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Things You Need To Know About The Smoothie King Franchise

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Donates Over $1 Million in Smoothies to Essential Workers

1. In mid-June 2020, Smoothie King announced that it had donated over $1 million in smoothies to essential workers and workplaces across the country. Smoothie King promised to help support the health and wellness journeys of essential workers nationwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result was an outpouring of support from Smoothie King franchisees, partners, team members, and guests which made it possible to meet Smoothie Kings donation goal of $1 million.

2. CEO Wan Kim said, This pandemic is like nothing weve ever seen before, yet essential workers everywhere are still expected to show up to work and put their health and safety at risk. By donating $1,000,000 in smoothies, we wanted to help these heroes on their health and wellness journeys while they helped others do the same. Our goal was to give back to the heroes keeping all of us safe, and were thrilled to have reached that goal.

4. Kim added, I couldnt be prouder of how our entire company responded. It wouldnt have been possible without our franchisees, partners and team members. Smoothie King is also thankful to those guests who participated and helped achieve the donation goal. Together, we helped provide thousands of healthier, on-the-goal meals to people that really needed it.

Inks Exclusive Partnership with DoorDash

Continues to Expand Franchise Footprint Despite Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Company History

Entrepreneurs Franchise 500

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Typical Smoothie King Location

The estimated initial investment for an inline or end-cap store can be between $268,900 and $555,965 . The estimated initial investment for a free-standing drive-thru store can be between $589,300 and $858,900. Your costs could be significantly higher depending on a number of factors, including your location. Please refer to theInvestment Page or Franchise Disclosure Document for additional details.

Smoothie King Franchise Cost Profit And More

Smoothie King primarily sells custom blend smoothies and other related nutritional products in order to propel active and healthy lifestyles. The franchiseA franchise is when a business allows a party to acquire its know-how, procedures, processes, trademarks, intellectual property, use of its business model, brand and rights to sell its products and services. The franchisee signs a contract with the franchisor to acquire the franchise and generally has a territory granted to operate. What is a Franchise?More concept was founded in 1973 by Stephen C. Kuhnau under the name Smoothies with a Purpose. Its first juice bar franchise opened in 1989 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Smoothie King Co. is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The current CEO of Smoothie King is Sung-Wan Kim. He was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of Smoothie King Holdings Inc.

Smoothie King FranchiseA franchise is when a business allows a party to acquire its know-how, procedures, processes, trademarks, intellectual property, use of its business model, brand and rights to sell its products and services. The franchisee signs a contract with the franchisor to acquire the franchise and generally has a territory granted to operate. What is a Franchise?More Cost

End-Cap or In-Line Location

The initial franchise fee ranges from $25,000 to $30,000. The fee is $15,000 for a non-traditional location.

Free Standing Drive-thru Location

Additional Cost Breakdown

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A Recipe For Success With Smoothie King

When franchisees invest in Smoothie King, theyre not only investing in themselves and the business, theyre helping each guest invest in their own well-being.

Anyone can toss fruit, vegetables, yogurt and dairy into a blender. Our brand creates specialized smoothies expertly blended for guests specific needs, purpose and goals which has been our purpose from the very start.

Weve fine-tuned our business systems to make our stores simpler to operate with limited inventory and waste, multiple revenue streams and lower initial investment than other quick-service restaurants.

We optimize our business model by keeping a close eye on the metrics that drive unit performance.

What Are The Ongoing Fees Paid To Smoothie King

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Smoothie Franchise ...

Franchisees pay an ongoing royalty fee of 6% of their store’s weekly sales. An additional 3% of your weekly sales will be paid into the Smoothie King National Advertising Fund. We also require that franchisees spend an additional 2% of weekly gross sales on local store marketing. Additionally, every location currently pays a technology contribution of $200 per month.

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Learn More About Our Nationally Recognized Smoothie Franchise

Smoothie King embraces a connected franchise culture that focuses on helping consumers lead healthier lifestyles. We appreciate your interest in our brand and what we do for our communities. Our support team members have provided answers to commonly asked questions below and would be happy to address any additional questions you may have about our unique Smoothie franchise opportunity.

Dont hesitate tocontact us with any additional questions you may have. Our friendly franchise support team members look forward to connecting with you!

Smoothie King Franchise Cost

If you are a fan of healthy and nutritious smoothies, then you probably have heard of Smoothie King before. This smoothie giant is one of the most well-known smoothie chains in the country with 973 locations and rakes in annual revenue of over $420 million.

The average cost for a Smoothie King franchise ranges from $268,900 to $555,965 for an inline location and between $589,300 and $858,900 for a freestanding drive-thru location. These include costs for property, insurance, equipment, supplies, franchising fees, legal fees, and other initial fees. These are just an average figure and much more goes into figuring the cost of a Smoothie King Franchise.

If you want to get in on a piece of that revenue, then Smoothie King offers franchising opportunities. But there are a lot of conditions and costs. Franchising a Smoothie King is a serious endeavor and the company vets their franchisees thoroughly before they give the approval.

To that end, we put together this comprehensive guide on the costs of opening a Smoothie King Franchise. We will cover the fixed costs, variable costs, and any other financing issue we can think of. We will also cover some strategies for financing a Smoothie King Franchise.

  • Final Words
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    Avoid The Pitfalls Of Starting From Scratch

    Smoothie King offers a starter kit unlike any other, allowing you to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and forego many issues even the best businessmen face when trying to start an operation from scratch. We offer the support and training of an industry-leading brand and more experience than any other Smoothie franchise. With our invaluable resources, your desire to help consumers live healthier, happier lives, and our combined passion for Smoothie King, we can rule the day as we change lives for the better.

    Make A Lasting Impact On Your Community

    Tropical Smoothie Franchise Cost Exposed

    Are you looking for an exciting business opportunity that will allow you to work for yourself while helping people live healthier lifestyles? Welcome to Smoothie King! We are theworlds largest smoothie brand and offer an exciting franchise opportunity for you.

    As a Smoothie King franchise owner, youll have access to:

    • World-class training and support

    • Comprehensive marketing services

    • A business model that’s been tested and perfected for over 48+ years

    • And a proven record of success from top rankings on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list for over 28 years

    If youre ready to make a difference in your life and your community,join our movement to Rule The Day® and start ruling your future!

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    Attend Discovery Day And Gain Leadership Team Approval

    After weeks of scheduled calls and gathering all required documents, your Franchise Development Manager will schedule your Discovery Day visit to our Home Office in Dallas, TX. This is essentially an interview process for all parties prior to being awarded a franchise. During this visit, you will receive an in-depth presentation from key departments regarding our franchise opportunity, meet our executive staff and management team, and have the opportunity to visit existing locations to experience front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

    High Loan Failure Rate

    According to the Smoothie King franchise website: By buying into a franchise, you have the backing of a recognized brand with a proven track record and business method Franchising allows you to obtain independence and to be your own boss with far less risk.

    Franchise Review: How Much Does it Really Cost to Open a Subway?

    However, Smoothie King franchise owners who qualified for SBA-backed franchise loans had a high loan failure rate of 28 percent, according to data supplied by the Small Business Administration . Failure to repay an SBA-backed loan implies that the franchisees were in a bad financial situation when they defaulted on their loan. With that being said, this data also suggests a 72% success rate for franchisees that get started with the help of an SBA loan.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Open A Smoothie King

    Smoothie King Franchises Inc. is an American privately held franchise company that offering consumers a variety of freshly blended smoothies made of fresh fruit and other nutritional enhancers that aim achieve different fitness goals.

    This chain was established back in 1973 in Kenner, Louisiana by Steve and Cindy Kuhnau. Currently, Smoothie King has more than 1300 outlets in the United States and internationally, including South Korea, the Cayman Islands, and Singapore. Smoothies are in demand not only in the summer season, but year round and have even become a meal replacement for some.

    How much will it cost to open a Smoothie King franchise? You will need $100,000 liquid capital and a total net worth of $300,000 to meet the financial requirements of this smoothie chain. A total investment of roughly $845,985 should be anticipated. The franchise fee for Smoothie King is $30,000.

    Of course, the information does not end here. Scroll down for a more in-depth look at this franchise, including more guidelines, facts, and financial details you need to know before choosing a Smoothie King franchise.

    Franchise Fee $30,000

    A more detailed breakdown of the costs and fees associated with opening the franchise is provided below. Keep in mind that the cost of your initial investment may vary based on the type of location you prefer and obtain. You may opt for an end-cap/in-line location or a free-standing drive-thru location.

    Name of Fee
    $577,100 $845,985

    Smoothie King Ranked #1 By Entrepreneur Magazine

    Smoothie King Franchise Information: 2021 Cost, Fees and ...

    In 2019, Smoothie King was ranked the #1 Juice Bar Franchise on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Annual Franchise 500 list – marking the 26th year the brand has occupied the number one spot and #22 overall. The ranking is primarily based upon costs & fees, support, size & growth, brand strength, and financial strength & stability.

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    Number Of Units Opened/closed


    At the end of 2018, there were 871 Smoothie King franchised units for a net change of +84 units.

    At the end of 2019, there were 931 Smoothie King franchised units for a net change of +60 units.

    At the end of 2020, there were 968 Smoothie King franchised units for a net change of +37 units.


    At the end of 2018, there were 29 Smoothie King corporate owned units for a net change of +1 unit.

    At the end of 2019, there were 38 Smoothie King corporate owned units for a net change of +9 units.

    At the end of 2020, there were 40 Smoothie King corporate owned units for a net change of +2 units.


    At the end of 2018, there were a total of 900 Smoothie King units for a net change of +85 units.

    At the end of 2019, there were a total of 969 Smoothie King units for a net change of +69 units.

    At the end of 2020, there were a total of 1008 Smoothie King units for a net change of +39 units.

    These metrics show that the Smoothie King franchise system is stable and has a lot of potential for growth. Furthermore, there is a lot of operational support for franchisees, given that most of the Smoothie King units are franchised.

    Smoothie King Franchise Application

    If you are seriously considering owning your own Smoothie King franchise, please complete ouronline franchise application. If you are interested in an International opportunity, please complete ourinternational form.

    This website and the franchise sales information on this site do not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a franchise disclosure document. Certain states require that we register the franchise disclosure document in those states. The communications on this web site are not directed by us to the residents of any of those states. Moreover, we will not offer or sell franchises in those states until we have registered the franchise and delivered the franchise disclosure document to the prospective franchisee in compliance with applicable law.

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    Staying Fruitful With Simple Operations And Strong Cost Controls

    With our core product offering, were able to keep operations streamlined and simple. A diligently engineered POS system, as well as cutting-edge web and intranet technologies, build new efficiencies and organize the business and guest data that can help franchisees manage their resources and grow their business.

    And by leveraging international buying power and vendor relationships, we provide franchisees with robust supply chains that maintain competitive pricing. Our supply chain specialists work with vendors to maintain affordable prices.

    What It Costs To Open A Smoothie Franchise

    Want To Own A SMOOTHIE KING? Interview with Tisha Skinner

    At Smoothie King, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in the smoothie bar segment. With more than 1,300 locations and over 45 years of brand equity, we continue to carve out a niche market in the food and beverage industry.

    The typical investment range is between $268,900 and $858,900, which includes a $25,000 $30,000 franchise fee. Single-unit owners minimum net worth is normally $300,000, with $100,000 minimum liquidity. The investment capital is necessary to finance site build-out, signage, equipment, inventory and a variety of other expenses.

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    Smoothie King Franchise Fee Revenue And Profit Margin

    Smoothie King is a private Franchise Company and it has established itself as the premier Smoothie Bar Centre in the industry. The company offers its customers the finest and original nutrient-rich fruits and freshly blended smoothies.

    They are not only involved in the sales of smoothies, each of their Lifestyle Centre offers healthy retail products to their numerous customers such as healthy snacks, energy bars, vitamin supplements, minerals, herbs, and sports nutrition products.

    The company has since 1989 being named the top smoothie franchise company for 16 different years. You can now understand why you want to know how much is a Smoothie King Franchise?


    At a time when so many doctors visitations had done nothing to Steve Kuhnaus allergies, his nurse began to study and get more information on nutrition and hoping that a change in his diet would assist him to recover from his symptoms.

    He then began to eat fresh foods and cutting fat out of his meals and then the miracle popped up. Kuhnau began to feel better and then decided to begin the quest to combat his midday fatigue which was caused by hypoglycemia, with his expertise and the drink mixture experience he gathered while in high school, he then began to experiment with protein shakes.


    The simple answer to that question is yes.

    This is one important factor to determine your buying into the Smoothie King Franchise opportunity.


    Eat Better Feel Better Its Our Mantra

    Todays consumers are embracing healthier food options and more active lifestyles. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is ready to satisfy the cravings of our health-conscious, flavor-craving guests. To keep up with them, we opened 124 Cafes in 2019, and have been recognized as one of 2019s fastest-growing franchises by Entrepreneur and Nations Restaurant News.

    • 5+ multiple revenue streams with drive-thru, delivery, curbside pickup, online and mobile app ordering
    • $9.47 average ticket per person thanks to our balanced mix of smoothies and food that supports all dayparts
    • 840+ locations coast-to-coastwith 486+ opened in the last 5 yearsfeeds the demand of our loyal customer base
    • 213 new agreements signed in 2019, with 60% coming from existing Franchise Owners
    • Ranked one of the best by the best. Entrepreneur #18 Franchise 500 , Franchise Times #17 Fast & Serious Smartest-Growing Brands , Franchise Business Review Top 40 Franchises by Franchisees

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    Smoothie King Salary Faqs

    The average salary for a Franchise Owner is $72,286 per year in United States, which is 59% higher than the average Smoothie King salary of $45,429 per year for this job.

    The salary trajectory of a Franchise Owner ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $74,460 per year and goes up to $74,460 per year for the highest level of seniority.

    Smoothie King Wants To Open Its First Ocean County Franchise In Brick

    How 3 Smoothie King Franchisees Have Made a Difference in ...

    BRICK – National pureed fruit and protein franchise Smoothie King is looking to open its first store in Ocean County.

    Brick Smoothies LLC will present plans to the township Planning Board on Dec. 8 to open a Smoothie King restaurant with drive-thru at 129 Chambers Bridge Road, across from the Brick Commons shopping plaza.

    “Smoothie King” Steve Kuhnau began his smoothie business in 1973 and launched the first Smoothie King juice bar franchise in 1989 in New Orleans. Today the company, which brands itself as a healthy fast-food alternative, has more than 1,300 stores worldwide as well as at least 17 across New Jersey.

    Convenience stores:Brick gets its sixth Wawa convenience store

    In Monmouth County, Smoothie King has locations in Marlboro, Aberdeen, Middletown and Red Bank.

    Brick Smoothies LLC, if its proposal is approved, would open the only Smoothie King location within Ocean County.

    The company will seek Brick Planning Board approval to demolish an existing home on Chambers Bridge Road and build a 1,169-square-foot restaurant in its place.

    Floating around:A new island floats in Brick’s Metedeconk River. It used to be even bigger

    The Planning Board hearing will be held at 7 p.m. Dec. 8 at the Brick municipal building, 401 Chambers Bridge Road.

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