As long as you have sweet fruits, it will mask the “green” taste of the kale. In the summer, I like to mix up the different variety of fruits that are fresh from the farmer’s market. You can try cherries, mango, apricot, strawberries, and any other fruits that are sweet.

    As for the vegetables, I would not recommend straying too much from the basic. At least not in the beginning! I usually mix it up between kale, spinach, celery, and romaine lettuce as those are more mild on the taste buds, yet pack a lot of nutrients.

    Glowing Green Smoothie: a daily ritual.


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    Dont: Store In The Fridge For More Than A Few Days

    Its not always easy to make a fresh GGS every morning. If your weekday mornings are just too busy , you can make a batch on the weekend and keep it stored and covered in the refrigerator for a 3 1/2 days or so.

    It may not be perfect but what is MUCH more important is that you are having it every day. You will be getting the benefit of consuming all those minerals and amino acids, and more!

    The GGS will keep in your refrigerator, as long as its covered, for about two and a half days. Its a great way to stay on track!

    If youd like to make even more, then freeze the extra. Making this recipe ahead of time and storing it properly is far better than not using it at all because youre too busy.

    Glowing Green Smoothie: Quick Facts

    • Low fat, high fiber, plant protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants
    • Helps you increase your intake of vegetables and fruits each day
    • It’s blended, which helps breakdown the vegetables and fruits so your body can easily digest.
    • Drew Barrymore, Fergie, and Vince Vaughn swears by it
    • Does not have the “green leafy” taste

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    Glowing Green Smoothie Changed My Life

    A few years I embarked on a weight loss journey that started with the book The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. What started as curiosity after spotting her book at Target, became an inspiring transformation of my body and mind.

    I lost nearly 20 pounds, toned up, and felt more energized through the day. More importantly, my skin felt and looked smoother! It all started with Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie and digestive enzymes supplements. I effortlessly maintained my ideal weight with no struggle. Green smoothies alone will not make you reach your weight goal. However, it did jump start my jogs every morning.

    Kimberly claims that her smoothie, which is made up of different fruits and vegetables, is full of essential nutrients that allows your body to digest it more efficiently. “A serving of the GGS contains over 3 cups of dark leafy green vegetables, which is more than many people get in a week!”

    The glowing green smoothie is meant to be consumed every day as a part of a larger detox plan that helps you feel radiant, energized, and lose weight by focusing on your inner beauty and health. So what is the rave about this popular smoothie and what exactly does it taste like? Find out below!

    Glowing Green Smoothie and Beauty Detox


    Founder New York Times Best Selling Author Holistic Wellness And Meditation Teacher

    Glowing Green Smoothie – The Beauty Detox by Kimberly Snyder

    KIMBERLY SNYDER is a spiritual and meditation teacher, nutritionist and holistic wellness expert, and the 3-time New York Times bestselling author of 5 books, including Radical Beauty, which she co-authored with Deepak Chopra. She hosts the top-rated Feel Good podcast, which airs on the Podcast One network.

    She is the founder of Solluna®, a holistic lifestyle brand with wellness products, digital courses, Practical Enlightenment Meditation and the Solluna Circle, an online community program dedicated to supporting each member in discovering the abundant wellness, confidence and peace that comes from true self-connection and creating their most meaningful life.

    She has worked with dozens of the entertainment industries top celebrities to feel their best, including Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon and Channing Tatum.

    She has been featured in media outlets including Good Morning America, Ellen, The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal and Elle and Vogue.

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    Dont: Add Fat Or Protein

    The beauty of the GGS is how cleansing and building it is. This is all thanks to enzymes in fruits such as lemon and the minerals in the greens. You may be tempted to add other ingredients besides vegetables and fruit to your smoothie, but resist the temptation.

    A GGS doesnt need protein powder, chia seeds, almond butter, or any other ingredients that contain extra protein or fat. These items can interfere with the cleansing action of the fruits and veggies.

    Also, theres no need to use a base such as coconut water the fruit makes the GGS sweet enough. Save these ingredients for other smoothies.

    When you add in protein, such as almond butter, it does not support proper beauty food pairing. This is because the GGS contains fresh fruit. Certain foods and combination of foods digest more easily then others, taking up less beauty energy.

    Freeing up energy from digestion is the single most important way to redirect large amounts of energy. This will make weight loss efficient and fight aging.

    Since we are having the GGS first thing in the morning it is essential to make sure it will digest as easily as possible. That is a big reason why we want to leave out any fat or protein! 🙂

    If you get hungry AFTER your GGS you can have some oatmeal, a Power Protein Smoothie or an Open-Faced Beauty Avo Sandwich, etc.

    All my love and happy blending!



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