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The Smoothie Diet Reviews

Weight Loss Green Smoothie How To Lose Weight with Green Smoothies

Boost Your Energy, Lose Weight And Improve Your Health With The 21 Day Smoothie Diet. Getting healthy and losing weight has never been easier.

Lifestyle changes and technological advancements have greatly influenced weight gain. Oftentimes, people neglect their health while working for a living. Rarely do they exercise or eat a healthy diet. Several consumers choose fast food as their preferred option. Their convenience and affordability make them an excellent choice. Conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are common in the health sector. As fresh produce is too expensive, healthy meals can be quite costly.

In the beauty and weight-loss market, weight loss formulas and supplements have become very popular. Many of these products claim to help you lose weight safely and consistently. They fail to deliver and users are frustrated, losing their investment in the products.

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What is The Smoothie Diet

You will find a detailed overview of the system and whether it is worth it in this article. There is a small commission the author earns from sales, but the price remains the same for you.

Why should you care about a 21-Day Smoothie diet?

The creator of the 21-Day Smoothie diet system, Drew Sgoutas keeps on to say:

About the Creator

What does The Smoothie diet contain?

The 21-day Smoothie Diet is an e-book that helps users lose weight and get fit in just three weeks.

The Main Guide

The Main Program

Apple Cucumber Weight Loss Smoothie

Apples are rich in antioxidants that may protect your cells and skin from oxidative damage. Theyre also low in calories and high in dietary fiber.

If youre looking to slim down, you should aim to eat at least 30 grams of fiber each day.

Getting enough fiber can reduce your appetite and keep you feeling full for longer. An apple is roughly three times as filling as a chocolate bar, while having only 25% of the calories.

Green apples contain slightly more fiber than red apples. They also contain less carbs and sugar than the red variety, which makes them a good choice for weight loss smoothies.

Unfortunately, apples are on the dirty dozen list, which makes them one of 12 fruits and veggies with the highest traces of pesticides. If you want to leave the peel on, its best to use organic apples or to wash them with baking soda.


  • Add everything to your blender jar
  • Blend for 60 seconds until well combined
  • How Do I Get A Free Smoothie King

    Heres how to get a free smoothie at Smoothie King on Friday

  • You need to have the Smoothie King app.
  • On the app, sign up for their Healthy Rewards.
  • Scan the app when you purchase a 20-ounce or larger smoothie any time on Friday.
  • A free 20-ounce smoothie reward will automatically be uploaded to your account.
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    Is Smoothie King A Meal Replacement

    The Science of Meal Replacement

    Smoothie Kings recently re-launched line of SlimN-Trim smoothies is one of our most popular meal replacement products. In place of eating a full meal, guests can choose from popular flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and still receive the nutrients they need.

    The Nutritional Profile Of These Weight Loss Smoothies

    Pin on Medical herbs/natural cure

    To make sure we included only the healthiest smoothies, the recipes had to meet a strict nutritional criteria:

    Each of these smoothies has less than 15g overall fat, including less than 5g saturated and at least 5g of fibre.

    Furthermore, we chose smoothies with the highest protein levels and avoided smoothies that used sweeteners, sticking instead to the natural sugars in fruits.

    And all this in less than 500 calories a portion!

    How do these things help with weight loss?

    Foods with high fibre content keep you full for longer. More bang for your buck!

    Low fat content keeps the food at a lower overall calorie count and high protein levels make a food energising and satisfying.

    The perfect combo for keeping you fuelled and full while remaining in a healthy calorie deficit!

    If, after trying out these recipes, you fancy branching out and making your own easy weight loss smoothies, make sure you know just what constitutes a healthy smoothie!


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    Oatmeal Smoothie With Spinach 243 Calories

    This green smoothie is great for you, but it doesnt taste too green. Its a good recipe for green smoothie beginners.

    I like to use baby spinach , because of its mild taste. Its almost flavorless. Baby spinach can give you a nice boost of nutrients. It has all the stuff your body craves when youre on a restricted diet. You can add some mixed frozen fruit or ice cubes to make this smoothie even better.

    What Youll Need:

    • 1 lime, peeled

    How to Prepare:

    Peel the banana and lemon. Add everything to your blender and blend for 1-2 minutes depending on the strength of your blender. Add some ice to make this smoothie more refreshing.

    Are There Any Side Effects

    Theres a good reason the program only lasts for 21 days.

    The main ingredients that the smoothies will contain would be fruits and vegetables. If you continue doing this program for many months, you may suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

    And since this is a liquid diet, theres the possibility of your energy levels to decrease in the long run. Going through a radical change in your diet can lead to nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, and even problems with your concentration.

    Liquid diets may also reduce your muscles, and it can cause to develop digestive issues and gallstones if you do that for over 1 month.

    It can also cause you to crash you might wind up withdrawing and eating more unhealthy food.

    Though you may continue with the program after 21 days, Drew advises to not go beyond 1 month. The recipes youll be consuming in these 21 days contain nutritional value in addition to enough fats and proteins, but they wont sustain you in the long run. You would eventually have to go back to eating solid food. This program may not be meant to be used for several months. Still, the habits you gained should help you from going back to your unhealthy lifestyle.

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    The Fewer The Ingredients The Better

    The more processed an ingredient is, the harder it is to keep track of what youre actually putting into your body. A good rule of thumb here is if you cant pronounce the ingredient, its better to be safe than sorry and not consume it . Artificial sweeteners and processed healthy snacks can be filled with ingredients that you wont find in a Smoothie King smoothie.

    Again, whole foods are always best. Oats, natural peanut butter, fruits, kale, spinach, lemon, and plain Greek yogurt are all fantastic whole-food ingredients to blend in smoothies to support weight loss.as part of a regular diet and exercise program.

    Are Smoothies A Good Way To Lose Weight

    Intermittent Fasting Green Smoothie Recipe To Burn Fat Faster and Lose Weight

    Simple smoothies can be a way to lose weight, if you incorporate them into your diet correctly.

    One common mistake that causes some people to not successfully lose weight is to not pay attention to portions or what ingredients they are putting in their smoothies.

    And because smoothies are drinks that are easy to down rather than meals you sit down and chew, its not hard to overlook the amount of food thats in your blended beverage.

    If you do plan to lose weight with smoothies, as with any food or diet, you need to take in fewer calories than you are currently eating to shed those pounds. This is done by combining ingredients that are low-calorie, nutrient-dense, and leave you feeling fuller.

    Homemade weight loss smoothies are the best way to control the quality of the ingredients that go into your blended beverage. And remember, never put your health at risk or leave you feeling starved.

    As always, check with your health practitioner to make sure that you are embarking on a diet that is suitable for your situation.

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    Turn Your Smoothie Into A Meal Replacement

    A typical smoothie becomes a 14 gram protein power smoothie with Protein Smoothie Boost.

    I’m pretty picky when it comes to taste and texture… Protein Smoothie Boost very smooth, unflavored, and hard to tell when you’ve added it to a smoothie. My husband and teenage daughter agree! You don’t know it’s there.

    Im vegan and have tried several protein powders, but some are chalky, some have fillers and gums, some just taste yuck. Im a green smoothie lover and this has been the perfect addition to my smoothies

    I’ve been looking for years for a simple, power-packed protein powder – the search is over! Protein Smoothie Boost has 3 ingredients… 3!!! That’s the way it should be.

    What Is The Smoothie Diet Can Smoothies Make You Lose Weight

    As stated earlier, The Smoothie Diet is not only a plain ebook about smoothies. It is a 21-day weight loss program to help you rapidly drop weight through easy-to-make smoothies. Its also aimed to improve your health and your energy.

    The man behind this program is Drew Sgoutas, a certified health coach. He created this 21-day program for his clients that wanted to lose weight. Drew Sgoutas made this ebook so he can assist his clients to stick to a low-sugar and diet after they finish the 21-day program.

    Everything on this program is based on his expertise as a health coach. He based it on his customers needs and goals. Although he isnt a dietician, all the ingredients and nutritional properties involved are well researched to maximize the programs effectiveness. All you would be doing is to replace a few of your meals with the smoothie recipes he had provided.

    To keep the weight youve lost from coming back, the ingredient to nutrient ratios are varied week per week. Just follow the specific frequency and sequence when you consume the smoothie.

    The best thing about this program is that it is very flexible. So even when youve completed the 21 days, you may continue using it until youve reached your goal. And, weight loss is not the one thing that you gain from this. You will experience better sleep, clearer skin, and much more energy.

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    Whole Foods And The Brain

    The brain is a really hungry organ, and it uses 25% of the total energy you consume from your food. Everything it needs to function at its best isyou guessed ita whole, unprocessed food.

    In fact, the best diet recommended for brain health is the MIND Diet. In one study, it was shown that people who follow the MIND diet closely had a 53% reduced rate of developing Alzheimers.

    Some of the best whole foods for the brain are:

    • Oily fish
    • Whole grains

    Blueberry Basil Weight Loss Smoothie

    8 Things You Should Know About Making Smoothies If Youâre ...

    This blueberry basil smoothie is packed with nutritious ingredients that will help to banish bloat and promote weight loss!

    Its around this time of year when all the health and fitness mags start to publish articles with the best tips/foods/moves for weight loss.

    Back in the day I used to buy magazine after magazine hoping to learn some new trick that I hadnt already heard of before. Luckily Ive learned over the years that theres no magic ingredient, meal, meal plan or drink that is the key to weight loss.

    Weight loss occurs when your body expends more energy than you consume, but its not always that simple because there are so many other factors to consider including your sleep, stress, hormones and more!

    All that said, the smoothie recipe Im sharing here today can totally help with weight loss, but its not a magic solution. Its just a balanced smoothie with protein, healthy fat and fiber-rich carbs.

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    Golden Glow Turmeric Smoothie

    The sound of having turmeric in your smoothie might make some of you cringe, but it is definitely worth trying. For one, pineapple has such a strong flavor in and of itself that the turmerics taste is almost completely masked. Secondly, turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory that everyone should try adding it to their diet. You might be surprised to find out that it is actually pretty tasty as well!

    Pear Matcha Protein Smoothie

    Anything green must be good for you, right? Well, it certainly makes you feel like youre doing something healthy for yourself. We love the detox-power that comes from the whole ingredients. From the pear, youll get vitamins and fibernecessary for losing weight. Matcha green tea is a great alternative to coffee for adding some caffeinated pep to your step. Rounded out with spinach and protein, this is one smoothie that hits all the healthy marks.

    To make, blend the following:

    • 2 scoops of your fave veggie-based protein powder
    • 1 cup of almond milk
    • 1 cup of spinach
    • one whole pear
    • 1/2 tsp. of matcha tea powder.


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    Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe #2

    Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, and Lemon

    This is my second favorite weight loss smoothie recipe. I like it because its easier to make then the other smoothie . Unlike that smoothie, this one doesnt require the same heavy duty blender.

    Spinach, especially baby spinach, is easier to blend up than kale. So if you are using something like a Ninja blender, then that would work fine.

    One of the reasons that I like this smoothie for weight loss is that it includes lemon. As I mentioned in my article on blending lemons, the lemon oil in lemons is a great way to suppress appetite. And you can blend a whole lemon in a blender, skin and all.

    High Protein Beetroot Smoothie For Weight

    Smoothie recipes I used to LOSE WEIGHT (40 Lbs) | How to make the best healthy smoothies!

    Who doesnt love chocolate? So when I saw that this High-Protein Beetroot Smoothie makes use of chocolate-flavored protein powder, I knew that I just had to try it out! Also, this unorthodox flavor combination seemed quite intriguing to me.

    After weeks of drinking nothing but this for breakfast, I can honestly say that this delivers on its promise of a beverage packed with flavor and nutrients.

    At a mere 400 calories and 35 grams of protein, this beverage is also perfect for those trying to shed some weight while maintaining their muscle mass.

    In addition to the nutritional properties of beetroot, the inclusion of protein powder makes it a great post-workout shake for anyone who is into exercise and fitness.

    If you dont want to use whey protein, then check out these 10 great plant-based protein sources that work really well with this recipe.

    The hemp seeds are also a great source of protein and omega fatty acids, both of which play a crucial role in helping you lead a healthier lifestyle, gain some muscle, and stay toned.

    While the final product may not appear as vibrant as the others Ive included this recipe on the list because this High-Protein Beetroot Smoothie is definitely worth trying out.


    Check out this High-Protein Beetroot Smoothie recipe from POPSUGAR Fitness UK.

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    Kale And Lemon Protein Smoothie

    This smoothie may not be to everyones tastes, but no one can deny that its nutritious and very good for the body. As with any smoothie containing lemon, all the nutrients you gain from it are boosted because lemon juice helps preserve the polyphenols in antioxidants and food nutrition.

    The kale in the smoothie provides additional benefits, too. Its great for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, according to studies, and its full of vitamins that are good for the body.

    To make the smoothie, just blend together:

    • Half a seeded and peeled lemon
    • Half a frozen banana
    • 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk
    • One scoop of protein powder
    • Three ice cubes
    • Optional: Water, to desired texture

    What Is The Profit Margin On Smoothies

    Margins are dependent on which ingredients you use when making your smoothie. The healthiest, freshest ingredients are the most expensive. Therefore, stores that use fresh ingredients can expect to have food costs that are as much as 50 percent of their expenses, netting them approximately a 40 percent gross margin.

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    Banana Oatmeal Smoothie For Weight Loss 329 Calories

    Combine yogurt, oats, bananas, and vanilla and you have a winner. This smoothie has everything need to lose weight the healthy way. It has 15 grams of protein without using any protein powder.

    At this point, you might wonder why I use Greek yogurt all the time in my recipes. This type of yogurt is different than your regular kind of yogurt. Greek yogurt goes through a straining process and contains almost two times the protein of regular yogurt. It also only contains half the amount of sodium! If youre in need for more protein-rich smoothies, check out these 10 Greek yogurt smoothie recipes.

    Its best to choose plain Greek yogurt without any added sweeteners. Remember, were using plenty of sweet fruits in our weight loss smoothies. You really wont need any extra sugar.

    What Youll Need:

    • ½ tsp vanilla extract

    How to Prepare:

    Peel the bananas. Place everything into your blender jar and blend until smooth. You can add ½ avocado to make this smoothie even creamier and more delicious.

    Tomato Variant Spice Smoothie


    Remember the V8 juice you had as a kid? This smoothie tastes just like it. Tomato smoothies arent everyones cup of tea, but tomatoes are packed with vitamins and nutrients that both keep the body healthy and facilitate weight loss.

    The more important part of this weight loss smoothie is the spice namely cayenne, which studies have found to contain active ingredients known to increase burned calories, suppress appetite, and even fight obesity.

    To make the smoothie, just blend together:

    • Two Roma plum tomatoes
    • One cup of water

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